AZK makes Curse return

Curse have announced that Keven "AZK" Lariviere has rejoined their squad.

The North American side had been playing with Stan "stan^" Sukachov and Moe "moE" Assad as stand-ins in recent days after losing Keven "AZK" Lariviere and Justin "mosbeck" Mosbeck after the ESEA Finals, where Curse finished in third place.

With these two new players, Curse reached the semi-finals of the MSI Beat it! US Finals, having topped their group following victories over Exertus, Homeless and RELiABLE.

AZK returns to Curse

And with the tournament now reaching its latter stages, Curse have decided to make their lineup official, but instead of Assad, the team have picked up Lariviere.

"With our recent lineup changes we feel it's best to come back to the original five that we had the most experience and chemistry with," Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham told

"With all personal issues aside we are heading back to the drawing board to continue playing with our all or nothing line-up."

This could leave Curse in trouble in the North American ESWC qualifier, where they are through to the quarter-finals: unless Assad agrees to play during the rest of the tournament, the team face disqualification

Curse's lineup is the following:

United States Eric "adreN" Hoag
United States Todd "anger" Williams
United States Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham
United States Stan "stan^" Sukachov
Canada Kevin "AZK Lariviere

France mani^ 
2013-09-18 15:19
Sorry hijacking your top comment, AdreN said on stream last night that they're no longer interested in the ESWC qualifier. Don't take my 100% guaranteed word on that but I definitely heard something to that effect.
2013-09-18 15:46
United States mah9 
2013-09-18 20:36
Sp|ke | 
Guatemala spike148 
I heard that they can't afford to go to ESWC. Surprised me because I thought Curse had quite a large budget and wouldn't need to pick 1 lan over another
2013-09-18 22:45
I also think they just really don't want to play with moe, like at all, and they'd have to for the ESWC qualifier haha
2013-09-18 22:55
Sp|ke | 
Guatemala spike148 
Could be :p It was moe that said it, they were going to pull out of it because they couldn't afford to go.. might just have been saying it to him so they avoid playing with him or something
2013-09-18 23:35
Naaajz :D
2013-09-18 15:21
-stan +DaZeD and they can rival coL
2013-09-18 15:23
Adren and Dazed would never get along, even tho Dazed is a better fragger/igl
2013-09-18 15:27
they can already rival coL
2013-09-18 15:58
Lol, they are better then coL without any doubt
2013-09-18 17:06
Not really right now since coL beat them in ESEA lan.
2013-09-18 17:33
They beat coL as well in group stage
2013-09-18 19:02
Yeah but coL made it further in the end since they beat them in the upperbracket where it mattered more than groupstage. I mean coL got 2nd in the end so they are better "without any doubt", i would say theyre both equally matched at max
2013-09-18 20:30
coL beat curse when curse was told their next set of matches would be the next day... instead esea changes their mind and unexpectedly forces curse to play coL right after their matches against nip. curse was still shook from their nip match, and wasn't prepared/didn't even have a chance to talk before they played coL. also, mosbeck is the most online player ever, who has been replaced by stan.
2013-09-19 00:23
well i mean then replacing mosbeck was curse's mistake, and it still happened. and i guess u gotta be ready for anything always, but i mean im just going off results. either way, it happened.
2013-09-19 08:38
with all the doubts.
2013-09-18 18:11
... no
2013-09-18 18:25
They should have added fREAKAZOiD in the first place and this lineup would have been perfect. Feel sorry for mOE
2013-09-18 15:24
Finland FRGVN 
fREAKAZOiD, DaZeD, hiko, swag, n0thing.. would be craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy dont u think? :D
2013-09-18 15:30
Too many egos in one team
2013-09-18 15:31
Finland FRGVN 
:) just a thought though. never gonna happen :)
2013-09-18 15:37
all good fraggers, won't go along. You need chemistry and support players in order to win.
2013-09-19 16:12
Finland FRGVN 
no shit? :D
2013-09-19 18:51
Poland Swapz 
m0e >>>>>> no doubt
2013-09-18 15:24
2013-09-18 15:25
Sukachov for the win looking forward to this lineup
2013-09-18 15:25
they are an old lineup ?
2013-09-18 19:01
Stan replaced mosbeck
2013-09-18 19:02
stan played for Curse way before mosbeck.
2013-09-18 20:00
So they just fucked moE for some sub-par cs player?
2013-09-18 15:26
AZK is better than moe
2013-09-18 15:27
hahaha. No.
2013-09-18 15:28
United States criimson 
How much do u know about the NA scene to claim mOE is better than AZK? Like really? 1/10 for the troll attempt
2013-09-18 17:30
Moe can pick his team up where AZK can't moe can motivate a team azk is rather quiet..
2013-09-18 17:34
rofl yeah azk been owning on esea lan the past 10 season always top 5 players in every season he played just look at the stats and stop being dumb
2013-09-18 18:42
mOE > stan.
2013-09-18 15:28
FU.. bot moE is the best
2013-09-18 17:19
mOE played as a ringer for them. They didn't actually announce adding him. But still like you mention, he got fucked over pretty badly. Now he's back at Frost Gaming
2013-09-18 15:28
Kind of an insult too that AdreN has a new glock Fade skin called "no moe problems."
2013-09-18 15:52
Well when you come into a team acting like you run the show what do you expect to happen.
2013-09-18 15:54
Obviously and I always had raised eyebrows about m0E lasting in Curse but it could have been handled more internally no?
2013-09-18 15:58
he was never officially in the team. he was a stand-in for the tournament. of course moe would have liked to be in the team, so he played and practiced with them as if he was on the team, hoping that they would pick him up permanently. you say they should have handled it more internally, yet you guys are the ones blowing things out of proportion. When you are a popular team, things like this don't go unnoticed, fans always hear about it and ask questions. many times the facts get obscured.
2013-09-19 15:11
2013-09-19 15:26
it was a joke dude.. if you were watching his stream when he named it you would see that he questioned himself to avoid offending moe, but in the end figured what the hell and just named it that. "no mOE problems" is not a quote he invented. It's usually used by moe or his fans when moe steps in and "everything will be alright". adreN just made a parody out of the quote without trying to offend moe.
2013-09-19 15:07
Got it, thanks for clarifying.
2013-09-19 15:26
2013-09-18 15:26
everyone wants 250k :)
2013-09-18 15:28
2013-09-18 15:39
2013-09-18 16:53
Greece her-1g 
i dont like him tbh
2013-09-18 15:28
shouldn't stan be with Canadian flag ?
2013-09-18 15:28
United States Gowy 
azk is the best player on that team
2013-09-18 15:34
2013-09-18 15:46
United States Gowy 
not on lan
2013-09-18 15:54
2013-09-18 15:37
Adren wat???
2013-09-18 15:40
MOE?? WAT? why isn't moe in the lineup?
2013-09-18 15:49
moE was way better than this guy.
2013-09-18 15:52
top1 USA
2013-09-18 15:55
top2* top1 it's coL
2013-09-19 12:59
2013-09-19 14:37
yes fanboy
2013-09-19 14:51
ur mother is fanboy? fuck col and fuck curse sry, sry for insults
2013-09-19 14:56
aha no rage :p, you're fanboy any comment the news bitch cu
2013-09-19 15:00
kk fanboy of france. horeunge
2013-09-19 15:08
or not <3 French > Norvegian
2013-09-19 15:11
What? Norvegian? who dat? It's Norwegian...................... I can atleast type countrys
2013-09-19 15:13
it's same
2013-09-19 15:21
ok, fronce
2013-09-19 15:21
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
usa scene is so annoying like a floozy ( he cut off ; hes return ; he left ; hes took back ; he quit ; hes return ). plz stop to do that
2013-09-18 15:57
He was a tryout. Every team from every country experiences this enough with the generalizations.
2013-09-18 16:00
w00000t... moe told on his stream that they were going to attend dreamhack winter ?! just a couple of days ago... nice backstab
2013-09-18 16:13
Sweden binz 
-azk +mOE
2013-09-18 16:16
moe clown ezpk freaka shahzam(99%)/classified
2013-09-18 16:17
Lol moe and shahzam do not get along not do they like eachother
2013-09-18 19:08
you'll see man, you heard it here first
2013-09-18 19:22
Freak and moe do not get along with shahzam since the hacking incident
2013-09-18 23:25
I don't think shazam has a problem playing with moe right now.
2013-09-18 19:26
Yes he does:)
2013-09-18 23:24
Time for new homeless to take frost gaming's spot, moe, freakazoid, frozt, tck, monte. that would be sickkkkkkkkk
2013-09-18 16:26
This lineup would be legit since it's basically ex Torqued with fREAKAZOiD instead of steel
2013-09-18 17:20
well steel did just join the homeless roster so i imagine hes going to play with 100 ping to own noobs in open
2013-09-18 22:58
I know that moe is better than azk/stan LAN/ONLINE. but i dont think they faced any trouble regarding his individual performance. they might have had a problem with how he fits in the team maybe he didn't fit to the teamwork. Besides the team has two players with leader characteristics moe+adren its complicated to have a team like that. And i didn't even recall moe being announced as permanent 5th.
2013-09-18 16:38
I'm pretty sure Stan is Canadian, not american
2013-09-18 16:43
stan is from ukraine
2013-09-19 15:36
so wheres mOE playing now?
2013-09-18 16:44
Frost gaming
2013-09-18 20:31
So many changes these days. I want to see some NA rosters with the SAME starting 5 for at least a year, just like NiP or similarly VeryGames (Yes, I know they replaced kennyS with shox).
2013-09-18 16:46
col > every european team not called nip u guys r overrated
2013-09-18 17:07
Wait a m0Ement !?
2013-09-18 17:15
United States criimson 
MIRAA stan's flag should be fixed don't you think? ;)
2013-09-18 17:31
Americans.. settle with one lineup, otherwise you wont be able to beat the eu top teams.. Good recruit though.
2013-09-18 17:38
m0E said on his stream that NA teams doesn't change player more often than EU teams and than both coL and Curse would place top 4 on DHW. My answer is ":D".
2013-09-18 18:21
4 cheating Shahzams out of 5
2013-09-18 18:50
I like how all non NA people say mOE is better.
2013-09-18 19:13
4weeks max
2013-09-18 19:22
mOE is DA lan player! Skillwise he isn't the best but definitely a sick lan player ..
2013-09-18 19:56
European scene seems to underestimate AZK, easily top 3 NA player, while mOE is maybe top 25 at best.
2013-09-18 22:29
It's because Euros only see the frag videos from moe and see him yelling, so they think he's some amazing player. moe is like top 50.
2013-09-19 00:28
2013-09-18 23:08
every time i watch m0E's stream I think why the fuck would anyone play with this asshole
2013-09-19 19:57
mOE deserved to be kicked out. welcome back AZK
2013-09-20 20:40
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