Loord creates new team

Former ESC Gaming member Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski has announced his return to activity in a new team.

Earlier in the month, Cybuslki had admitted that he was considering giving CS:GO another try two months after being released from ESC Gaming, together with Jakub "kuben" Gurczynski.

Although he mentioned at the time that he was looking for a team "with different goals", he has now assembled a squad that looks on paper capable of doing some damage at home and abroad.

Joining him are Krystian "uszy" Siekański, who is part of Poland's European Championship lineup, and Jacek "minise" Jeziak, formerly of ALSEN and GF-Gaming.

Loord assembles new Polish top team

The names of the last two members will come as a shock to many: Piotr "peet" Ćwikliński and Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny, both of whom had been trying out for ESC Gaming in recent weeks.

"Hyper did not join ESC Gaming because he declined to play with snax over some disparities, and I felt the same way" Ćwikliński told HLTV.org.

"After it failed with ESC, we joined loord's team, and now we do not know where it will take us.

"We practice every day and we will strive to play at the highest level. We want to attend international events."

The Polish team are currently on the lookout for an organisation to represent and can be reached via e-mail at cwiklinski.piotr@wp.pl.

This new Polish team look as follows:

Poland Mariusz "Loord" Cybulski
Poland Piotr "peet" Ćwikliński
Poland Bartosz "Hyper" Wolny
Poland Krystian "uszy" Siekański
Poland Jacek "minise" Jeziak

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Switzerland NEIN 
Nice! Finally some competition in Poland.
2013-09-20 14:16
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
nice clan tag :D does it mean kind gaming or something?
2013-09-20 14:17
Belarus ALBiNh0 
think so
2013-09-20 14:21
dobry gaming means good gaming :p Can't wait to see them!
2013-09-20 14:23
Am I blind or what....but I cant find their clan-tag in this topic :\ help me plz
2013-09-21 13:07
:D seems like title was edited clan tag was "dobry gaming"
2013-09-21 18:15
thanks ;)
2013-09-22 10:42
Lithuania fRls 
sounds lame
2013-09-20 14:17
gl u guis
2013-09-20 14:18
2013-09-20 14:19
Good luck!
2013-09-20 14:19
GL LOORD and co.
2013-09-20 14:19
"dobry" can mean both "good" and "kind". but in this name it's "good gaming"
2013-09-20 14:21
Want to see them clash against ESC :)
2013-09-20 14:21
Nice! Competition in Poland :)
2013-09-20 14:21
2013-09-20 14:22
so long inactive..
2013-09-20 14:32
Denmark Wich 
loord was kicked form the team.. he dindt go inactive... that was kuben
2013-09-20 15:35
he announced his retiremrnt...
2013-09-20 15:54
Denmark Wich 
no he did not... he said he was still motivated to play but did not know what the future would say
2013-09-20 15:56
2013-09-20 16:06
"It is pretty hard to say this, but I have no other option: I want to retire." That is words from a man who is forced into retirement. He'd take any oppotunity to come back.
2013-09-20 16:22
i didnt say that he retired bcs he wanted to or something like that... but he announced his retirement.its fact
2013-09-20 16:30
No, u just said he retired. Which ofcause, is not the truth by now. ^^
2013-09-20 16:55
can you read? he retired...read the article. yea he is back now but that doesnt change the fact that he announced his retirement after he was kicked from ESC.this is fact
2013-09-20 16:58
Let me ask you this then. Is there more players who announce their retirement and not come back, then there is off people, announcing their retirement and still come back in some perspective? In Denmark, people say they retire/may retire a lot at times, and still you will see them at some point in a new team.
2013-09-20 17:08
and again...your point? i only replied to wich,who said that loord didnt announced his retirement.i said that he did and i posted proof.you cant deny that he retired and he said that.end of discusion
2013-09-21 11:33
My point is, even though people announce retirement, should you believe it..? Obviously you do not believe much but only stay with the 'facts' hoping everything will be fine.
2013-09-21 13:44
why do you even argue with me for god sake? for what reason? wich said that he didnt retire,i said that he did and i posted proof.case closed...
2013-09-21 15:07
Why I argue..? Cause u started the discussion and your english is poor... And yes, this discussion is pointless. The fact you even started it, is ridicolous. But that must be the logic of a guy named Pikachu.
2013-09-21 15:49
ahahah your logic is so stupid.i only replied to wich that loord announced his retirement.my nickname is my business just like my english.the point that you even have to say stupid things like this show that you have no arguments at all and you are totally lost here...
2013-09-21 16:03
To lose is a choice. I have not admitted anything by this point. What I am questioning is, why you want to drag this shit so far out? My reason is clear, cause you have been arrogant from the start. ^^ Anyways, I stay with my previous replies, stating it must be with the name or something... Who knows? :D
2013-09-21 16:37
i am arrogant:D? you started to insult me but im arrogant? for blind people(you): 1.post "so long inactive.." 2.post "loord was kicked form the team.. he dindt go inactive... that was kuben" my post "he did hltv.org/news/10995-loord-announces-ret..." why did you start argue with me? why? where im arrogant? i only stated fact that he ended.so please give me a break finally
2013-09-21 20:29
"can you read?" - Implying I can't read, early on. And now you say "I only stated he ended" Well, agian. Obviously he did not end, he took a break. Saying you retire does in many cases, not mean you fully do it. To say you retire is an overused word in these terms. He should've just said "I take a break but still have motivation" or something. You continue to say that he RETIRED = Stops playing competetive EVER. I hope I have made my point clear, holy moly.
2013-09-21 20:55
mother of god...the thing that you retire doesnt mean that you cant come back.he retired.he said that and he did it for god sake.yes he is back now with new team.its great,its cool and i like it but still...he retired(hltv.org/news/10995-loord-announces-reti..) rly dont know what is so hard to understand here. and again,i only replied to wich,who said that he didnt announced it.nothing arrogant,nothing wrong
2013-09-22 11:55
What I am trying to make you understand is, that to retire, is to never play again. You keep saying he retired, but he didn't when he is in a new team... AS already mentioned, he should have said that he took a break and not retired. Cause he obviously have NOT retired...
2013-09-22 19:48
How small can this be?
2013-09-24 13:34
Good question. I wondered about it myself. xD
2013-09-24 13:51
hm.. getting smaller
2013-10-08 08:46
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
even more?
2013-10-08 09:10
BnTeT | 
Poland Freezak 
a bit more?
2013-11-11 22:29
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
oh thanks for help :P
2013-11-12 06:09
can be strong.. gl
2013-09-20 14:32
2013-09-20 14:33
Good luck uszy and peet! :D
2013-09-20 14:33
Good luck guys!
2013-09-20 15:15
I want to see them punishing ESC. GL dobry gejming!
2013-09-20 15:16
Good luck Loord !!
2013-09-20 15:18
Good job Loord ;) this team will be new rly strong enemy for ESC! gl hf
2013-09-20 15:19
Niice :)
2013-09-20 15:20
can't wait to see you guys
2013-09-20 15:21
GL :)
2013-09-20 15:21
is minise good?
2013-09-20 15:21
shox | 
Poland maxiu 
one of top players in 1.6 top5 in poland lan in cs:go with his team so yeah he is good
2013-09-20 16:04
good to know, thanks.
2013-09-20 16:17
shox | 
Poland maxiu 
2013-09-20 17:27
Top 50 if lucky
2013-09-20 15:28
Poland Baaq 
2013-09-20 15:29
gl the scene becomes more interesting every month
2013-09-20 15:31
2013-09-20 15:33
csgo actully brought a nice variety of teams thats good
2013-09-20 15:33
2013-09-20 15:35
We aim to please you my loord
2013-09-20 15:36
Poland kiero 
gl guys I am looking forward to watch your first game
2013-09-20 15:35
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
legend comeback :)
2013-09-20 15:35
@wp.pl hhahaha, are you serious ?
2013-09-20 15:36
damn.. can't wait to see their 1st match!
2013-09-20 15:37
2013-09-20 15:40
2013-09-20 15:45
2 months max
2013-09-20 15:49
Poland syriusz' 
- peet, hyper + szoszon, innocent/destru
2013-09-20 15:50
Poland perM 
peet? WTF? peet the best from this team!
2013-09-20 16:02
shox | 
Poland maxiu 
crazy man .. are you serious ?
2013-09-20 16:05
peet top3 player in Poland.
2013-09-20 16:07
2013-09-20 21:30
Finland NUCL3AR 
that pistolace :)
2013-09-20 15:52
Denmark Mrnobody 
get kuben in!!!!
2013-09-20 15:58
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
2013-09-20 16:02
reatz | 
Poland Keruzz 
gl, but they wont do damage, same as esc =(
2013-09-20 16:03
sh1t just got real :)
2013-09-20 16:06
So whats ESC lineup?
2013-09-20 16:07
Poland perM 
Competition in Poland? i dont think so PASHA & NEO & TAZ vs peet
2013-09-20 16:13
What a ....
2013-09-20 16:15
nice! gl loord&co. btw. i still don't know why current new ESC playing with snax ;_;
2013-09-20 16:16
2013-09-20 16:17
Finland x4^ 
n1 gl
2013-09-20 16:19
2013-09-20 16:20
"Hyper did not join ESC Gaming because he declined to play with snax over some disparities, and I felt the same way" yh
2013-09-20 16:21
How do you know?
2013-09-20 21:38
why no kuben here? loord - kuben is your best friend!!!
2013-09-20 16:22
Woah I did not expect Loord to come back even though he was hinting he would before.
2013-09-20 16:27
gogo Loord, destroy ESC!!
2013-09-20 16:30
Fox | 
Iran ahmaden 
what a comeback :D just few days ago you anounced retire...why too soo?
2013-09-20 16:31
few days ago?
2013-09-20 16:55
he never say that he retire cuz he want to... he said that he must to cuz ESC kicked him he had no choice...
2013-09-20 23:15
interesting. GL Mariusz
2013-09-20 16:32
+kuben and top1 in poland
2013-09-20 16:46
I doubt of that simply because taz is playing for ESC, he's keeping ESC on 'some level'. Without him this team would be shit. But I wish gl to Loord, hope they will be able to destroy ESC.
2013-09-20 16:54
i hope too, i dont like taz, he destroy good team.
2013-09-20 16:56
Great news for the Polish competitive scene, maybe now ESC will finally step up their game.
2013-09-20 16:47
this is true... internal competition will make them strengthened team. At least i hope like so...
2013-09-20 17:04
gl, destroy ESC
2013-09-20 16:50
2013-09-20 16:54
Interesting, gl.
2013-09-20 16:55
Hopefully, polish csgo will only get stronger with g5 disband :)
2013-09-20 16:57
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
Love it, really hope to see them competing soon! GL.
2013-09-20 17:01
nice gl
2013-09-20 17:07
so byali official in "golden five"?
2013-09-20 17:11
Snax does not have the kind of reputation I would want to be associated with if I were Neo, Taz or Pasha. Edit: Obligatory -snax +kuben
2013-09-20 17:33
What's the deal with snax? Why do people dislike him?
2013-09-20 17:37
So he insulted somebody and then spat in his face?
2013-09-21 05:21
2013-09-21 12:54
+1 Snax doesn't fit the team, even by the skill, in my opinion. They should try to play with someone else.
2013-09-22 12:55
team Loord >>>>> ESC I want to see official match between these teams !!
2013-09-20 17:34
Fear them swedes :> Mariusz ogien !! :D
2013-09-20 17:36
sexy :P
2013-09-20 17:37
2013-09-20 17:43
nice gl
2013-09-20 17:47
2013-09-20 18:00
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
gl gl
2013-09-20 18:13
good luck loord, wierzymy w Ciebie !
2013-09-20 18:32
I want to see them in match vs TAZ and rest :D
2013-09-20 18:49
goodluck loord :D imagine -uszy minise +luq kuben ;DDDDDDDD
2013-09-20 18:52
top 200
2013-09-21 11:50
good luck LOORD
2013-09-20 19:11
GL!After AD vs NaVi we have DG vs ESC!Nice!
2013-09-20 19:15
2013-09-20 19:20
good luck!
2013-09-20 20:53
Poland metal_cs 
my fav player of G5 :) i knew it u wont leave CS :)) GL Mariusz
2013-09-20 21:01
gl loord
2013-09-20 21:09
great news. great player.
2013-09-20 21:16
-minise +innocent =great team ;)
2013-09-20 21:34
good loord!
2013-09-20 22:00
Ukraine rim 
gl Piotka & loord's team
2013-09-20 23:49
Petka ?
2013-09-21 15:19
hm, finally someone that actually can beat esc :) GL boys, GL loord
2013-09-21 00:26
in poland xD
2013-09-21 00:38
I'm glad you're back, Loord. Really miss you.
2013-09-21 02:19
2013-09-21 08:56
all the best for u Mariusz!
2013-09-21 10:56
gl guys
2013-09-21 11:38
2013-09-21 12:33
so where is Destru? He is such a great player, and adult man, and that voice uhhhh xD
2013-09-21 12:43
2013-09-21 20:59
Slovakia j0fa 
2013-09-21 13:38
so awesome, really proud of him for sticking with it and trying something like this. Love to see kuben join him ;) edit: that vid of peet is fucking nasty!
2013-09-21 14:00
good luck boys!
2013-09-21 15:03
GL loord
2013-09-21 15:16
This team will be good for sure. gl!
2013-09-21 15:51
still though jw best
2013-09-22 02:15
Who is gonna be the in game leader?
2013-09-21 18:08
probably Loord
2013-09-21 21:01
+ LUq + kuben + zibi + miRRi !
2013-09-23 03:06
+ motyw + Rulon
2013-09-23 03:06
2013-09-23 04:45
GL (y)
2013-09-23 16:12
China confusionwow 
gl loord
2013-09-24 08:49
This team means GG "Good Gaming" :D Nice . GL Looooord , I hope he can beat Esc and show to Taz how to be kind and respectful with a teammate
2013-10-07 12:06
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