MSI Beat it! qualifier in Oceania

The Oceania qualifier for MSI Beat it! 2013 World Finals have been announced with prizing and the full schedule with matches scheduled for September 21-22nd.

As with the Middle Eastern qualifier, the one for Oceania is also limited to 64 slots, but it will feature a system more along the lines of the US Open qualifier, as it will start off with group stages.

Unlike in the US qualifier though, the Oceania qualifier will feature six groups, each of which will have four teams and see the top two teams in each make it through to the second stage.

Saturday, September 21st
02:00 -15:00 Groups A, B & C BO1
07:00 -20:00 Group D, E & F BO1
Sunday, September 22nd
02:00 -07:00 Group stage two BO1
08:00 Semi-finals BO3
11:30 Grand final BO3

A second group stage will then start on the following day with two groups of six teams, and the top two advancing for the single elimination best-of-three playoffs, the deciding stage of the event.

The playoffs will then award the winners with $2,000 in cash, travel support and a spot at the MSI Beat it! 2013 World Finals in Shanghai, China, where they will represent Oceania.

1. $2,000 + MSI Beat it! World Finals spot

You can find information on how to register for the Oceanic MSI Beat it! qualifier on fnatic's website. Meet up channel for the event on IRC hasn't been announced yet.

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Good for the scene there
2013-09-11 00:36
that's fucking nice!
2013-09-11 00:46
Not going to lie it's pretty freaking massive for us. Got 2-3 teams we would like to see competing internationally!
2013-09-11 00:54
Is anyone challenging vox eminor these days?
2013-09-11 00:56
44 teams signed up so far!
2013-09-11 01:07
2 replies
you play for team gomez?
2013-09-11 01:23
where do I see signups?
2013-09-11 14:33
2-3 teams lambr? You mean one? If that..
2013-09-11 01:07
8 replies
Why arn't IM playing these days?
2013-09-11 01:56
3 replies
Got rulefucked into oblivion after Hossa dropped out.
2013-09-11 05:45
2 replies
"rulefucked into oblivion" LOL
2013-09-11 05:48
1 reply
Thank god you bought the monitor -- if you got ASUS after our Facebook chats I would've ended myself And yes, in the butt. haha
2013-09-11 08:42
I'd be happy to see immunity, sniper division or voxe. Not because you are going to win, but you're worth watching and for the most part a good representation for the community.
2013-09-11 02:22
3 replies
Sniper division? wat?
2013-09-11 10:10
Sniper Division won't win. It will either be ArchaicMSi or Vox Eminor. The qualifiers should be extremely interesting to watch.
2013-09-12 06:53
iM is pretty much dead and no offense to SD, but they wouldn't win a round overseas
2013-09-14 08:58
Might sound stupid but what countries are actually included in the Oceania region apart from Australia and New Zeland?
2013-09-11 01:17
6 replies
A few pacific islands and stuff like Fiji and Samoa are included I'm pretty sure but I doubt they'll be providing much in the way of competition...
2013-09-11 01:21
5 replies
Nice seems like the exotic part of the world :D
2013-09-11 01:27
3 replies
exotic for you ofc
2013-09-11 05:48
2 replies
2013-09-11 10:19
exotic for most of the western countries id say :D
2013-09-11 12:12
What are the top teams in your region? Do they have organizations and some financial backing?
2013-09-11 01:47
so invite VG for nouvelle-calédonie slot
2013-09-11 01:43
1 reply
Belgium Chowpa
2013-09-11 03:54
Immunity? :)
2013-09-11 01:39
It seems there hasn't been many top tier Oceanic teams who have had the financial backing, competition, incentive or motivation to perform consistently at a high level. Although there is some talent in the pool which needs to be nurtured. Problem is the community is full of trolls.
2013-09-11 01:53
oceania means Australia and New Zealand only?
2013-09-11 02:08
2 replies
In literal terms i think it includes the Pacific Islands around Australia and NZ too. However even if they had CS:GO teams in the Pacific Islands wont' be able to play an Online tournament hosted in Australia due to our horribly ancient broadband anyway.
2013-09-11 02:34
1 reply
Sure, I was referring to teams outside of Australia and New Zealand. Thanks for the info :)
2013-09-11 02:49
Thankyou Rogue and MSI !!!
2013-09-11 02:17
Odds would say Voxeminor will be representing Oceania and if they do, I look forward to seeing what they can do on the International scene!
2013-09-11 02:37
Great for the scene!
2013-09-11 03:12
New Zealand black0ut
thanks MSi for opening a slot of oceania! Going to be a good weekend.
2013-09-11 04:21
New Zealand black0ut
2013-09-11 04:44
Australia Xplicid
Not involved play-wise, but will be epic to watch! Props to Rogue for her efforts.
2013-09-11 04:45
Cool Boy Clan to make waves.
2013-09-11 06:09
1 reply
Too many burnt players. Cool Boy Clan to make ripples.
2013-09-12 06:49
Cant wait to compete!!! Id agree with the other boysit will most likely be Voxeminor going through to represent!! Look forward to the weekend of competition!
2013-09-11 06:23
WoW me and oXey should make a team.
2013-09-11 06:33
23 is back.
2013-09-11 07:09
2 replies
1 reply
2013-09-11 07:26
onliners :D
2013-09-11 07:41
Middle east qualifier and then this? great job MSI and fnatic,this will truly be a world championship!
2013-09-11 07:48
No dinQ, no chance.
2013-09-11 08:10
1 reply
2013-09-11 09:09
Exciting news for Aussie CS:GO scene.
2013-09-11 08:49
2013-09-11 09:27
holy shit so many aussies.
2013-09-11 09:29
3 replies
We're watching you.
2013-09-11 10:11
1 reply
2013-09-11 15:39
2013-09-11 10:14
2013-09-11 09:52
1 reply
will you be playing, arent you banned for cheating?
2013-09-11 10:20
Immunity !
2013-09-11 10:54
mickey mouse cup
2013-09-11 13:25
#64 Yeah I'll be playing and no I was banned inconclusively for harbouring, 2 different things.
2013-09-11 14:48
fzer0 anyone?
2013-09-11 15:10
1 reply
Died eons ago. All of those players excluding one have quit.
2013-09-12 06:51
WHite poweR nniggeRszz
2013-09-11 15:25
is it online?
2013-09-11 15:45
m0nt | 
Australia m0nt
2013-09-11 15:50
2013-09-11 17:06
Hoping ArcMSI pull this one out of the bag. If Snyper's head get's any larger his eyes will look even more out of place.
2013-09-14 08:27
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