ALSEN win Cracow Game Spot

ALSEN came out on top of the Cracow Game Spot tournament following a 2-1 victory over Imperium Gamers in the final.

The Polish tournament attracted a total of eight teams from across the country, and even though teams like ESC Gaming and GF-Gaming were nowhere to be seen, there were still some big-name sides in attendance, like ALSEN and Imperium Gamers.

In the semi-final stage, ALSEN were handed a major scare as they lost the first map to Krakow.cs.go, who were playing with Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski as a stand-in, but they managed to turn the score around to progress to the final against Imperium Gamers.

In the tournament decider, ALSEN got off to a bad start once again, losing de_mirage_go with a 16-10 scoreline, but then the former UniversalSoldiers team gave a great account of themselves and came out on top of de_nuke_se (19-17) and de_train_se (16-9) to run out 2-1 victors.

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Cracow Game Spot final standings:

1. Poland ALSEN - €410
2. Poland Imperium Gamers - €175
3. Poland Krakow.csgo - €115

United Kingdom grund 
Wp alsen!
2013-07-31 21:50
Poland kajlen 
2013-07-31 21:50
2013-07-31 21:59
Netherlands Kochz 
€410 NICE
2013-07-31 21:59
polish CS:GO scene is now like: 1.GF-Gaming (great talents) 2.neo and taz 3.ALSEN 4.Imperium Gamers
2013-07-31 22:01
made my day
2013-07-31 22:20
made my day
2013-07-31 23:16
2013-08-01 00:51
Why so stupid ?
2013-08-05 16:50
n1 alsen:) but soon i think it will change =D
2013-07-31 22:16
Sweden pyth 
Was this on LAN? if so, why only €410 :o
2013-07-31 23:49
thats poland :x
2013-08-01 10:07
Poland rvT 
small LAN and we are poor as fuck :D
2013-08-01 10:14
its 2,000 PLN but it was small lan either
2013-08-01 11:41
yea lan
2013-08-02 00:19
WTF? Today in KRK? Had no idea about this :(
2013-08-01 00:04
Poland rvT 
To be precise it was played on this past weekend (27-28.07)
2013-08-01 10:13
Yeah finally guys from ALSEN won something. Congratulation guys.
2013-08-01 00:25
what happened with ths & co?
2013-08-01 09:19
lineups please?
2013-08-01 16:44
Czech Republic PFP 
Alsen: DESTRu SZPERO MEFIU inocennt dark IMP: diamon michu norbiak kubyyy dobsonnn
2013-08-01 16:58
2013-08-01 17:05
Gj alsen!
2013-08-02 00:19
Wow, that's almost enough to pay for the travel expenses!
2013-08-02 11:02
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