Curse get dropped; join Denial

Curse organization has let go of the American Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team, who have then gone on to become Denial eSports, leaving Cultivation without a sponsor.

After a lengthy run of disappointing results, which include 17-24th place at DreamHack Winter, a 9-12th place at DreamHack Summer and two failures to beat the current coL squad at ESEA, the organization has let go off the CS:GO team.

The former Hold mouse one team joined Curse last fall, and wound up going through multiple roster changes, with just Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham remaining from the original roster.

Only Skadoodle remains from hm1 

Curse had some promising results along the way as well, such as a 7-8th place finish at Copenhagen Games, close series versus NiP at ESEA Finals and a best-of-three series win versus compLexity, but it wasn't enough for the organization.

Although the now former Curse squad were left without a sponsor, they instantly joined up with Denial eSports, who had previously sponsored Danny "fRoD" Montaner's team, leaving them sponsorless.

Denial eSports:

United States Todd "anger" Williams
United States Eric "adreN" Hoag
United States Stan "stan^" Sukachov
United States Keven "AZK" Lariviere
United States Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham

Next up for Denial eSports is the MSI Beat it! US qualifier's semi-final versus Homeless, set to take place tonight at 03:00 . They also plan to attend DreamHack Winter's $250,000 tournament.

The former cuLtivation team now call themselves United5, which is the name of the team Montaner and teammate Jason "moses" O'Toole shared in 2003 when the duo originally broke out in the scene.


United States Danny "fRoD" Montaner
United States Jason "moses" O'Toole
United States Tyler "Storm" Wood
United States Matt "Warden" Dickens
France David "Xp3" Garrido

Next up for United5, who were knocked out of the US MSI Beat it! qualifier by Homeless, will be ESEA Invite's 15th season, set to kick off sometime in the following weeks.

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2013-09-25 22:55
A lot of changes in the NA scene recently ;x
2013-09-25 22:55
2 replies
look at the upside. Steel back with his old teammates who used to be a very good team hopefully they show the same form.
2013-09-25 23:30
1 reply
Yeah I have high hopes for the NA scene still, I bet we will see a lot of shuffling in the EU scene leading up to DHW aswell.
2013-09-26 01:44
bad move Curse :/
2013-09-25 22:55
lame that they just drop united5 like that
2013-09-25 22:55
12 replies
they were just some overrated oldschool players
2013-09-25 23:08
11 replies
tarik | 
Russia jjh
'there is no better school than old school'
2013-09-25 23:19
1 reply
but that's a lie
2013-09-26 13:31
yikes dude!!
2013-09-25 23:42
7 replies
bunch of grandpas if you ask me. their refusal to retire makes everyone pretty uncomfortable.
2013-09-25 23:55
6 replies
i picked my retirement home specifically for its powerful internet. playing shuffleboard seems like itd be a waste of time
2013-09-26 01:08
5 replies
2013-09-26 01:28
how many clutches have you guys lost because someone's hearing aid went out mid round?
2013-09-26 15:33
3 replies
Not as much as Greece's debt dw kid go to bed ur poor.
2013-09-27 12:14
2 replies
i'm pretty sure he can sense my sarcasm, but clearly you can't. an australian would've understood. oh and i'm from the US
2013-09-30 06:16
1 reply
Even worse lmao
2013-09-30 16:26
lol not sure how you can call them over rated, pretty much all are legends of 'cs' maybe there not what they use to be but still have massive amounts of talent and experience
2013-09-26 00:00
united[5] * da_bears :D
2013-09-25 22:56
1 reply
ahhhh the memories
2013-09-26 14:02
Hopefully Curse will come back to CS when they fix their shitty LCS team's standing
2013-09-25 22:56
2013-09-25 22:57
Curse org is weak, never liked them.
2013-09-25 22:58
9 replies
Curse picks up csgo team 'omg curse top lol team, good org very good'.... Drops csgo because it is a waste of funding 'weak org anywsy blah blah'. God this community is toxic.
2013-09-26 03:45
8 replies
they still have COD team... unfortunately it's more popular :(
2013-09-26 14:03
5 replies
That shows you something doesn't it...? A shitty game has more funding why? Because instead of holding on to previous versions of cod the community unites and wants the game to thrive. Can't say the same about counter strike toxic.
2013-09-26 15:49
4 replies
quite simply, it's start up cost cod - most everyone has a tv already... pay $300 for xbox, $60 for game, and you're good to go until next gen comes out csgo - $1000 pc setup, expensive to expand and upgrade it's about the audience not about what game is superior or the community 90% of the world doesn't even know what the fuck counter-strike is... it's a MARKETING problem, it always has been it always will be
2013-09-27 14:23
3 replies
That's not my point... My point is the competative community actually supports the scene.. They watch the streams, they donate, they do something. What does the cs community do? Bitch about the game, talk down big orgs like curse, etc. It's a toxic community.
2013-09-27 14:56
2 replies
it's a marketing issue, not the community... ever since they tried to get all corporate when CSS had The CGS no one will invest that much time and energy to bring back something that already failed once if valve wanted the game to prosper, it would but they don't so it doesn't, simple as that, there's good and bad people in all circles of life not just limited to this the only reason it really seems so bad is because all the interaction is over the internet, you don't really hear people complaining about trolling/retards at lan events do you?
2013-09-27 20:42
1 reply
Can't market to a toxic community. They're both intertwined. Why is dota2 'marketed' better than go?
2013-09-27 22:48
never said that. I don;t like curse as an org, not as a csgo team. in any game. God you are toxic.
2013-09-26 21:00
1 reply
Why don't you like them as a org? If i go back to the article where curse announced they picked up a csgo team can you guarantee you didn't get excited? Keep talking down big money orgs that'll get thos game somewhere...
2013-09-27 14:54
Katt hatare.
2013-09-25 23:06
denial good, but not best (jw best)
2013-09-25 23:09
United5 are back :D
2013-09-25 23:10
american scene u so funny
2013-09-25 23:23
Un!ted5 this is bad news though.
2013-09-25 23:25
what the fuck is going on with americans
2013-09-25 23:26
1 reply
marijuana is slowly being legalized and we're secretly getting high all the time.
2013-09-27 01:43
AZK is Canadian ! Homeless will be the stronkest team in NA in a few weeks, hope theyll come over to Sweden for DH
2013-09-25 23:36
2 replies
so is stan, we don't claim that scumbag
2013-09-26 14:06
1 reply
Well for us "euros" you'll yankees ;)))) ;P
2013-09-26 14:26
frod not learning... ego has ruined his whole career starting with EG
2013-09-25 23:48
2 replies
I dont understand what frods ego has to do with anything. explain please :>
2013-09-25 23:51
1 reply
eeeee frod carrer started long time before EG
2013-09-26 18:19
I remember moses from early 2000's really nice guy, he got us into cal-m for boot camping ^h with OCK_ when he was starting out. They got good quick.
2013-09-25 23:49
Wtf was that about? Denial picked&kicked a team in less then a month! and recruited another in the same time!
2013-09-25 23:50
moses omg
2013-09-26 00:59
omg united 5
2013-09-26 02:02
Curse sucks anyway, but gl tho!
2013-09-26 08:56
7 replies
Ya one of the most financially sound orgs in the world as far as esports goes sucks... You're a moron.
2013-09-26 15:50
6 replies
so you rate a team good because they got good financial backup? Btw its not curse anymore its denial hello? someone there?
2013-09-26 15:58
1 reply
I don't rate the team.. I rate the org in situations like this. Csgo needs orgs like curse, it's as simple as that really.
2013-09-27 22:50
I obv mean the curse.cs team, now known as Denial eSports. i mean like curse is good but not best (jw best)
2013-09-26 19:43
1 reply
Well they are't curse anymore, should have said denial sucks i would have better understood it.
2013-09-27 22:50
man, you are butthurt eh? you tryin to get into curse or sumthing?
2013-09-26 21:01
1 reply
No... Just we need orgs like curse, people should 't be talking bad about themz
2013-09-27 22:51
Too shrewd.
2013-09-26 15:37
all this team needs is a kmode dropping donuts and we got a genuine u5 comeback.
2013-09-27 07:36
Denial is one crap of an org wich i have no respect for at all just droping your current squad like that is just so offensive to the players and childish
2013-09-27 23:51
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