ESC Gaming Add Counter-Strike Squad

January 12th, 2008 10:38

The German organisation, ESC Gaming have announced that they will be signing a Counter-Strike team who will be participating in next season's ESL Pro Series.

The team will be made up of former a-Losers and ULTRAFORCE players, and will be managed by two former ID Gaming owners: Christian "PsYcHo" Lenz and Bjoern "BJNy" Kosin.

Daniel "rage" Andersson, team manager, spoke to earlier today and said:

ESC Gaming have decided to search after a talented Counter-Strike team from Germany that will play in the next season of the EPS, since we got the account of hoorai we felt the need to use it. The last EPS season was great, we saw some young talented players from all those teams and after we discovered this particular lineup - we talked to them about joining ESC and here we are today. Our goal at the next EPS season is to take the places between 5th-7th, and certainly to keep our lineup stable.

If their talent is enough only time will tell. The starting five is:

Germany Christian 'natu' Hennighausen - Team Captain
Germany Marius 'pred' Foerster
Germany Philipp 'philipp' Reitzmann
Germany Sinan 'bauzka' Cavuz
Germany Lukas 'Relay' Nething

The team will join next season's ESL Pro Series and hope to challenge for a decent finish.

Romania xtS. 
nice hf to the new team
2008-01-10 12:58
2008-01-10 13:47
Finland Nismo 
That natu is also german, not finnish.
2008-01-10 15:28
Yeah I sorted it now. Thanks mate :)
2008-01-10 15:46
great team - good luck! philipp = great player.
2008-01-10 16:41
lol nick copyer
2008-01-10 16:50
Finland eDy 
lol why won't he just use another nick. it's pretty embarrassing to use other pro players nick =(
2008-01-10 17:08
omg maybe stop with that bullshit? mouseports.Levicom BenQ | neo MYM ] Neo --------------------------------------- ESC|natu 69N-28E\natu ... so what ? there are many players with same nicks -_- it's not fake , it's just , when they started to play they probably didn't know about the other player.
2008-01-10 17:21
Finland eDy 
That ain't bullshit it's just my opinion...
2008-01-11 20:52
yes, and your opinion is bullshit :)))
2008-01-18 03:42
2008-01-18 04:49
2008-01-18 04:29
2008-01-10 17:24
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