NiP knock fnatic out

Ninjas in Pyjamas have knocked fnatic out of SLTV StarSeires VII with a 2-0 win in the lower bracket final (16-11 on de_train_se, 16-12 on de_inferno_se).

NiP and fnatic suffered losses in their opening matches in SLTV StarSeries VII, and their second and last chance to stay in contention for the title was the lower bracket final against each other.

fnatic were fighting for their tournament life

The match started on de_train_se, the same map their controversial encounter at DH Bucharest took place on, with fnatic beginning on the CT side.

Still being the underdogs despite that win in Romania, fnatic took an early 2-0 lead, but NiP quickly cut them off and turned the tables around, 3-2.

After exchanging the next couple of rounds, fnatic had an eco they only could have dreamed of, with Robin "flusha" Rönnquist scoring two amazing long range headshots with his usp and the rest of his team cleaning up for 4-4.

That seemed to lift fnatic's spirits, as they went on to win 6 more rounds in a row for a 10-4 lead, including some clutch play by Andreas "MODDII" Fridh, and some good AWP kills by Jesper "jw" Wecksell in the process.

The reigning champions, however, didn't roll over and Alesund, together with Robin "Fifflaren" Johansson, clinched a 2-on-3 situation in the last round of the half to reduce the deficit to 10-5.

f0rest had another memorable pistol round

After switching sides, the world's best pistol player Patrik "f0rest" Lindberg once again showed why he deserves that title as he scored four fast headshots in the outer bombsite, kickstarting NiP's comeback.

Ninjas completely shut down all entrances and won round after round, bar the 22nd one when Andreas "schneider" Lindberg opened up the action with the Terrorists' automatic sniper as fnatic somehow evened the score at 11-11.

However, their economy was immediately reset and NiP practically strolled until the end of the map, closing it out with 16-11.

Map two was de_inferno_se, and fnatic once again got to start on the CT side thanks to winning the knife round.

They looked very good in the beginning, getting a 5-0 lead and reading NiP's plays even after losing the 6th round, eventually getting to a 7-1 advantage.

However, Ninjas found some answers of their own and they slowly reduced the deficit while fnatic refused to go on a save round, eventually losing their last forced buy for 7-5.

NiP had found their grasp of the map, only losing the 14th round to some intuitive play by Wecksell, whose 2 kills through a smoke in a 3-on-3 brought fnatic their 8th round in an otherwise unsettling 8-7 lead at the half.

The momentum completely escaped Fridh's team and they quickly dropped the lead they had, seeing NiP go up 12-8 after winning the pistol and the first buy of the second half.

GeT_RiGhT and MODDII had individual heroics in the late rounds of the match

However, fnatic didn't have their last say yet at this moment, as some thoughtful attacks allowed them to string a few rounds together, and eventually equalize the score at 12-12 thanks to an amazing 1vs3 clutch by Fridh.

NiP were now the ones who stubbornly kept buying, but in their case it paid off as they replied well for 13-12 and then Richard "Xizt" Landström scored 4 incredible close range headshots with a famas for 14-12.

It was another individual play, Alesund's amazing AK47 spray for three opening kills in the 27th round, that practically secured the map and the match for NiP, as they closed it out 16-12 quickly after that.

11th October 2013

 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 51 - 34 +17 - 1.36
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 46 - 30 +16 - 1.33
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 38 - 36 +2 - 1.08
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 35 - 29 +6 - 1.00
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 35 - 37 -2 - 0.97
 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquistflusha 39 - 41 -2 - 1.02
Sweden Andreas 'MODDII' FridhMODDII 38 - 39 -1 - 0.98
Sweden Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergznajder 37 - 41 -4 - 0.88
Sweden Jesper 'JW' WecksellJW 33 - 39 -6 - 0.84
Sweden Jonatan 'Devilwalk' LundbergDevilwalk 18 - 47 -29 - 0.42

fnatic are therefore out of the tournament, having to settle for the 4th place prize of $1,500, while NiP will stay in the battle for the title.

Next up for the Swedes is consolidation final on Saturday around 21:00 against the loser of VeryGames vs. Astana Dragons clash.

2013-10-11 22:58
devilwalk very poor performance , gj NIP
2013-10-11 22:58
It won't be long until some retard comes to complement his 61% of HS. Perhaps he should consider aiming a little lower.
2013-10-11 23:02
yeah but 18-47 score is very bad
2013-10-11 23:17
It is horrible, I'm not disagreeing.
2013-10-11 23:22
Germany gliss 
fiffy positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayayaya
2013-10-11 22:58
good job for him :D
2013-10-12 04:02
he's been very consistent recently
2013-10-12 04:38
Canada nehs 
xizt 4k was sick. so close to ace
2013-10-11 22:58
2013-10-11 23:03
most 4k are
2013-10-12 01:30
He meant Xizt nearly took down the 5th guy which is flusha with 7hp left if I am not wrong which makes it really close to ace.
2013-10-12 08:48
gj nip
2013-10-11 22:58
Netherlands t1m0 
I love the StarSeires
2013-10-11 22:59
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
I see what you did there
2013-10-11 23:13
nip easy xizt quad area control is scary
2013-10-11 22:59
lol -29... what a noob.
2013-10-11 22:59
He wasn't in a good shape that's all. Devilwalk is a good tactical player , I like him
2013-10-12 03:01
Fnatic so low
2013-10-11 22:59
2013-10-11 22:59
Fnatic: -DevilDance +Fiff
2013-10-11 23:00
Nip:-Fiff + DW
2013-10-11 23:03
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
2013-10-11 23:10
- devilwalk + FYRR73
2013-10-11 23:01
fNatic disband please. so low as always
2013-10-11 23:02
Expected, gg.
2013-10-11 23:04
GeT_RiGhT was so low tonight..
2013-10-11 23:05
And not f0rest?
2013-10-11 23:07
so low?LOL
2013-10-11 23:47
y in 1vx situation. He can't play on this match! Like a simple mid player
2013-10-13 00:01
Xizt carrying
2013-10-11 23:05
JW in lan is suck
2013-10-11 23:06
is suck?
2013-10-11 23:14
english deaded
2013-10-12 05:23
Azerbaijan Talley 
RIP in peace Engrish
2013-10-12 09:04
"Rest In Piece in piece Engrish"? Yes.. :D
2013-10-12 09:56
Azerbaijan Talley 
New to internet?
2013-10-12 11:25
Looked to me like get_right switched back to the m4a4 on inferno.
2013-10-11 23:07
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
dat devilwalk!!
2013-10-11 23:09
2013-10-11 23:11
-devilwalk +pyth
2013-10-11 23:12
2013-10-11 23:17
-dewilwalk +ceh9 /A/
2013-10-11 23:24
hahaha, devilwalk, nice stats :D
2013-10-11 23:28
moddii = young stallone
2013-10-12 00:14
Hah thought the same :D
2013-10-12 09:09
2013-10-12 00:18
Don't know why, but GeT_RiGhT and f0rest just can't seem to perform when playing the Starseries finals in Kiev. Just like when they were facing VP and Na'Vi those other times.
2013-10-12 00:33
GeT actually top fragged inferno if i remember right..
2013-10-12 01:22
Yeah, they actually played great untill they lost their 14-5 lead. Then they both fell through totally. The rest of the maps have been total chaos if you ask me.
2013-10-12 03:34
at least Xist came big, i mean very big
2013-10-12 11:57
Egypt Kar1 
2013-10-12 00:37
2013-10-12 00:38
f0rest king of ak & pistol
2013-10-12 01:06
scream is way better than anyone else in aimming
2013-10-12 04:42
we neeed fking highlights here!! if I mention only NiP and only a few situations so Xist epic -4 vs VG, forest -4 vs VG, Xist -4 vs fnatic M4, Xist -4 vs fnatic with famas, Fiff -4 vs fnatic, forest -4 pistol, at the end moddis 1 vs 3 came in my mind.. wish I just have CSGO and can make some vids omfg.. Do something!! Edit: GeT also made -4 at least twice vs fnatic, mb knife kill was cool..
2013-10-12 01:20
First Highlight uploaded, 8 more to come: sadly only NiP vs fnatic because the demo of VG vs NiP's first map isn't available
2013-10-18 16:27
JW low as f.... (its ok admins?)
2013-10-12 01:25
or this is lan xD
2013-10-12 01:30
Devilwalk 18-47 =/
2013-10-12 01:31
devilwalk good but not best (jw best)
2013-10-12 01:34
Guys you gotta remember that those fnatic guys are pretty "new" to the scene (except moddii). That explains why they sometimes underperform at lan compared to their online results. Just give them a few months and they'll give vg nip and co a good run for their money
2013-10-12 02:23
come on could you say they "underperform" ... they were extremely strong..Even NIP won, but i believe nip guys felt lucky also. Very tough , close games/
2013-10-12 04:40
India Ad1_KaM 
NiP winners of SLTV! :D
2013-10-12 02:42
Did anyone notice flusha's pistol play on train outfuckingstanding sunshine
2013-10-12 03:01
Expected. NiP will RAPE VG in the Grand Finals.
2013-10-12 03:24
devilkwalk= fiflaren
2013-10-12 04:47
-devilwalk -schneider +pyth +twist
2013-10-12 06:22
wow devilwalk ... that is pretty bad
2013-10-12 07:56
me > devilwalk
2013-10-12 08:41
omg something green green besides Fiffy! O.O
2013-10-12 09:40
Get right photo new troll face
2013-10-12 10:33
Turkey fnDy 
jw best
2013-10-12 10:35
-29. 0zstr1ker, is that you?
2013-10-12 11:27
n1 haha
2013-10-12 11:44
gj NiP
2013-10-12 17:01
-Devilwalk +twist
2013-10-12 17:09
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