ESWC 2013 viewer's guide

The Electronic Sports World Cup is just around the corner, and with the French qualifier on the run, we present you our viewer's guide for the event held at Porte de Versailles.

The event's organizers have met with complaints about the new overtime rules and only days in advance, they decided to partially change the rules, which means no ties in a best-of-three.

Sixteen teams have been drawn into four groups with Joona "natu" Leppänen's ENCE eSports replacing Frost Gaming, who were not able to cover the whole trip to Paris.

ESWC France is on the run with VeryGames and Clan-Mystik through, although they will play a best-of-three at 16:30 for the seeds in the main tournament.

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Sweden NiP France VeryGames Ukraine Astana Dragons United States compLexity
United Kingdom fm!TOXiC Denmark Cph Wolves Sweden fnatic France Clan-Mystik
Norway Portugal k1ck Germany ALTERNATE Sweden LGB eSports
Finland ENCE eSports Algeria C3 Gaming India ATE Gaming Libya ETERNiTY

The prize distribution looks as follows:

1. $12,500
2. $7,500
3. $5,000 

The main tournament is scheduled to start tomorrow at 09:30 . The first two days are reserved for the standard format best-of-one group stage, while most of the best-of-three playoffs will be played out on Saturday with the grand final on Sunday morning.

Two stage matches from Group C will be played tomorrow, which are noted in the schedule below:

Thursday, October 31st

Group A
09:30 Sweden NiP vs. Norway
09:30 Finland ENCE eSports vs. United Kingdom fm!TOXiC
10:30 Sweden NiP vs. United Kingdom fm!TOXiC
10:30 Norway vs. Finland ENCE eSports
11:30 Sweden NiP vs. Finland ENCE eSports
11:30 United Kingdom fm!TOXiC vs. Norway
11:30 Sweden fnatic vs. Ukraine Astana Dragons (Stage)
Group B
14:30 France France #1 vs. Algeria C3 Gaming
14:30 Denmark Copenhagen Wolves vs. Portugal k1ck
15:30 France France #1 vs. Portugal k1ck
15:30 Algeria C3 Gaming vs. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
16:30 France France #1 vs. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
16:30 Portugal k1ck vs. Algeria C3 Gaming
17:45 Ukraine Astana Dragons vs. Germany ALTERNATE (Stage)

Friday, November 1st

Group C
09:30 India ATE Gaming vs. Germany ALTERNATE
10:30 Sweden fnatic vs. Germany ALTERNATE
10:30 Ukraine Astana Dragons vs. India ATE Gaming
11:30 Sweden fnatic vs. India ATE Gaming
Group D
14:30 United States compLexity vs. Libya ETERNiTY
14:30 France France #2 vs. Sweden LGB eSports
15:30 United States compLexity vs. Sweden LGB eSports
15:30 Libya ETERNiTY vs. France France #2
16:30 United States compLexity vs. France France #2
16:30 Sweden LGB eSports vs. Libya ETERNiTY

Saturday, November 2nd

09:30 Quarter-finals
13:00 Semi-finals
16:30 3rd place decider

Sunday, November 3rd

09:30 Grand final (main stage)

Stay tuned to as we will bring you full coverage of the event held at Paris Games Week.

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Denmark jjh 
2013-10-30 14:56
go coL
2013-10-30 18:00
Norway j0n73 
2013-10-30 14:56
fucked up seeds...
2013-10-30 14:56
???? Not really
2013-10-30 15:05
when fnatic and CPHW have 2nd seed while coL has 1st seed i'd say they are
2013-10-30 15:22
Korea ws0 
they eached qualified from different division.. now shut up and quit complaining.
2013-10-30 17:02
looking forward to it!
2013-10-30 15:05
United States Bibby 
Cant wait to see coL vs LGB!
2013-10-30 15:05
9:30am EU and 4:30am NA time finals ? ESWC is so fucking retarded. LOL
2013-10-30 15:06
Germany Obyy 
They have the only American team playing in the afternoon though?
2013-10-30 15:09
afternoon ? every fucking match in the tournament will be in the morning in USA time.
2013-10-30 15:11
OMG every tournament in the US at like 4/5am in the morning. America is so fucking retarded. LOL
2013-10-30 15:45
9:30 isn't afternoon, and we dont really care more about coL than other teams (at least I don't..)
2013-10-30 15:11
We get sick hours when esea finals are played. None the less it will be sleepless nights when you want to see all the games.
2013-10-30 15:31
World ba$e 
happens in almost all games, either na gets good time or eu gets shit time
2013-10-30 15:32
dude, where is the problem? go out until 4 am, hit back home and catch the game with another vodka or two. easy right thörrrrr
2013-10-30 15:40
You know it
2013-10-30 18:02
Denmark e1z 
stfu all the tournaments in the US with contenders from EU never plan their schedule to make it easy for the Europeans either. Now quit whining.
2013-10-30 18:06
what the fuck france? its like theyre intentionally pissing off north americans... closest the games get to reasonably timed is like 10AM on a fucking weekday ...
2013-10-30 15:10
You make it sound like it's only bad for Americans. 9:30am on a weekday is just as useless for all the Europeans with jobs, uni etc. So is 2:30 pm, as it stands, the only thing most Europeans who work will be able to watch is the last 5 minutes of the 16:30 games. Stupid times overall. Why host a tournament for 100 spectators?
2013-10-30 15:41
in that case, I honestly have no idea what they were thinking. dota and cod aren't much different for times...
2013-10-30 15:49
there's more games going on than just cs:go bro, and chances are that more people will spectate the other games, so what incentive would eswc have to prioritize cs:go in the best time slots?
2013-10-30 18:02
go look at the schedule, more popular games are not scheduled better.
2013-10-30 18:22
Yes you're right. 8am for Dota 2 group stages, much better, Europeans can watch 2 minutes with their breakfast before they have to leave. 11am COD games, 11am known for being the hour everyone can have off to spectate esports. Have you bothered checking the schedule? There isn't one decently scheduled game all week.
2013-10-30 20:55
ESWC is held with Paris Games Week exhibition. That will affect scheduling.
2013-10-31 02:23
so ESWC isn't its own entity?
2013-10-31 03:29
Norway puap 
coL won't make it out of the groups
2013-10-30 15:11
it will all come down to coL vs mystik. you never know...
2013-10-30 15:12
World prs- 
Dunno about that. Mystik beat VG online and just had a match that could've gone either way. They might not end up in this group and if they do its likely they win it. Unless they're only really good vs VG for some reason and crap vs non french teams. But yea based on their recent play it looks like it will come down to LGB vs Col.
2013-10-30 15:52
coL is better on LAN, like AD. Mystik is weak on LAN and LGB is inconsistent.
2013-10-31 03:29
like dont worry at least coL have a chance
2013-10-30 15:14
Norway puap 
rofl. Everyone knows norwegian counter-strike sucks. However Americans keep claiming that their best team is top3-5 in the world, which i believe is a joke. coL has everything to prove, and will probably fail while trying. you should stop thrashing people's opinion because of their nationality.
2013-10-30 15:21
who the hell thrashed anyones opinion? its a fact, norway cs sucks and coL is probably top5
2013-10-30 15:28
Norway puap 
No, more like top 10
2013-10-30 15:39
coL took a map off NiP (when they were still winning everything) at LAN and got 10-11 on both losses. no norwegian team has gotten close enough to face NiP at LAN
2013-10-30 15:45
Norway puap 
congrats. Still doesn't make them top 5.
2013-10-30 15:57
2013-10-30 16:12
Norway kakkopp 
Haha good joke!
2013-10-30 15:39
ESWC is probably the worst organization in the world. They don't have a fucking clue on the times to schedule matches so they can get the most viewers.
2013-10-30 15:13
Romania blg- 
Every single big tournament was/is scheduled like this one.
2013-10-30 15:20
DH doesn't schedule every match in the fucking morning (US time) like ESWC...
2013-10-30 15:20
no, they're usually at about 14:00 our time
2013-10-30 15:22
look at finals/playoffs for madcatz. either way those events suck
2013-10-30 15:30
u forget to write about 3 hours delay
2013-10-30 15:13
I REALLY hope DHW schedules the games better than this...
2013-10-30 15:14
you dont know yet that dota2 or LoL took best schedule that CS used to get before in multi-game major events on the main stage , number of sponsor'viewers decide nowadays ^^
2013-10-31 06:12
Hope coL does some damage!
2013-10-30 15:14
2013-10-30 15:14
Isn't this part of an overall schedule including other games that are likely to have the primetime slots?
2013-10-30 15:15
yeah. if I'm up by 11 on Saturday I can watch shootmania finals! every other final is way earlier
2013-10-30 15:21
In that case, very strange decision!
2013-10-30 15:34
stupid one yeah
2013-10-30 15:46
group of death -> D 1.LGB 2.coL discuss.
2013-10-30 15:24
Just no.
2013-10-30 15:28
France PouletFurtif 
English stream semmlertheriot & anders
2013-10-30 15:20
is it safe to assume that channel won't have VOD's of the matches ?
2013-10-30 15:45
France PouletFurtif 
Dunno. VODs should be recorded automatically.
2013-10-30 15:48
Go ATE Go !!! :D
2013-10-30 15:28
See you there
2013-10-30 15:33
ATE seriously has a very good chance. i m sure they'll at least beat alternate xD
2013-10-30 15:42
sure.. XD
2013-10-30 15:57
I hope they do xD
2013-10-30 18:01
f0rest | 
India chulbul 
2013-10-30 19:26
:D they will try.
2013-10-31 03:41
Sweden BenneDoT 
LET DOWNS: (this is only my prediction) CoL 3rd place FM!Toxic 4th place? UPSETS!: Clan-mystic
2013-10-30 15:44
Lezz go toxic!!
2013-10-30 15:43
lets go coL and ATE gaming.. win some f**kin matches
2013-10-30 15:50
lgb lgb lgb lgb go go go go
2013-10-30 15:54
Russia monte:) 
NiP, VG, AD : VG, AD, NiP, AD, NiP, VG....
2013-10-30 15:55
If france #2 was on group A, VG or Mystik will throw their france finals games. haha. OMG! ATE was on group C(group of death). Hope they can reach playoffs. GO ASIA GO!
2013-10-30 15:56
Go C3
2013-10-30 16:08
2013-10-30 16:16
Sunday, November 3rd 09:30 Grand final (main stage) When will tournaments learn...
2013-10-30 16:18
They have to start early because there could be many overtimes and that would delay the tournament...oh.... wait...
2013-10-30 16:20
9:30 final on sunday... ESWC really is trying to get the lowest amount of viewers possible. Well good luck to them!
2013-10-30 16:19
I'm confused about all these americans posting about the times...I live in NA and I'm not even dissappointed...literally every tourny in europe has been like this since the beginning of time, what doexpect when the tourny is being played on the other side of the world? Would it make any sense to play the matches from midnight - 10am for them??? I dont think so lol
2013-10-30 16:32
good luck AD)
2013-10-30 16:36
United States brento 
go coL!
2013-10-30 16:42
Perfect timing for us 14:00
2013-10-30 17:08
06:30 fnatic vs. Astana Dragons (Stage) 12:45 Astana Dragons vs. ALTERNATE (Stage) Is that played on Thursday?
2013-10-30 17:10
+1. why not wednesday?
2013-10-30 17:21
i hope Rahim will stream this event :)
2013-10-30 17:20
2013-10-30 17:22
Great ESWC, because people don't have work on weekdays and really want to go up early on sundays. What a fucking disgrace.
2013-10-30 17:26
India c0rvus 
ATE to take it. All other team can cry a river.
2013-10-30 17:30
ATE in sad group, but u can do it.. all tose teams r inconsistent
2013-10-30 17:33
09:30 Grand final (main stage) WTF? ESWC SUCKS BALLS
2013-10-30 17:34
2013-10-30 17:54
final ATE Gaming vs C3
2013-10-30 17:58
Common ATE, time to step up!
2013-10-30 18:16
2013-10-31 03:42
C3, hard for you :s
2013-10-30 18:20
Go ATE Gaming..!! INDIA..!! :D :D
2013-10-30 18:57
Missing Asian teams :(
2013-10-30 19:11
ATE goodluck and give dem sme brutal damages :P
2013-10-30 19:42
2013-10-30 19:57
France cedd 
lol at all the butthurt people about schedule times. guess what, those streams are also recordings. fuckin dummies. also, clan mystik to beat coL :D
2013-10-30 20:25
believe it or not, watching something live is a lot better
2013-10-31 03:30
Where can we watch the female games?
2013-10-30 21:52
Perfect time for Australia first match starts 7.30pm Melb-Syd time and finishes really late.
2013-10-31 02:17
2013-10-31 03:44
I heard its possible that Eternity cant come so WGG as seed3 fr should replace them at last minute.
2013-10-31 06:03
Go ATE Gaming!
2013-10-31 08:05
Come on ATE...
2013-10-31 08:58
final ATE vs AD/VG/NiP :P
2013-10-31 09:02
where is US
2013-10-31 14:15
I don't understand this schedule. could admin make it clear? I'm confused, why fnatic are facing AD today?
2013-10-31 18:48
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