k1ck sign Aguila, Vis

k1ck eSports club have confirmed that they have revamped their squad with the additions of former Wizards duo Xavi "Aguila" Casals and Vicens "Vis" González.

The Portuguese giants have undergone several roster changes in recent months, a situation that has taken its toll on the team's form.

k1ck finished on the wrong side of the table in the ESEA league and lost their first match in StarSeries by default as they could not field a five-man team for the match against ALTERNATE.

With hopes of finding some much-needed stability, k1ck have opted to let go of Frederico "iNsideR" Costa and Fábio "n3w" Teixeira, two players who will become inactive due to work commitments.

n3w steps down from the active lineup 

To fill these two places, the team turned to Xavi "Aguila" Casals and Vicens "Vis" González, both of whom were inactive following the disbandment of Wizards on Saturday.

"I am very happy with this invite from k1ck. We have the opportunity to continue to show our talent against top European sides and I  think we have a great team, capable of good  things.
"I would like to thank k1ck for this chance. Let's go!"

"I am very happy with this invite from k1ck," Casals said. "We have the opportunity to continue to show our talent against top European sides and I  think we have a great team, capable of good things.

"I would like to thank k1ck for this chance. Let's go!"

k1ck currently have:

Portugal Ricardo "fox" Pacheco
Portugal Christopher "mUttt" Fernandes
Portugal Ricardo "rmn" Oliveira
Spain Xavi "Aguila" Casals
Spain Vicens "Vis" González

2013-08-25 18:09
Spain akproxx 
what the hell O.O
2013-08-25 18:09
Let's bet people, I say 2 weeks.
2013-08-25 18:09
3 weeks
2013-08-25 18:11
You're being way too generous.
2013-08-25 18:12
2 weeks.
2013-08-25 18:12
United Kingdom .nsk 
4 weeks tops.
2013-08-25 18:18
France Kairos1g 
2 months
2013-08-25 18:20
2 decades
2013-08-25 18:21
1 month, proly too much
2013-08-25 18:49
1 day xD
2013-08-25 19:05
4-5 matches.
2013-08-25 19:34
Portugal Cyborgy 
1 month,disband after next tournament
2013-08-25 20:18
6 years
2013-08-25 20:42
after first loose inta-disband.
2013-08-25 20:59
they are already disbanded
2013-08-25 21:25
kick played 6 months with a shit line-up, why 2 weeks with a better one?
2013-08-26 18:24
2013-08-25 18:09
top 10
2013-08-25 18:10
gl :3
2013-08-25 18:10
Slovakia radeoNko 
gl aguilaaa
2013-08-25 18:11
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
why rmn? he was a beast in 1.6 but i don't see any results in cs:go. i don't know vis, is he the IGL?
2013-08-25 18:11
insa and n3w are dropping gaming. That's why rmn stays.
2013-08-25 18:13
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
oh thx didn't know that, still coachi is beeing left behind, i feel sry for him he was amazing in 1.6
2013-08-25 18:15
Just like you said, amazing in 1.6, no results on GO so far. Oh well, I can't say I dislike rmn, he already made some good csgo performances for K1CK, but I think he has to get a better ingame view and improve his analysis in game situations. I can recall some mistakes he did in many k1ck games that costed them the victory maybe.
2013-08-25 18:20
Portugal rmn' 
go ahead
2013-08-25 18:21
I didnt like when you were defending d2 on double doors... I think it has in a game against ESC. I think you guys need to define your defending positions better. BTW have you already decided who's awping ? :D
2013-08-25 18:23
Fox maybe?
2013-08-25 18:30
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
They have 3 choices: vis fox and aguila. Hard choice.
2013-08-25 18:31
i'm not AWP, only rifle :)
2013-08-25 18:39
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
I know but you're still good with it and fox prefers rifles. So who's the awper then? Vis?
2013-08-25 18:41
vis or fox
2013-08-25 19:03
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
ok thx
2013-08-25 20:04
Fox only uses awp because he was forced to back in 1.6 and he turned out to be pretty good with it. What he really likes and wants is to play with riffles ;)
2013-08-25 18:31
Really? Never knew that, he is certainly among the best awpers now, but i guess he can play what he wants.
2013-08-25 18:33
ye, people who remember him from the gotfrag days know he used to rifle, even when he played with eNkor(excello.pt). it's that most of the current users just came after the switch and always knew him for the awp. i honestly think at his prime with rifles, he was as good as he is now with the awp. remember allstar showmatch team with him and mangiacapra etc, crazy
2013-08-25 20:18
Portugal rmn' 
That doesnt mean its wrong, anyway why do I even bother, you clearly have no idea
2013-08-25 18:59
You can't take someones critic/opinion... Don't act superior, doesn't good look on you.
2013-08-25 22:04
Not acting superior, just saying that he doesnt know what he's talking about. simple as that
2013-08-25 22:13
What's the point on replying, and then saying "why do I even bother"? It's like you're saying "you're too dumb to understand", so yes, you sound like you were acting superior... You know more than him? Good, you're supposed to, you're the one playing on (supposedly) the best portuguese team, but don't go around throwing that to our faces, because honestly, it makes you sound like an amateur... And an asshole. It's probably part of strategy so you can't tell him, but next time, try to find a way of explaining why he's wrong, instead of using the "I'm right, you're wrong" aproach to justify your action.
2013-08-25 22:34
why are you even replying to this guys ? Arguing in inet ? LOL
2013-08-25 22:50
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
I'm sure you're gonna do great. GL to all
2013-08-25 18:33
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
Yes he makes some mistakes but still he's an amazing player, top 5 in portugal for sure but he has the potencial to be much better and this team is going to help him a lot.
2013-08-25 18:28
Germany Dok1 
great 4k with 4hp by rmn :D youtu.be/k7MvEVJoaO8
2013-08-25 19:43
Portugal Cyborgy 
lol rmn was their 2nd best player XDXDXD
2013-08-25 20:18
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
mutt is their second best player and insider was doing better than rmn
2013-08-25 20:19
i hope you are kidding rofl, roman is by far the best portuguese player atm
2013-08-25 22:47
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
He's a beast but not the best portuguese player, i hope you're trolling.
2013-08-26 17:21
lmao dude, you clearly havent seen rmn nor k1ck playing
2013-08-26 19:39
LOL when I first saw the title I thought that the one's leaving would be fox and mut to join up with Guardian XD Well, strange lineup but GG. Would like that team ANBU to be a permanent one, with some changes... Oh well
2013-08-25 18:12
that's the 4th/5th change in k1ck in 6 months? lol and now the languagebarrier as well
2013-08-25 18:12
Not that much of a language barrier, we can understand each other's quite well. Only Catalan would be a problem xp I would bet faster that they would disagree on going to some events than language barrier.
2013-08-25 18:14
did not know this, thx
2013-08-25 18:49
Portugal Cyborgy 
yes they changed but since their first lineup only 1 player "changed" which was rmn
2013-08-25 20:19
Aguila + Fox should be a pretty good combination.
2013-08-25 18:12
Who will be AWPing now? Aquila or FoxJ?
2013-08-25 18:12
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
fox just uses the awp because he is good with it, he's a better rifler so aguila will be the awper.
2013-08-25 18:14
Vis can play awp pretty good too.
2013-08-25 18:25
fox | 
Portugal naskal 
They have a lot of choices then, still they're going to be an amazing team if they accomplish great teamwork because they have the individual skill.
2013-08-25 18:30
Kaze | 
Portugal sennsei 
#53 so no, Fox AWP, Aguila rifle.
2013-08-25 19:07
Portugal Cyborgy 
hes not a better rifler than awp,maybe in 1.6 but not in cs go
2013-08-25 20:19
i think vis
2013-08-25 18:30
Actually , Vis is a beast awping :) I can't remember the team, but he carried one match so hard against that team then I started to watch him awping and he doest it pretty well
2013-08-25 21:36
wasn't that on dd2? I watched one match too where he just dominated the other team, would almost consider him being a top 5 awper if he can do that consistently
2013-08-30 08:03
Really nice lineup, I was kind of expecting something similar, but with torpe instead of vis, but I guess if fox wants to stop AWPing then it's a great pickup!
2013-08-25 18:15
Huge Lineup, but won't last long i guess.
2013-08-25 18:16
Ireland hjjh 
2013-08-25 18:16
Finland x4^ 
2013-08-25 18:16
WTF !!!
2013-08-25 18:18
2013-08-25 18:19
2013-08-25 18:21
1.5 week
2013-08-25 18:21
should have happened in 1.6
2013-08-25 18:21
good luck guys..
2013-08-25 18:22
"bien venidos nuestros hermanos" ;) , i hope that this lineup can stand like this a lot of time..
2013-08-25 18:23
2013-08-25 21:38
English only please. Thank you.
2013-08-26 03:19
jonathan doesnt forgive or forgets haha
2013-08-26 23:23
Wow, k1ck might actually win some games?
2013-08-25 18:24
the same games that took them to the ESEA top10 ranking? news.esea.net/csgo/index.php?s=news&d=co..
2013-08-25 18:27
Oh look my old article :P
2013-08-25 20:35
2013-08-25 18:29
2013-08-25 18:32
you and guardian still trying out some players to make a team? :DDD
2013-08-25 18:58
vis still rolling the dice online....
2013-08-25 18:39
sick team :|
2013-08-25 18:44
2013-08-25 18:49
2 weeks at max.
2013-08-25 18:49
Wasn't insider good ?
2013-08-25 18:50
he is, he quit because of his work schedule
2013-08-25 18:55
best k1ck lineup ever :D
2013-08-25 18:51
wow, strong team! they have some good potencial, hope they'll stay together, really nice roster! gl!
2013-08-25 18:58
nice, gl !
2013-08-25 19:00
Finland kimi__ 
2013-08-25 19:01
2013-08-25 19:01
I wish they were invited to upcoming Dreamhack
2013-08-25 19:06
lol nice lineup there! gl
2013-08-25 19:13
gl Aguila! :D
2013-08-25 19:24
United Kingdom b8z` 
If fox & aguila are on fire they could do some dmg to the top teams
2013-08-25 19:35
They should not rely on that, they all need to spend hours in-game praccing and deathmatching if they want to perform well and consistent.
2013-08-30 08:06
Nice GL k1ck! Bienvenidos nuestros hermanos.
2013-08-25 19:38
English only please. Thank you.
2013-08-26 03:22
Germany Dok1 
which language will they speak? heard that many portuese speak spanish..
2013-08-25 19:44
we can understand each other even if we mix the 2 languages, usualy i speak to spanish people in portuguese and they answer in spanish and we comunicate very well... There are some differences, but i think they can work them out...
2013-08-25 19:55
depends. there are parts in spain, like galiza that their language is really similar to portuguese, but even people from madrid or something, we can communicate easily
2013-08-26 00:07
Portugal Cyborgy 
we dont
2013-08-25 20:12
It's like swedish/danish/norwegian :)
2013-08-26 10:24
fox & augila if they carry,can do damage
2013-08-25 19:54
Hope they stay together for a while and do some damage to top teams
2013-08-25 20:08
Portugal Cyborgy 
bad,should had kept insa..
2013-08-25 20:13
read the notice
2013-08-25 21:05
Portugal Cyborgy 
lol i really believe in cs news xD
2013-08-25 22:30
This team is very good now. GL.
2013-08-25 20:15
Awesome team btw ;)
2013-08-25 20:36
2013-08-25 20:50
Are they really from Portugal? They seem really Danish like.
2013-08-25 20:59
3 from portugal and 2 from spain lol :D
2013-08-25 20:59
You didn't get the point xD
2013-08-25 21:39
Yeah. :(
2013-08-25 22:41
Hm seems like a very strong addition, specially aguila.
2013-08-25 21:02
:O surprised but gl k1ck
2013-08-25 22:51
2013-08-25 23:04
Spain Donra 
Gl gl GL GL GL, Now, is time to support k1ck!
2013-08-25 23:18
Aguila like xhiroz in 1.6
2013-08-25 23:40
paellas and panoleiros united for the win
2013-08-26 00:01
Spain Donra 
N1 hahahah!
2013-08-26 00:07
Great news. GL fellas.
2013-08-26 00:24
2013-08-26 00:32
They weren't supposed to be in the first place, but if they can get to top 10 or let's say a top 7 it's already a victory... They are years away from the conditions that these "top" teams have.
2013-08-26 17:50
How's the communication with spanish and portuguese?
2013-08-26 00:59
Portugal Cyborgy 
bad,spaniards dont understand shit
2013-08-26 01:33
The last time I checked instead of shit you were talking Portuguese over there...mmm Seems the pun just bounced back! ::)
2013-08-26 03:21
ouch... :D
2013-08-26 16:00
Portugal Cyborgy 
is it false that you dont understand any shit language?LOL
2013-08-28 00:45
Never knew a language that deserved to be called 'shit', honestly.
2013-08-28 01:22
Portugal Cyborgy 
lol dont try to be pretensious with me :P
2013-08-28 01:25
I don't?
2013-08-28 01:48
2013-08-26 00:59
Portugal fbguau 
ok i'm out
2013-08-26 02:40
I think u will be surprised by vis performance, aguila is so good but vis is the best addition, strong awp and good leadership :)
2013-08-26 04:27
Matches will tell the kind of 'suprises' we will see I presume. I hope this move adds again some of the steam k1ck had lost after a really positive start in CSGO.
2013-08-26 04:48
Don't like this!!!!
2013-08-26 10:04
Good luck with the new team and make sure to keep having fun! At the end of the day that's all that matters. It will be nice to see the number of followers soaring with fans from both Portugal and Spain. Looking forward to seeing you guys play.
2013-08-26 11:52
insa and fox separated? :(
2013-08-26 15:55
gl k1ck :D
2013-08-26 20:04
Iberians powa :D
2013-08-28 02:48
Update team @ SLTV dreamteam please
2013-08-28 22:05
GL K1CKfox
2013-08-28 22:31
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