qk-Mantis inactive; /10/ add smn

/10/ have announced more changes to their team, as Benjamin "qk-Mantis" Oberlein has stepped down from the active lineup.

The German team were last seen in action at DreamHack Summer, where they gave in a disappointing account of themselves, finishing at the foot of their group, with two defeats from as many matches.

After the Swedish event, /10/ were rocked by internal problems that led to a heated exchange of words between Anil "cLy" Gülec and Hendrik "strux1" Goetzendorff.

qk-Mantis becomes inactive

With Gülec out of the picture, /10/ picked up Robert "TORNADOTONI" Radosevic, but that was not the end of it, as the German team have witnessed the departure of Benjamin "qk-Mantis" Oberlein, who has lost the drive to play on an active level.

"This has nothing to do with the players on the team or the performances in the 4PL Cup, it is just that the passion for CS:GO is missing," Oberlein told 99damage.de

"I wanted to wait to see if my motivation increased, but I prefer to leave now than when the team start practicing more intensively.

"I'll be inactive for the time being, maybe in a few months I'll regain motivation, but as you can see now I have no motivation: I have eight hours on Steam in the last two weeks."

Taking Oberlein's place in /10/ is Simon "smn" Beck, who decided to quit the former n!faculty team after it was dropped by the German organisation.

/10/ are signed up for the Prague Challenge, but sources close to the team have told HLTV.org that the team's attendance is in doubt.

The German team now have the following lineup:

Greece Dimitrios "stavros" Smoilis
Germany Hendrik "strux1" Goetzendorff
Germany Azmican "asmo" Berberoglu
Austria Robert "TORNADOTONI" Radosevic
Germany Simon "smn" Beck

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wondering if they win one map in Prague lol
2013-07-09 23:31
most likely not
2013-07-09 23:35
/10/ are signed up for the Prague Challenge, but sources close to the team have told HLTV.org that the team's attendance is in doubt. I really doubt they will attend :(
2013-07-10 00:01
2013-07-09 23:37
they are not onliners.
2013-07-10 01:30
thats why they win every match on lan and lose every match online... oh wait
2013-07-10 01:35
Germany xlex 
yeah they just won against esc on lan and also they were 7/8 in vienna which means they had to win atleast some games ...
2013-07-10 14:05
i see why you are call yourself NOOB.
2013-07-10 14:38
2013-07-11 15:02
Dat Ninja Defuse, gl Mantis :)
2013-07-09 23:46
Summer, wcyd.
2013-07-09 23:51
2013-07-09 23:51
World pppzi 
The csgo effect
2013-07-10 00:12
The summer effect..
2013-07-10 08:56
Germany pa$co 
best german player
2013-07-10 00:19
2013-07-10 01:31
2013-07-11 15:06
2013-07-10 00:29
yeah, shit happens..
2013-07-10 01:29
2013-07-10 01:41
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
Hope to see stavros step things up, he was always beasty in CSS. GL guys.
2013-07-10 02:57
2013-07-10 02:58
The only time these guys were interesting was when it was : strux stavros cLy GuardiaN shoxie
2013-07-10 06:35
That team was so fun to watch, really wish they would have stayed together.
2013-07-10 07:21
That team was 2 stronk If VG haven't offered shoxie a position,GuardiaN wouldn't have went inactive,so virtus.pro would've found someone else. then /10/ top3
2013-07-10 09:29
Tbh shoxie plays better under VG
2013-07-10 13:58
Portugal Cyborgy 
inb4 joelz calls them bad
2013-07-10 06:51
Finland Malixoxo 
This team just got a lot weaker on paper
2013-07-10 08:45
you will see in prague how strong they are, now noobs can only trashtalk
2013-07-10 19:33
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