NiKolinho: "We can surprise"

September 13th, 2013 14:34

As we near tomorrow's kick off time for DreamHack Bucharest, we still have two more interviews to go, this one featuring Refuse's Nikola "NiKolinho" Kovač.

Kovač's team, previously known as earlier in the year and iNation a few months ago, first turned heads at Mad Catz Vienna where they knocked Lemondogs out of the tournament.

Since then the Serbian side are yet to attend another international tournament, so DreamHack Bucharest will be all the more important for the squad as they do not get many chances to compete against the best on LAN.

NiKolinho from

NiKolinho's last big event was Mad Catz Vienna 

This weekend Refuse have been dealt into group C, where they will hope to upset VeryGames or Lemondogs, once again, in order to advance to the playoffs and score a top eight spot.

Refuse has a history of scoring upset wins here and there, so continue reading to find out how Kovač feels about his team's odds of taking down one of the favorites in Bucharest.

How have you prepared for DreamHack Bucharest? Have you only practiced online or also bootcamped? How well prepared will you be in time for the event? Will we see you in tip top shape?

NiKolinho: We just practiced online, since we weren't able to bootcamp because of my school. After our summer break we had some difficulties, so I can't say we're in tip top shape exactly, but we gave our best to prepare.

There have been a lot of online matches in the past few weeks, do you think this has helped or damaged you coming into a big LAN event? Do you think being able to study other teams’ strats helps or will others studying you hurt you more? How much should we look into your recent performance as an indicator of current form?

NiKolinho: I think it's a good thing that we had some competitive matches online to get back into things. It is a two-edged sword regarding studying tactics, because lots of teams didn't show their best online so it may hurt us if we think otherwise.

The timing of MSI Beat it quals didn't suit us because that's just when we got back from our break, so we had some poor results. Now we have EMS cups which are very important for us and they come as great practice before DH. We hope that we will show our real selves at DH where it matters the most.

You've been placed in group B and will start off against VeryGames, Lemondogs and Tessa. How do you expect to fare there? Do you see any upsets taking place in the other groups?

NiKolinho: Of course that we can't consider ourselves favorites in a group with VeryGames and Lemondogs, but if we show good form we can surprise someone. I don't think other groups will have any surprises.

NiKolinho knows Refuse need YNk's AWP in top shape 

If you had a gun to your head and had to guess which placing you would end up at in Bucharest, what would you guess? What placing would you be happy ending up at?  How do you think the top three will shape up? Who will surprise in the tournament, both positively and negatively?

NiKolinho: My optimistic expectation is that we will finish in top 8, and we would consider that a success at a tournament like this, but of course we will do our best to go even further.

I think NiP and VG are in the best form atm, but the guys from Astana Dragons can do some damage to them.

Who in your team needs to play well in order for you to perform at your highest level? Which players from other teams do you think can turn some heads? Any up and coming stars to watch out for?

NiKolinho: In my team YNk needs to show up with his AWP in top shape, I also need to show my aim and emi needs to step up. This is simply a high caliber event and it's impossible to pick out any player, every team has great players that can turn a match around.

With Refuse you have finally found an organization to send you to an international event after months of searching (even years if we go back to 1.6 days). Is that more of a pressure to perform or does it motivate you (both as a team and individually) to work harder and improve yourself?

NiKolinho: We are very pleased to have finally found an organization that can help us reach our goals and it definitely affects us positively, motivating us to practice and improve more than ever before. It's a lot easier this way to focus on our game and we will try to show ourselves in best light at DH.

Coming up later today will be an interview with NiP's Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund as well as the second part of our DreamHack Bucharest preview, set to focus on the playoffs.

Serbia froa 
best of luck :)
2013-09-13 14:35
nice mate gl
2013-09-13 14:36
Will be rooting for them, like him as a player, HF!
2013-09-13 14:37
NikoLINHO-da-MMcheater :o
2013-09-13 14:37
Serbia dekizh =DD 
2013-09-13 17:13
2013-09-13 18:56
2013-09-14 12:01
Serbia dekizh =DD 
2013-09-14 12:08
hf tomorrow
2013-09-13 14:37
No you can not.
2013-09-13 14:38
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
I am sure these guys rly can Good luck!
2013-09-13 14:39
No one but n! are in top shape.
2013-09-13 14:40
gl niko!!
2013-09-13 14:42
Wasn't nikolinho playing as an awper in 1.6..remember a highlight clip of some crazy awp shots On train vs ajuri in the DH Bucharest qualifier same time last year
2013-09-13 14:49
SpawN | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina nessaja 
yeah :)
2013-09-13 15:16
He was always fragger.
2013-09-13 15:16
indeed saw the whole pov..had some crazy wallbangs as well
2013-09-13 17:22
Australia Jks 
gl niKoOOoO2stronk
2013-09-13 14:51
2013-09-13 14:54
NiKolinho: "We can surprise" NO.
2013-09-13 15:09
Sweden aima 
2013-09-13 15:27
I think they can beat LD :)
2013-09-13 19:05
2013-09-13 15:13
"If you had a gun to your head and had to (...)" Really? How stupid can this interviewer be?
2013-09-13 15:14
it's a ploy to try to get players to actually answer the question instead of trying to say nothing interesting at all. think of it as a counterpart to thorin's "if you had to play against aliens to save the world" question. the point is to try to get an honest/a real answer, but obviously that is too much to ask in the cs world.
2013-09-13 15:27
While I understand why you ask this way, I sort of don't understand why the players can't just say "yeah, I think we can beat team XY and finish on 1/2/3 place" or "nah, we suck lately, we'll be happy with 6th place". It is understandable in mainstream sports, because if their answer is too daring then media will talk about it for another month(s), but CS is not yet popular enough to cause such shitstorm anywhere else than in comments. And nobody cares about them (comments), because they are mostly rubbish anyway.
2013-09-13 15:43
sounds like you completely contradicted yourself... what's your point?
2013-09-13 15:45
I don't see the contradiction, perhaps just a misunderstanding :) Point is: Why pro players aren't straight shooters? Why can't they say "yea, we're not gonna crack top 3 this time" and only answer in very vague way like "we're aiming to be the best" and blah blah... :) Thought you could clarify that, being ex-pro player yourself.
2013-09-13 15:50
because everyone wants to please everyone, so they come off super boring in interviews, á la: "i don't know who will place top 3. i don't know if we will beat team x. i don't know x y z" i know fans like to read anything from their favorite players so it's different, but there's been lots of interviews that i wouldn't even want to publish because the players say nothing at all of value.
2013-09-13 16:00
2013-09-13 16:09
go niko!:D
2013-09-13 15:15
go go REFUSE you can do it!
2013-09-13 15:18
Gl. I rly like iNation :D
2013-09-13 15:18
2013-09-13 15:19
Poland perM 
REFUSE can win with Lemondogs and surprise everyone
2013-09-13 15:20
2013-09-13 15:22
2013-09-13 15:28
Azerbaijan Talley 
u wot m8
2013-09-13 15:28
no you cant
2013-09-13 15:29
NIKLONHO is not like everybody all said before and still dont get the shoot like czecho, BECAUSE IF NOT USE LIKE HIM so keep say
2013-09-13 15:30
cArn | 
Serbia vraca 
2013-09-13 15:31
"We just practiced online" pfft. Bunch of onliners
2013-09-13 15:34
they have lifes, what is wrong? they are not like zombies and just play counter-strike. he is young, and he must go to school etc. dAND3h^LANMASTER
2013-09-13 19:21
2013-09-13 19:28
Romania tr$ 
it was an obvious joke lol
2013-09-13 19:36
Croatia VuKA 
2013-09-13 15:41
good luck
2013-09-13 15:43
the legendary search and destroy pistoler
2013-09-13 16:44
-kassad +egzekut0r and they can beat everyone.
2013-09-13 16:56
you wont
2013-09-13 16:57
idemo nasi :D (go go go)
2013-09-13 17:06
gg Nidzo !!!
2013-09-13 17:09
2013-09-13 17:27
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Nikolinhooooooooooo Great player, c'mon Refuse!
2013-09-13 17:59
Surprise in your dreams
2013-09-13 18:59
gl gl
2013-09-13 19:22
Serbia AXACHA 
good luck !
2013-09-13 20:27
Idemo brate. Poderite tamo guzove. :D glhfhfhf
2013-09-14 12:04
2013-09-14 14:51
Svaka cast sto ste dostigli ovakav nivo gaminga. Bez obzira na ishode, meni je pobeda videti nasu zastavu na ovakvom takmicenju ;) Jos jednom, svaka cast!
2013-09-15 11:10
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