Temp.no announce return

Temp.no have announced their return to activity with a newly-built lineup.

The Norwegian team had joined H2k Gaming in May with hopes of attending more international events in the future, but they slowly (and surprisingly) stepped away from the spotlight and failed to reach the ESWC qualifier after losing to infurity.mix and Lions in the BYOC tournament.

It seems now that some of the players have now decided to give it another go under the leadership of veteran Jon Thomas "DaY" Rudstrøm, who is joined by former Temp.no team-mates Martin "cENTRYZ" Brandal and Eivind "Leffa" Johan Fasting.


REASTEN joins Temp.no

Making up the rest of the team are Adam "paint" Fjellum, formerly of Lions, and Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen, one of the most accomplished Norwegian players in the last years of competitive CS 1.6, with spells in teams like Alchemists and Deathwish.

Temp.no have set their sights on attending DreamHack Winter, though it is still unclear whether they will receive an invite or have to play a qualifier.

The Norwegian team's lineup is the following:

Norway Thomas "DaY" Rudstrøm
Norway Martin "cENTRYZ" Brandal
Norway Eivind "Leffa" Johan Fasting
Norway Adam "paint" Fjellum
Norway Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen

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2013-10-25 00:01
t0p100 mAx
2013-10-25 00:01
We're looking forward to the times when top-100 be a major achievement. :]
2013-10-25 01:07
talking about universial soldiers?
2013-10-25 08:11
2013-10-25 09:39
2013-10-25 09:46
Poland metal_cs
nope they top 5
2013-10-25 11:16
only sweden has 5 better teams....
2013-10-25 11:20
Poland metal_cs
not rly for now France > Sweden VG,mistik,WGG in swe NIP, SK,fnatic etc and other's are <Top5 AD and NAVI very random all from that group above can beat all
2013-10-25 11:33
That wasn't his point. To use other words : NIP, SK, n!faculty, LGB and fnatic > U.S. So, polish guys can be top 5 in the world
2013-10-25 11:45
and dont forget that VG AD CPH beat them as well so they not even top 10 :D
2013-10-25 12:00
Poland metal_cs
CPH lose to US few days ago n!faculty-rotfl LGB and fnatic sure not >US maybe equal but not better any time soon
2013-10-25 12:10
atm all these team`s are better than US dont know what will change or not but atm they are better
2013-10-25 13:01
Poland kRAMERO
and?? who cares ?? neo taz and pasha are still champions.
2013-10-25 13:50
AD is only random online tbh ;]
2013-10-25 12:09
Poland metal_cs
ye, when see first time thsi dreamteam i bet they will dominate scene but until now im disapointed, hope they show us soon im wrong :)
2013-10-25 12:14
I was dissapointed too at first but I dont really look to online matches that much, and last international LAN they beat NiP and only lost to a stunningly good VG, so Im partially happy. I just dont understand why after fox and guardian (both great awpers) they dont give markeloff the role in hopes of returning to his 1.6 form, because there's barely any sniping in AD, if there is it's usually autosniper, and they switch the role of sniper between 3 players ://
2013-10-25 12:16
Poland metal_cs
ye Marik beast with scopes i love his magic jump swith scout
2013-10-25 12:29
chrisJ thaught him ;)
2013-10-25 12:37
sweden clearly has the strongest scene.
2013-10-25 12:16
Poland metal_cs
last weeeks i see FR is stronger maybe NIP are hidding their tactic and form before important tournaments but until this FR is 1 then SWE
2013-10-25 12:26
Not only have NiP won close to every tourney so far and only been beaten by VG at one LAN, there's also fnatic, SK, n!faculty and LGB. In a wider sense, the Swedish scene is stronger no doubt. Like in 1.6, Sweden can make it to a national teams final with their B/C team and have a perfectly realistic chance of winning it.
2013-10-25 12:49
you misread him. "sweden has the strongest scene" as in the most teams competing at a high level overall. nothing to do with whether or not the are winning but how many high level teams are active within that nations scene.
2013-10-25 19:47
Poland metal_cs
maybe bigest
2013-10-25 22:18
what a tard hahaha
2013-10-25 13:02
LGB, VG, SK, AD, CoL, n!, NiP, Clan-Mystik, Denial, Na'Vi, CPH Top 15 maybe
2013-10-25 19:53
Poland metal_cs
COL LGB n! Denial CPH just rotfl at this
2013-10-25 22:19
LGB is a much better team than US, if you think otherwise, you're just a blind polish fanboy
2013-10-30 13:06
Poland metal_cs
u didnt watch last LAN did u
2013-10-30 18:29
2013-10-25 00:02
N1 5/5
2013-10-25 00:02
2013-10-25 00:03
United Kingdom smoggy:.
sweeet, gl!
2013-10-25 00:03
good team, top 38279249 GL
2013-10-25 00:03
Ex6TenZ has a rival now
2013-10-25 00:04
I see what you did there. :D
2013-10-25 00:16
2013-10-25 00:30
2013-10-25 00:55
2013-10-25 00:04
cENTRYZ too good. Good luck :)
2013-10-25 00:04
We want REAL :) :O
2013-10-25 00:05
2013-10-25 00:22
2013-10-25 00:06
Chile MrJav1er
GLHF <3<3
2013-10-25 00:08
Gl paint <3
2013-10-25 00:09
gl paint
2013-10-25 00:09
Latvia Ke]R[4u
this team needs more real and kf3
2013-10-25 00:14
cENTRYZ to stronk! GLHF BoYz
2013-10-25 00:17
could have been a better team...
2013-10-25 00:19
2013-10-25 00:20
cENTRYZ is back :D
2013-10-25 00:22
2013-10-25 00:24
Greece her-1g
nice reasten is back in business :D where is prb mikkis tacky etc?
2013-10-25 00:25
GL !
2013-10-25 00:31
2013-10-25 00:36
2013-10-25 00:39
i want 969 back!! gl with this mix though ))
2013-10-25 00:39
doesnt matter what team.. its good for scene anyway
2013-10-25 00:40
I always see teams like this start decent, then fade away slowly and disappear from the scene. Like that swedish begrip with snajdan or something.
2013-10-25 00:52
temp.no did this already with their 1st lineup ;p
2013-10-25 12:48
Stinger, prb????
2013-10-25 00:42
2013-10-25 00:44
Is stinger, prb, REAL and Xp3 still plays CS?
2013-10-25 00:47
Dunno about REAL, prb and Stinger. Xp3 dont play CS but he plays Global Offensive
2013-10-25 00:58
Xp3 is playing with fRoD, Warden, Storm and moses on United5.
2013-10-25 02:14
My bad, I was meant to say KF3, lol.
2013-10-25 09:57
Stinger quited csgo after the H2k fiasko 5 months back i think. He is playing lol now. prb is still playing. I think you will see himmel in a new team pretty soon. REAL did play a little csgo some months back, just a few gathers. KF3 quited 1.6 and i dont think u will see him again:)
2013-10-25 10:24
I want Lasse back.
2013-10-25 16:35
Reasten not you too.
2013-10-25 00:57
Norway billson
You can loose if you have hair like that. Just look @ exiztenz
2013-10-25 01:06
good luck
2013-10-25 01:13
we miss you REAL
2013-10-25 01:16
2013-10-25 11:19
gl boys! Norway fo prez
2013-10-25 01:29
gl kenneth!
2013-10-25 01:44
need prb
2013-10-25 01:45
prb day cENTRYZ stingeR REASTEN
2013-10-25 01:46
prb kalle centryz stinger tacky. The only all-norwegian lineup who could do some damage. This team won't do anything
2013-10-25 02:17
u dont even know how kalle plays cs go,that comment is so random lol
2013-10-25 02:25
Yeah and I didn't say that this team WOULD do some damage, I said it's the only one who COULD you idiot. Learn to read...
2013-10-25 02:53
Your comment makes no sense.
2013-10-25 06:40
You're a moron.
2013-10-25 07:54
I watched kalle in some noerwegian-only league before several months.He was quite decent :)
2013-10-25 08:53
wtf didn't DaY get busted?? why are they making a team with a cheater....
2013-10-25 03:21
2013-10-25 04:00
What have I done to you Bjørn!?! You didnt pick me in the last gather, and now this?? :D hltv.org/match/2238234-tempno-plan-b-cop..
2013-10-25 08:06
2013-10-25 10:27
And we gonna let it burn burn burn.
2013-10-25 11:52
grrrrrrr, brb
2013-10-25 13:36
2013-10-25 14:58
Oh snap
2013-10-26 13:05
2013-10-25 08:56
top 30 easy :D
2013-10-25 04:27
Nice to see the Norwegian scene doing well. Good luck, new Temp!
2013-10-25 04:28
finally..a great team will do some damage from great country gl homies!
2013-10-25 06:18
Gl to centryz and dayz :)
2013-10-25 06:35
promising lineup
2013-10-25 07:14
Gl guys!
2013-10-25 07:27
REAL kalle tacky prb hellzerk
2013-10-25 09:01
Thomas "DaY" Rudstrøm - Legend Martin "cENTRYZ" Brandal - Overhyped Eivind "Leffa" Johan Fasting - Noob Adam "paint" Fjellum - pretty Decent Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen - Beast Top 20.
2013-10-25 09:07
thats harsh :<
2013-10-26 11:15
Stfu, Noob.
2013-10-26 11:43
2013-10-25 09:46
Crossing fingers
2013-10-25 09:51
DaY the hacker?
2013-10-25 09:55
..seriously? you're the one who accused chrisj right? oh yes , nvm , discussion ended.
2013-10-25 13:03
Yes, I said He's suspicious and then I apologized when I watched him on lan. And I haven't accused DaY, ESL did.
2013-10-25 13:30
2013-10-25 14:34
sorry 4PL
2013-10-25 20:36
ESL never accused day of cheating, it was 4PL.
2013-10-25 14:58
Gl boys :)
2013-10-25 10:25
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
"Kenneth "REASTEN" Kristiansen, one of the most accomplished Norwegian players in the last years of competitive CS 1.6" Was he? Don't remember any Norwegian team being good in the last few years of CS except the ALCHEMISTS lineup with tacky and Kalle.
2013-10-25 10:25
accomplished in a norwegian post-2007 sense, where being in the best nor team is accomplishment enough in itself.
2013-10-25 10:55
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
I guess it depends on what you think the last years of competitive CS were, because as far as I remember, in the last 3 years atleast, the only accomplishing players were kalle, tacky and REAL (Can't remember when it was he quit).
2013-10-25 11:01
I believe REAL quit after cbteam in 2009 or 2010. They did good in some online tourneys as far as I remember, but failed to find org support (was supposed to be picked up by 4Kings, but something happened in the management). The only accomplishing players during the last years were kalle and tacky in ESC. My first comment was just a joke, poking fun at how bad Norwegian CS has been since 2007.
2013-10-25 11:14
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
oh haha +1 then ;)
2013-10-25 11:16
REAL was around in 2011 aswell playing the fnatic play and the nation cup
2013-10-25 15:47
Didn't know, but he was hardly professionally active though.
2013-10-25 18:21
I guess Reasten got his breakthroug with darkside along players like KORN and PEKKY, and then went to bigger teams like Expert-Gaming, who competed for the #1 team in Norway against teams like Lions (kalle, tacky, mikkis, hellzerk and vertigo). As cliff_ct says, post-2007, after the team9, Catch-gamer and MYM.no dominance.
2013-10-25 11:10
Gud DaY m8
2013-10-25 10:31
Great news, hope they can compete.
2013-10-25 10:38
There's no reason to bring up REAL all the time. He's clearly not coming back.
2013-10-25 10:57
I haven't seen much of the norwegian cs-scene after I retired as an Catch-gamer writer, but it's real nice to see Reasten and DaY back in it. Leffa and paint was regarded as great CS:S when I was still active, so I guess this mix will be full of experience. How is the scene nowadays DaY?
2013-10-25 11:15
Pretty inconsistent i would say.
2013-10-25 16:06
Not very good, we need catch-gamer.no, some big tournements like The Gathering, DigiLab etcc +++ .... and some decent teams :)
2013-10-25 17:10
Im sorry to hear that. I would guess that reopen Catch-gamer, or nesc would give the scene a lift. But I guess the site would be expensive and it would need a lot of work.
2013-10-25 20:26
Norway Crush<3
haha nesc. +1
2013-10-26 10:06
me want prb, me want stinger
2013-10-25 11:52
Would have been better if prb was in the lineup aswell, but gl guys :)
2013-10-25 13:51
I bashed all of them in MM alrdy ._.
2013-10-25 13:59
like ibrahimovic and cynep just bashed u a couple of minutes ago? xD
2013-10-25 15:22
well they were clearly not the ones who won them the game, the hackers did ;)
2013-10-25 15:47
cENTRYZ too good. Good luck :) + tacky + kalle
2013-10-25 15:03
2013-10-25 15:15
good luck my norwegian brothers, especially you Leffaguy!
2013-10-25 16:37
cENTRYZ !!! Why we no make team anymore? Top50 world i pay :( No but seriously cENTRYZ is SICK! i hope this goes well.
2013-10-25 16:37
no REAL, no deal.. :o
2013-10-25 17:15
2013-10-25 18:32
Watched the Norway vs Sweden match a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised by the Norwegians. It's been way too long since we had a decent cs team. GL Temp.no (I would have liked to see Rubinio and maybe Polly in the new team though, but no worries; There is certainly room for more teams in the national scene.)
2013-10-25 18:41
Welcome REASTEN!
2013-10-25 19:52
2013-10-25 20:09
haven`t heard of anyone b4
2013-10-25 20:59
no real no win
2013-10-25 23:05
Nneeds more Ola "elemeNt" Moum
2013-10-26 00:08
Best wishes Adam boy
2013-10-26 11:52
needs more GoldPush
2013-10-26 13:45
needs more element obly.. AND kalle. derp
2013-10-26 14:24
Nice to see them back. Norwegian players have good potential to do a damage.
2013-10-26 14:34
2013-10-26 14:51
nice lineup: DAY, cENTRYZ, REASTEN gl fellas
2013-10-27 10:44
2013-10-28 22:46
gl broder
2013-10-30 16:26
gl martin! vi heie på deg :D
2013-10-30 18:14
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