Anexis release CS:GO squad

As this turbulent day was nearing its end, German organization Anexis also came out with the news of releasing their British CS:GO squad due to poor results at recent events.

Anexis' CS:GO division recently finished 3rd at Prague Challenge after losing to international mix team Nostalgie who went on to win the tournament.

Despite grabbing a 2,000€ check, and only losing to the eventual champions, the result was considered an underpeformance both by the team themselves and the community.

Anexis at Prague Challenge

After four days of mulling over that finish, the organization announced that they will be releasing the team due to poor performance at both Prague Challenge and RaidCall EMS One Summer, where they failed to qualify for the LAN finals.

One of the original members of the former mousesports lineup that signed with Anexis back in February, James "Mx" Smale, stated their thanks to the organization, thus showing that the two sides parted ways on friendly terms.

"I would like to thank Anexis for the support they showed us over the past 6 months, especially through the up's and many down's. They never gave up on us, and respected our many changes within the team. But sadly there comes a time where something can't continue. It's been a pleasure to work with Anexis, especially Toni and Stefan, and I hope they will find a team deserving of their time and effort.

I would like to thank Razer, and Ficken Liqeours for there trust in promoting their products. As a lineup we will be going our separate ways in trend with the current reshuffle in the scene, the games changing and people need to be able too adapt to change.

A closing statement - Anexis needed a Top sniper." - James "Mx" Smale's statement for

Team manager of Anexis, Toni Milicevic, explained that this is not the end for the organization within the CS:GO scene and that they will be on the lookout for a new squad, while George "hudzG" Hoskins was unable to say what the future holds for the British lineup.

Ex-Anexis lineup:

United Kingdom George "hudzG" Hoskins
United Kingdom Sam "RattlesnK" Gawn
United Kingdom James "Mx" Smale
United Kingdom Daniel "RE1EASE" Mullan
United Kingdom Lewis "Hughsy" Hughes

The team was expected to make an appearance at ESEA Season 14 Global Finals despite sitting in 5th place at the moment, but this news puts the North American event in jeopardy of not having four European teams attending, as all of Na`Vi,, ESC Gaming, fnatic and Copenhagen Wolves have also made changes to their lineups after ESEA's roster lockdown, and are thus ineligible to participate.

OMFG.. enough with the news already.. OVERLOAD
2013-07-19 00:54
Netherlands Nieroth 
Anexis probably just released this squad to pick up 5 of the teamless players right now. Today is the perfect day for big orga's that want a better team to go for it. So new Anexis = ex ESC/VP
2013-07-19 03:57
2013-07-19 07:45
Probably ex VP -Guardian and Kucher + AdreN and Markeloff
2013-07-19 17:25
hahaha this day..
2013-07-19 00:54
United Kingdom refn_ 
Anexis needed a Top sniper
2013-07-19 00:54
Ok, now I understand. ignore this comment
2013-07-19 00:59
who's next?
2013-07-19 00:55
2013-07-19 00:55
another orga available to pick up much better players than the brits
2013-07-19 00:55
no update this week, and everything falls apart :(
2013-07-19 00:55
omg hahahahahaha
2013-07-19 00:55
2013-07-19 00:55
Wow, teams are falling like dominoes
2013-07-19 00:55
Now the brits... Who is next?
2013-07-19 00:55
Lithuanians becomes best in csgo. LOOOOOOOOOOL !
2013-07-19 00:59
United Kingdom .nsk 
not in a hundred years.
2013-07-19 01:04
You'll see.
2013-07-19 01:37
Don't be that sure. (o.o)
2013-07-19 02:27
haha I'm pretty positive ;)
2013-07-19 02:50
Same here! I'm sure that the winner of Argentina's ESWC Qualy will dominate the finals \(^_^)/
2013-07-19 02:55
2013-07-19 11:49
enough for today
2013-07-19 00:55
hahaha,my though :)
2013-07-19 10:35
well to be honest only re1ease and hudzG are playing a decent counter strike so far
2013-07-19 00:56
A closing statement - Anexis needed a Top sniper." HAHAHAHAHA :DD
2013-07-19 00:56
This statement will be one of many of HLTV's famous quotes :D
2013-07-19 01:00
2013-07-19 01:08
this is hilarious haha, poor bigheaded rattlesnk
2013-07-19 01:35
You know they're just having fun, as they're friends...
2013-07-19 02:08
probably the only good news today
2013-07-19 00:56
2013-07-19 01:08
2013-07-19 01:21
they won't be missed.
2013-07-19 01:35
it has only been good news today. i personally love changes when its to the better.
2013-07-19 05:17
+1 dude :)
2013-07-19 07:16
Is this real life?
2013-07-19 00:57
Slovenia mejo 
or is this just fantasy
2013-07-19 00:57
(...) no escape from reality :D
2013-07-19 01:02
Sunde | 
World sfu 
open your eyes
2013-07-19 01:08
Slovenia mejo 
look up to the skies and see
2013-07-19 01:17
i'm just a poor boy
2013-07-19 01:25
Sweden PPH 
2013-07-19 02:19
hi, who are you?
2013-07-19 11:09
You need no sympathy?
2013-07-19 20:59
"A closing statement - Anexis needed a Top sniper." Lol PZ RattlesnK. Good move by anexis considering all free agents available now.
2013-07-19 00:57
After this day we won't have much spicy things... Enjoy it (except the fact that ESC are gone :[ )
2013-07-19 00:57
Oh boy... And the Nostalgie effect makes yet another victim. . .
2013-07-19 00:57
don't think Anexis have dropped them because of this 1 loss
2013-07-19 01:00
Of course not, but it may have been the breaking point. Just think about it... All these teams in the news today... All of them had "contact" with Nostalgie in one way or another... It's like a freaking curse, lol!
2013-07-19 01:04
TAZ AND NEO made many orgas Ragequit lol
2013-07-19 01:09
well noticed, I was pretty happy when nostalgie won, but now, now i don't know...
2013-07-19 01:11
Russia monte:) 
ex-VP.. fnatic Dosia fnatic ANGE1 fnatic Markeloff fnatic Kucher fnatic adreNt0t or Dosia /A/ ANGE1 /A/ Markeloff /A/ Kucher /A/ adreN /A/
2013-07-19 00:57
Fox is in the team instead of kucher, right? :)
2013-07-19 00:59
Russia monte:) 
nope, fox finshed career in cs.
2013-07-19 01:03
2013-07-19 01:11
No, not in source.
2013-07-19 01:22
oh sorry
2013-07-19 01:26
Czech Republic J0s3e 
2013-07-19 02:01
2013-07-19 02:35
Slovakia kubiaxk 
best :_D <3 You zajc0b , that rly made my day
2013-07-19 08:40
np mate :D
2013-07-19 08:44
Nah. < "UPDATE : There are reports that reports the team and the player is connected to a new major investor in Kazakhstan, which has decided to create a new team." & "Fox will not play."
2013-07-19 01:04
Tunisia edgg 
if only edward accepted the slot ffs, would be uber sick lineup
2013-07-19 01:19
2013-07-19 00:58
BACK to MOUZ!!!!!
2013-07-19 00:58
mouz would be really stupid if they pickup these noobs again lol
2013-07-19 01:02
2013-07-19 01:04
2013-07-19 00:59
Anexis needed a Top sniper. Hahah legend xD
2013-07-19 00:59
Turkey Ruzi 
enough hltv for today
2013-07-19 00:59
epic closing statement hahaha
2013-07-19 01:00
Sweden raveN4s[A] 
2013-07-19 01:02
SpawN | 
Slovakia mBust3r 
yahoo! it finally happened! :3
2013-07-19 01:05
next pick by Finland?Poland?Russia? gl RagesnK & co
2013-07-19 01:07
RagesnK ^_^
2013-07-19 02:41
2013-07-19 01:09
about time.
2013-07-19 01:13
=)) NiP do not laugh too much, never knows what's gonna happen in the next couples of hours...
2013-07-19 01:13
why something would happen to nip ? they're the number 1 team in the world, they're safe for now..
2013-07-19 01:42
... expected
2013-07-19 01:14
News in a couple of days... "This players joined that organisation, those players went there, the new name of this organisation is this".
2013-07-19 01:14
United Kingdom seqq 
Sad for rattlesnk and co. Tbh, I thought they had improved quite a bit recently under the anexis banner, putting out some good scores including some good wins against reputable teams. Really thought they were going up but this is a set back. Mx also implying there might be a disband is sad as Britain once again will go without a team capable of competing at the top.
2013-07-19 01:19
loosing 16-0 to a mix in deciding match probably was too much .
2013-07-19 01:21
Are you sure Mx was not just making a joke? Because even Fifflaren knows the Rattlesnk comment was taken out of context.
2013-07-19 02:09
"As a lineup we will be going our separate ways in trend with the current reshuffle in the scene, the games changing and people need to be able too adapt to change.“
2013-07-19 11:21
Probably was a joke yes.
2013-07-20 12:55
Slovakia kubiaxk 
4Kings ftw ... ONSCREEN will rape them all
2013-07-19 08:42
Indeed. Can onscreen create a fucking team instead of just trollin around in matchmaking.
2013-07-19 09:58
Venezuela Riikards 
What the hell is going on today...
2013-07-19 01:21
hahahahaha what the fuck is wrong with the world... what the fuck is wrong with esport.... too much for one day
2013-07-19 01:21
well this was actually not wierd at all like all the other disbands this evening. so bad results etc
2013-07-19 01:23
CS Teams, what r u doing? CS TEAMS?!?!?! STAAAAHP!!
2013-07-19 01:24
this wwas expected nothing new
2013-07-19 01:29
this is getting better and better
2013-07-19 01:34
haha they were bad
2013-07-19 01:35
The single best closing statement I've ever read
2013-07-19 01:38
2013-07-19 01:40
heaton, now is your turn!
2013-07-19 01:40
ok!!!!! next NIP disband cause they didn't find any opponents to play against ...
2013-07-19 01:44
Oh Happy Friday! :D
2013-07-19 01:47
NOSTALGIE did all of this! - markeloff leaving NiP due to argues on NaVi-Nostalgie match (even relation states that Ukrainians were arguing on second and third map) - Anexis releasing CS:GO division due to loosing vs mix team - VP stars teaming up with markeloff <3 Nostalgie!
2013-07-19 01:47
markleoff leaves NIP !?? :p
2013-07-19 03:36
Yeah? That's old news.. One of the first articles today :)
2013-07-19 03:48
was f0rest upset?
2013-07-19 03:49
No he don't give a shit, they have bought in Guardian as replace + f0rest can awp aswell. No worries
2013-07-19 04:02
makes sense tbh. One more question which I dont think anyone has brough up on this site and I think is a serious issue considering they are the best team in the world and have lost like 2 events ever; -fiff?
2013-07-19 04:14
You guys needed a Top sniper
2013-07-19 01:49
Anexis needed a top smaley..
2013-07-19 01:50
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you made my night. i can sleep tight now :3
2013-07-19 02:31
2013-07-19 10:24
Fair enough it's a nice moment as the team didnt work out without you and Sam is a dick but you need to be playing at that level in a good team rather than enjoying this moment. gogogogogo
2013-07-19 03:37
I'm joking, me and mx are friends
2013-07-19 11:02
im not joking though and that team was a cuntbag coz Sam is a knob. gogogogogo and make a team already of non knobs with no arrogance and gl.
2013-07-19 22:52
Anexis management: Oh look, a lot of organizations release their csgo squads. Why dont we do that aswell?
2013-07-19 01:51
Slovakia kubiaxk 
haha :DDD
2013-07-19 07:10
Dosia, Guardian, Markelof, Taz, Neo ish tHat thooo OPPA ?
2013-07-19 01:58
finally a good new
2013-07-19 01:59
Anexis needed top sniper
2013-07-19 01:59
2013-07-19 02:03
well I can't blame them, WW seemed much better. but very sad for ESEA finals...
2013-07-19 02:06
So, the next podcast will be 10-hour long then?
2013-07-19 02:10
Expected from the beginning of the squad honestly. Hopefully Anexis will be a bit wiser when picking their next roster.
2013-07-19 02:12
Every team that has Rattlsnake on it is doomed to fail it is just that simple. Also CS:GO if it continues like this wont last 2more years.
2013-07-19 02:15
"Every team that has Rattlsnake on it is doomed to fail it is just that simple." Ha
2013-07-19 02:25
Rattlesnk has been in good and reputable teams that didn't fail at all. Lmao.
2013-07-20 12:56
About time they dropped the dead weight. Now to pick up some team with real potential :).
2013-07-19 02:16
Norway kakkopp 
they where good back in Dreamhack winter but as after stinger left it went all down
2013-07-19 02:31
nostalgie killin teams left and right
2013-07-19 02:32
"A closing statement - Anexis needed a Top sniper." LOOOOOOOOOL cy@ ragesnake
2013-07-19 02:37
Hughsy was the only good player anyway~~~
2013-07-19 02:38
Finally, some good news today. Maybe now Anexis will pick up a team that isn't made up of oxygen thieves.
2013-07-19 02:45
agree with Mx, Rattlesnake worst and most overrated sniper in Counter-strikes history.
2013-07-19 02:46
It was a joke...
2013-07-19 09:23
He is awful though.
2013-07-19 10:01
He's not awful, he would still destroy most of the people on this forum. He just isnt up to par for the top tier at the moment.
2013-07-19 11:22
If he could do that he would have tried, but he can't.
2013-07-19 14:46
I'm obviously comparing him to the other top teir snipers. Like people calling fiff awful. Yes sadly they are both awful awpers compared to the other top teir awpers in the game right now. Fiff keeps improving last I saw though. RsnK has stood completely still since the game started having events.
2013-07-19 15:44
looks like they got re1eased
2013-07-19 03:06
Greece her-1g 
This is like 1.6 . Every summer everyone was switching players. Except G5 who were changing orgas
2013-07-19 03:16
This reminds me of fnatic, SK but x10 lol
2013-07-19 03:39
Ukraine velm 
2013-07-19 03:21
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
Noob team anyway...
2013-07-19 03:24
i am going to sleep and really wondering which players or teams will be brake up when i wake up tomorrow morning..
2013-07-19 03:25
KennyS and Apex are the only people left who havent disbanded their team after coming in contact with NOSTALGIE. Good bye, LDLC. You're next.
2013-07-19 03:29
Anexis were shit, idiots who should have taken the opportunity with both hands. Instead they were just arrogant dicks. Go get real jobs and piss off. XX
2013-07-19 03:35
suck on that rattlenoob
2013-07-19 03:38
Finland NUCL3AR 
Anexis should pick up solemn :)
2013-07-19 03:53
India Ad1_KaM 
RattleSnK said something about NiP needing a top sniper back then, now look at what his team mate is saying! XD
2013-07-19 05:40
2013-07-19 13:55
gl Sam
2013-07-19 05:54
expected tbh, gl guys.
2013-07-19 06:20
and what anexis org want??? new nip??? seriously they were not the best but still pretty good team dat was improving
2013-07-19 07:07
didn't see any improvement
2013-07-19 07:24
finally :) poor results...
2013-07-19 07:09
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Came back today to see a shitload of jaw-dropping news. Couldn't care less about Anexis squad solely because of Rage(faggot)snK. Personally I'd like Anexis or fnatic to pick up the Russian/CIS squad now. Na`Vi and ESC are both screwed now, too...
2013-07-19 07:24
gg Anexis :(
2013-07-19 08:38
DAT closing statement :D rofl
2013-07-19 09:05
Damn, the scene is a mess :/
2013-07-19 09:57
gl gawnyboy & jim!
2013-07-19 10:06
Ha ha ha ha!
2013-07-19 10:23
expected since rattlesnake team is noobish
2013-07-19 10:25
OverDrive sure made a mess :oooo
2013-07-19 10:34
2013-07-19 13:59
2013-07-19 10:38
United Kingdom m0o 
really sad, that last event was their best chance to make it and sadly, anexis choked in the later maps against nostalgi, despite having momentum and looking the better "team". can see why anexis had to cut them though...they haven't had any notable results. Hope the guys find a new home, together if poss or in different teams. So much talent there. It's not really an excuse, but UK has a habit of piling so much pressure on our athletes & teams. The fans and community are so quick to judge and say "he's shit, always has been etc" or whatever. Would be nice to see UK fans actually supporting THEIR representative team and showing some national pride... (and yeah, this also includes accepting Andy Murray as British! ;))
2013-07-19 10:41
This goes in every country i know. They got opportunities at Anexis and they are away due to bad results. Simple. Anyways they should go separate ways with hudzG and it would go ok.
2013-07-19 13:59
next will NIP
2013-07-19 11:09
2013-07-19 12:04
NIp i dont think :D strong team n1 world
2013-07-19 11:15
Meh, nothing new in CSGO scene, teams keep resigning, like it always keep happening. Meh, how depressing.
2013-07-19 11:54
2013-07-19 11:55
rattlesnake is joining navi.
2013-07-19 12:07
Is there any other decent UK teams?
2013-07-19 13:00
FM.Toxic can do some damage if they train some more.
2013-07-20 12:58
Gl :)
2013-07-19 13:08
fail :D
2013-07-19 14:43
Needed top sniper :D. Made me laugh, thought his team would overrate Rattlesnake like he himself rates. Easy bot > Rattlesnake
2013-07-19 16:34
Overdrive-Monster Kill! One shoot-five headshots!
2013-07-19 17:16
RattlesnK be maddd
2013-07-19 19:27
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
Sad news. Hoping to see the players carry on within the scene....Maybe it was bad timing for the guys with exams taking priority over prac times...Who would've thought their future outside of gaming was more important..xD Really hope they carry on within the scene in some form, I would like to see Rattlesnk take up a coach/manager role for some up and coming UK team, can imagine he has a tone of knowledge that any up and coming team would love. It was certainly fun following you guys, just like the bloody England national footie team, bags of potential but a headache to watch at times. Best of luck guys!
2013-07-19 19:57
this is the end
2013-07-19 21:48
Rattlesnk should reform mouz uk/nor team again screw the brits only team
2013-07-19 23:10
atm hudzG is tagged as mTw
2013-07-20 01:41
i wonder if there was pun intended. Anexis Re1ease CSGO squad.
2013-07-20 03:00
Nooky HudzG Steel Mx Wilzooo RattlesnK Wez Pete Re1ease Hughsy :)
2013-07-20 05:12
I highly doubt Anexis will be picking up any top teams. You have to remember that they lost their last team(WW) because they weren't able to support them.
2013-07-20 09:35
exactly not. they dropped WW and picked bunch of UK noobs with high salaries. they increased their support a lot and got less out of it. that actually is what makes their decision so wrong lol
2013-07-21 15:16
That's because the whole valve community is devided into two parts: 1.6 and source players and CS:GO players.
2013-07-20 11:36
thats 3 ...
2013-07-20 12:06
I wrote not correctly. I meant 1.6 and source is one part of community and cs:go players are the second part. sorry
2013-07-20 12:15
gl in future anexis.
2013-07-20 11:57
Sad to see this, was my favourite team. Hopefully they'll stay together, even though Mx stated they're going their separate ways.
2013-07-20 13:00
Would love to see RE1EASE Rattlesnk Hughsy pt Wez
2013-07-20 16:47
India h8or 
Who the hell cares about this shitty team!!!!!!!!!
2013-07-20 19:55
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