NiP TV series announced

Swedish TV channel TV6  has announced that it will produce a 10-episode series about Ninjas in Pyjamas' quest to become DreamHack Winter champions.

TV6 will be following NiP during several tournaments as the Swedish giants prepare for DreamHack Winter, a tournament that will feature a whopping $250,000 prize purse.

As DreamHack Summer champions, NiP are already qualified for the Winter event, which will take place from November 28th through to December 1st in Jönköping.

NiP's most recent win came at DH Bucharest

In this TV series, you will be able to have an inside look into what being in a professional eSports team involves as TV6 will be following their every move, covering everything, from training to travelling.

"In the reality series “NiP” we will follow the swedish superstars over 10 episodes," a TV6 statement read. "We will get to know the players in a team some call the e-sport world’s answer to Barcelona in football.

"What is it really like to make a living on playing computer games? Aspiring e-sport professionals will get a glimpse into NiP’s practice methods, and how to become the best.

"We will also get a glimpse into the rapidly growing world of e-sport and the stars that have millions of fans around the world, and the large amounts of money that are on the line at these tournaments."

NiP are the most successful team in CS:GO history, with several international titles to their name, and also current DreamHack Winter champions.

Before the event in Jönköping, NiP will attend the $25,000 ESWC finals, which will be held from October 30th to November 3rd at Porte de Versailles as part of the Paris Games Week videogame trade fair.

soooo nice
2013-10-04 14:12
cant wait until it airs
2013-10-04 14:13
will be following*
2013-10-04 14:13
2013-10-04 14:13
2013-10-04 14:13
1 reply
haval shen po davar kaze..
2013-10-04 16:34
that sounds interesting. 1st episode when?
2013-10-04 14:14
25 replies
27th november
2013-10-04 14:15
24 replies
1 day after my birthday, great present :D
2013-10-04 15:10
23 replies
2013-10-04 15:23
6 replies
what seems to be the problem officer?
2013-10-04 15:28
2 replies
Poland maxiu
call 911 !!!!
2013-10-04 16:54
What seems to be the officer, problem?
2013-10-05 02:00
fag !
2013-10-05 00:39
2 replies
why im a fag?
2013-10-05 00:51
1 reply
cuz i know you're a fag !
2013-10-07 00:32
Really??? U said it just like that....
2013-10-04 15:51
1 reply
i honestly dont see what you're upset about
2013-10-04 16:12
Ok now I feel bad
2013-10-04 16:10
2 replies
ok now i see whats going on, all you think my life is like non-stop counter strike 24/7 lol no. i simply saw it was 1 day after my birthday.. thinking about it now it was a stupid thing to say lol
2013-10-04 16:15
1 reply
:D No problem, sir, we're just teasing you up a bit.
2013-10-04 16:22
u understand swedish ?
2013-10-04 16:24
8 replies
only thing i know is that stol means chair, like in slovenian lol
2013-10-04 16:28
3 replies
Venezuela Riikards
Thats all you need to know
2013-10-04 16:33
1 reply
Yup, basically
2013-10-04 17:15
Och fyfan
2013-10-04 19:56
Cause subtitles does not exist.
2013-10-04 16:36
3 replies
cause its like fucking mentioned in the article that subtitles gonna be available
2013-10-05 03:54
2 replies
UMAD Cause not swedish?
2013-10-05 04:25
1 reply
got anything else to say without 'mad' shit and so on ? u mad coz u didnt get ur dick sucked today ? #mad #yolo #swag #danske #very mad
2013-10-13 23:39
Im glad on your behalf, that NiP and TV6 would create such a nice present only for you!
2013-10-04 16:35
1 reply
Best bday ever :D
2013-10-04 19:58
sdy | 
Finland JoondEE
nice !! gonna watch it for sure
2013-10-04 14:14
Nice! Great to see series like these again!
2013-10-04 14:15
5 replies
What do you mean "again"?
2013-10-04 14:37
4 replies
There has been more videos showing pro players before, on how they live etc. And this one is similar, but probally better and longer as it actually is following them for a longer time. Instead of just a short "Interview" with one player from a team where he shows you the house/bootcamp place etc.
2013-10-04 14:42
1 reply
Very interesting! Will watch! :)
2013-10-04 17:21 Not exactly a series - but an early edition of Counter-Strike on Danish TV.
2013-10-04 17:32
I should start studying Swedish
2013-10-04 14:16
2013-10-04 14:16
gamings growing.
2013-10-04 14:18
3 replies
it's only in sweden, those kind of documentaries have been around for ages
2013-10-04 14:24
1 reply
i still think gamings growing tbh, i know sweden has done these kinda things before
2013-10-04 15:36
2013-10-04 14:20
gonna be in swedish right? :(
2013-10-04 14:21
3 replies
get right said englisch subtitels are coming, dont know if its on TV or on youtube afterwards
2013-10-04 14:24
1 reply
Going to be English subtitles on I think the rest of the world will be able to see it when it "airs" aswell.
2013-10-04 15:04
It will be with subtitles.
2013-10-04 14:25
Well, cool I guess.
2013-10-04 14:25
Can non-swedish people follow it aswell ? And if yes, SHOW ME !!!!
2013-10-04 14:26
3 replies
Here's the original article: And yes, It will be streamed from tv6play so anyone can watch :)
2013-10-04 14:29
2 replies
can non-swedish talking ppl follow it aswell? :D
2013-10-04 15:48
1 reply
ye, there will be English subs.
2013-10-04 16:48
2013-10-04 14:26
superstars big brother style <3<3
2013-10-04 14:28
should be good!
2013-10-04 14:28
A great step for swedish scene. More people to know about this.
2013-10-04 14:29
This actually sounds awesome. But it will be all in swedish so i don't really care anymore.
2013-10-04 14:29
6 replies
Subtitles dude.
2013-10-04 14:34
friberg said there will be English subtitles
2013-10-04 14:35
3 replies
Yes, very fun reading subtitles :/ I'm not that desperate to know what they do.
2013-10-04 15:33
2 replies
then, what are you whining about?
2013-10-04 16:48
So you want voice-over or what? Too many great movies has been slaughtered in countries that doesn't use subtitles =/
2013-10-04 20:08
Most Fickle Award 2013
2013-10-04 14:39
Welp that will be awkward if they lose DHW
2013-10-04 14:31
1 reply
2013-10-04 14:41
They'll go ninja in TV6 and disappear. We will not find out some secrets.
2013-10-04 14:34
2013-10-04 14:38
this is going a bit too far lol, but it's great to see the enthusiasm around csgo getting bigger and bigger everyday! edit: it will be a bit awkward if they don't win DHW tho..
2013-10-04 14:39
web tv series*
2013-10-04 14:39
Denmark MrDivi
Lol cool. So gonna watch it. Hope it comes with english substitles atleast.
2013-10-04 14:40
They should follow/interview Anders as well
2013-10-04 14:42
2 replies
2013-10-04 15:56
hell no
2013-10-04 17:50
2013-10-04 14:45
Sounds good.. Would be nice if it wasn't only in swedish :P Make sure it ll be in english please haha..
2013-10-04 15:03
4 replies
GeT_RiGhT said on twitter that there will be subtitles.
2013-10-04 15:37
3 replies
good to hear, thanks
2013-10-04 20:23
Thanks for that info :)
2013-10-04 22:28
1 reply
np mate :)
2013-10-05 00:09
looks GOOD
2013-10-04 15:07
trying to copy gamecribs from taysam
2013-10-04 15:10
streaming pls
2013-10-04 15:11
I'm afraid. They win almost everything from the launch of GO and then when the biggest tourney yet, DH Winter, comes along they lose, I know its glass half empty thinking. But they just deserve to win on there past results alone. On the other hand if they do lose then it shows that they're are not the best/best-prepared team ever/still. Gonna be really interesting to see if they can actually win it. Pressure is really on now! ^^
2013-10-04 15:18
2 replies
Finland joona
+1 so stoked :D
2013-10-04 15:26
even if they won't manage to win 100k, still, a second place finish (50k) shouldn't be consider as a big disappointment.
2013-10-04 17:26
JDC | 
Germany fLakz
I want some action figures of NiP
2013-10-04 15:21
2 replies
Yeah i got the friberg toy at my happy meal yesterday
2013-10-04 16:27
1 reply
There was a rude comment here
2013-10-04 18:19
This should help me with my Swedish learning :D
2013-10-04 15:22
this will destroy nip imo
2013-10-04 15:27
english subtitles?
2013-10-04 15:45
10 replies
You are from finland and you dont speak/understand swedish? :O
2013-10-04 16:31
9 replies
You're from Finland and you don't understand that not every Finn knows Swedish?
2013-10-04 16:51
8 replies
some people live in a very small box
2013-10-04 17:17
in finland learning swedish at school is compulsory, so you should be able to assume that everyone knows the basics at least but obviously not all of the finns understand swedish well enough to watch a full documentary in swedish
2013-10-04 22:08
1 reply
Yes I do know that Swedish is an official language in Finland but I can assure you that the majority of Finns would not understand a Swedish movie/documentary/show without subs, unlike what emmaz implied in his comment.
2013-10-04 23:05
in finland learning swedish at school is compulsory, so you should be able to assume that everyone knows the basics at least
2013-10-04 22:38
4 replies
Why do you reply with the exact same comment as the one above you? That only makes you look stupid. Are you not able to speak for yourself?
2013-10-04 23:11
2 replies
And what else?
2013-10-25 20:17
1 reply
You smell.
2013-10-25 21:19
If you sleep at school and dont care about learn swedish, you wont learn anything expect ''jag heter''
2013-10-21 22:33
You got any idea if there will be any vods? To watch is later, you know.
2013-10-04 15:59
the pilot and 2nd episode will feature friberg eating
2013-10-04 16:28
Kungarna av counterstrike makes comeback eh? :)
2013-10-04 16:40
vg > nip
2013-10-04 16:50
Will it be on english or swedish?
2013-10-04 16:52
2 replies
Iceland alex!
Swedish with english subtitles.
2013-10-04 16:56
2013-10-04 18:40
Looking forward to it. I wish this kind of reality series was shot during the 1.6 era.
2013-10-04 17:05
wmb1 is the director..
2013-10-04 17:08
1 reply
My jimmies are rustling
2013-10-04 17:12
Will watch this ofc :) FUn to see so CS on tv again(Well cs related atleast)
2013-10-04 18:26
2013-10-04 19:29
don't count ur eggs before they hatch ..
2013-10-04 19:39
NiP <3
2013-10-04 20:03
swedish or english?...
2013-10-04 20:37
Hope it's going to be a succes :) Note for NiP: Please dress out in pyjamas and do a ninja stand to start of the show !!
2013-10-04 21:40
thats fucking awesome!!! i wanna watch that
2013-10-04 22:08
United Kingdom paullll
2013-10-04 22:50
2013-10-05 00:18
damn, nice. CS best eSport ever! i dont play atm but i just wanna see that like ScreaM have invidual skills to make 5hs easily, damn thats best game to watch!
2013-10-05 03:52
are you serious? this is epic
2013-10-05 03:56
I hope they have drop in guests on the show. It'd be hilarious to see Delpan crashing on the couch or Gux stopping buy to borrow a cup of sugar.
2013-10-05 07:29
TV6 is a great channel :) much better than what we have here
2013-10-05 10:06
Im sorry but whats tv6 D: i live on the other aide of the world
2013-10-05 14:29
2013-10-05 15:51
well atleast they picked the best team in the world to do it with ^__^
2013-10-05 23:13
f0rest is so sexy
2013-10-06 12:47
I want LGB to make top 3 or even win it ! Facing SK in the finals thatd be huge ! with NIP getting 3rd or something.. LGB deserves alot more the what they have..
2013-10-06 15:00
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