Three more invited to DH Winter

DreamHack has invited Clan-Mystik, fnatic and iBUYPOWER to the Winter event, bringing the participants' list to 11 teams.

The news means that DreamHack has used up all of the invites as the trio join VeryGames, compLexity and Astana Dragons - the other three sides who received a wildcard - on the participants' list.

Clan-Mystik come off an impressive winning campaign at the ESWC world finals, beating the likes of Astana Dragons and VeryGames to scoop the $12,500 prize. fnatic also attended the event in Paris, finishing 5th-8th following a quarter-final defeat to VG.

Clan-Mystik to attend DH Winter

The third team to receive an invite is none other than Sam "DaZeD" Marine's team, who were last month picked up by iBUYPOWER, a new eSports organization set up by the computer manufacturer.

The participants' list for DreamHack Winter is now the following:

Sweden NiP France VeryGames United States coL Ukraine Astana Dragons
Sweden n!faculty Sweden SK Gaming France Clan-Mystik Sweden fnatic
United States iBUYPOWER Poland UniversalSoldiers Denmark CPH Wolves
Other BYOC
Other BYOC Europe TECHLABS Moscow Other Online Other Online
World LASS0 
2013-11-06 13:30
+Reason +Mousesports +Rampage +LGB esports +ENCE
2013-11-06 19:53
Navi dude..
2013-11-06 20:06
NaVi will get the techlabs spot.
2013-11-06 23:36
Rampage line up ?
2013-11-07 00:33
krL bistouflyy krumpze enk1or B1GGY
2013-11-07 01:28
ofc @ new MTw
2013-11-07 09:45
Norway inexz 
c0ol, Clan Mystik to win DHW. Heard it here first.
2013-11-06 13:31
i think they'll fail hard :s
2013-11-06 13:36
no, they will reach 5-8 place atleast
2013-11-06 13:38
that is failing hard lol, but I think they will make it to the top 5, my guess would be... VG, nip, cph, CM and ibuypower hopefully :p
2013-11-06 13:46
Getting top5 at probably the toughest CS:GO LAN in existence = failing hard 10/10 logic
2013-11-06 14:17
I lol'd
2013-11-10 00:52
5-8th out of 16 against the world's best is now "failing". That logic.
2013-11-06 14:26
Denmark jjh 
ill tell u more: whoever won't win this big fat tasty cake made of 100k$ will fail, won't he?
2013-11-06 16:51
Rofl, you're a complete idiot.
2013-11-06 16:01
It's relative, and relax... If you just won a tournament beating some of the top teams in the world, 8th place wouldn't be considered doing too well. Yes, it's not failing hard and it's a decent accomplishment, but to be fair, I didn't think I'd have a bunch of guys jumping on my nuts for making an exaggeration.
2013-11-06 16:18
welcome to the cs scene :P
2013-11-07 12:31
2013-11-07 17:37
Denmark jjh 
it's vg, nip cph, ad and sk, hard to say in which order, too many good teams, ibuypower will hardly proceed to top5.
2013-11-06 16:19
Tbh, I highly doubt SK, because they've been choking so hard lately, if they pull their shit together, it's possible, but still wouldn't be easy. CPH is definitely good, but incredibly inconsistent. And who knows how the fuck AD will perform with the massive roster change. So basically VG and NiP are the only definite top 5 teams. And you're probably right, but dazed is an amazing igl, and if any NA roster could stand a chance against the top EU teams, it's this one.
2013-11-06 16:35
SK is shit, deal with it. edit: meant to reply to #93
2013-11-06 17:19
top5 ibuypower... thats a good one
2013-11-06 19:09
lol ibuypower prolly wont get outta group stage, no American team will finish top5
2013-11-07 04:02
2013-11-06 14:21
Norway billson 
Its not happening in France so i doubt it.
2013-11-06 13:40
Norway aNdzz 
2013-11-06 13:30
United States maktw 
Nice, Good luck!
2013-11-06 13:32
would be great if CM finish top3 :D
2013-11-06 13:32
go CM ! Hf kio !
2013-11-06 13:32
looks strong as hell
2013-11-06 13:33
Finland KRNG^ 
nice for CM !
2013-11-06 13:33
Nice. All well deserving teams.
2013-11-06 13:36
CM to lose in the first elimination game
2013-11-06 13:34
Slovakia sanjuro 
2013-11-06 13:51
Which are the major teams that are still missing? Na'Vi is one. LGB is another.
2013-11-06 13:37
navi will qualify for sure from techlabs Moscow
2013-11-06 13:37
wouldn't be so sure
2013-11-06 15:06
sk gaming
2013-11-06 18:40
sk are invited.
2013-11-07 04:19
2013-11-07 17:01
2013-11-07 04:03
gl HaRts
2013-11-06 13:36
gl hf for Na'Vi on techlabs, go DH, guys
2013-11-06 13:36
poor SK..maybe by BYOC
2013-11-06 13:36
SK is invited lol
2013-11-06 13:38
? SK is invited.
2013-11-06 13:39
??? Read that list again.
2013-11-06 13:44
blind? LOL
2013-11-07 02:22
CM ez win GGwpLELZ
2013-11-06 13:38
2013-11-06 13:41
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Techlabs slot : NaVi Online Slot #1 : LGB Online Slot #2 : Random german onliner team (Mouz/Alternate/3DMAX) BYOC Slot #1 : We Got Game BYOC Slot #2 : oxzone/Reason/Random Danish mixteam
2013-11-06 13:47
Spain akproxx 
2013-11-06 16:46
Looks good to me.
2013-11-06 23:38
+ mouz
2013-11-06 13:42
Great that mystik got invited :-)
2013-11-06 13:45
no team from China?
2013-11-06 13:46
Slovakia sanjuro 
this is csgo not dota2
2013-11-06 13:52
Indonesia vyee 
yes, and?
2013-11-06 14:10
china teams suck
2013-11-06 14:29
Actually Asian teams are good, they just don't get any recognition because they can't play online tournaments (pings, etc.). Let's not forget how fun it was to watch Asian teams in 1.6 with their creative style, all those boosts etc.
2013-11-06 14:38
Denmark 3k2 
But how do you know? You haven't seen them play against any euro teams yet. :o
2013-11-06 14:53
You must be new to cs scene then..let me guess from call of duty or BF?
2013-11-06 15:45
Yep, he started playin Minesweeper and Pinball and just recently picked up the game. But to the question, how do you know? A chinese team haven't played against a euro team yet. How does that make him 'new' to the game? hltv logic argumentzZz
2013-11-06 17:02
Chinese teams have played against Euros in 1.6..He is obv new to this scene..
2013-11-06 18:43
2 years ago perhaps, this is csgo. You are obviously living in the past. The main FPS games in asia is CS:O and some other free to play games. So to the question once again... in the present... have you seen an asian team played against a european team?
2013-11-06 18:47
iNZEN was clearly talking about 1.6 and he replied to him scroll up..I am pretty sure they can still do better then the US teams
2013-11-06 19:44
I was talking about 1.6 and someone posted a video of a Japanese or whatever it was some Asian tournament anyway, the stuff they were doing there was just pure Asian creative shit, their aim didn't seem to be bad at all. The reply saying they haven't played against any European teams doesn't prove whether they're bad or not. We could say that we think Europe is so good but again they haven't played against Asian teams so how do we know?
2013-11-06 21:00
Denmark 3k2 
So yeah there was some good 1.6 teams at one point - that's been quite a while though and it doesn't mean at all, that there will be good csgo teams; in source there were 0 good teams from Asia. Yeah, they could be decent, but there surely is no way of knowing that they are on level with the competitive scene that we know. Also, he clearly was not talking about 1.6 teams being good (he even only said they were fun to watch), but was 100% trying to argue that their csgo teams were good. Btw. if your profile age is correct I've been playing since you were 8, how's that for being new? xD
2013-11-07 00:02
You should have mentioned csgo. 'But how do you know? You haven't seen them play against any euro teams(in csgo) yet. :o'
2013-11-07 00:21
Denmark 3k2 
"this is csgo" "yea, and?" "china teams suck" "actually asian teams are good" I read the comments before that - I, apparently wrongly, assumed others did too!
2013-11-07 00:28
Peace Sir Cya
2013-11-07 00:30
To be quite honest with you i couldn't give two shits whether i was 8,4 or 12 when you started playing, why does this have anything to do with it? Why are you even arguing over the fact that some Asian teams might actually be good, just a pointless argument. btw. I've been playing since i was 7. Not that new mate.
2013-11-08 15:28
Denmark 3k2 
First of all it wasn't a reply to you, but to sh4m3l355, who decided calling me "new" was a great way to undermine any argument I was trying to make. And I have never argued against that some Asian teams might be good, only against your statement that they are in fact good, but don't get any recognition for it. Of course it is possible that 5 Asians have somehow found out how to practice well enough to get on the same level as the top European teams, but I seriously doubt it, as there just isn't the same kind of competitive scene to do it in.
2013-11-08 16:52
Indonesia vyee 
say that to #57
2013-11-06 15:46
Indonesia vyee 
ask #63 about that
2013-11-06 15:46
How do u know that?
2013-11-07 09:21
Well son China had sick teams in 1.6 Tyloo,wNv etc and don't forget WeMadeFox :)
2013-11-06 15:46
corean one
2013-11-06 19:40
where navi
2013-11-06 13:46
They are attending TECHLABS Moscow trying to get their DH spot there. If they lose they might (or not) get an invite afterwards.
2013-11-07 00:25
Hope NaVi wins the techlabs spot, LGB and Mouz the online spots. Reason and AWESOME from the BYOC? :p Thats gonna be one hell of a tournament! :D
2013-11-06 13:47
AWESOME = Reason
2013-11-06 13:57
Wups! :DD I meant Reason and ENCE. Read some comments and wasnt thinking... :/ :P But come to think of it.. I rather see like 3DMAX or ALTERNATE then ENCE. Doubt they can win any matches there.
2013-11-06 14:45
Yeah, there are 5 spots left, and with the likes of wGG, ENCE, 3DMAX, Na`Vi, LGB, ALTERNATE, Reason probably attending the qualifications, even the competition for the spots will be tough :p
2013-11-06 15:33
United Kingdom AlywOw 
coL vs CM will be the best group stage game.
2013-11-06 13:48
+1, although coL is inconsistent as fuck
2013-11-07 17:35
Why didn't they invite Vox? I really hope those guys make it trough the BYOC.
2013-11-06 13:49
we applied, but didnt get one. We will prove ourselves at the BYOC. But it has caused us some extra expense to rent stuff.
2013-11-07 06:21
2013-11-07 10:20
maybe they invite (brazil). i heard fallen comment about the preparation of the team in his stream... will be nice too see.
2013-11-06 13:53
There are no more invites available if i am not mistaken, only way is to win the qualifier (2 spots) or the BYOC.
2013-11-06 13:56
I am wondering ho many teams will try out the Online or BYOC qualifier :p
2013-11-06 13:54
ibuypower strong team name
2013-11-06 13:57
vg to upset nip once again, maybe it will finally cause some roster changes
2013-11-06 14:03
Needs moar LGB, Vox Eminor and Mousesports
2013-11-06 14:06
World T1Bb 
CM !!!
2013-11-06 14:06
Macedonia EXTOL[t] 
They are so smart team... they play it with out any mistakes...
2013-11-06 14:14
Solid Team List, I really really hope the Aussies get through that BYOC qualifier.
2013-11-06 14:17
phew, awesome!
2013-11-06 14:19
Azerbaijan Talley 
fnatic top1
2013-11-06 14:21
jw best
2013-11-11 17:26
LGB to win both online qualis
2013-11-06 14:24
Top 5 (Not in order). Nip VG CM AD CPHW
2013-11-06 14:29
iBUYPOWER === Denial. or what is up with the names?
2013-11-06 14:31
Denmark 3k2 
Same team ye, if you follow the link in the post you will get to the news post that says they joined iBUYPOWER after having left denial ;>
2013-11-06 14:56
2013-11-06 14:45
United Kingdom Alth 
Jesus christ that fucking lineup already... gon' be good.
2013-11-06 15:04
Chinese team?
2013-11-06 15:12
would love to see them aswell
2013-11-06 15:40
i wonder how fat jonny knoxville and the rest of clan mystik will do
2013-11-06 15:25
16 teams fail!
2013-11-06 15:26
+LGB +Na'Vi +Reason +Mouz
2013-11-06 15:35
Strong list of teams for DH. Now we just need the best Asian team to join + LGB + NAVI + Mousesports and we are all set.
2013-11-06 15:39
Greece her-1g 
techlabs moscow team list?>?
2013-11-06 15:39
Astana Dragons, Natus Vincere, LGB eSports and 3DMAX.
2013-11-07 00:22
Greece her-1g 
I hope that navi will get the ticket because Sweden is being represented by 4 teams already! I would like to see 1 brazilian, 1 more danish, kick, 1 german team and 1 random.
2013-11-07 03:49
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ 
finally iBuypower! :D Man this event is going to be so good. Reminds me of the good old days in CPL with so many teams.
2013-11-06 15:41
iBUYPOWER is gonna be the dark horse of the tournament and gonna surprise everyone. Just wait !!
2013-11-06 15:45
- iBUYPOWER + Exertus .... fl0m + summ1t ftw :D
2013-11-06 19:20
XTS have been doing decent but they'd fail pretty hard against top EU teams
2013-11-07 03:48
ad top 1
2013-11-06 15:58
2013-11-06 16:00
I don't see any reason why this tournament isn't hosted for 32 teams. EDIT: k1ck, mousesports, alternate, Reason, Ence, Na'Vi, LGB and a few teams from asia and south america...
2013-11-06 16:03
pretty sure any other teams that arent invited can make it through BYOC?
2013-11-07 01:35
yeah, but asia, south america and even some other teams such as ATE and Vox Eminor would make this tournament extremely (!) intersting for everyone. I doubt they'll go just to give byoc-tourney a shot :| it needs 32 teams!
2013-11-07 01:42
2013-11-07 02:28
Vox is 100% confirmed. YOLO and win a DH?
2013-11-07 13:33
Australia nyms 
+ Vox Eminor
2013-11-06 16:28
not really sure if they will reach byoc final but ok...
2013-11-06 19:41
Was almost certain that one of the invited teams was gunna be ence, damn am i happy that wasnt the case!
2013-11-06 16:34
googgo onliners will not make it to playoffs
2013-11-06 17:02
I really hope Reason gaming will get a spot
2013-11-06 17:05
+mouz, LGB & navi :)
2013-11-06 17:15
+ Na'Vi + LGB + mouz/3DMAX/Alternate aTTAX + Reason + United 5
2013-11-06 17:18
ProGaming.TD !
2013-11-06 17:18
1mpala | 
Ukraine he-he  
Clan-Mystik top1 for sure
2013-11-06 17:23
2013-11-06 17:30
you don't lol that's exactly what an invitation is. They invite a team, if they want to go, fine, if they don't they invite someone else. You don't just apply for them to invite you but I can be wrong.
2013-11-06 19:40
finally fnatic in
2013-11-06 17:53
Kazakhstan sn/ 
AD rape this
2013-11-06 17:55
France Xp3 
cm will do work 100% their win wasnt due to luck
2013-11-06 17:55
Remove AD please. DHW cant appear with these D-bags.
2013-11-06 17:57
Dynamo would be nice and some best German team.
2013-11-06 17:58
did nothing moved to ibuypower?
2013-11-06 18:01
n0thing still plays for coL AFAIK.
2013-11-07 00:29
Need a mix team KennyS Happy Edward GuardiaN Overdrive I know, two awpers but who cares, it's a mix team
2013-11-06 18:39
lol, actually this really might be good, but really overdrive is not a PRO player, he is a decent one, but they might pick someone else than him, but the first four o_O
2013-11-06 22:07
GuardiaN wrote that he want to make up czech/slovak team and go for BYOC qualification, something like GuardiaN STYKO Wantyyy and maybe uno giotive
2013-11-06 22:47
-Overdrive +cLy
2013-11-07 07:46
1. VG 2. Clan-Mystik 3. NiP
2013-11-06 18:41
2013-11-07 02:22
+Reason +Mousesports +Rampage +LGB esports +ENCE
2013-11-06 19:14
Germany ory 
2013-11-06 19:57
Clan Mystik will pwnz all
2013-11-06 19:35
ibuypower lineup>?
2013-11-06 19:59
adren dazed skadoodle anger azk
2013-11-06 21:39
Spain fd` 
wizards please!
2013-11-06 21:10
ibuypower still worst team-name ever
2013-11-06 21:46
definitely not a good one but its definitely a good sponsor. kinda like when Advil sponsored Ouch! gaming lmao
2013-11-06 22:06
I like it, though I still don't know how the tag will look.
2013-11-07 01:15
iBP :D
2013-11-07 03:48
you've seen it?
2013-11-07 04:41
No, just my guess.
2013-11-07 05:43
2013-11-07 00:06
why no navi?
2013-11-07 00:58
they will get their spot via techlabs
2013-11-07 01:37
navi, alternate, awesome pls
2013-11-07 00:59
cmon sk
2013-11-07 01:10
going to be an incredible event. cant wait to watch some of the games while im at i50. they need to set up an area for spectating dreamhack :p
2013-11-07 01:38
Argentina Stricken.- 
2013-11-07 01:51
Awesome event inc
2013-11-07 03:38
Need moar asian team!!!
2013-11-07 07:45
Brazil skuggz 
na'vi + 2 asian teams :DD
2013-11-07 10:05
2013-11-07 12:19
2013-11-07 14:12
2013-11-07 18:23
Don't think they will get a spot because they're such a new team, but reason gaming will probaly the last spot from Denmark
2013-11-10 01:39
A Team from Asia + Aus would really cap this event off as one of the best internationals ever
2013-11-08 04:01
+ k1ck
2013-11-08 19:31
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0 
n! is making a part of DHW lame k1ck will make it even lamer.
2013-11-13 19:04
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