VG stomp fnatic to win Mad Catz

August 20th, 2013 22:57

VeryGames has defeated fnatic 2-0 (16-8 de_mirage_ce, 16-5 de_dust2_se) in the Mad Catz Invitational grand final in Cologne and clinched the 3,500€ first place prize.

VeryGames started off the Mad Catz Invitational grand final by winning the terrorist pistol round on de_mirage_ce, as Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom wiped out fnatic's A defense by himself.

Fourth round saw two VG players crash but it didn't stop their team from winning, as the Frenchmen grinded out a 6-0 lead before fnatic could reply with three of their own rounds.

fnatic lost two of the next three rounds to make it 4-8, but then mounted a comeback as Robin "flusha" Ronnquist won a one-on-one in A, followed up by two triple kills by Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg.

NBK's triple kill save round turned mirage in VG's favor 

The play resumed after a long pause as Andreas "MODDII" Fridh scored three Glock kills to give fnatic a tie, with VeryGames headed for two consecutive save rounds as counter-terrorists.

Those save rounds would never happen though, as Nathan "NBK" Schmitt scored three massive frags in the B bombsite, allowing his team to delay fnatic so much they ran out of time.

The Swedes came close to winning a save round of their own next, but Schmitt and Benrlitom won an important two-on-three, setting the momentum for the rest of the half.

Edouard "Smithzz" Dubourdeaux' triple made it 12-8, and doubles from Benrlitom and Scmitt gave VG their thirteenth round. Soon after Kévin "Ex6TenZ" Droolans and Richard "shox" Papillon cleaned up B, and fnatic trailed 8-14.


MODDII battled for fnatic but it wasn't enough 

Not much was left to do for fnatic in the first map, as Benrlitom and Dubourdeaux once again put up doubles each to force map point, and the Swedes were stopped easily in the B site for a 16-8 VeryGames win on de_mirage_ce.

VeryGames started de_dust2_se by winning the pistol round despite Ronnquist's quad kill. Droolans scored three FAMAS kills versus saving Swedes on round two, and him plus Schmitt combined for four to effectively make it 4-0.

Fifth round saw the French assert their dominance as they picked fnatic apart across the map, before Fridh's double got fnatic on board. Papillon's triple kill quickly broke fnatic's money though, and the Swedes trailed 1-7.

Droolans continued playing well and he picked up two kills at long A to help make it 9-1 in his team's favor on the harder side of the map, but Fridh kept fnatic alive with four kills next round and two entries after, cutting the deficit to 3-9.

ScreaM was the star of the series 

He received virtually help though, as Droolans and Dubourdeaux made it 10-11, and Schmitt beat Lundberg in a one-on-one contest to make it 11-3 for VeryGames before fnatic could finally win the last round of the half.

Benrlitom's impressive aim secured VeryGames the much easier terrorist pistol round, and fnatic found themselves staring down the barrel of a loaded gun, down 4-14. Fridh kept his team alive one round longer with a few kills, but it wasn't enough.

VeryGames gained easy entry into the B site with one pick, and successfully chased fnatic's weapons to gain game point at 15-5. Papillon's two frags finished the series, and crowned VeryGames Mad Catz champions with a 16-5 scoreline on de_dust2_se.

20th August 2013

 VeryGames K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Belgium Adil 'ScreaM' BenrlitomScreaM 45 - 24 +21 - 1.47
France Nathan 'NBK-' SchmittNBK- 37 - 20 +17 - 1.33
France Richard 'shox' Papillonshox 38 - 26 +12 - 1.23
France Edouard 'SmithZz' DubourdeauxSmithZz 33 - 24 +9 - 1.14
Belgium Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' DroolansEx6TenZ 30 - 26 +4 - 1.06

 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Andreas 'MODDII' FridhMODDII 27 - 36 -9 - 0.83
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquistflusha 24 - 36 -12 - 0.75
Sweden Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergznajder 25 - 36 -11 - 0.73
Sweden Jonatan 'Devilwalk' LundbergDevilwalk 22 - 38 -16 - 0.62
Sweden Jesper 'JW' WecksellJW 22 - 38 -16 - 0.60

Mad Catz Invitational final standings:

1. France VeryGames - 3,500€
2. Sweden fnatic - 1,500€
3-4. Denmark Western Wolves
3-4. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
5-8. Ukraine Astana Dragons
5-8. France
5-8. Denmark Eternity
5-8. Sweden Lemondogs 

VeryGames' next LAN tournament will be DreamHack Bucharest while fnatic is expected to travel to Kiev later this month to face Astana Dragons in TECHLABS Cup final.

2013-08-20 22:57
Ukraine gungrave 
2013-08-20 22:57
waiting for navi vs fnatic or vg
2013-08-20 23:22
What Na`Vi has to do with his post? It was definitely rape. You're such a hater, I knew always.
2013-08-21 01:27
yes? and?
2013-08-21 02:03
lol idiot. F.Y.I 'hater' is a word to be proud of.
2013-08-21 05:08
Serbia -DzEv- 
hAha fnatic sucks offline :3
2013-08-21 06:31
markeloff fan club :DDD
2013-08-21 08:23
markeloff > every swedish awper
2013-08-21 12:48
ohhh wait..delpan > ukraine and denmark sry
2013-08-21 12:56
Serbia -DzEv- 
hahaha delpan bullshit
2013-08-21 13:05
Lithuania AioNw0w 
delpan sucks bro.
2013-08-21 15:12
Finland kimi__ 
JesperWow >
2013-08-24 22:27
Serbia -DzEv- 
y 1.6 time ;)
2013-08-21 13:05
They did pretty well at Dreamhack, so i wouldn't say they suck Offline.
2013-08-21 11:07
Serbia -DzEv- 
y but last month jw best awp eu and on lan he missed easy shots
2013-08-21 13:04
It happens, you can't always win.. Doesn't mean you can't still be a good player, But unfortunately no gaming community realizes that. Just because Messi, Ronaldo or whoever your favourite football player is, doesn't win Champions League with his team, doesnt mean they are a bad team/or he's a bad player.
2013-08-21 15:45
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
look who say
2013-08-21 14:01
Serbia -DzEv- 
your father say n00bson
2013-08-21 16:24
Mad Fnatic fanboy!
2013-08-21 08:16
2013-08-20 23:02
2013-08-20 23:07
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
smokebug, ur welcome <3
2013-08-20 23:07
2013-08-20 23:12
lol @ the comments on the video, people are so clueless >dreamhack >2nd place >onliners
2013-08-20 23:14
ikr :/ they stomped everyone at DHS and took a map from NiP in the swecup finals but still they are onliners hmmmmmmmmmmmkay
2013-08-20 23:18
they stomped everyone at DHS stomped everyone at DHS stomped everyone
2013-08-21 06:37
hard to call ldlc, ww, curse (1-1) & /10/ everyone... but you're right, can't say that they are online either ^^
2013-08-21 07:17
i just meant they stomped everyone they met :S they can hardly stomp teams they didn't play
2013-08-21 17:02
2013-08-20 23:25
i dont think he is cheating, although i dont know who mysan is. yet every shot he fired is in a common place.
2013-08-21 10:38
Poland kajlen 
easy gg
2013-08-20 22:58
2013-08-20 22:58
that was some rape. no crazy smoke shots/reads from jw.
2013-08-20 22:58
the smoke was a demo bug so yeah..
2013-08-20 23:14
onliners xD
2013-08-20 22:58
Or not.. VeryGames won fnatic at online too , and it was only like few weeks ago :)
2013-08-20 23:02
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
u mean offline right :D?
2013-08-20 23:07
I mean, fnatic arent onliners ( because they lost to VeryGames on online too 2-0)
2013-08-20 23:13
Germany hPi 
get stomped
2013-08-20 22:58
vg 2 sharp! shox and scream mvps.
2013-08-20 22:58
France BreiZzhOr 
wp vg ! :)
2013-08-20 22:58
moddii was mad
2013-08-20 22:59
i'm said because of VG's win hope that fnatic will show them next time gratz VG, gl Fnatic
2013-08-20 22:59
Germany Dok1 
2013-08-20 23:00
yeah, my mistake fast typing you know
2013-08-20 23:17
Germany Dok1 
ok, accepted ;)
2013-08-20 23:21
gl to fnatic,they need it against VG
2013-08-20 23:12
Don't be sad, we're all gonna make it.
2013-08-20 23:12
very ungratifying match and event. VG was too good for fnatic and the event had too much delay, lagg and word pooing from both commentators. this is why CS:GO isn't bigger.
2013-08-20 22:59
word pooing lmao
2013-08-20 23:01
it's a legit word in swedish! :P
2013-08-20 23:09
Never seen word and pooing used together before
2013-08-20 23:15
I think the English equivalent would be 'word vomit'
2013-08-20 23:42
i thought the commentators were good, or at least much better than everyone at the American event, urgh
2013-08-20 23:10
Probably means "chatting shit".
2013-08-21 11:17
lolled. First event which had this much delayZ
2013-08-20 23:05
don't get me wrong, I like CS:GO, but this is so amateurish. game start is set to 19:00, but subject to change. that's fine. it's changed to 20:00, it's fine too. it starts 20:35 and then drops and goes to commercials so much the first map isn't done 22:00, and VG totally raped fnatic, what if the matches where closer?
2013-08-20 23:09
Its was first event like i said. Esea was always on time:P
2013-08-20 23:12
Croatia VuKA 
too much waiting ;)
2013-08-20 23:00
SmithZz best AWP EU ! Really awesome level since few matches.
2013-08-20 23:00
Congratz to VG. They were very strong all the way.
2013-08-20 23:01
2013-08-20 23:01
it was easy for vg, gooood dudes
2013-08-20 23:02
VG "stomp" fnatic expects lurppis to have written it sees lurppis
2013-08-20 23:02
16-8 : 16-5 isn't stomping?
2013-08-20 23:04
that's what NiP does daily, I don't see these threads coming from lurppis when that happens :P
2013-08-20 23:16
NiP aren't overhyped with no decent results though
2013-08-20 23:27
VG overhyped? They are easily the second best team. According to their results too. Who won more lately? Only NiP
2013-08-21 02:45
was talking about fnatic, as the first comment in this tree was suggesting
2013-08-21 13:09
because this game seemed like an even one, I think this is the main reason why he used that word, and tbh, hltv's admins use way too many times the same expressions (team a upset team b etc.)
2013-08-21 00:15
I think its mostly because what lurppis thinks of swedish "online teams". Hes known for hating manne and being rude to him, maybe its the same in this case.
2013-08-21 00:30
"Hes known for hating manne " You mean he's known for hating everyone ? :D
2013-08-21 01:50
smoke weed everyday, get cut by fnatic in a day gold just gold
2013-08-21 03:57
I don't see any mewd about them getting cut, link please.
2013-08-21 11:13 try again. manne is a massive onliner and couldn't plug his mouse to a usb port on lan, but fnatic is legitimately a very good team as far as i can tell.
2013-08-21 07:21
Yes, manne was a massive onliner but it still was pretty funny how you hated on him in the chat of a game broadcasted by hltv. Its not that I think you did anything wrong, I probably would have done the same, but from a hltv journalist I wouldn't expect that.
2013-08-21 08:57
nip hasn't stomped top teams in months, not when i've been covering them anyways. close games vs col, na`vi, virtus, na`vi and epsilon in their last series on lan vs top teams... last stomping i can think of goes back to early april when they demolished na`vi - and look at that: - what do you know? butthurt fans really should do some research instead of throwing around words with zero backing.
2013-08-21 07:36
Yeah I'm butthurt because some swedish team that I don't root for got stomped, I'm not playing the game and barely following the scene. When I look at NiP's stats it looks like they've "stomped" some good teams pretty recently, but I'm not that in to the scene so idk if they've stomped teams recently but its just what I imagined they've done. And I don't feel like 16-8 and 16-5 is really a stomp in my opinion, but I didn't even watch the game so I might be wrong.
2013-08-21 08:49
they haven't "stomped" any good teams since sltv in matches i've covered... and like i showed in the previous comment, last time nip did stomp someone, the title of my post was "nip demolish navi"
2013-08-21 09:03
Then you've proven me wrong
2013-08-21 09:14
Didn't NiP win over on DHS with 16-6, 16-9(?) and later on Epsilon 16-5, 16-2 in the grand finals? Feels like a pretty got rofl stomp if you ask me. Since then there haven't been that much action for them, or any other team for that matter, except from the ESEA LAN this past weekend.
2013-08-21 09:49
i didn't cover any matches at dreamhack, i was shoutcasting the tournament
2013-08-21 10:31
2013-08-20 23:05
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2013-08-21 03:49
gg, great match from VG, looking strong!
2013-08-20 23:02
Damn Ex6TenZ getting strong at this game :P
2013-08-20 23:04
this was played at gamescom right?
2013-08-20 23:05
2013-08-20 23:06
apparently not; it was played in another venue in cologne. source: (scroll down to "location")
2013-08-20 23:07
Balloni halls? wtf :D
2013-08-20 23:09
seems like VG is doing very well against fnatic/ex-Epsilon every time.
2013-08-20 23:06
Yeah, I think they almost always stomped them in the past too. VG is stronk!
2013-08-20 23:08
yeah I remember that VG 16:0 fnatic on ESEA. wow :)
2013-08-20 23:21
For the same reason VP did well against NiP, VG did well against VP and NiP stomps VG every time.
2013-08-20 23:11
"stomps" lol.
2013-08-20 23:14
So ez
2013-08-20 23:07
2013-08-20 23:07
VG are on another level. devilwalk at least is consistent: he's as bad on lan as he's online. jw, though...
2013-08-20 23:07
2013-08-20 23:10
jw had decent starts rest of fnaric sucked. vg owned....
2013-08-20 23:17
Wrong photo for scream he just changed his haircut :o)
2013-08-20 23:11
2013-08-21 00:16
Wow jw was like a god online used to place himself perfectly in double smokes and kill 2 3 fragz ezz.
2013-08-20 23:17
I remember how everyone flamed me when I said he was cheating earlier on Madcatz-I told them he is going to fail hard on LAN-He was playing beyond imagination online
2013-08-20 23:24
Wow you're all retarded.
2013-08-20 23:26
Still a smokebug, the people who created the "bustmovie" said that the smokes were bugged in that patch and that's why he shot people though smokes all the time.
2013-08-20 23:27
love the sense of the text about the match on dust2
2013-08-20 23:19
stats from this match?? or if anyone can tell me which players were the best in this match?
2013-08-20 23:25
2013-08-20 23:26
how about shox? btw. he's my favourite player from CS:S
2013-08-20 23:28
Most frags: Mirage - ScreaM Dust2 - Shox
2013-08-20 23:27
expected from shox @ d2 :D he's really crazy on this map
2013-08-20 23:28
nbk monster in ct side ace 1vs4 pistol round
2013-08-20 23:32
totally rape 16-8 / 16-5 :O final starts lurrpis?
2013-08-20 23:30
These fnatic players are online pros - they can only perform online - they are quite pathetic players on LAN, jw is highly over-rated as an AWP and well MOODII, He's just an average player in CS:GO. He's not in the same league as Dosia, Edward, GTR, ScreaM or F0rest.
2013-08-20 23:33
true but this days ppl think online games so important -.-
2013-08-20 23:36
Are you trolling or are you just plain stupid? This was just one match. Please, go to bed.
2013-08-20 23:46
Ukraine velm 
"Mad Catz Unveiled - VeryGames win!" Why is this the title of the broadcast on Madcatz twitch page? I was hoping to catch the VOD as I missed the game. No spoiler alert or anything. Stupid people. Who would even go there to know the result only?
2013-08-20 23:36
Exactly the same happened to me. Livid!
2013-08-21 06:04
Stats pls.
2013-08-20 23:41
scream aimer sick
2013-08-20 23:50
ONLINERS sucked badly today.
2013-08-20 23:52
who knocked out astana dragons? never thought that they would get far, and im proven right
2013-08-20 23:53 yeah, you were "proven right" that astana couldn't beat a top5 team in the world after less than one week of practice. yeah boy, you knew!
2013-08-21 07:27
more like everyone saying that they are the best in the world the moment they were created, and i said they werent so yea
2013-08-21 08:42
you're not very bright if you thought everyone who said astana would be the best in the world thought it would happen overnight. i do believe they will be very good in time for their first tournament, as do many others. i doubt anyone really thought they'd be amazing one week in.
2013-08-21 08:45
i've read many comments saying that astana dragons will easily win the next tournament they will be in, ofc i believe that they will be a top team, just not yet
2013-08-21 08:47
their first tournament is dreamhack bucharest, one online match hardly qualifies as a tournament.
2013-08-21 08:50
i considered it as a kind of tournament, but maybe you're right and they will prove me wrong by performing well at dreamhack, but untill then, i dont really see them winning a lot in the upcoming months
2013-08-21 08:54
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
inb4 "fnatic releases CS:GO team"
2013-08-21 00:13
No stats?
2013-08-21 00:25
France cedd 
2013-08-21 00:32
total @n@l c@rn@v@l for VG ! we waiting for any LAN with NiP/Curse/CoL ))
2013-08-21 00:39
"ScreaM was the star of the series" hhahahaha... as always
2013-08-21 00:40
Blind people see what they want. This team have proved themselves on LAN before, so no reason to cry oniners.
2013-08-21 01:22
unfortunately fnatic is not at the same level of VG, that isn't in the NiP lvl too.... but VG is closer to NiP than fnatic from VG. I mean they have skills and stuff, but the team as an unity is pretty imature. Hope they will work on it. Is a huge gap from VG strategies to fnatic ones. I have a theory that consists in type of teams. The strategy focused ones that also has skills and stuff but don't like to garnish trying to make hard moves to look good in a video such as NiP, VG, old VP, lemondogs, na'vi. And have the young skill based teams such as this fnatic(epsilon), WW, cph wolfs(these ones are a little bit better). So dispite their skills, CS is a strategy game and because of this they are losing a lot, they try to resolve always by their crosshair, not positioning, faking, teamplay and stuff... those teams are pretty much a lot of skilled boys together, so to me they will always loose.
2013-08-21 01:54
VG can beat NIP actually . Both last fight went to Nip favors just for one round each time . So i'm sure we will see VG taking this since they got shox now it's completly different since he joined .
2013-08-21 19:58
yeah, I am not so sure, but I am sure that i want to see it xD
2013-08-21 21:11
wp VG fnatic gl in future.
2013-08-21 02:07
fnatic have been together 5 weeks? VG together how long? ofcorse a fkn stomp
2013-08-21 04:57
2013-08-21 07:50
how long was the nostalgie mix together again? completely outclassed, nothing else
2013-08-21 07:53
2013-08-21 07:56
fnatic have had 4 same players since march 14th and this exact lineup since july 2nd. verygames have had 4 same players since january 16th and this five since may 7th. there's a difference, but it's not big. fnatic's playing style needs much less practice and polishing than that of verygames'.
2013-08-21 08:04
Pls, post stats like you always do
2013-08-21 08:20
tgwri1s is in charge of stats and he's not online currently... i assume they will be added sometime in the afternoon (if we received full logs from mad catz).
2013-08-21 08:23
Not going in to stats war, will lose. :)
2013-08-21 10:12
Why no stats?
2013-08-21 06:01
fnatic shouldve take dust2 . their horrible decision was rushing smoke on early pistol round.. They did some good call but in the end VG's raw skill out aim them all..
2013-08-21 08:14
I thought people said Fnatic would win everything now ?
2013-08-21 08:37
2013-08-21 09:13
Nothing new saucers makin badpointsixers looks like a complete noobs from inferior game.
2013-08-21 09:41
Sad but true...
2013-08-21 11:23
VG are going to dominate the scene soon, including NiP
2013-08-21 12:51
VG stomp fnatic lurrpis trying to piss of carn
2013-08-21 13:25
wp both.
2013-08-21 14:28
2013-08-21 14:37
Thanks for the stats.
2013-08-21 15:07
How has Schneider got a lower rating than flusha in the stats? He has 1 more kill
2013-08-21 15:50
Yeah, thats interesting! He even has higher HS %
2013-08-21 19:03
moddii HS taring higher than VG players
2013-08-21 15:56
yup cause scream tend to spray a bit more often than before
2013-08-21 16:05
well less kills
2013-08-21 20:15
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