LD, Cph Wolves, fnatic to SLTV

August 11th, 2013 22:59

Lemondogs, Copenhagen Wolves and fnatic have qualified for SLTV StarSeries VII through the six team last minute qualifier to earn a spot in the $15,000 league with finals in Kiev.

Group A saw Lemondogs claim wins on de_mirage_ce over USSR and LDLC.com to top the group and claim the first of just three remaining spots in SLTV StarSeries' seventh season.

In group B it was the Danes of Copenhagen Wolves who were able to come out on top with a 16-1 win versus Begrip and a 16-14 comeback win versus fnatic after a 3-12 first half.

schneider from Epsilon
schneider played well for fnatic today

The relegation round saw second place teams in each group, LDLC.com and fnatic's new Swedish roster, go head-to-head on de_mirage_ce for the final spot in the league this season.

fnatic started out strong as counter-terrorists and went up 10-1 before the Frenchmen evened things up to 10-5. The Swedes proved too strong to handle in the second half, winning easily 16-8.

SLTV StarSeries VII team list:

Poland ESC Sweden NiP Europe /10/ Italy CPLAY
Sweden n!faculty Russia zNation Ukraine Astana Dragons France VeryGames
Germany ALTERNATE Ukraine Na`Vi Ukraine KerchNET Portugal k1ck
Russia B.s3x Sweden fnatic Denmark Cph Wolves Sweden Lemondogs

SLTV StarSeries VII is scheduled to run online until the finals in mid-October. Each team will play one another once in the group stage, with the top four squads qualifying for Kiev.

We will provide full coverage of the season as well, so stay tuned to HLTV.org for not only statistics and hot matches, but also Dreamteam for SLTV StarSeries VII.

2013-08-11 23:00
2013-08-11 23:00
2013-08-11 23:01
Why CPLAY.Tt are in the list? They didn't go to the premiere due to low result on previous season?
2013-08-11 23:01
Iraq mohh 
I think they had enough points to survive?
2013-08-11 23:02
look carefully - they ARE on the list ;)
2013-08-11 23:05
look carefully what he wrote;)
2013-08-11 23:06
thank you
2013-08-11 23:18
2013-08-12 14:16
2013-08-12 17:37
We save the slot with matches. Any problem Stefanex?
2013-08-12 00:31
get lebbra pls
2013-08-12 00:34
2013-08-12 09:42
even though I quit my hatred for you has never gone, and now I can freely insult you, cause you have probably been dropped off a building as a kid, and are still resenting from the brain damage it has caused you. Only because we did not want to join your org that offered us nothing, you have now made it a mission to insult the only team in your country that does anything decent in esports. Grow Up and man up you little cunt.
2013-08-12 09:46
Well, that escalated quickly. Please calm down, he was just asking a question, there was no insult in it (even if given your point of view, it could be interpreted as a sneer).
2013-08-12 12:11
You must read his posts about us before this one XD... Long story bro, haters gonna hate
2013-08-12 12:19
its not about this single post, last starseries he posted about how shit we were in every single post / match. Its built up, its not a one time burst.
2013-08-12 14:05
rofl you're so mad
2013-08-12 14:26
Rightfully so
2013-08-12 17:39
Italy uNd 
you are lucky we won't meet you
2013-08-12 14:13
Who's on Na`Vi roster now????
2013-08-11 23:02
Denmark jjh 
zeus ceh9 starix seized kibaken i guess
2013-08-11 23:03
seized and kibaken played for begrip today what are you talking about
2013-08-11 23:05
yeah but that doesnt mean anything, theyre just without an organization now, they could stick together
2013-08-11 23:08
ye, most likely they will as I do not really see those 2 dudes join NaVi, I dont think they're skilled enough to fit the organization at least just yet...
2013-08-11 23:15
Denmark jjh 
there were rumours going around for a long time that seized is going to join na'vi. if you remember, he was already playing for them as a stand-in when markeloff was on holiday, so this is most likely to happen.
2013-08-12 12:46
their roster isnt knownw and hasnt yet been announced officially - noone knows even though their manager said the new line up would be announced like a week ago or so and still no news... as well as Virtus.pro
2013-08-11 23:06
Denmark jjh 
2013-08-11 23:03
ESC is on the list of participants, its just unknown if they able to get 5 players ready to play at this event since Loord is no longer part of the team
2013-08-11 23:16
What if esc pick up a brand new team, who haven't earned to be in star series, would they still allow it?
2013-08-11 23:49
2013-08-12 01:11
many shit teams,ldlc deserved easily a spot.
2013-08-11 23:04
why do they deserve a spot? they just lose the qualifier. cplay and B.s3x qualified through the proseries and the other teams returned as top 8 teams from last season.
2013-08-11 23:09
gl swedes
2013-08-11 23:04
Can the list be updated please ? Obviously ESC wont attend, i doubt Na'Vi will aswell.
2013-08-11 23:05
But they will, new lineups should be announced in the next few days
2013-08-11 23:06
When will the lan finals be played?
2013-08-11 23:07
October 10th-13th
2013-08-11 23:09
It's not esc who qualified surely, it's the team. Will they still be allowed if esc Pick up a new team that sux?
2013-08-11 23:50
Well, the rule is indeed that they need 3 of the same players to stay in the league. But maybe it will be Neo, TaZ and pasha + 2 new guys, or the organizers could simply remove them like Virtus.pro and then invite their new team. Same result, doesn't really matter.
2013-08-11 23:54
Iraq mohh 
ESC? NAVI? Kerchnet?
2013-08-11 23:05
#36 #16
2013-08-11 23:20
Doesn't make sense that LDLC wasn't invited, over teams like alternate, CPLAY, and k1ck. Kerchnet, zNation, and B.s3x I can somewhat understand on the basis that they are CIS-based.
2013-08-11 23:09
cplay k1ck kerchnet znation weren't invited, they were there from the previous season. b.s3x from the proseries qualifier.
2013-08-11 23:12
It is a continuous league, all the teams you mentioned held on to spots from last season or won them through ProSeries. A few teams dropped out though (like Virtus.pro), so VeryGames, Astana and n!faculty got invited directly.
2013-08-11 23:12
Ah I see x2
2013-08-11 23:15
Still odd that n!faculty got the invitation over LDLC.
2013-08-12 12:10
dude, k1ck was 7th in previous season
2013-08-12 15:29
"Copenhage Wolves"
2013-08-11 23:08
Maybe Im wrong but verygames isnt banned from sltv?
2013-08-11 23:08
They were banned just for one season.
2013-08-11 23:10
Aha ok thx
2013-08-11 23:14
What bout WW?
2013-08-12 00:05
Sad bad teams like navi are invited instead of LDLC
2013-08-11 23:09
wondering why they let a bunch of shit teams play instead of ldlc
2013-08-11 23:12
No sense indeed.
2013-08-11 23:12
2013-08-11 23:20
Sad and little unluckey for LDLC, but this is how it goes sometimes. But why waste time on shittypo like: "sad bad teams like navi are invited" and simular crap. just zzZZz.....
2013-08-11 23:25
World Cr0 
Virtus.dno? csgo.starladder.tv/news/3679 change Eng language
2013-08-11 23:52
when groupstage starts?
2013-08-11 23:52
Switzerland NEIN 
Nice. Good luck fnatic and CPH Wolves!
2013-08-12 00:20
KerchNET Lineup ?
2013-08-12 01:54
Sweden BenneDoT 
ESC: On the SLTV page it says Neo, TAz, pasha. TBA, TBA. NAVI: TBA
2013-08-12 07:54
ESC :>
2013-08-12 10:50
go navi ofc :D
2013-08-12 11:50
n1111111111 The best Starleader so far.
2013-08-12 13:19
b.s3x gogo waylander > all
2013-08-12 15:47
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