Team Tessa & FAW round up DH

All sixteen teams are now known for DreamHack Bucharest as the organizers have added two Romanian sides in Team Tessa and FAW.

With just a week remaining before the action is set to kick off at Sala Polivalentă with $15,000 on the line, the organizers behind DreamHack Bucharest have now completed the event.

As Swedish LGB eSports pulled out of the event yesterday due to lack of financial support, the natural choice for replacements are local Romanian teams, both of whom Tessa and FAW are.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sweden NiP Denmark Cph Wolves France VeryGames Ukraine Astana Dragons
Sweden fnatic Sweden n!faculty Sweden Lemondogs Ukraine Na`Vi
Romania TeG Romania IGG Serbia Refuse Romania myRevenge
Romania neXtPlease! Bulgaria HSBG Romania Team Tessa Romania FAW

DreamHack Bucharest will be held in the Romanian capital next weekend on September 14-15th and will travel on-site to provide you full coverage of the CS:GO event.

2013-09-06 17:41
2013-09-06 17:41
Syria Nave* 
2013-09-06 17:41
nice :) gl
2013-09-06 17:41
Group A is the hardest
2013-09-06 17:41
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
Let's hope the groups finish in a similar order so we get the best matches in the ko stages!
2013-09-06 17:43
FAW lineup?
2013-09-06 17:44
Line-up: HARUKI | Took | Narex | barichello | selok
2013-09-06 18:39
Isn't barichello just a kid? No other romanian team better than this team?
2013-09-06 21:47
really wanted coL to attend this tournament :(
2013-09-06 17:44
Romania wAR- 
AD vs Na`Vi :D
2013-09-06 17:44
wont get more than 1 round in any match. Anyway GL.
2013-09-06 17:52
hopefully one romanian team can make it to playoffs i could see IGG pasting through n!
2013-09-06 17:53
2013-09-06 17:55
United States Zinnoc 
2013-09-06 19:35
2013-09-06 17:59
Other EU teams declined the invite because of the costs to travel and stay here and knowing the fact they don't stand a chance of winning 1st prize :) therefore getting money back
2013-09-06 18:02
It doesn't work like that, anyway we didn't come because we couldn't practise enough.
2013-09-06 18:57
I know your story but i was talking of other teams :)
2013-09-06 19:24
2013-09-06 18:03
Esc :/
2013-09-06 18:03
2013-09-06 18:05
na'vi and astana dragons in the same group, this should be interesting
2013-09-06 18:08
The 1st and 2nd place in the groups will end exactly like this
2013-09-06 18:14
Romania blg- 
"Event of the year."
2013-09-06 18:44
+1..."Took" and his band...
2013-09-06 20:09
i need your help. from team myRevenge or FAW... who is a good player? the MVP you know?
2013-09-11 20:20
myR: all players good, on the same level FAW: I really don't know 4 1.6 barichello and selok were good, in cs:go narex is good, Took low and I don't know anything about haruki
2013-09-11 20:31
NaVi and AD in one group.. dis gon b gud
2013-09-06 18:50
i wish there were 32 teams instead of just 16
2013-09-06 18:52
Yes, it's the event of the year. All the teams that matter are there for CS:GO, ALL THE FUCKIN WORLD is there for SC2, even DH think this is the best event ever for them in terms of star players for SC2, the LoL lineup it's not bad, what more do you want?!
2013-09-06 19:27
I almost won from Team Tessa in an online amateur league with a mixteam when I had 50 hours of csgo... Guess they made roster changes because the roster I played against will not be able to get over 2 rounds against those teams.
2013-09-06 19:36
yes, they changed 3 members
2013-09-06 20:09
Ur so good mate
2013-09-07 05:41
I'm not an that's not the point. Tessa is under semi pro
2013-09-07 14:04
They will not be able to do damage but what do you want the organizers to do? leave a spot empty when there are romanian teams willing to play?
2013-09-06 19:38
more romanian qualifiers like in the past :/
2013-09-06 20:11
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2013-09-06 21:18
romanian teams lol meat
2013-09-06 23:26
fre$h meaaaaaat
2013-09-07 00:53
2013-09-07 08:08
Tessa FAW lineups? ms
2013-09-07 09:00
Tessa: PulsiBoy GetOnSenne zbuffer r0jer nelboy
2013-09-07 12:14
hf all, last event forever :D faw: took - haruki - barichello - selok - narex
2013-09-07 09:10
Took | 
Romania Took 
2013-09-07 12:12
which of you guys is the best player? :b
2013-09-11 20:22
haha barichello i know this typ he is very awesome, mersi for lineup.
2013-09-07 10:40
nice RojeR is it that romanian Roger friend from REvy?
2013-09-07 13:08
No, it is another guy from css.
2013-09-07 16:30
gl Team Tessa :)
2013-09-07 16:08
2013-09-07 16:45
ah i remembered roger from Dalius team
2013-09-08 18:11
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