mousesports sign Party Daddlers

October 21st, 2013 15:01

mousesports have returned to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by picking up Party Daddlers, who will be attending RC EMS One Fall 2013 Finals this weekend.

The German organization had supported CS:GO with both a British and a German teams previously, but dropped the German team in June as they chose to withdraw from the game.

Following the recent announcement of the $250,000 tournament at DreamHack Winter and Valve seemingly beginning of support the game more, mousesports have decided to return to its roots.

chrisJ from LowLandLions

chrisJ's PD join mousesports 

Returning to mousesports will be Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert, while everyone else, including Chris "chrisJ" de Jong, who hasn't represented a notable organization previously in his career, will be joining mouz for the first time.

Tabbert also gave mousesports' website a statement about joining the organization, their future plans and goals and more, and you can read it below right here:

"I’m not sure what to say? We’ve finally managed to team up with an organisation, that totally fulfills all our demands. It took quite some hard work, but it ended well. We’re teaming up with none other than mousesports", Tabbert told

"Personally, it’s my second attempt with mouz. But unlike last time, everything will be smooth now. We’re ready to rewrite the chapter CS:GO and Germany and we will put in everything we have to constantly compete at the top.

"Our goal is to convince our fans at DreamHack. We’re already working very hard for this and invest multiple hours every single day. But the first step will be tonight’s EPS Cup, the EPS Finals as well as the EMS One Finals next weekend. We hope for many fans to cheer for us, as we have some sort of home field advantage!

"If you like, take a look at the Facebook pages of our players, as we’re giving away free tickets for the EMS One Finals and we hope for a lot of support and noise from the fans, to make those Scandinavians feel uncomfortable playing against the home team.

"We’re twice as motivated as before, since we found a new home in mousesports and we’re willing to invest even more now. I’m really looking foward to compete for mousesports and to represent BenQ, GeIL, XMG, Razer & Thortech again.


Ninic and de Jong most recently won EPS Germany as Party Ducks, and since then the squad's biggest accomplistment is beating Astana Dragons to qualify for the RC EMS One finals.


Netherlands Chris "chrisJ" de Jong
Germany Christian "crisby" Schmitt
Serbia Nikola "LEGIJA" Ninic
Germany Tizian "tiziaN" Feldbusch
Germany Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert
Germany Marcel "rAx" Klenner (backup)

mousesports will debut tonight at 19:00 in ESL Pro Series Germany Cup #3, followed up by RC EMS One Fall 2013 Finals, which are set to begin at 12:00 on Saturday.

2013-10-21 15:02
2013-10-21 15:02
2013-10-21 15:02
2013-10-21 15:03
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
oh uh
2013-10-21 15:03
2013-10-21 15:03
+cLy top5 easy
2013-10-21 15:03
+ cly = disband
2013-10-21 15:09
cLy is not as bad as people make him
2013-10-21 18:54
he is.
2013-10-21 22:53
2013-10-21 22:54
endless stories, why teams disbanded partly or mostly because of him
2013-10-21 23:15
which teams then?
2013-10-22 14:11
TCM-Gaming, /10/
2013-10-22 15:10
you cant blame cLy alone for that, its not that simple apparently ;)
2013-10-22 16:26
of course not, but cLy often appears as aggressor in these situations...
2013-10-22 21:48
2013-10-21 16:27
2013-10-21 15:04
good news!
2013-10-21 15:04
chrisJ best
2013-10-21 15:04
Poland Kuz. 
~3 weeks
2013-10-21 15:04
Not even top20. ~3 weeks.
2013-10-21 15:05
mouzzz <3
2013-10-21 15:05
Brazil autismo 
lel online kings jk
2013-10-21 15:06
party ducks :D ?
2013-10-21 15:06
Netherlands Nieroth 
Yeah, after that they played as Playing Daddlers. Great teams ;p
2013-10-21 15:43
Poland dalaylama 
2013-10-21 15:06
2013-10-21 15:06
this games is so dead^^
2013-10-21 15:06
ahhaha, whaat?0 250K$ tournament, a bunch of online leagues and tournaments happening every month. The cs scene is more alive then ever!
2013-10-21 16:16
I think he was being sarcastic..
2013-10-21 16:34
Maybe, but there is alooot of idiots on this site that is trying to bring down the scene.
2013-10-21 17:11
that might be true, but it needs 2 steps to bring a scene down, the PPL who actually trying to bring it down and the ppl who believe them ;-)
2013-10-21 18:06
im 100% sure he was being sarcastic :D EG and mouz n same day ... games dead for sure :P
2013-10-21 19:16
good luck!
2013-10-21 15:07
pretty good setup, hope they last until dhw
2013-10-21 15:07
gl boys <3 chris niko
2013-10-21 15:07
haha onliners gl
2013-10-21 15:07
said the online fan :)
2013-10-21 15:14
2013-10-21 15:07
n11111 gl tiziaN<3 & others
2013-10-21 15:09
mouz <3
2013-10-21 15:09
Denmark wubz 
- LEGIJA + cLy Atleast that's what my opinion is after watching some games :)
2013-10-21 15:09
they dont like cLy ^^
2013-10-21 15:13
cly is a foldmachine
2013-10-21 15:15
Austria kL0n 
2013-10-21 15:22
Troubley is also a big problem in teams and is a foldmachine and they are playing with him
2013-10-21 15:39
The teams with Troubley always lasted longer though.
2013-10-21 16:35
Youre cLueless
2013-10-21 15:19
chrisJ and LEGIJA are actually better than the their 3 german teammates
2013-10-21 17:24
2013-10-21 17:50
2013-10-21 17:51
it's hard to say actually. crisby is pretty sick, legija has downs and ups and chrisJ is not good with rifles so...
2013-10-21 17:52
LEGIJA isn't consistent. He's very unstable with his performances. chrisJ and Troubley is the best players at the team, from my point of view.
2013-10-22 10:51
I think cLy would not be a good idea here... I agree tho, that LEGIJA is the weakest link in that team right now
2013-10-25 15:52
now we're talkin
2013-10-21 15:10
chrisJ gl
2013-10-21 15:11
Nice news, gl guys
2013-10-21 15:12
nice. GL chrisJ and LEGIJA
2013-10-21 15:13
2013-10-21 15:13
gl guys
2013-10-21 15:14
World ba$e 
2013-10-21 15:14
g00d gl
2013-10-21 15:16
excepted :D
2013-10-21 15:20
2013-10-21 15:21
Estonia 2026 
Just read that somewhere and was expecting it.
2013-10-21 15:24
top 5 world
2013-10-21 15:25
Great news. These guys look like they could revive the (partly) German scene, if they keep at it. Hopefully being picked up by Mouz will have that effect.
2013-10-21 15:27
maybe I've been away for too long but it feels weird comparing this line up with cyx/roman/gob b/kapio/tixo
2013-10-21 15:27
The german scene needs fresh blood. And I am pretty sure we will see gob b as a stand-in on the one or the other occasion.
2013-10-21 15:46
gob b will not play again ( Source:
2013-10-21 15:58
would be really sad if he didn't but I don't think he would downturn his former org when being asked to replace a player if one doesn't have time to play-
2013-10-21 16:05
+1 he did the same for mouz one EPS germany finals would be good to see him on action even a sa short time stand-in..
2013-10-21 16:11
well gob b did play as a stand in already and apparently did great even he'd though not played cs:go much. Still I don't know I expected bigger names for mouz
2013-10-21 16:59
such as?
2013-10-21 16:52
don't know tbh I kept touch with the scene lately, maybe these guys are good I don't know but I can't say I thrilled to see this line up in mouz
2013-10-21 17:01
I lost touch*
2013-10-21 17:15
Some weeks ago I heard roman started playing some CS:GO. When I first saw the headline of this news I though "Yes! He's back!" :(
2013-10-21 18:36
China Jav!eRy~ 
mouz is back!
2013-10-21 15:28
this team doesn't deserve the mouz tittle thats for sure
2013-10-21 15:32
remains to be seen.
2013-10-21 16:13
Netherlands jen5on 
great pick! this is a potential topteam, especially with this motivation boost..
2013-10-21 15:36
Nice news :)
2013-10-21 15:39
gj! gl
2013-10-21 15:39
Fantastic to see mouz back! Surely, they picked up possible the best german team at the moment.
2013-10-21 15:44
troubley and cLy two best german madfrager
2013-10-21 15:44
gl mouz
2013-10-21 15:45
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Gl bro, mouz¦chrisJ sounds good :P
2013-10-21 15:45
Netherlands xilo 
Happa ChriS
2013-10-21 15:45
Slovakia j0fa 
nice, GL guys :)
2013-10-21 15:48
Two months
2013-10-21 15:48
Netherlands Nieroth 
Nice news, chrisJ deserves a good org. GL.
2013-10-21 15:48
now they will give money under the table to get a DH invite
2013-10-21 15:52
Good luck! Make some trouble, troubley! :)
2013-10-21 15:54
gl chrisJ
2013-10-21 15:56
chrisj onliner most of germans are onliner mouseesports german organisation good choice
2013-10-21 15:57
gl chrisJ
2013-10-21 15:59
I feel like mouz should sign them up after EMS One ends. I think they will fail on LAN
2013-10-21 16:02
United States Bibby 
I love all my niggas..
2013-10-21 16:03
Good luck tiziaN! Hopefully will do some damage internationally ;)
2013-10-21 16:03
gl boys :) @DELLER SUCK IT :D:D:D
2013-10-21 16:05
nice, gl boys
2013-10-21 16:08
World Jeza 
Good news. Not competing to be best team without some different members though.
2013-10-21 16:18
EG,mousesports and sk back in just a month. Bright future for cs:go :)
2013-10-21 16:28
yep, just mtw needs to join that list :)
2013-10-21 18:52
Congratulations Chris, and best of luck to all of you!
2013-10-21 16:28
Sweden BenneDoT 
2013-10-21 16:29
2013-10-21 16:30
Netherlands mintmeister 
Nice to see mousesports back
2013-10-21 16:34
gl chrisJ & co. :)
2013-10-21 16:34
gl chrisJ
2013-10-21 16:50
nice, now remove frisby andadd kajsk1ng!!11
2013-10-21 16:58
Grats Chris and gl
2013-10-21 16:58
mouz tag! memories ...
2013-10-21 17:00
-legija +cLy /kRYSTAL /Rak
2013-10-21 17:01
+1 kRYSTAL would be a good choice
2013-10-22 21:06
MOUZ!!!!!!!<3<3<3 amazing!!!
2013-10-21 17:01
GL mouz, best of luck with your deserved team, chriJ
2013-10-21 17:04
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
gl chrisJ
2013-10-21 17:05
Europe midi 
Disband after DHW 100%.
2013-10-21 17:08
Belgium Clinternet 
wb mouz but get other people plzz
2013-10-21 17:13
Awesome all we need now is mTw, WinFakt, NoA to come-back and make their CSGO division. Thanks Valve for making this game more appealing to everyone (including the organizations).
2013-10-21 17:16
2013-10-21 17:16
tizianowich xD
2013-10-21 17:21
all the big ones are coming back
2013-10-21 17:21
2013-10-21 17:23
2013-10-21 17:29
Nice! GL mousesports
2013-10-21 17:32
how wonderful :-)
2013-10-21 17:37
GL chrisss
2013-10-21 17:47
GL chris
2013-10-21 17:55
n1 mouz r3! :D
2013-10-21 17:57
love this tag and these players <3
2013-10-21 18:06
We’re teaming up with none other than mousesports", Tabbert told OK
2013-10-21 18:09
Romania mitzabzzz 
sk and mouz.. this shit is starting to get real ;)
2013-10-21 18:12
deserved !
2013-10-21 18:18
ahahaha rAx as backup Seriously, if someone told me 1-4 years ago people like legja and rax would play in mouz someday (the suppossed #1 in Germany) I would have laughed so hard. Well, but in the current "situation" in Germany it seems "okay" :/ Good to see a talented "newcomer" with tiziaN (actually he was already very good in 1.6). And I'm also happy for chrisj cause he deserves a good organisation/team; already in 1.6 he deserved a better org (always thought people did underrate him). And then there is Troubley. Once the most hated newcomer ("I will become the next rookie of the season"; jesus, this guy had to deal with so much hate from the community) he plays now already since many years for German top organisations but never won anything. Now is your time Troubley! :D Though I actually already lost some faith in that team after they lost against berzerk in the qualifier final.
2013-10-21 18:39
neo, Blizzard, Johnny R, Roman R and gore. Back when German CS was decent and mouz was at it's best
2013-10-21 18:40
Yeah I was a big fan of that team (though not with Johnny R., his time was already over; but with papst). Still hear the sound of that legendary movie in my head :D That time was just awesome. Alternate aTTax, mousesports, OCRANA, Team64.AMD,,, , a-Losers.MSI, TBH, n!facutly :O But the best mouz lineup ever was actually Kapio, roman, cyx, gob, Tixo. Unfortunately (with the death of cyx) it ended quite fast :( I guess the most successful lineup was with gob, cyx, tixo, kapio, gore
2013-10-21 18:54
Tixo was king to be honest
2013-10-21 23:33
Tixo was a left-handed monster-like fragging machine.
2013-10-22 02:44
Yes, mooNs, approxs, gobs and also Kapios first team was Alternate, mousesports or SK-Gaming. I was literally born into FNATIC just saying and ceh9 started cs and used the clantag NaVi instantly showing off on cs_assault.
2013-10-21 18:51
Huh? I didn't say anything about old aTTax? Wrong reply? Or do you mean because Troubley also came from aTTax to mouz? And uhm, gob never played for aTTax. But you're right with Kapio and Tixo. Same goes for roman and silver. approx is a classic attax player (never played for mouz). Like mooN, chucky, CHEF-Koch, paN,.. mooN's first team was the legendary TAMM :D
2013-10-21 19:07
No I posted this because players get old, retire and new players arrive to the scene. Jezus christ.
2013-10-21 19:11
Ah, so you tried to tell me that it's okay to get straight into a top organisation? I never said anything different. I even wrote that I'm happy to see a newcomer like tiziaN becoming a part of mousesports. Or do you mean because what I said about rax and legja? Well these two guys are certainly not new..
2013-10-21 19:17
I was being sarcastic. It's probably true that 99% of the germans do not get jokes or understand it when people are being sarcastic.
2013-10-21 19:55
#bullshitpost new game... get over it...
2013-10-21 18:54
2013-10-21 18:41
go mouz!
2013-10-21 18:56
Gratz Chris, finally there where u want to be, work hard and it paid off. Time to work harder gl bro
2013-10-21 19:12
GL CHRISJ!!!!!!!!
2013-10-21 19:41
good luck guys!
2013-10-21 20:10
Nice to see mousesports back in CS GO. I really hope they will win the german Championship as well as placing "good" at DHW. gl boys, make us proud!
2013-10-21 20:19
pls dont give Mouz a DH invite!!!!!!!!!! that will atleast shows how corrupt this shit is!
2013-10-21 20:55
in what way?
2013-10-21 21:04
wOw! unexpected
2013-10-21 21:45
United States HVK 
It's just not CS without seeing that mouz name, grats :D
2013-10-21 22:09
: ) - NICE!
2013-10-21 22:21
n1 gl
2013-10-21 23:17
stupid choice
2013-10-21 23:26
2013-10-22 00:25
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
2013-10-21 23:41
Germany gg-wp 
german efficiency strikes back. ^^ those are some dope ass players. they worked hard to achieve what they are able to do today. they worked hard to become highly developed cs brains, we have like other countries all over the world. best luck to them. we gotta compete against all othose international mights again. the russians, the danes, the ukrainians, the swedish, the american and many others all have dope ass teams. we as spoiled germans whiners just should stop to fuck ourselves and play together like brothers for our nation, for ourselves and for the team we play with. germany has one of the biggest spoiled whiners in history today because of the lack of the right mentality. so more people have material things and wealth so more unpleased and bad they seem to be. we gotta strike back with goodness like other nations do.
2013-10-22 03:02
Germany fulltilt 
this team is not the answer for wot u seek in them
2013-10-22 03:09
Netherlands jen5on 
The german scene is spoiled because of history, i'll quote piwi: "That time was just awesome. Alternate aTTax, mousesports, OCRANA, Team64.AMD,,, , a-Losers.MSI, TBH, n!facutly :O"
2013-10-22 10:01
Azerbaijan Talley 
Inb4 great results until first LAN tournament.
2013-10-22 10:08
Dutch represent mdfk
2013-10-22 10:32
n!faculty not a noticable organization? anyway GL Chris
2013-10-22 12:10
Germany Kami19o4 
Party Ducks ... Who doesn't remember their epic win ...
2013-10-22 12:11
hup holland hup
2013-10-22 12:50
great, now bring back roman :D
2013-10-22 17:22
ChriJ with scout > all
2013-10-22 22:07
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