ALTERNATE sign Berzerk

ALTERNATE have announced via their website that they have completed the signing of the Berzerk CS:GO team.

The German team were in attendance at the ESWC qualifier at Evercore, in Leverkusen, two weeks, assuring themselves of a spot at the world finals in Paris with a 2-1 victory over Party Daddlers in the tournament decider.

It was the first event for Berzerk, who had recently lost the support of ALTERNATE and were attending the tournament with a stand-in, Christian "Rak" Hermenau-Puhlvers.

asmo from /10/

asmo & co picked up by ALTERNATE

And Berzerk's displays in Leverkusen seem to have caught the eye of ALTERNATE as the German organisation have decided to re-sign the team.

"As you surely noticed, I was a stand-in for Berzerk at the ESWC qualifier," Hermenau-Puhlvers told ALTERNATE's website.

"We were able to train for just a week, but we managed to get the spot, and we are looking forward to the event in Paris.

"I missed the tournaments and competing with the best. But things turned out for the best, and now I can reinvest time in Counter-Strike, more than I would have thought.

"Now it is again 'Rak-n-roll'."

ALTERNATE now have the following CS:GO division:

Germany Felix "fel1x" Zech
Germany Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend
Switzerland Manuel "SolEk" Zeindler
Germany Azmican "asmo" Berberoglu
Germany Christian "Rak" Hermenau-Puhlvers

2013-10-07 19:05
gl gl
2013-10-07 19:05
sick lineup
2013-10-07 19:06
I think they are around the same level as the old line-up, good luck anyway.
2013-10-07 19:07
2013-10-07 19:08
Denmark crZy 
Gl asmo and co!
2013-10-07 19:07
2013-10-07 19:08
France Kairos1g 
Alternate sign Alternate, basically
2013-10-07 19:11
2013-10-07 19:18
Europe eler 
old lu
2013-10-07 19:14
Spain 1zu 
2013-10-07 22:38
2013-10-07 19:34
German CS GO team changes all the time but sick...
2013-10-07 19:35
Solid team
2013-10-07 19:41
surprise surprise
2013-10-07 19:42
Germany Dok1 
well...basically the old ALTERNATE lineup +asmo :D
2013-10-07 19:47
2013-10-07 19:48
2013-10-07 20:02
in CS:Shit yea
2013-10-07 21:43
CS:Shit because you can't even run the game on your shitty pc?
2013-10-07 21:52
so clueless brah
2013-10-07 21:58
hehe dis waz such a gud jokeh
2013-10-08 13:52
HLTV did not put into news that alternate disband and now that line up + asmo is taken by alternate again? LOL
2013-10-07 20:01
Good lineup. Hopefully they can win some stuff.
2013-10-07 20:19
are you kidding me?
2013-10-07 21:11
Belarus ALBiNh0 
Rak-n-roll ?
2013-10-08 11:39
?? ALTERNATE -> Berzerk -> ALTERNATE ? o_O
2013-10-08 17:39
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