Video: MODDII & Devilwalk interview

September 17th, 2013 20:39

We interviewed fnatic's Andreas "MODDII" Fridh and Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg on the second day of DH Bucharest, letting them tell their side of the story surrounding the NiP match incidents and their tournament overall.

On day two of DreamHack Bucharest, during the semi-final matches, we sat down with Fridh and Lundberg and questioned them on various topics. 

Here is the almost 10 minutes long video where those two fnatic members talk about the NiP match, the shouting and no-handshake incident, their subsequent loss to Lemondogs and their prediction for the final.

You can find the rest of's videos by going to our YouTube channel here.

nice :)
2013-09-17 20:40
damn really shitty that they were only getting 170 fps in brown halls upper
2013-09-17 20:46
Poland yaD' 
i got 72 everywhere so it's nothing when your game is smoth
2013-09-17 20:51
as long as they dont drop dramatically its should be fine
2013-09-17 20:52
Camera focused on wall :(
2013-09-17 20:48
We only noticed it in the end unfortunately. I think the content from the interview itself its still worthy of getting posted because both say some important stuff. Did my best to fix the focusing thing by adding some footage in the middle of the interview, sorry :(
2013-09-17 20:51
Nevermind, thanx for making this vid ! ;)
2013-09-17 23:43
cheer up! real fans still supporting u guys!
2013-09-17 20:49
nice wall
2013-09-17 20:50
2013-09-17 21:02
Can I climb you?
2013-09-17 21:18
Only if you have lugia
2013-09-18 08:22
both of these players are very good players and i understand why they got angry, i would have been also :) they maybe best talker, but not best player (jw best)
2013-09-17 20:54
nip is shit
2013-09-17 20:55
*you are
2013-09-17 21:54
respect for moddii and dewilwalk, great players
2013-09-17 20:55
MODDII is like the only one in fnatic who's fluent in English.
2013-09-17 21:01
devilwalk seems way more confident in that regard...
2013-09-17 21:04
devilwalk english was very fluent while talking to him
2013-09-17 21:06
2013-09-17 21:12
Tbh MODDII is nowhere near fluent, he actually struggles quite a bit white his pronunciation and phrase structure :D As others said, devilwalk is way better.
2013-09-18 01:59
Sarcasm ;)
2013-09-18 17:32
Oh, right, my bad then :p
2013-09-18 17:42
GUYS! FlipiN comeback to CSGO in ASES club.
2013-09-17 21:03
I understand them. You can't really hold your feelings shut when playing games like that. They need to put every single molecule into getting a win, if not they won't beat NiP, ever. so the fact that emotions overrun rational judgement in this case is completely normal. You have to keep in mind that this was the second, forced, OT, not the first.
2013-09-17 21:07
i think both sides went wrong, but nice video and yeah, shit happens, me too got angry sometimes, but in the end is all good ;)
2013-09-17 21:09
i don't get it..since when do group matches get so much attention? i just don't get it.
2013-09-17 21:15
when fnatic beats nip twice
2013-09-17 21:21
why is there a need for this drama? just leave it
2013-09-17 21:20
Denmark fyhn 
'Cause both sides of the story needs to be hear, or else fnatic would just be displayed like douchebags, when they behaved like they did for a really understandable reason.
2013-09-18 16:04
Men don't hold grudges long. Fight today, friends tomorrow. Unlike girls imo :D
2013-09-17 21:26
Hungary Nz0^ 
It's correct I think.
2013-09-17 21:38
Azerbaijan Talley 
n1 camera n1 wall
2013-09-17 21:42
they didnt put a knife in your back...fnatic wouldve done the same thing. kinda hypocritical, as if nip doesnt put in the hours...
2013-09-17 21:48
I kinda understand what they feel, I mean finally someone beats Nip and they just go rush and talk with the admins saying that something was wrong, nip has to learn how to lose, they grew up a bad habit and they must change that.
2013-09-17 21:58
I think there's so many people in the world, who says wrong things at the moment, when his/her feelings makes 'em blind, but after all you'll know what u say wrong and regret it after you've done it...
2013-09-17 22:12
2013-09-17 23:00
remove yourself form anything with the word sports in it. If you can't shake hands after a game and respect your oponent
2013-09-17 22:39
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
Completely agreed.
2013-09-17 22:50
complety disagree. If someone tried to fuck me over, I wouldn't shake their hands, even if my life depended on it.
2013-09-17 23:23
They did it the first time, I can totaly see why they didnt do it the second time.
2013-09-17 23:32
2013-09-18 11:49
Yeah, because what NiP did was very sportsmanlike. Dummy. -_-
2013-09-18 06:49
hate them
2013-09-17 23:17
Shitty move from NiP. They agreed to play bo5 so shouldnt cry after
2013-09-17 23:18
I haven't lost anything for fnatic. I can truly understand not wanting to shake hands in the aftermath of the game. I know what the rules stated, but seriously ... They beat your ass 2-1, 2-0, job done! Regardless of MR 3 or 5. On the contrary, I lost a bit for NiP.
2013-09-17 23:20
same :)
2013-09-17 23:50
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
I would agree except that I wished fnatic did not act so immaturely after the match. There was absolutely no need for them to swear and shout like a bunch of kids. They lowered themselves to NiP's level of patheticness.
2013-09-17 23:53
Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause. You just can't blame them for getting mad.
2013-09-18 06:57
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Yes, and I would have been pissed off to no end too, but there's a difference between "getting mad" and shouting "Garbage", "You fucking suck", "Fucking pussy/whore", etc.
2013-09-18 07:05
Not trying to defend swearing and shouting. All I'm saying is to understand their situation.
2013-09-18 07:12
jw is so ugly it hurts
2013-09-17 23:40
just go and fuck yourself would you darling?
2013-09-18 00:33
Nip should have learn2lose not whining like kids ( especially when it was only group stage )
2013-09-17 23:55
i would not shake hands with a friend who would do something like that either
2013-09-17 23:59
very nice interview, and very understandable reactions
2013-09-18 00:10
Germany pr9ud 
hey...they apologized and now its okay. looking forward for the next clash between those two teams. think on a run of 10 games nip would win 8 and fnatic 2. love them both (except jw... cant get over his wallhacking even he proofed to be a good player...)
2013-09-18 00:48
Ukraine AnatolijNook 
Please, do not lite out the questions like that next time, thank you.
2013-09-18 01:15
apology accepted gl @ dhw
2013-09-18 02:26
Poland MJP 
happy to se MODDII saying apology - GG GL in future !
2013-09-18 04:51
Ruling was dumb. Once a round is played, it counts.
2013-09-18 05:46
Nice, you know what you did right and you know what you did wrong, that's a MAN.
2013-09-18 12:16
Denmark wynn 
Would rather see an apology from NiP or explanation as to why they chose to protest and hence go for an unfair outcome. Seems below especially them and as others mention anything but good sportsmanship :/
2013-09-18 12:36
Great edit rzyx :-)
2013-09-18 13:56
One of the greatest cybersport interviews.
2013-09-18 14:17
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