ESWC changes overtime rules again

The Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) organisers have announced some further adjustements to the overtime rules that will be used at the upcoming world finals.

Earlier in the month, the eswc committee had announced that the first two maps of a best-of-three series would no longer have overtime as they look to reduce the possibility of matches dragging on too long and thus interfering with the schedule.

In the event of a tie on the third map, two maxround five halves were supposed to be played, with CGS-style single round supposed to decide the winner if the score was tied at 20-20.

The decision was highly criticised by several professional players and other important scene figures, including's own Tomi "lurppis" Kovanen, who asked for the changes to be reversed.

After analysing community feedback, the ESWC organisers have now ruled that each and every map must have overtime if the score is tied at 15 rounds, which means that for a team to win a play-off match they will have to score two maps.

Overtime is, however, different from normal: two maxround three halves will be played, and if the score is tied at 18-18, then a decider round will be played, with the side picked through a knife round. Keep in mind that both overtime rounds and the decider round will be played with overtime set at $16,000.

Sweden Snipatore 
2013-10-28 01:04
2013-10-28 02:10
2013-10-28 01:05
Bosnia and Herzegovina lemE 
2013-10-28 01:05
Good decision to bring back the overtimes, dumb decision to change the OT format. Still better than a lot of draws.
2013-10-28 01:06
2013-10-28 10:38
As much as we all want the classic overtime rules, this will still be better than their first rule change.
2013-10-28 01:07
Poland yaD' 
ESWC is like a woman ;o
2013-10-28 01:07
2013-10-28 16:12
Would at least like to see every map with double OT allowed but better than before.
2013-10-28 01:09
still makes no sense. Who gets to play what side for the decider? Only way that will make sense is a knife round to decide the start team
2013-10-28 01:10
yeah I added that bit. it's a knife round
2013-10-28 01:12
ok makes sense now but still retarded :D
2013-10-28 01:19
Still don't like the MR1 situation that sorts the winner. But at least we finally have OT on all maps instead of a team getting to 15 and ruling out a comeback. Sense finally prevailed though which is good news.
2013-10-28 01:14
yes manbeargump
2013-10-28 16:56
World ba$e 
2013-10-28 01:14
2013-10-28 01:15
Haha +1
2013-10-28 02:14
2013-10-28 03:04
2013-10-28 07:34
Atleast they updated it somehow =D
2013-10-28 01:17
now its ok..! 6 overtimes rounds, 16.000$, knife round and there you GO!
2013-10-28 01:18
At least better than the previous one.
2013-10-28 01:18
Its not the best format but at least its much better than the garbage they proposed before.
2013-10-28 01:19
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
This is still a pretty bad way. Best way: Have MR5 OT with 16k startmoney and have them just go on, I mean 80% of the time they bring out a winner, and even if it went double overtime then we are at like 98% chance of it being found, 3x MR5 OT's happen once every 5 years. Next best way: Since they have to do that knife thing, at least have MR5 OT with 16k but not MR3 - MR3 OTs are almost designed to go into double, triple and even quadruple OTs. If they have to only allow one OT to be played, at least make it the one that in a larger amount of the time finds a winner. But ESWC has to go their own ways.
2013-10-28 01:19
where are you getting those percentages from? please link me to the source of information.
2013-10-28 02:02
gob b | 
Iceland shine4t 
80% number is from HLTV statistics and came up in the ticker today on ESL stream, my 98% number is just a guesstemate if we consider it finds the winner 80% of the time in the first go, the second one should raise that.
2013-10-28 02:08
Portugal Bizk 
With a simple probability calculation you can see that the probability of the game do not end after second OT is: 0.2*0.2 = 0.04 = 4%, this assuming that the chance of finishing the game in 2nd OT is the same as in the 1st, what seems legit. This way, the probability of not having the game finished after 2nd OT is actually 96%. Anyway, you were close.
2013-10-28 16:00
not bad
2013-10-28 01:21
holy fuck just use the tried and tested OT system that's been in use since forever
2013-10-28 01:22
Good news. You guys have to bear in mind that the recent streak of overtime-heavy games that many have been using as an argument against their format in fact supports their reasoning in terms of potentially ruining a schedule beyond the ability to compensate for them. In the end, maintaining a schedule and running an event smoothly is one of the top priorities of an organiser and rightfully so. So, this adjustment is more than we could have hoped for. I found myself expecting them to do these knife-decides-side-MR1-overtimes for every map.
2013-10-28 01:28
2013-10-28 01:33
Good, I'm happy they decided to change it.
2013-10-28 01:33
2013-10-28 01:38
well it's better than before
2013-10-28 01:40
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
Do mr3 with starting money of $7000 or something...
2013-10-28 01:42
wtf why lol, kind of unfair to have to save on one out of three rounds
2013-10-28 06:56
And all of this could have been avoided if people would just stop for a second and actually keep rules that there are nothing wrong with at all...
2013-10-28 01:46
crap dude, understand u cant decide everything with a knife round, FFS
2013-10-28 01:47
not perfect, but at least it is a lot better than their previous rule
2013-10-28 01:55
face | 
Brazil R4D14710N 
It's at least better than before
2013-10-28 01:55
Portugal Cyborgy 
haha classic strategic like valve is doing to the awp change to a awful thing then reverse it to a less awful thing that was before but more awful than the original one and some people will close their eyes because they think they are hearing the community ahahaha
2013-10-28 01:57
everything is a conspiracy shhhhh...
2013-10-28 07:22
France rsi_rise 
Well, that s better than the previous method.
2013-10-28 02:10
2013-10-28 02:15
Portugal odr@ 
yeah... better viewer experience
2013-10-28 02:40
Isn't it easier for them to revert the rules back to its original format and admit that their rules are, in fact, terrible? I think whoever runs ESWC has some personal vendetta towards CSGO community.
2013-10-28 03:12
Denmark 3k2 
People need to realize that they do this because normal OT rules will so easily completely mess up their schedule
2013-10-28 11:19
Agreed, but at the same time, events should in general be more strict about when matches start. Way too much delay between maps and matches.
2013-10-28 14:05
You are right, sir. There should be 30 min pause within the matches no more no less. The match should start afterwards, no more WC, tactical discussions and stuff.
2013-10-29 15:44
Normal OT is NOT the main cause why their schedule doesn't run on time. Poor preparations before the event are the real problems. You cannot and will not run a proper event if you don't make sure the basic needs for players to compete are met. I'm not talking about personal needs, but simple things like working PCs, working server and streams, working internet, and stand-by admins to make sure the match runs smoothly. Don't change the rules for your own comfort. Intense matches that lead to OT are bound to happen. This is ESWC after all. The stakes are high.
2013-10-28 22:13
We discussed this a lot with the organizers and the main reason they changed it in the first place was to get rid of potentially endless overtimes. This new rule makes every match have finite length. They have a specific time that they need to clear out of the venue at, that's been a problem for them past years and apparently staying after that time had to be avoided this year. Having all that in mind, I'll happily take this new rule cause it sounds like the best solution under these circumstances (at least miles ahead of the first one). Still, I hope no other tournament needs to resort to this :)
2013-10-29 15:15
Denmark 3k2 
From my experience it actually is. Of course if one of the basic requirements of the tournament are lacking it will slow down the tournament a lot as well, but I don't think that is a big problem for eswc. I would never recommend this rule if it was possible to use normal overtimes rules, but I also kinda look forward to seeing how teams will change they way they play, if at all, for that single mr3 overtime.
2013-10-30 11:33
Canada elyK 
Idiots need to leave it the way it was. Nothing wrong. Sure it may take longer but soo much more excitment
2013-10-28 03:34
France PouletFurtif 
Still bad but... still better.
2013-10-28 03:48
Not as bad, but still not good lol wtf
2013-10-28 04:08
slightly less shitty but still bad. Matches that go into overtime last, on average, 1.55 overtimes (from HLTV match database). This rule change is not at all needed.
2013-10-28 05:08
Denmark jjh 
jesus, just keep the fucking normal overtime...
2013-10-28 05:24
Why are they fucking up the OT rules? Why not go to the old and basic way of OTs? BO3 with 10K :/ ESWC is such a brainless organisation..
2013-10-28 06:15
omg just bring back the old rules ffs
2013-10-28 07:18
2013-10-28 12:30
ESWC will have plenty of negative comments from the participants who will lost that MR1 overtime
2013-10-28 07:55
Estonia 2026 
Well better then the last one so NICE! I knew u could do it lurppis !:D
2013-10-28 09:51
Still dont understand that stupid random knife round which will 9/10 times decide the game cuz of side advantage. They should at least change it to mr5. Its very rare that teams will play double or even trible OT with mr5. They are going in the right direction but it still needs changes before ESWC begins.
2013-10-28 10:47
Time to practice knife rounds for teams -__-
2013-10-28 10:54
Well, They are playing for money, They really should practice lol
2013-10-28 12:29
Do like ESL, reduce the time between matches & between maps, problem solved.
2013-10-28 12:52
pff retards
2013-10-28 12:52
Must admit, I like thefact that knife rounds play such a large role in the game. It may be hard to practice, but its better than a coin toss.
2013-10-28 13:34
2013-10-28 13:34
I am for a coin toss after a 18-18 or a game of dice or blackjack or ludo... no ludo takes too long
2013-10-28 14:06
Well, my proposition: if the score is tied at 18-18 each team chooses one player that will play five rounds on aim map :D
2013-10-28 14:34
Kray | 
World ashhh 
wait, so why did we change this in the first place?
2013-10-28 15:02
World breezy0 
well, at least better than the previous rules.
2013-10-28 16:29
It is bullshit anyway :D
2013-10-29 15:52
What the hell? Why can´t they just have normal rules. These overtime rules will take more time anyways.
2013-10-28 16:50
suNny | 
Argentina Sunnie 
I will change the knife round side decider part and that one sudden death round .. They could set both teams to play one round per side, if one team won both rounds playing as CT and T, that's it. I guess is not the most practical system, but it's balanced and i guess this is not going to take too much time avoiding delays and that stuff ..
2013-10-28 19:29
Overtime is, however, different from normal: two maxround three halves will be played, and if the score is tied at 18-18, then a decider round will be played, with the side picked through a knife round. hahahaha
2013-10-29 21:05
Estonia looodi 
rubbish, this used to be a spectators game
2013-10-30 22:22
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