Loord contemplating a comeback

Former ESC Gaming member Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski, who announced his retirement from Counter-Strike in July, is considering a return to CS:GO.

After just two months of inactivity from one of the original Golden Five members, Cybulski has earlier today posted an update on his Facebook page about a possible return.

Loord might return to CS 

In the status update Cybulski states he plans on playing with different people and with different goals, suggesting he'd be looking for more enjoyment as opposed to winning.

"It's really possible that You will be able to see me again in CS. This time with different peoples and kinda different goals. I mean I will play to get more fun from it than before, but it doesn't mean that I will play without ambitions. More info coming soon!", Cybulski said via his Facebook page.

"Stay tuned!:)"

Cybulski was a member of the ESC Gaming nucleus that was known for playing their best when it mattered the most. Among other titles, he has won a total of two IEMs, three WCGs and two ESWCs.

Poland mhl_
2013-09-15 20:23
8 replies
and minise maybe
2013-09-15 20:30
i think best posible line up will be Loord Peet Hyper Destru Innocent
2013-09-15 20:32
3 replies
Poland syriusz'
- loord - uszy - szoszon - innocent - destru
2013-09-15 21:00
2 replies
minise> szoszon and innocent
2013-09-15 21:37
1 reply
minise is quite good but without experience, i saw him lots of times on stream when he didnt know what to do destru is not that good in csgo as he was in 1.6 imo but it would be great to see the team in poland that can finally beat esc :)
2013-09-16 00:21
Belarus ALBiNh0
loord luq rulon +2
2013-09-16 08:04
2 replies
pionas and napalm :D
2013-09-16 14:24
1 reply
Belarus ALBiNh0
yeah, tried to remember this nickname - "pionas" in the morning :D
2013-09-16 14:27
Nice for Loord and the scene :)
2013-09-15 20:22
Ukraine gungrave
2013-09-15 20:22
comeback? from being inactive for about 1 month
2013-09-15 20:23
7 replies
still a come back !
2013-09-15 20:23
"At the moment, I cannot tell you if I will be back in the game, only time will tell." I never said that I'm quitting permanently.
2013-09-15 23:34
1 reply
Vietnam sgk_12m
Best of luck LoordB :)
2013-09-16 14:55
problem? in the end cs bestest game eu :P
2013-09-16 05:34
3 replies
you should re-re-re-comeback then :D
2013-09-17 23:24
are you planning to make a comeback ? :/
2013-09-19 00:29
1 reply
mby but the year won't be 2013 :)
2013-09-23 08:03
Loord and kuben is back ;)
2013-09-15 20:23
3 replies
kuben back? where? :) gl Loord!!! nice comeback! :)
2013-09-15 20:29
1 reply
Wait and see :)
2013-09-15 20:31
very doubtful
2013-09-16 11:56
No even noticed he was gone
2013-09-15 20:29
3 replies
2013-09-15 21:54
2 replies
yeah :D
2013-09-16 00:14
LoL no, I am as 1.6 as they come. I was talking about the duration, its too short to call it retirement.
2013-09-16 08:11
2013-09-15 20:30
2013-09-15 20:30
Great News ! i am glad on your loord
2013-09-15 20:31
fuk da poland scene!
2013-09-15 20:31
2 replies
Just fuck it right the right way. POLISH, you stupid fuck.
2013-09-15 22:17
2013-09-15 20:32
gl lord
2013-09-15 20:32
Loord will play with GuardiaN. glhf
2013-09-15 20:33
Loord Kuben KennyS GuardiaN hyper (Yes two major awps, and yes kennys can perfectly fit into a rifle.)
2013-09-15 20:33
10 replies
hahhahah no he cant...
2013-09-15 20:38
3 replies
yes he can, but he don't wan't too. KennyS is good with rifle aswell :)
2013-09-15 21:43
2 replies
If we are talking about KennyS, mb you know where he is now?
2013-09-18 15:03
nevermind, just found the info
2013-09-18 15:15
This team will never rise
2013-09-15 21:52
he just want to play it for "fun" get it?
2013-09-15 22:01
1 reply
"but it doesn't mean that I will play without ambitions." get it? *addition: I heard that kuben or loord implied somewhere that taz made the decision of adding pasha and removing luq on his own. dont know if they will consider encouraging him back to the team.
2013-09-15 22:50
North Macedonia balich
why would guardian leave navi ? :/
2013-12-12 00:07
2 replies
Read the date of the post idiot.
2013-12-12 00:31
1 reply
North Macedonia balich
tatkoti e idiot -.-
2013-12-15 22:34
Japan mameloff
2013-09-15 20:33
2013-09-15 20:35
wOw~ new NiP coming soon
2013-09-15 20:38
n1 hf gl :)
2013-09-15 20:41
low but gl loord
2013-09-15 20:43
2013-09-15 20:48
2013-09-15 20:52
I knew it he will back Loord super wiedzialem ze wrocisz, oby kuben dolaczyl skleicie konkretny team i bijecie ostro :D !!!
2013-09-15 21:02
2013-09-15 21:10
loord, minise, uszy, peet, hyper
2013-09-15 21:10
1 reply
thats what i heard
2013-09-15 21:18
2013-09-15 21:12
3 replies
lord uszy peet hyper and who is the 5th?
2013-09-15 23:38
2 replies
minise or osirisbash
2013-09-15 23:51
1 reply
right, osirisbash played with peet and hyper in banana phone so probably he'll be the 5th guy
2013-09-15 23:59
aizy | 
Poland flvcko
good information for esport scene! :)
2013-09-15 21:15
who cares, you were always the worst one of the five also, you've been playing too long...let the younger players come in and stay retired. poles gonna rage but it's my opinion and probably shared by many others
2013-09-15 21:18
4 replies
lol, loord was very important for g5's success he also clutched the last round wcg 2009 to win them the tittle vs fnatic
2013-09-15 22:18
3 replies
+1, most people here are marking only madfraggers as good players.
2013-09-16 00:18
1 reply
+1, so annoying
2013-09-16 10:24
thats 4 years ago dickface
2013-09-16 07:33
nice !
2013-09-15 21:19
2013-09-15 21:22
Great player , but c'mon he has to face the reality he is too old for doing this again :\
2013-09-15 21:25
1 reply
2013-09-15 22:25
2013-09-15 21:27
2013-09-15 21:46
2013-09-15 21:51
Good to see him back, I knew he will be back. Hope he will create a top1-2 polish team, would be nice to see a match between Loord's Team and new ESC.
2013-09-15 21:54
GL LOORD!!! :)
2013-09-15 22:00
Seriously it is not worth writing news about it. I want to play just 4fun now, not to make money as we used to do before. DELETE THIS!
2013-09-15 22:04
7 replies
it's too late, now you have to come back and make a poland superteam
2013-09-15 22:20
1 reply
+1 :D
2013-09-16 02:18
As I said in pm to you, you should really try to continue playing professionally as you used to before, with the new players, new chemistry, just new team, you have a lot of experience to make that happen! You are a really good player but people underestimate such 'backup role' players, please make that happen! At least try to find some good orga and play with new polish talents. I know what I'm saying actually, new blood in addition with experienced player = dangerous and consistent team so far
2013-09-15 23:36
Othor | 
France Othor
Please, make us dream a little more...
2013-09-16 03:22
Whether you like it or not, you're a celebrity in the CS scene so face the music. If nothing comes of it, then obviously the hype will die down but for now just chill and find out how and where and when you'd like to play.
2013-09-16 06:05
Agreed, if you only want to play for fun people should accept that and not hype up a comeback to professional playing. -.-
2013-09-16 10:27
Vietnam sgk_12m
No need, I enjoy news about you and your comeback, man :)
2013-09-16 14:56
Lord, kuben, hyper, Guardian, minise/sneix/oscar
2013-09-15 22:09
jesus christ can hltv stop posting "x player retiring" news posts? I think 99% of cs players who retire come back the same year. Just say going temporarily inactive.
2013-09-15 22:15
One does not simply quit CS
2013-09-15 22:22
2 replies
Lebari did
2013-09-16 09:01
luq walle
2013-09-16 14:04
The best of luck Loord!
2013-09-15 22:25
Loord ksharp f1sker potti zet
2013-09-15 22:31
4 replies
2013-09-16 02:27
-ksharp +spawn
2013-09-16 13:08
2 replies
-you +me
2013-09-16 23:12
1 reply
networm stronk chuckyfin wronk
2013-09-17 10:36
good idea Mariusz very good! dont give up.
2013-09-15 22:37
GL Loord :)
2013-09-15 22:37
Justice for Loord!
2013-09-15 23:06
GL my frend !
2013-09-15 23:19
No matter what nobody can quit cs it just runs through the blood.
2013-09-15 23:35
gl and hf Mariusz! :)
2013-09-16 00:14
gl Loord, we need you!
2013-09-16 00:15
Luq, Loord, kuben, Insider, pistolero i pozamiatane ;f
2013-09-16 00:25
So much for retirement
2013-09-16 02:10
that would be awesome.. with his experience he could lead that team to fight for the top of poland
2013-09-16 05:02
Loord is the main reason they were able to win crucial rounds in semis and finals of most of the tournmanets.. his clutching and game-change rounds were beyond match... For one im 100% sure that a new team will be a top notch soon .
2013-09-16 06:12
the retirement was more of a little break than an actual retirement :p. Good luck tho :) maybe he will have more of a free roll in the team he joins like he wanted in golden five. would be fun to watch.
2013-09-16 10:12
Did he not said he didnt like the game?
2013-09-16 11:54
1 reply
Poland venomstw
He said that he really improved last months and then taz&neo kicked his ass off ;d
2013-09-16 14:07
Maybe kuben, Loord, hyper, peet, uszy/destru/innocent ?
2013-09-16 12:16
gl maniek
2013-09-16 13:03
Wasn't he bitching about GO when he got booted from ESC?
2013-09-16 13:52
2 replies
I said that we didn't took any pleasure from playing GO when we switch, and that we did it only because of the opportunity to compete against other teams. I also said that CS:GO has no future at all which I still think is true. I wanna play just to have fun from it now, not as serious as before.
2013-09-16 14:15
1 reply
ye csgo has no future oh a 250k tournament wait what..?
2013-09-17 15:37
Loord(igl) with 4 crazy aimers might do damage. But I am not sure whether poland has players on the level of taz, pasha and neo.
2013-09-16 14:13
1 reply
alright! if were looking for players like taz - crazy aim - 32 bullets needed to take four players, it will be not hard to find such players, I mean hes good and he also can make good frags/shoots but cuz the level of craziness ends at some good pistol frags, btw I respect him greatly even if he likes to say a lot of stupid things, anyway im happy too see Loord ~still in da gamez, wants to tell him thats good decision and good move to put some freshness on the stage, it might be interesting to see him fighting against TaZ!; englishplz sofokles is good but not best(sofokles best)
2013-09-23 08:43
Poland venomstw
GL loord , you can do some damage with peet ;p
2013-09-16 14:18
GL Maniek
2013-09-16 16:31
Guardian said in his facebook that it is time to get a new team
2013-09-17 15:46
2013-12-11 23:27
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