NoA Tops KODE5 Denmark

November 17th, 2007 17:49
Yet another KODE5 qualifier has ended. Going to the global finals through the Danish qualifier, will be NoA.

The Danish team NoA, once again finish in the very top. This time they can collect a spot at the KODE5 global finals including nice prizes from Coolermaster. Gravitas had to face this top team in the overall final at KODE5 Denmark, where NoA never showed any weak signs.

Grand Final

Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. NoA 2:0 Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Gravitas - Demo
de_nuke - NoA 16:7 Gravitas
de_inferno - NoA 16:9 Gravitas

NoA will once again be attending one of the most prestigious events. They will be joining teams like SK-Gaming, roccat and fnatic, who are already qualified for the global finals taking place in 2008.

Our coverage section includes all scores and demos, and don't forget to drop by our gallery from KODE5 Denmark.

NEO | 
Germany BackY 
2007-11-17 17:59
Denmark Tidus 
Whoa, suprise.
2007-11-17 18:18
Unfortunately, emulate won his spot too... will they manage to win them this time? I don't think so =P
2007-11-17 18:23
Denmark Nix0n 
emuLate havn't qualified as far as I know?
2007-11-17 18:24
emuLate is qualified for the regional finals not the global finals ;)
2007-11-17 20:06
now it's done xD a little mistake, sry... =S
2007-12-12 15:44
Spain red1n 
best team ever
2007-11-17 18:44
Holy Shit Those Prices!!
2007-11-17 19:27
Well I don't care what you guys think....Im getting an obortion!
2007-11-18 01:25
Nice job NoA :)
2007-11-18 02:49
2007-11-18 04:49
gk noa
2007-11-20 16:29
eu n to conseguindo ver os demos que eu baxo , alguem pode me explica::??
2007-11-28 01:02
Romania hZs 
<3 :-s
2007-12-06 17:07
2007-12-06 17:48
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