Astana win TECHLABS over fnatic

September 1st, 2013 01:38

Astana Dragons have defeated fnatic 2-1 (16-7 de_inferno_se, 11-16 de_mirage_ce, 16-5 de_nuke_se) to win TECHLABS and $3,500, and qualify for the finals in Moscow.

Astana Dragons had a promising debut on LAN as a team as they took on the Swedes of fnatic earlier tonight for TECHLABS Cup Kiev 2013 at Cybersports Arena in a best-of-three.

The team now residing in Kiev qualified for TECHLABS Cup Kiev through an online qualifier a couple of weeks ago, while fnatic were invited directly to the event consisting of just one match on LAN.

Former k23 talent AdreN

AdreN made big plays for Astana on the final map 

The Swedes lost opening map de_inferno_se 7-16, but then tied the series with a 16-11 win on de_mirage_ce, forcing the series to the all deciding third and final map, de_nuke_se.

Third map saw the Dragons, led by Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev, score twelve terrorist rounds on the Swedes and easily claim a 16-5 win after some Negev wills in the second half.

31st August 2013

TECHLABS Cup Kiev 2013 final standings:

1. Ukraine Astana Dragons - $3,500 + TECHLABS finals spot
2. Sweden fnatic - $1,500

TECHLABS Finals will take place later this year in the Russian capital Moscow, where Astana Dragons will now be after qualifying with their 2-1 win over fnatic in Kiev.

GG !!! ONLINERZfnatic;c
2013-09-01 01:39
-.- do you know they arrived 2 on DreamHack Summer?
2013-09-01 01:41
Okey, and then ? Lose all offline lans hard. Look on online scores ~~
2013-09-01 01:45
hard? 2-1
2013-09-01 01:47
Vs VeryGames? and now 16-7 de_inferno_se, 16-5 de_nuke_se its rape
2013-09-01 03:38
it's never rape when three maps are played
2013-09-01 07:18
verygames raped VP on lan as well ? stop looking on VG cuz right now they will rape every team except nip maybe ;]
2013-09-01 10:31
VG is incredibly good now after they changed up their playstyle. You will see them and NiP in the finals at the next few events is my guess.
2013-09-01 12:48
Ok, then why everybody are talking that fnatic is top2-3 ? ~~
2013-09-01 13:00
hltv idiots
2013-09-01 13:08
I'm not. They are good, but they need lan experience and tactics. Right now they rely almost purely on aim it seems like.
2013-09-01 13:40
stupid poland guys so .....
2013-09-01 02:05
I'm sorry for them :/
2013-09-01 10:45
its not your fault bro :)
2013-09-01 10:53
Poland yaD' 
But we're sad when we reading posts like this #1
2013-09-01 11:24
Its true, lolz
2013-09-01 12:27
not because 2nd place on DreamHack and Swe.Championship ...
2013-09-01 13:10
Astana are lanners
2013-09-01 01:57
are kievers*
2013-09-01 12:01
stupid :/
2013-09-01 12:14
Haha, jeg ser deg på hvert jævla hltv innlegg x)
2013-09-01 18:22
problem? ^__^
2013-09-01 18:32
Well done Astana.
2013-09-01 01:40
2013-09-01 01:40
great game to watch, wp astana. btw, no stats?
2013-09-01 01:43
Lurppis slacking? First time.
2013-09-01 01:48
There is no GOTV, I guess that's why no stats.
2013-09-01 08:40
or without eBot
2013-09-01 13:11
Not even late -_^
2013-09-01 01:43
GG WP!!! All of these ONLINE matches means nothing if you cannot prove it on LAN (i mean LGB, fnatic).
2013-09-01 01:45
lgb dont have any chance to play versus astana dragons on LAN tournament so why u mean LGB?
2013-09-01 02:42
LGB will go to Dreamhack Bucharest
2013-09-01 12:48
2-1? wasssup?
2013-09-01 02:59
fnatic players 2nd at dreamhack summer...
2013-09-01 03:52
they lost 2-1 and they were 2nd place at fucking dumb are u?
2013-09-01 10:07
are there any videos or demo?
2013-09-01 01:48
1st Map: Inferno Knife Round at 1:19:00 2nd Map: Mirage Knife Round at 2:07:30 3rd Map: Nuke Knife Round at 2:58:20 It was a Great Match... Worth the Watch.
2013-09-01 09:48
2013-09-01 13:35
Brazil zfg 
lol, adren is using fnatic headphones :D
2013-09-01 01:48
2013-09-01 01:50
Germany ayyy 
2013-09-01 02:02
It wasn't from the techlabs event though.. Notice the virtus pro shirt :)
2013-09-01 04:44
he is using Senheiser in AD I think :D
2013-09-01 10:29
I remember how many of pro players used fnatic qck+ pads, so what?
2013-09-01 15:15
Nice Dragons !
2013-09-01 01:49
Anyone know why fnatic was directly invited?
2013-09-01 02:03
Was wondering the same thing. Maybe they're defending champs?
2013-09-01 05:49
or maybe VeryGames was invited but they had MFJV finals. Fnatic "second of madcatz invit."....
2013-09-01 06:02
They invite random teams I guess coz last time it was ESC invited
2013-09-01 10:29
If its random teams why not invite nip. Or do they want the cis team to win so they invite someone they can beat?
2013-09-01 12:35
coz NiP dont want to? They invited them once but after that they didnt . I think NiP doesnt want to travel to Kiev for that 3500 in case they win , but there is a 40-50% probability that they lose coz its hard for them to play there as friberg said
2013-09-01 12:45
Zeus | 
Latvia shtx 
NIP, they won Techlabs event which was held in Russia on 23rd of March... so... Plus there will Final Battle Of The Year with all champs of each this years Techlabs cup!
2013-09-01 12:53
Brazil LIPE1 
2013-09-01 02:03
2013-09-01 02:08
yea, AD on lan... its obvius that they are better on LAN gratz
2013-09-01 02:10
Indonesia Shinopp 
2013-09-01 08:16
news about match without stats of match GG
2013-09-01 02:39
Wazzap fnatic fanboys and all haters?!
2013-09-01 02:51
all those haters ware under 14 common 1 good game and they Love AD
2013-09-01 13:14
WP satana!!
2013-09-01 03:18
nice fnatic headphone =]
2013-09-01 03:58
Also nice virtus pro jersey:o
2013-09-01 05:05
Much more lan experienced AD wp. Give sometimes to fnatic there will come stronger ( on lan :D )
2013-09-01 04:48
ROFL -7500
2013-09-01 04:51
very easy win for Astana as expected.... Only NiP can do damage to Astana on lan, all the other teams are too low for such pros... gg no surprise Astana takes that TOP 2 team CS:GO spot worldwide as they're just as good as VP, but since VP no longer exists Astana is the best fit for the spot! gl
2013-09-01 07:18
lol calm down.. they just had 1 match on lan..
2013-09-01 07:20
Verygames says hi russian. damn smartphone wrong reply again
2013-09-01 08:20
this wasn't CPL finals dude
2013-09-01 07:41
also, it was on AD home turf. I'd be surprised if Fnatic won that considering they're not used to foreign LANs afaik, GL outside CIS
2013-09-01 09:12
VG will beat them Lan/Online as easily as they did with VP and Navi ;)
2013-09-01 10:21
Thats not true, NiP and ex-VP were equal on lan. And VeryGames was always better than ex-VP but lost in close results to nip. its really hard to say how good ad is after only one month of training.
2013-09-01 10:41
Please, they won over a top5 team on home soil 2-1, after losing shitloads of maps, including a 16-5 vs LGB, so no, they are NOT top2 and t hey will not beat VG for now at least. Grow up like, its ok being a fanboy, but not a blind one.
2013-09-01 12:09
online looses are random shit,ffs people
2013-09-01 12:18
It is however a lan qualifier and astana are bootcamping so they should really step up their game online.
2013-09-01 12:51
can't argue with that.
2013-09-01 13:16
They are a very good team dont get me wrong, but putting them ahead of VG is just plain freaking stupid.
2013-09-01 12:57
Transfer of losses doesn't really work in cs,if lgbt beat astana online,and vg beat lgb online,that doesnt mean vg is better then astana,or the other way.Vg vs Astana remains to be seen,preferably on lan.
2013-09-01 13:17
Im not saying VG is better than astana because of their online results, im saying VG are a much better team then astana because they are.
2013-09-01 13:29
i am not saying astana is better then vg because of their online results,i'm saying astana is better then vg because they are. We both conflict,which is expected.Then why are you making fanboy talk to me,do you have way too much time or something?
2013-09-01 13:38
Im everything but a "VG fanboy", on the contrary, you are obviously an astana fanboy, and a delusional one for that matter. And yes, on the weekends I do have some free time, which is normal for people who actually work ;)
2013-09-01 14:00
you're everything but "VG fanboy" and i'm the delusional one,right..keep moving,bro.
2013-09-02 00:35
Im just not retarded and i can perfectly see who is clearly the number two team in the world atm.
2013-09-02 01:30
VG will rape astana on lan
2013-09-01 12:19
I would state how much of an idiot you are and why you are wrong but it looks like several people have already beaten me to it.
2013-09-01 12:22
laughing at your face and at all the the above comments so bad...Mman I lvoe messing around with kids and look at their reaction ahahahhahaha
2013-09-01 17:28
I guess you're a masochist as you seem to enjoy people pointing out how much of an idiot you are. Whatever gets your rocks off.
2013-09-01 17:54
2013-09-01 19:30
yeeaah a lot of motivation now !
2013-09-01 07:39
omg best team world
2013-09-01 07:48
Indonesia Shinopp 
GG AD!!!
2013-09-01 08:15
n1111 AD <3
2013-09-01 08:26
schneider cheats don't help you on lan
2013-09-01 08:51
he played well, do you really think he cheats
2013-09-01 12:21
*he sprayed well
2013-09-01 13:50
so? rofl
2013-09-01 13:51
Well, you know, he lucked some hs's here and there.
2013-09-01 13:52
overall he did well, i cant really call him a cheater
2013-09-01 14:03
16-5 win after some Negev **Kills** in the second half. OT: Great game! :D
2013-09-01 08:54
Dosia | 
Russia mNstR- 
Negev-party at nuke
2013-09-01 09:12
gg Borat
2013-09-01 09:17
fnatic was like a mix team. AD's teamplay was so much better than fnatic.
2013-09-01 10:05
Ukraine rim 
gg onliners <33
2013-09-01 10:18
Cant understand how people can say that fnatic cheaters, after theirs results, and yesterday win 16-11, yes they lose 16-7 and 16-5 and watch how much times VG lose NIP with Raping score, its csgo its normal, and they have problems in teamplay, moddii like IGL is bad. I still see how mad russians will say fnatic are onliners
2013-09-01 10:24
Well played, Astana. Finally I saw some teamwork. :))
2013-09-01 10:45
congratz to both teams.
2013-09-01 11:00
gf crowd.
2013-09-01 11:09
What a shame losing like this... So sad :(
2013-09-01 11:11
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
AD showing their dominance, Fnatic still long way to go but still could luck out and get top 3 at lan.
2013-09-01 11:15
Showing their dominance ? All AD did so far is being raped by random teams. Losing to noobs. And one win against a team who go completely steamrolled by VG which didnt had even a single problem to destroy em not like AD. Thats nice dominance.
2013-09-01 11:17
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
Well, Techlabs has been the only match AD has taking serious since getting together they will have boot camped, this is Fnatic's 2nd lan game and again they couldn't live up to expectations. AD are looking to be a solid top 3 lan team, where as Fnatic it's still unknown.
2013-09-01 11:40
*online Dominance is on lan,not some random shit,learn what you're talking about.
2013-09-01 12:16
I see 2:1 in one match wich was fairly close against non top3 teams is dominance. I see your fanboism.
2013-09-01 12:24
They obviously weren't playing seriously on 2nd map,since they already secured 1st map and were confident they were better (which is true) but 12-3 terrorist half on nuke,in deciding map? get your head out of your ass dude
2013-09-01 12:34
"get your head out of your ass dude" Coming from a person who calling AD dominant team after a single LAN match in which they still lost a map to a non top 3 team is nothing less than ridiculous.
2013-09-01 12:36
Need more rage.
2013-09-01 12:54
ur just hater team is just 1 motnh old what do u expect them to do? win every singl match? they need time to get ome teamplay understanding of each other and tactic`s are immportant to u should know how mutch time its takene if ur playing cs more than 1 year :)
2013-09-01 13:35
Saucer VG bumlicker will saucebumlick. Seriously dude gtfo back to cadred, all you do is praise the frenchies in every possible thread like they pay you for it. "vg that vg this" seriosly go blow ex6 already, get it out of your system.
2013-09-01 14:21
2013-09-01 11:36
2 many trolls here
2013-09-01 12:03
wheeeeeere fnatic
2013-09-01 12:14
Astana congrats
2013-09-01 12:20
Nice AD!
2013-09-01 12:23
2013-09-01 12:29
fck onliners :)
2013-09-01 12:50
true !
2013-09-01 13:07
Denmark jjh 
well played dragons
2013-09-01 13:09
Fnatic onliners and its a fact :) if thier luck click they produce some good results on Lan else they underperform. Lets hope they play better on another LAN :) i am a big fan of fnatic organisation but this team is full of shit.
2013-09-01 13:30
Fun game to watch, thank god astana is getting their shit togheter. Well played by fnatic, those 12th round plays didnt work out.
2013-09-01 13:34
Do u guys know, that there was 60hz monitors on stage all the time ? And PC's that had fps issue even in Shadow Company, dat is crappiest stage i ever seen
2013-09-01 13:56
2013-09-01 14:10
congratulations Astana. I think fnatic would become a even bigger team if they replaced MODDII with another swe player, like SKYTTEN for example. I know his name is big and his achievemnts is great, but he just cant handle the pressure by being the "big" guy in a talented lineup like this.
2013-09-01 14:11
Hmmm dunno about that. Moddii isn't just a big name. IMO he's transitioned well to GO. Give them a full LAN tourney to see who the weak link is. I bet you anything it isn't moddii.
2013-09-02 02:51
any vod's?
2013-09-01 14:22
well played AD
2013-09-01 16:17
new top3: 1.nip 3.fnatic
2013-09-01 18:36
Nip Vg Ad
2013-09-01 23:04
<Insert argument of how awful fnatic is> <Neglect the fact that they can play good on LAN, DHS2013> <Point out VG "rape"> This is how stupid you people look. Well played AD.
2013-09-01 19:39
2013-09-02 12:17
nice game by dragons :)
2013-09-02 13:29
1.VG 2-3 NIP/AD.
2013-09-02 15:08
hm, s1 is wether too racist to deal with or slacking up big time... First time I see no stats for both teams and the demo is still not posted?! :0 :( ... no comment
2013-09-05 13:53
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