einheit sign for Wizards

Wizards have announced that they have signed einheit as their new CS:GO division.

The Spanish team made headlines last week when they secured the services of Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent, who is without a doubt the country's most famous and accomplished player in Counter-Strike history.

With the EPS already in its playoff stages, the team have now been given a massive boost as they have been recruited by Wizards, who had been without a CS:GO division since the disbandment of their previous squad, led by Xavi "Aguila" Casals.

MusambaN1 & co move to Wizards

Torrent's team has already debuted for Wizards, defeating Cerberus 2-0 in the EPS quarter-finals in what was the first official match that they played under the banner of the new organisation.

"We got in touch with Wizards' manager, and for almost a week we talked about the project and the plan that both parties have for the future," Torrent told arenazero.net.

"It is clear that we have the same goal and very similar projects, so there was nothing missing that prevented us from doing this."

In the EPS semi-finals, Wizards will tackle the organisation's previous team, who will play the remainder of the tournament as a mix team.

Wizards' CS:GO division looks as follows:

Venezuela Arturo "sukitRon" Gil
Spain David "Kairi" de Miguel
Spain Christian "loWel" Antora
Spain Juan "meisoN" Chacón
Spain Jonathan "MusambaN1" Torrent

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bad team my opinion. they wont do nothing in EU events. Sorry guys but its the truth :)
2013-09-25 14:39
thats not an opinion, its a fact
2013-09-25 14:38
2013-09-25 14:39
Spain pDz- 
MusambaN1 > any awp
2013-09-25 14:40
this is CSGO is not 1.6 :s you see any old top players of 1.6 doing something? no, just a few, look for Volcano, fRoD, Ksharp etc.. cmon :D
2013-09-25 14:45
musambani was mediocre from 2007 on. not even worth mentioning in any aspect of the game beside strat calling.
2013-09-25 14:49
ye, but he wasnt exactly best from 2007 on. i can name you 5 players easily better than him in everything except calling strats. shall i?
2013-09-25 19:45
That depends on the players. Some 1.6 player easily adapt especially those who are raw aimers and play aggressively
2013-09-25 15:06
2013-09-25 15:09
maybe :D
2013-09-25 15:25
.... return to ur cave.
2013-09-25 16:29
2013-09-25 15:24
Russia m9s1Q 
good luck guys :)
2013-09-25 14:36
2013-09-25 14:37
Sweden dmmtv 
- sukitron Its so bad
2013-09-25 14:39
he and lowel are probably its two hottest players dude, obvious that u dont follow spain scene
2013-09-25 17:37
Azerbaijan Talley 
inb4 good online results and 2-16 scores on LAN.
2013-09-25 14:42
musanban1 onliner but not best
2013-09-25 14:48
(jw best)
2013-09-25 15:09
2013-09-25 16:30
2013-09-25 14:44
- LOWel + DonQ/SOKER
2013-09-25 14:51
2013-09-25 15:24
loWel and sukitron are probably two of spanish biggest hotshots, if anyone i would replace meison for soker or maybe vis
2013-09-25 17:16
2013-09-25 19:01
Meison for xhiroz i think.
2013-09-27 18:02
cant see these people going far, but best of luck guys! :)
2013-09-25 15:21
Spain ferk 
MusambaN1 seemed to be in a decent form last night taking into account he was inactive for so long. Probably not able to beat european strong teams, but they can still lead in Spain. Time will tell.
2013-09-25 15:33
Looks like a pretty good team. With time they could be able to do some damage
2013-09-25 17:14
<3 musamban1!!!
2013-09-25 17:54
Goodluck guys!! :)
2013-09-25 17:55
maybe in some time this team can try to play eu tournaments with a decent results. They are serious. Gl guys
2013-09-25 20:56
They join a great club, i wish the best of luck for them. They are a good team tho,but i think they'll need time to play as the "expected" level
2013-09-25 23:00
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