Made in Brazil Wins DreamHack Winter 2007

December 1st, 2007 23:52
The CS tournament at DreamHack Winter 2007 ended just moments ago. Brazilian Made in Brazil came out on top, after beating SK-Gaming in the final.

DreamHack has without doubt gathered amazing teams for this edition of DreamHack. Mostly European teams showed up, but one team far far away, beat them all. Made in Brazil went to the grand final versus SK-Gaming, without any losses. Even in the grand final the team did not give any easy rounds away.
Grand Final

Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. mibr vs. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. SK-Gaming - Demo

de_nuke - mibr 16:11 SK-Gaming

Final Standings

1. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. mibr – 110.000 SEK (17.326$)
2. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. SK – 50.000 SEK (7.875$)
3. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. McPoker.emL – 25.000 SEK (3.937$)
4. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. NoA – 15.000 SEK (2.362$)
5-6. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. fnatic
5-6. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. roccat
7-8. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Playzone
7-8. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. EYE
9-12. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. CNO
9-12. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Hardwire
9-12. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. Rotate Gaming
9-12. Billedet “” kan ikke vises, da det indeholder fejl. SoA
No more DreamHack for this time. Check out our coverage section if you missed anything. You will find results, demos, photos and a lot more there.
Congratulations :)
2007-12-01 23:56
Go MiBR ! BTT , bit , Chucky , ton, fnx GOGOGOGOGO! I see your future bit ! you will be kicked out of CompLexity
2011-04-20 01:08
Italy </3 
2012-04-01 18:30
2007-12-02 00:07
what a lol
2007-12-02 02:10
Couldnt agree with u more.
2007-12-02 02:46
You ae its foreigners! Who I discredit that if fuck! NEW LINE... Insurance mibr now flw! Now yes Mr. Lincoln Lau (fnx) I show to its capacity in this game POHAAAAAAAAAA! GOOD BITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT had played has taken #mibr forever!
2007-12-02 00:14
well done. <3 emL.
2007-12-02 00:12
vamo 100 ?
2011-04-20 01:45
2007-12-02 00:17
Oh well just pisses me off that sum ppl didnt believe this Line up...called em all sht n stuff n now they lick their shoes rofl.. fckin fags anyways welldone mibr u deserved it ;]
2007-12-02 00:32
eh sei falar ingles nao mas sei falar fuck you gringo cuzao!!!
2007-12-02 00:38
wOw!!! goodgame mibr.
2007-12-02 00:40
so 110.000 SEK = how many euros € ?
2007-12-02 00:56
Calculated to $'s !
2007-12-02 01:12
thanks :) now i its calculated on $ :) ty nix0n :P h3333
2007-12-02 12:25
2007-12-02 12:06
NICE mibr! <3
2007-12-02 01:17
Good job! ;)
2007-12-02 01:47
Denmark tNc 
GJ NoA. And better luck next time :(
2007-12-02 02:29
lol.. NoA bad game.. uhauhauhaua MIBR gg!!! and witch new line ;D MiBr GG 4ever! and fnx,cky Good Players! ;D
2007-12-02 02:33
Denmark tNc 
lol mibr bad dog! nope, ok mibr just won DHW07, ok GJ mibr, but listing it's just a LAN party it not WCG or ESWC or something else big tournament. And another thing NoA play with a spandin, and is whitout there tac leder :S and still there end at 4. Very nice NoA GJ!! and gj mibr by winning dreamhack :p
2007-12-02 02:40
#26 noooooo jealous pl0x! Dreamhack is not just a "lan party" where else could u find a lan party with fnatic, NoA, SK, mibr, roccat, etc... ? dreamhack is a tournament, and a big one. so stop complaining about how NoA didnt make it =P
2007-12-02 02:46
mibr also won shgOpen this year. mibr has always, when going to events finish top5, no matter what lineups they go with. They are counted as one of the world elite teams for sure. It's true that NoA played with a standin and without their tactic leader (ave), but that's just not a excuse. I know how it feels, a Danish team not going to the very top. But we just have to face it, some teams just played stronger during DreamHack, even though NoA had to use a standin.
2007-12-02 02:48
Its maybe not an excuse, but again, NoA shows the world how strong they really are, its hard to get a long with the greates cs teams, with a stand in, and not haveig their tac leader? But Mibr played great, no doubt that...
2007-12-02 02:52
whiMp wasn't a bad standin at all, and he played really great during DreamHack. I wouldn't say they missed their tactic leader actually, since all of the NoA guys knows the tacs by heart, but standin or not standin. NoA clearly belongs to the world top.
2007-12-02 03:04
Yeah well : 'Tab og vind, med samme sind' :]] ?!?
2007-12-02 03:10
True, and fair play! Remember to use english when you reply, not everyone on this site understands Danish.
2007-12-02 03:12
LIEK Z0MG YOU LIEK JELAUSE BECAUSE ......EHM.........:YES THAT WILL TEACH UUUUU!!!!!ONE!!!111 Just got off a 12 hours shift n my humor is as bad as my back ;D <3
2007-12-03 11:10
Maybe whimp is a great standin but hes not even close to be as good as ave. And ave is their ldr.
2007-12-09 17:55
gj xx
2007-12-02 02:58
#29 For the best information of the Danish gentlemen! to a great difference in it finishes line of mibr (ESWC, WCG) with the current one that I dispute the DreamHack, therefore to apartir of this titulo veram as mibr goes to dispute the next matches! they wait pra to see! now as they had said ae if the bird had the NoA went to earn? this? haha! flww!
2007-12-02 03:07
2007-12-02 03:09
Some people are using translators to translate their language to english, thats why it's a little non-sense .
2007-12-02 03:11
Haha, remember next time. Use the reply button.
2007-12-02 03:10
Denmark iAu 
Shit, you really understood what he wrote? :O
2007-12-02 11:08
Not all of it, by I got his point.
2007-12-02 13:13
Brazil Feck 
Actually, not even me understood what he said...
2007-12-02 16:28
Denmark tNc 
ok ok 1. The world biggest computer festival 2. The best team in the world 3. Great coverage/HLTV just me there is a bad loser :( NoA still need a good revence against Emulate. GG to all, if have been a great weekend :)
2007-12-02 03:28
wheres that danish postin here we go" target="_blank"> cos he'll see it and rofl, just plz STOP bein stupid ppl mibr did great this time and deserved can a fuckin country that has football women and HAXZ0RJDXJZ@NET win a fuckin camp plz just accept it and walk away fags
2007-12-02 04:27
Brazil Feck 
man, since mibr won today from SK you are being such an ass****... It's just a championship... I know mibr deserve it, but everything has limits... all you are saying here is a bunch of crap... you are always saying bad words about everyone...
2007-12-02 05:46
Denmark iAu 
It happens everytime mibr wins a match :'( If they could stop the spamming and talk in a decent tone everything would be fine and we wouldn't have these flame wars :(((( I am no mibr-hater btw.
2007-12-02 11:07
go aeee
2011-04-20 01:44
Denmark iAu 
At new years eve it is a tradition for the queen to run around the streets of copenhagen, buttnaked screaming "JARHJ ÆLSKER SMÅ-BARBEREDE TYSKERE! KYS MIG PÅ MINE LANGE LØG!", meaning "I love short-shaved germans! Kiss my long oniens/balls". This is to scare of terrorists, niggers, mcdonalds employees, jyllandsposten and trolls. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA <3 encyclopediadramatica :D
2007-12-02 10:53
Brazil Feck 
yep, It's almost like this...
2007-12-02 16:20
Grats mibr! Brazilian cs school like football school. :)
2007-12-02 06:36
do you know when i download the demo from than i have the winRAR document what do i do next to watch the demo.. Ty
2007-12-02 08:26
Extract the file with winrar.
2007-12-02 13:45
Lithuania DZG 
mibr nice !
2007-12-02 08:31
nice1 ;)
2007-12-02 09:27
when was a final match?
2007-12-02 10:08
haha xD
2007-12-02 10:38
Denmark iAu 
lol yesterday ;D
2007-12-02 10:56
Parabens brazil ;)
2007-12-02 11:14
Valew mibr! mostrando que o brasil ainda é o numero um no CS e em muitos outros "esportes" =)! Parabens!!! ^^'
2007-12-02 11:27
Denmark iRIE 
U guys just wont speak english, eh?
2007-12-02 12:15
2007-12-02 11:39
nice games :) but GJ MIBR
2007-12-02 11:42
Romania stM! 
gg mibr
2007-12-02 12:54
SK-Gaming rulez they are backkkk now :D and tey are playing really nice :) GL sk goo win the extreme masters :D
2007-12-02 13:33
emL and fnatic werent in a good day they are the two best teams inn the world.
2007-12-02 14:23
genre ta 37 ans toi. stop whine. MIBR WON.EASILY. so no, emL and fnatic are not the two BEST teams.
2007-12-02 16:31
emL? LOL... nice joke :D
2007-12-03 00:35
congrats mibr, well deserved what happened to fnatic :<
2007-12-02 16:27
good job
2007-12-02 16:37
Brazil Kohzito 
Mibr the best team ALl players playing very good!!!
2007-12-02 17:03
Lol... So many people from brazil happy because they won "ONE" tournament? Im sorry... SK have won like 100 =) And now talking shit about other countries?? Brazil have good soccer, ok..., Women? WTF?!?!?! ROFLMAO? are you kidding me?? Brazil Good at CS? Yeah... they are good, but not SUPER GOOD, NoA & SK are way better than MIBR, just wait until the other big tournaments :) You will see who wins Anyway, GG MIBR, So sad that they have RETARDED fans like the ones posting here
2007-12-03 00:34
Brazil Feck 
yep, I agree.
2007-12-03 01:12
AOSKPakpskoAKS... mibr in swenden and won fnatic and SK... fuck ppl with not agrre this.. BR .. Soccer, Voleybol and CS ^^
2007-12-03 01:56
Fucking retard! grow up
2007-12-03 19:03
SK GAMING n1! gg mibr! :/
2007-12-03 02:05
mibr gogogogo
2007-12-03 10:33
mibr ftw! and yes, brazil is top on soccer! yes, it has great women!!! rly great!!! and now, for a while is top on cs! they won SK didn't they???
2007-12-03 14:41
#78 #52 TANKS! <3potugal
2007-12-03 18:14
GG Brasileirada :D Mereceram :) congratz mibr ;D
2007-12-03 20:27
seriously, bunch of retards here.. Stupid Brazilians here, seriously. I usually don't get mad at these stuff, but this really pisses me off. Go play counter-strike if you're so good. Only 1 fucking good BR. team in Counter-strike. SWEDEN: Fnatic SK-gaming NiP-gaming (dead now btw) Begrip-gaming etc etc. BRAZIL: MiBR and maybe G3nerationX??? omg, I know you're happy they won 1 tournament right now. BUT YOU SAID IT ONCE, NOW HOLD YOUR FUCKING PIE_HOLE .. gjeez..
2007-12-03 20:36
done raging? :D
2007-12-03 21:26
powerak tell me 1 good netherlands team wich is good.then shut up if you dont to i ban you from this server.serbia eat netherlands in cs then shut up idiot
2007-12-04 11:03
CNO?? :)
2007-12-04 15:02
+ Logic.MadMouse
2007-12-04 15:12
same, just saying CNO is the best.. :) SERBIA SUX ! :D:D
2007-12-04 18:24
OMG, I've seem many bastards here calling shits about Brazil and their teams, yu guys have study something to say ? Women ? the best soccer ? the best country in general ? rly great CS ? Brazilians teams haven't sponsor to travel for good tournaments, so shut up ur month to talk about their teams I've traveled to Brazil twice in my life,I maked many friends there, thats why I'm here saying it out, and yu guys ? wat have yu guys did to say something about Brazil or their teams ? Nothing I think.. If yu guys doesn't like brazilian coments, dont read, 2 simple. GJ mibr and good luck to the next tournaments only to complement, mibr haven't won only this tournament how some guys said before :)
2007-12-04 16:01
Women? rofl... Venezuelan & Colombian women are the best dude :) Soccer?? do they have another way to have fun? LOL! Country in general? its a beutiful country, i admit :) No Sponsors? --> No one likes them, they are bad :)
2007-12-05 00:50
MAIORAL :D ainda bem que foram os nossos irmãos a dar coça, assim é que é ;)
2007-12-04 15:53
hehe mibr|ton cfg pls and crosshair size auflösung pixel
2007-12-04 22:54
2012-04-01 18:13
mibr doesnt deserve it. SK Deserve it more than these retardz . Sk will get back the world best team in this YEAR !
2007-12-05 18:15
Brazil Mvin 
The brazilian CS no is that MIBR. More brazilians teams in bigs tournaments, soon. :) But, Sweden is the country of Counter-Strike. And others countrys are best than Brazil in CS. Women? Is VERY relative. Soccer? In national tournaments the spanish, italian and english soccer is best than brazilian soccer. #90 The website of MIBR have all configs. But the config of ton is practically default. Portugal <3 Talvez os portugueses sejam os únicos na europa que veêm o Brasil de uma forma diferente do resto. Merecem nosso respeito, sempre. :) GG pra vcs! :D
2007-12-06 01:00
SK go ! :D
2007-12-09 17:28
MIBR go ! :D
2012-01-23 19:07
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