CPH Wolves win Gaming.dk League 7

October 13th, 2013 13:31

Copenhagen Wolves have been crowned champions of Gaming.dk's League after a 2-0 victory over AWESOME in the Grand Final.

The finals of Gaming.dk's League, powered by SteelSeries, took place under the aegis of NPF #14, a local LAN party that is still taking place in Fredericia, a city located in the Jutland peninsula, and gathered the top four sides of the online season.

Last time around, the Gaming.dk finals were quite interesting as CPH Wolves, Western Wolves and fnatic were all fighting for the trophy. Two of those teams have since fallen apart, leaving CPH Wolves as the team everyone expects to see triumphing.

And that is exactly what happened. Jacob "Pimp" Winneche's side eased past Xapso 2-0 in the semi-finals (16-7 on de_dust2_se, 16-9 on de_mirage_ce) to contest the trophy and the first prize of €1,750 with AWESOME, who had defeated EYES ON U on two maps (16-9 on de_dust2_se, 16-13 on de_train_se).

dupreeh & co win Gaming.dk before the ESWC finals

The Grand Final ended up being a one-sided affair, with CPH Wolves picking up a 2-0 victory without breaking much of a sweat (16-4 on de_mirage_ce and 16-10 on de_nuke_se).

Gaming.dk League 7 final standings:

1. Denmark CPH Wolves - €1750
2. Denmark AWESOME - €800
3. Denmark Xapso - €400
4. Denmark EYES ON U - €270

2013-10-13 13:32
namber wan
2013-10-13 14:42
Denmark xone 
Im pretty sure they played inferno as second map :) Fully deserved win for the wolves, they are by fare the best team in Denmark.
2013-10-13 13:37
Denmark zlunk 
This is the GDK League where the second map was nuke, the other match where inferno was the 2. map, was the main tournament of the lan :)
2013-10-13 13:59
Denmark xone 
Aaaaah.. Smart!
2013-10-13 13:59
2013-10-13 13:37
Danish scene used to be stronK, but now its wronk :( I miss Nico, etc. Old CPH Wolves / WW was much better.
2013-10-13 13:40
It's gonna take time for the teams to balance out again with all the rosters shuffles that happen in Denmark. However I do agree, some of the earlier rivalries were better for Denmark.
2013-10-13 13:43
Denmark kozality 
You are indeed right. The only team we have who can contest the very top is Copenhagen Wolves. Xapso, EYES ON U and AWESOME are all just one or two steps behind. E: It is definitely the weakest scene we've had in CS: GO and Source for a few years.
2013-10-13 13:55
yeah, worst scene in years :(
2013-10-13 14:11
2013-10-13 13:46
danish scene need trace nico cajun device wantz gla1ve and karrigan to comeback in danish teams.
2013-10-13 21:36
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