fm.TOXiC win i49

August 28th, 2013 14:34

British team fm-eSports TOXiC have won the i49 event by Multiplay, which was held in Telford, United Kingdom, between August 23rd to 25th.

Despite the fact that the tournament had over €8,700 up for grabs split between the top eight teams, with €4,300 going to the winning sides, all 43 parcipants were from the United Kingdom.

Biggest names of the tournament were Reason Gaming, featuring players such as Joshua "Steel" Nissan and George "HudzG" Hoskins, BBoMM, the former 4Kings team who attended the event under the name of London Lynx, and the eventual winner, fm-eSports TOXiC.

Anexis weber

weber's fm.TOXiC were one of the biggest names this weekend.

All big names advanced to the double-elimination playoffs from the group stage without major problems, with the first roundfailing to offer any big surprises, except Rasta-Gaming losing to ECVisualize.Philips.

In the second round of the playoffs, there were plenty of good games, including Infused Gaming's 2-1 win over London Lynx. In the semi-finals, Reason Gaming defeated Infused 2-0, while fm-eSports TOXiC ran out 2-0 victors against BBoMM.

It was Nissan's Reason Gaming that secured the first spot in the grand finals by defeating Brandon "weber" Weber's fm-eSports TOXiC 2-1. In the lower bracket, BBoMM knocked London Lynx out in the 5th-6th place decider match, before moving on to consolidation final with a 19-16 win over Infused.

Steel's Reason Gaming won upper bracket surprisingly. 

Rematch between BBoMM and fm-eSports TOXiC was quickly over, as Weber's team moved to grand final with a 16-6 win to meet Reason again. Due to coming from the lower bracket, fm-eSports TOXiC had to win two maps in order to win the whole tournament.

The grand final started off on de_nuke_se, where Reason Gaming were down 10-5 as Terrorists. The second half went down to the wire, with fm.TOXiC claiming the victory in the final round of the map. The second map was de_inferno_se, where Reason Gaming won the first half 8-7 as Counter-Terrorists. Once again. the decision came down to last round,which went to fm.TOXiC, who won the event with another 16-14 victory to take home the big prize.

VOD of the grand final can be found from Multiplay's YouTube channel

i49 final standings: 

1. United Kingdom fm-eSports TOXiC - ~€4,340
2. United Kingdom Reason Gaming ~€1,735
3. United Kingdom BBoMM ~€1,040
4. United Kingdom Infused ~€520
5-8. United Kingdom aLL-dA-sKiNZ - ~€260
5-8. United Kingdom London Lynx - ~€260
5-8. United Kingdom Rasta-Gaming - ~€260
5-8. United Kingdom UK TopNerd - ~€260

Gz :)
2013-08-28 14:35
2013-08-28 14:35
Poland tfg 
retel snek wer u pley?
2013-08-28 14:36
you have mistake at weber photo.
2013-08-28 14:36
gg fmtoxic
2013-08-28 14:37
weber's Reason Gaming were one of the biggest names this weekend. weber plays for fm.TOXiC
2013-08-28 14:37
2013-08-28 14:47
France Kairos1g 
There's no grammar mistake in there.
2013-08-28 14:51
"Reason Gaming" can refer either to the team (singular) or to the five players (plural) so in most contexts both "were" and "was" are correct. However, because the sentence calls it "one of the biggest names", technically it's referring to the team, which is singular and requires the singular form of "was". But this is about as minor as grammar errors get, and in dialects other than Standard English it may not be an error at all.
2013-08-28 15:08
France Kairos1g 
I think : "These teams are one of the best" would be correct for example, so I don't see your point
2013-08-28 15:12
"These teams are AMONG the best." is correct, multiple teams cannot be one of the best.
2013-08-28 15:37
France Kairos1g 
This group of teams can be one of the best.
2013-08-28 17:35
no, that doesn't make sense.
2013-08-28 18:39
No. Just no. You are utterly and completely wrong.
2013-08-29 15:06
France Kairos1g 
And you're aggressive :(
2013-08-29 15:46
potato potatoes
2013-08-28 17:19
France Kairos1g 
2013-08-28 17:34
did u make him a bad guy?
2013-08-28 15:14
nice prizes
2013-08-28 14:37
well played fm.toxic!
2013-08-28 14:37
where are the steel haters at?
2013-08-28 14:41
Finland milA 
Cheers guys, weber mistake fixed :P
2013-08-28 14:42
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Hello newbie...
2013-08-28 16:36
UK TopNerd, best name everrrr
2013-08-28 14:46
It's just TopNerd bro. Featuring household names such as BARBARR, michael3d and joemunksta.
2013-08-28 15:22
Na we kicked u bro :(
2013-08-28 15:21
2013-08-28 15:24
Want ur spot back bro we kicked metta
2013-08-28 15:29
I dunno man, I'm not a 5th/8th kinda guy. It's top1 or nothin
2013-08-28 15:43
2013-08-28 20:12
weber's fishbowl*
2013-08-28 14:47
Portugal Cyborgy 
2013-08-28 15:15
I'll save you the embarrassment but you really shouldn't be flaming me though in your position..
2013-08-28 15:26
2013-08-28 15:53
United Kingdom AlywOw 
Yeah +1
2013-08-28 16:11
Nico is beautiful.. so what position is he in?
2013-08-28 17:43
You're right. One of the best awp'ers in the world I assume it is this position you refer to?
2013-08-28 20:38
He should just be very careful who he flames considering everything surrounding him ;-)
2013-08-28 20:45
What are you on about? Elaborate ;-)
2013-08-29 09:42
I think you know
2013-08-29 14:17
I dont think I do. Please elaborate
2013-08-29 19:02
I don't get it. Are you 2 friends or just being a douch?
2013-08-29 16:27
oh shut it you, no need to be a dick, i've met weber and hes a sound guy...people like you are the reason why hltv sucks
2013-08-28 16:24
Nico is one of the better awps in CSGO, he can say whatever the fuck he wants I suppose.
2013-08-28 17:44
ermmm no! Just because someone is good at something it gives them no right to be disrespectful and a complete dick to someone else...
2013-08-28 17:55
2013-08-28 14:58
line ups?
2013-08-28 15:11
FMTOXIC | Bret, PEZ, neil, s0m, vertigo, Weber REASON | hudzG, jamen, mole, steel, wilzO BBoMM | Tankey, Tucker, Peakz, ZEo, GriFFy Infused | Arf, fearless, maarc, shigeru, tomreq LYNX | onscreen, friza, ZED, mangiacapra, pt All-Da-Kingz | b3n, JT, jstar, paynt, zesty RASTA | teddzy, fisher, luster, rallehh, chance TOPNERD | dannyboy, superboom, metta, surreal, pove
2013-08-28 15:42
FM!Toxic weber nEilZinHo s0m vertiGo PEZ Reason Gaming hudzG Steel jakem mole wilzOOO BBoMM Tucker Tanky peakz zeo quiver infused Req maarc fearLess arv ShiGeru aLL-dA-sKiNZ paynt b3n zesty JT Jstar Rasta-Gaming fisher luster ralleh chance teddzy TopNerd Metta dannyboy Linden pove surreal London Lynx onscreen pt Mangiacapra ZED Friza
2013-08-28 16:16
Yes TopNerd are the best
2013-08-28 15:21
we got battered by reason in the groups (enGage) - was a fun experience :P
2013-08-28 15:38
*gets 1st round* "job done, lets hit the tent"
2013-08-28 15:41
line-ups plz
2013-08-28 15:44
FMTOXIC | Bret, PEZ, neil, s0m, vertigo, Weber REASON | hudzG, jakem, mole, steel, wilzO BBoMM | Tankey, Tucker, Peakz, ZEo, GriFFy Infused | Arf, fearless, maarc, shigeru, tomreq LYNX | onscreen, friza, ZED, mangiacapra, pt All-Da-Kingz | b3n, JT, jstar, paynt, zesty RASTA | teddzy, fisher, luster, rallehh, chance TOPNERD | dannyboy, superboom, metta, surreal, pove
2013-08-28 16:02
jakem not jamen :p
2013-08-28 15:54
mixed up, lmao. sorted in this one, cant edit the other one anymore
2013-08-28 16:03
thanks m8 :)
2013-08-28 15:55
2013-08-28 15:54
2013-08-28 16:03
nice 5man gump! :)
2013-08-28 16:25
wp toxic
2013-08-28 16:18
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Was RageSnk playing in this tournament? Which team, in case he was?
2013-08-28 16:37
didn't attend.
2013-08-28 17:02
big newb lan.
2013-08-28 16:51
In some hand this was expected.
2013-08-29 03:28
Fix up Lynx what is that!
2013-08-29 10:31
2013-08-29 11:39
2013-08-29 13:47
expected, gj to fm tho
2013-08-29 19:23
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