coL win MSI Beat it! US qualifier

September 27th, 2013 07:22

compLexity have triumphed in the MSI Beat it! 2013 US qualifier after defeating Homeless 2-0 (16-12 on de_nuke_se, 16-9 on de_dust2_se) in the final, winning $1,500 in the process as well as $3,000 travel support for the trip to China.

After finding the Oceanic participant in Vox Eminor last week, tonight was the time to find out who will represent North America.

The ESEA Season 14 runners-up compLexity had an easy road to the final, while the newly formed squad Homeless, featuring European based Canadian player Joshua "steel" Nissan, had to overcome Denial's old and new teams in closely fought quarter-final and semi-final series.

Despite residing in UK, steel played well for Homeless throughout the tournament

The grand final began on coL's map pick, de_nuke_se, where they had to start on the T side due to losing the knife round.

The very beginning of the match hinted at a back and forth affair, with compLexity going up 2-0 before dropping an anti-eco round and seeing Homeless take over the lead three rounds later.

However, the attackers shifted into the next gear and won six in a row before splitting the last two for a 10-5 lead.

Homeless had a perfect reply ready for the second half, and they went on their own six round run for another lead change at 11-10.

But similarly to how they closed down NiP at the ESEA Season 14 Finals last month, Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and Braxton "swag" Pierce stepped up their upper bombsite hold and led coL to a 16-12 first map win.

17-year-old Braxton "swag" Pierce was the top fragger of the match

Their momentum carried over into the second map, as they went up 6-0 as Ts on de_dust2_se. Still, Homeless hung on and managed to win 7 of the next 9 rounds, only trailing by one at the half.

Losing the second pistol round didn't help though, and despite coming close again at 10-9, Homeless were left stranded in the end after yet another six round run by Sean "sgares" Gares' squad, making the final score 16-9 in favor of compLexity.

27th September 2013

 compLexity K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Canada Kory 'SEMPHIS' FriesenSEMPHIS 49 - 33 +16 - 1.36
United States Braxton 'swag' Pierceswag 50 - 35 +15 - 1.35
United States Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbertn0thing 42 - 35 +7 - 1.14
United States Spencer 'Hiko' MartinHiko 32 - 32 0 - 0.93
United States Sean 'seang@res' Garesseang@res 27 - 33 -6 - 0.85

 Homeless K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United States Sam 'DaZeD' MarineDaZeD 44 - 38 +6 - 1.11
Canada Joshua 'steel' Nissansteel 39 - 43 -4 - 1.04
Canada Neil 'montE' MontgomerymontE 36 - 39 -3 - 0.95
United States Trey 'tck' Martintck 31 - 40 -9 - 0.82
United States Carey 'frozt' Kertenianfrozt 17 - 40 -23 - 0.48

With this victory, coL won a $1,500 prize, as well as $3,000 worth of travel support for the MSI Beat it! 2013 LAN Finals in China.

Final standings of MSI Beat it! 2013 US Finals

1. United States compLexity - $1,500 + $3,000 travel support
2. United States Homeless - $500
3-4. United States Exertus
3-4. United States Denial

They will join fnatic and Vox Eminor in the list of known participants so far, while seven more are left to be determined in the coming weeks.

Sweden fnatic Australia Vox Eminor United States compLexity Europe Europe #1
Europe Europe #2 China China #1 China China #2 Other Middle East
Other South East Asia Other Korea/Japan/Taiwan  

The European qualifier is currently in the semi-final stage where NiP will meet VeryGames, and Lemondogs will battle n!faculty for the two spots, while Middle East's qualifier is set to finish this Saturday.

The LAN Finals will have $22,000 up for grabs and will take place on November 22-23rd in Shanghai, China.

United States boots 
2013-09-27 07:26
Nice, coL is awesome
2013-09-27 07:26
gj guys
2013-09-27 07:32
gg coL best team NA
2013-09-27 07:53
gl in China hiko :D
2013-09-27 07:57
high hopes from n0thing now....
2013-09-27 08:00
rough game by frozt!
2013-09-27 08:03
Dazed is impressive. Isn't he still technically a console player?
2013-09-27 08:04
United Kingdom Alth 
Nope. He was a CS:S player in the US before GO. He tried out COD for a bit a few months back but I think that was it.
2013-09-27 08:16
Apparently he goes back and forth
2013-09-27 10:44
2013-09-27 08:17
MVP: swag. He had some huge rounds
2013-09-27 08:28
It's too bad Steel moved to one of the worst places on Earth to play counter-strike. Their source scene was never anything spectacular, and the 1.6 there was an utter joke. He should have gone to Sweden :)
2013-09-27 08:48
Netherlands c3i 
Back in CSS, UK was one of the strongest nations in the game RattkesnK dominated with his teams, even after they won the CGS. That all ended when shox and SmithZz entered VG tho
2013-09-27 12:44
dominated is such a strong word
2013-09-27 18:14
The UK CGS team Birmingham Salvo won the last season of the CGS, but the Dallas Venom won the CSS tournament.
2013-09-28 01:18
Wrong. They beat OPTX css and won the team based tournament not the CSS. I guess you could say the UK dominated the DoA, PGR, and Fifa scene. OPTX css was completely butchered right when CGS started. For whatever reason they added paradox and grt for p0s and pham.
2013-09-28 18:28
does he speak any language except for English? That may have been the reason he didn't go to Sweden haha
2013-09-27 20:57
swag is my main man holla at ya boy
2013-09-27 08:52
Slovakia uno1 
-someone from col +Dazed = perfect USA team imo :). Now they are "just great" :D.
2013-09-27 09:04
but -who...:D?
2013-09-27 09:29
Slovakia uno1 
thats the problem, i dont know :). I wrote it because Dazed is impressive players in my eyes(i know that they had problems in team before). With him, or without i love this coL team, i always love to see players like n0thing on tournaments ;)
2013-09-27 14:48
sgares, obviously
2013-09-27 15:01
why to cut some1 when they're winning like this
2013-09-27 09:48
I remember DaZeD tried to cut semphis on their last team. LOL
2013-09-27 09:50
Denmark heff 
as much as I love seangares, he would be the one getting replaced by DaZeD if anyone, and thats not just judging from the scoreboard
2013-09-27 12:33
hes been playing with swag, semphis and jordan for quite some time, you know Maximum Effort.. or is it cause hes the awper?
2013-09-27 14:02
Denmark heff 
More because DaZeD does what seangares does a bit better, atleast on the fragging side, I dont know whos the better leader, DaZeD or sean, but from an outside perspective it seems the better choice
2013-09-27 14:12
imo sean is, just an opinion
2013-09-27 14:55
to compare DaZeD to seangares is pointless. DaZeD is a rifler IGL and seangares is an awper IGL, so that's why you have swag and frozt replacing the duties of each IGL on these different teams. it's really DaZeD + frozt OR seangares + swag, and imo seangares + swag was an improvement. hope that makes sense.
2013-09-27 15:48
Denmark heff 
DaZeD was an awper in source tho, and real good at it
2013-09-27 15:55
he actually can awp, but he kind of betrayed semphis the last time they played together, so i really don't see them playing together ever again.
2013-09-27 19:31
GL in Shanghai!!!
2013-09-27 11:14
nice to see coL attending so much international events, for an American team, in the next 2-3months - ESWC, MSI Beat It and DreamHack Winter.
2013-09-27 12:08
Netherlands c3i 
Best US team would be; DaZeD,swag,n0thing,hiko,semphis
2013-09-27 12:45
steel instead of semphis and this team would go places
2013-09-27 13:06
all the evidence shows that semphis is better at CS:GO than steel.
2013-09-27 15:20
What evidence? More like your opinion which is false
2013-09-27 16:44
umm, no. semphis' teams in CS:GO have performed much better than steel's various teams. semphis performs extremely well on LAN, he was the best statistical player on Quantic Gaming/Area51. He plays extremely consistently. plus semphis out-performed steel in last nights bo3 in every category. that's called evidence. there is no evidence to show why steel is as good in CS:GO as he was in Source.
2013-09-27 19:36
Look up what DazeD had to say about how semphis plays and how your first three statements are rubbish and false. Also he managed out-performed a player who played with 100 ping or above? How is that even a decent argument to your bias opinion. Worth mentioning is that steel who plays with 100 ping at best is the best player in Homeless right now and that's pretty much you all have to know
2013-09-27 20:44
DaZeD's exact words were that semphis was a net negative on a team that wants to compete to be the best in the world. He wanted to cut semphis for swag or n0thing. if DaZeD was right, then why did hiko leave the team to keep playing with semphis? if DaZeD was right, why did semphis just top frag all over homeless' faces? what DaZeD's statement didn't include was how semphis was statistically the best to second best player on that team for like 3 seasons. now i'm confused on your non-biased statement about steel. how does playing with 100 ping make you the best player? please list steel's accomplishments in CS:GO in any order you prefer. I'll wait.
2013-09-28 06:57
You forgot to add that he also said that semphis was selfish, baited teammates and was also inconsistent. That's basically the exact opposite to what you're trying to say. You should do some reading if you plan on posting trash which is false and incorrect. If DazeD was wrong, how is semphis playing for coL who are aiming to be the best in the world? He just wanted to play with 1.6 players and Hiko followed him. That's it. Again DazeD was the best player on Quantic and overall in NA. Why would he mention about how semphis was the second best player if he clearly wasn't? tck, Hiko and frozt did much better than him in crucial situations. Just remember any tournament besides Esea invite if you're still clueless. I said that steel is the best player in Homeless, but not overall. Maybe because it's basically the same Fully Torqued lineup and those guys know how to play together since forever? semphis just had an advantage and that doesn't make him the better player on an online match
2013-09-28 12:38
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
Umm, the argument was if semphis was better than steel. You're changing the subject to dazed for whatever reason. Let's not lose focus now. I asked you to please list steel's accomplishments in CS:GO. I'm still waiting. Semphis has won back to back eswc qualifiers, placed first in the last esea national lan finals, second place in back to back esea global plan finals, 3rd at eswc, and they just won the MSI beat it qualifier. Which events in CSGO did steel win again? When's the last time he received prize money in the game? Whens the last time steel even won the qualifier for an event? Is his 100 ping what makes him better? Is the fact that dazed likes him more what's making him a better player? Please clarify. I'll wait
2013-09-28 16:22
semphis is not better than steel. Never was, never will. Try reading #90 again if you have a hard time to understand the obvious. You're basically trying to compare two players which one of them can compete internationally and the other one doesn't even play in US and has other things to do besides compete. And by the way Homeless is frozt's team not DazeD's. How much more are you going to drag this conversation in an attempt to prove me wrong by listing accomplishments of two players who one of them can't even compete?
2013-09-28 16:55
DazeD is a good individual player, but he's not exactly a great team player. He rages and argues a lot and wants to cut everyone and make all these changes because he thinks he knows better. Im not sure why you value DazeD's opinion so much. He pretty much only likes himself. Anyways, the core of coL(n0thing, sgares, swag, semphis) has been around a long time and won 1.6 championships together. I think they understand each other and Hiko seems like a cool guy and values everyone on the team.
2013-09-28 17:44
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
Sorry foerester but you're wrong again. Steel has made multiple attempts at competing at csgo and every lineup has failed for various reason. Semphis has been on two csgo teams and has placed top 3 at major LANs with both of them. I said semphis was better at csgo, so you can't bring steels source accomplishments into the conversation. In csgo, steel has accomplished nothing even though he tried multiple times. Your argument is biased and imaginary.
2013-09-28 23:27
He was playing for teams who couldn't even pay out salaries let alone send the team to a LAN. I'm talking about mTw and dignitas. What he did with those teams was a waste of time, and he still managed to place second in i48. ESWC is probably the only decent tournament steel will have a chance at competing since he switched to CSGO
2013-09-29 00:08
so if i understand you correctly, steel being on an array of terrible teams, which caused him to have bad sponsors, and caused him to lose in almost every qualifier he attempted to play in, was not his fault, and in fact proves that he hypothetically is a phenomenal CS:GO player. not only that, but in theory he is a better player at CS:GO than semphis, who has been on the best North American team since he switched to CS:GO, and has been quite successful since he began playing CS:GO. in theory, steel is still better, because he placed 2nd at i48 despite his team of down syndrome players and mentally/financially damaged sponsors. did i miss anything?
2013-09-29 06:54
What you just wrote doesn't change the fact that he was still the best player on both mTw and dignitas even know he didn't achieve much. That's more of bad luck than his fault. You can stick to your opinion that semphis is a better player just because of his achievements, but then logic says that Fifflaren is on the same level as f0rest or GTR And by the way, being on the best NA team doesn't mean that he's any better than anyone else. You should look it up who are the best three players coL and in what position semhpis stands as player on that team I'm pretty much done arguing with a wall
2013-09-29 12:43
Umm Fifflaren isn't one of the best players on NiP, so your metaphor is poop. Here's my favorite quote of your last post: "You should look it up who are the best three players coL and in what position semhpis stands as player on that team" semphis and hiko were statistically the best two players on Quantic/coL in EVERY ESEA season they have competed together in CS:GO. semphis and hiko are technically the f0rest and GeT_RiGhT of Quantic/compLexity, and your assumptions about semphis have zero basis in the realm of logic and mankind. You're arguing with yourself, because I'm right.
2013-09-29 16:04
How much more are you going to talk about statistics without actually posting any? You didn't prove shit, and you're bad at trolling
2013-09-29 16:22
The denial in this one is strong, I'll help you out though.
2013-09-29 18:49
Even mosbeck had the best stats throughout the season before he went to LAN and got raped. semphis was arguably the worst player in Quantic and obviously isn't the best player in coL when it comes to performing on LAN
2013-09-29 19:31
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
Yes but unlike mosbeck, semphis did not go to LAN and get raped. Your opening argument is once again based on the land of make believe and has no relevance to our discussion. Semphis was actually arguably the best player on quantic or at the very least tied with hiko. The statistics don't lie, as zlc1 kindly posted. Your second argument is also from the town of kickapoo and makes no sense. He may not be the best fragger on coL, but he is without a doubt a much more successful csgo player than steel, until steel proves otherwise. Anything else you want to discuss today Foerester? I have nothing but time.
2013-09-29 22:48
If he's successful that doesn't mean that he's any better overall. Try reading #103 if you have a hard time replying from multiple accounts
2013-09-29 22:56
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
Ponder is logged in from my laptop, and sleepk is logged in on my phone. You're honestly not important enough for me to log in properly or I would have. Steel hasn't performed exceptionally on LAN once yet in csgo. There is zero evidence to support that he is a top player in this game. Either admit that its strictly your opinion, or show me statistics on teams he has slayed. By the way, semphis led the scoreboard for his team against NiP on a few maps at the last ESEA lan. Something steel has never come close to doing. coL also beat NiP on nuke at that LAN. Something steel or dazed have never experienced. Its ok to admit you're wrong sometimes foerester.
2013-09-29 23:07
poNder | 
Netherlands sleepK 
If you really want an in depth response to your #103 post, then ok. Being the best player on mTw and dignitas is like being the smartest kid with down syndrome. Those were terrible teams that did nothing. Semphis was the best player on quantic, which can actually be supported by stat sheets, and they placed top 3 at international events. Do you see the difference between MTA/dignitas and Quantic yet? I can prove why semphis is better, and all you can do is bitch and moan about why steel is better, because he hasn't had any individual or team-based success in csgo yet. If he had done anything positive in this game, you would be able to support your argument with "evidence". How can a player be good when all he does is lose?
2013-09-29 23:20
Have it your way
2013-09-29 23:28
music to my ears. i'll miss you
2013-09-30 00:01
Damn san u got powned
2013-09-27 19:55
Don't be silly
2013-09-27 20:45
Uno being a retard ...they cut dazed for a reason his meta game sucks he doesn't adapt semphis had to get rid of this saucer...sgares is igl he's more receptive to changing strats. Source players play like bawls mid round situations...
2013-09-27 12:48
When DazeD lead Quantic they were arguably a top 3 team in the world. Can't say the same about sgares and the teams he lead. Even know he's quite good at being IGL
2013-09-27 13:09
im almost positive sean was the igl when area 51 placed 3rd at eswc
2013-09-27 19:14
you're right. foerester's a confused mind.
2013-09-27 19:38
That's true. But then DazeD took over Quantic at that time and made them a top 3 team in the world
2013-09-27 20:48
why so rude? he only said his opinion...
2013-09-27 13:14
Slovakia uno1 
I know about it.. I said my opinion it will be the best skill team in US, cause Dazed is top3 players IN MY OPINION, so why you are mad ? I think you have some problems man, if you attacking my opinion
2013-09-27 14:44
col best US team
2013-09-27 12:57
worst nickname ever, swag... He does know that swag is an old word used in the 1960's, and it means "Secretly We Are Gay" and also it has another definition, it means getting something for free.
2013-09-27 13:05
Secretly we are gay is bullshit. Get your facts straight. Just because people say it online doesn't make it true.
2013-09-27 13:11
Well he was 12 and heavily influenced by terrible rap when he named himself.
2013-09-27 14:23
+1 well said everyone out there; think of your first email adress, back when you were prolly around 13-15 Y/o. probably influenced by some weird sh!t aswell :)
2013-09-27 16:39
2013-09-27 19:05
2013-09-28 08:40
that isn't true at all lol.
2013-09-27 19:39
yeah it is.
2013-09-28 02:15
no, it's not. that's a shitty internet rumor, just like the other guy said. it's scandinavian in origin, from the word "svagga" which means to rock unsteadily or lurch. it was entered into the english language in the 13th/14th century. you're an idiot, respectfully.
2013-09-28 07:03
not proud to be scandinavian..
2013-09-28 17:45
congratz coL
2013-09-27 13:07
United States Bibby 
Congrats to braxxyyy and jordan!
2013-09-27 13:25
oh so youre calling them with nicknames now huh? it must be getting serious
2013-09-27 14:10
2013-09-27 14:25
u really got to know them good while u were serving them drinks huh?
2013-09-27 15:02
easy coL
2013-09-27 14:37
United States nytz 
I would guess 3k is definitely not enough to get 5 people from US to China, especially both ways. Wonder how much money still has to be paid off by the orga
2013-09-27 15:52
i would assume a single round trip booked in advance would go for $700. time's five that's no more than $3500, so if all they had to pay for was shared hotel rooms and meals, then I think the $3000 prize money would go a pretty long way.
2013-09-27 20:04
United States nytz 
just checked on delta (I don't really know a lot about the alternatives, but I wouldn't think it's gonna be down to 700$ even if there is something cheaper). The cheapest economy round trip 1 ticket is 1,122, so there's already like 5k+ for just tickets alone
2013-09-27 20:19
Trip Summary Los Angeles to Shanghai Thu Oct/3/2013 - Sun Oct/6/2013 Departure: Arrives on Fri Oct/4/2013 5 Tickets: Roundtrip Traveler 1: Adult $1,158.60 Flight $720.00 Taxes & Fees $438.60 Traveler 2: Adult $1,158.60 Flight $720.00 Taxes & Fees $438.60 Traveler 3: Adult $1,158.60 Flight $720.00 Taxes & Fees $438.60 Traveler 4: Adult $1,158.60 Flight $720.00 Taxes & Fees $438.60 Traveler 5: Adult $1,158.60 Flight $720.00 Taxes & Fees $438.60 Expedia Booking Fee $0.00 Total: $5,793.00 All prices quoted in US dollars.
2013-09-27 21:33
United States nytz 
5.8k is just the flight, you have to add the hotel prices as well (unless the event organizers are booking it for players, which I doubt)
2013-09-27 23:39
Indeed :) plus I highly doubt they're all from LA which is the cheapest flight.
2013-09-27 23:55
United States nytz 
considering I was watching the NY flight the price variance isn't extreme
2013-09-28 00:27
and don't forget it is about 130-140$ each for a visa to china as well.
2013-09-28 02:15
They better deal with that asap then I'm sure it takes a few days :P
2013-09-28 06:00
Your math is more than a bit off, you booked the flight's that are leaving extremely soon. Booking them for event dates would make my flight $750 with tax included and I believe they are providing hotel and visa fees.
2013-09-28 18:49
I appreciate the correction (my dates were incorrect). Those dates would have made getting Visas almost impossible and leaving little to no time for preparation. If the Hotel and Visa fees are included, then the expenses are minimal. --------------- Los Angeles to Shanghai Fri Nov/22/2013 - Mon Nov/25/2013 Departure: Arrives on Sat Nov/23/2013 5 Tickets: Roundtrip Traveler 1: Adult $677.60 Flight $232.00 Taxes & Fees $445.60 Traveler 2: Adult $677.60 Flight $232.00 Taxes & Fees $445.60 Traveler 3: Adult $677.60 Flight $232.00 Taxes & Fees $445.60 Traveler 4: Adult $677.60 Flight $232.00 Taxes & Fees $445.60 Traveler 5: Adult $677.60 Flight $232.00 Taxes & Fees $445.60 Expedia Booking Fee $0.00 Total: $3,388.00 All prices quoted in US dollars.
2013-09-28 20:55
well that makes a major difference, also they're awesome if they provide hotels and visa fees are paid :o
2013-09-29 06:54
well i was way off
2013-09-28 07:08
that's why it's only called travel 'support'
2013-09-28 00:28
United States nytz 
I'm not trying to bash them, throwing in anything is impressive, especially 3k
2013-09-28 01:04
gl Coca-coL
2013-09-27 16:11
coL might actually have something to come with, good for them and the na scene
2013-09-27 16:48
Why no picture of sgares? He would get it!(No homo)
2013-09-27 19:06
I have an endless supply of sgares photos 8)
2013-09-27 22:46
Well deserved, really cool dudes and a great team.
2013-09-27 23:43
Joshua Nissan, 'steel' eh heheheh hehe
2013-09-28 00:29
I think I was more impressed at how homeless played than coL winning. I can see huge potential on them and giving a lot of trouble to coL in the near future.
2013-09-28 04:19
2013-09-28 05:59
Yup, that team will go far if given time.
2013-09-28 06:31
2013-09-28 17:45
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