US replace LGB at TECHLABS Finals

Universal Soldiers have been invited to replace LGB eSports, who withdrew due to visa issues, at TECHLABS Cup Finals in Moscow next weekend.

Originally the four team roster for the $20,000 finals event which also gives out one spot for DreamHack Winter was NiP, Astana Dragons, LGB eSports and either 3DMAX or Universal Soldiers.

3DMAX bested Universal Soldiers in a best-of-three series for the fourth spot at the finals, and Natus Vincere replaced NiP as one of the participants due to the Swedes wanting to focus on DreamHack.

TaZ's US head to Moscow 

Now the other Swedish side LGB eSports have had to withdraw due to visa issues, and have been replaced by Universal Soldiers, who came the closest to qualifying for the $20,000 finals.

With Astana Dragons having already been invited for DreamHack Winter, and US qualifying at RaidCall EMS One Fall Finals, the stakes are even higher for the other two teams who don't yet possess spots. New semi-final pairs are:

Ukraine Astana Dragons vs. Ukraine Na`Vi
Poland Universal Soldiers vs. Germany 3DMAX

TECHLABS Cup finals will take place on November 16-17th in Moscow, Russia and will provide full coverage of the $20,000 tournament from home.

2013-11-08 21:14
Liechtenstein Chamele0n
visa issues :p
2013-11-08 21:14
2 replies
offline visa disabled
2013-11-09 00:08
1 reply
2013-11-09 00:23
Germany sanity_
I thought US has invite for Dreamhack due to EMS finishes?
2013-11-08 21:15
1 reply
they do
2013-11-08 21:49
Visa issues ? yeah right, ONLINERS!!
2013-11-08 21:15
16 replies
I made an official statement about it, yes we had visa issues.
2013-11-08 21:22
9 replies
I do sincerely apologies for the constant braindamaged comments. Even though it's not me commenting 'em.
2013-11-08 21:51
2013-11-08 22:08
4 replies
Not sure why it didn't get posted by HLTV. Unfortunately LGB eSports wont be found at this years Techlabs Cup in Moscow. This decisions has been made after along dicussion with organizers and players, due to Visa issues to get into to Moscow. Thanks for your understanding and patience. We would also like to thank our sponsors Xtrfy, Gunnar, Crucial, MaxFPS and Orcbite for keeping us going, and see you all at Dreamhack Winter!
2013-11-08 23:17
3 replies
u guys might miss dreamhack cuz of this :\
2013-11-09 00:02
2 replies
We'll see, hopefully we will be able to qualify. :-)
2013-11-09 00:04
1 reply
but this was most likely the easiest way
2013-11-09 01:30
Lol u mean to tell me 3dmax(Germans) got visas sort it out to Moscow. While your org (swedish much easier to obtain visas to Moscow seing U only have to provide proof of medical travel insurance accommodation (hotel) and ability to financially support yourself while in Russia + meeting Consular Section for visa approval). Didn't manage to hmm that is unless you applied late for the visas or through travel agency or have one of your members as a flight risk. Or didn't want to go in the first place Second lan your team ditch hmm /end conspiracy theory
2013-11-09 10:00
2 replies
You're more than welcome to contact Techlabs Organizers, to ask them about the situation.
2013-11-09 12:44
It's fucking easy for Germans to get visas. lmao
2013-11-09 14:40
still LGB won last techlab final?
2013-11-08 23:03
3 replies
2013-11-08 23:47
2 replies
once onliners forever onliners
2013-11-08 23:48
1 reply
still they beat navi at lan :DDD:
2013-11-09 01:18
onliners? wtf.. just because they cant attend you call they onliners? btw gl us
2013-11-09 07:54
It's Russia, Visa problem is not uncommon.
2013-11-09 14:44
Greece her-1g
so navi will get an invite almost automatically :P
2013-11-08 21:16
1 reply
3dmax > navi
2013-11-08 23:05
Hahahaha hope Astana dragon loose against Na'Vi and US to take home the whole thing.
2013-11-08 21:16
wow navi vs ad :DD dis gon b gud
2013-11-08 21:19
Pakistan MrHassan
Nice !!!!!
2013-11-08 21:19
blya Na'Vi - AD
2013-11-08 21:26
Great news! GL US, you can ;)
2013-11-08 21:27
AHHAHAHAHAHAAA hHHhH hhHhHAAHHAHAA h H hH lgb dennis scared
2013-11-08 21:28
HenryG | 
France swqz
why the fuck did they invite a team who is already qualified for DH....
2013-11-08 21:36
2 replies
because its not a dh qualifier and a event on his own,and after all US tried and went the way to qualify it would've been fucking stupid and unfair to not replace LGB with them?
2013-11-08 21:40
so navi can qual :D
2013-11-08 21:55
big revenge !
2013-11-08 21:42
United Kingdom smoggy:.
sweet for US and hardluck for LGB hope to see them at more events!
2013-11-08 21:44
2013-11-08 21:45
3dmax will beat US once again lmao
2013-11-08 21:58
Poland metal_cs
sad for LGB nice for US gl
2013-11-08 22:12
sad for LGB US good replacement
2013-11-08 22:41
LGB eSports where are they from ?
2013-11-08 22:49
1 reply
Cant you read?
2013-11-08 22:56
Sweden for the players Danemark for the manager
2013-11-08 22:56
2 replies
Danemark lol are u german? or is it called that in french aswell?
2013-11-09 15:16
1 reply
Was your answer somehow in english ? Didn't get any sense of it ;) Look at their website carefully ( or, think a minute, talk later. Cya
2013-11-09 15:58
top1 US
2013-11-08 22:58
I find this kinda funny, they dont get their visas and inv a team that already got a spot (even tho US deserves it) i still find it wrong. This means that the spot stands between 3dmax and Na'Vi....
2013-11-08 22:58
US will win this tournament. No doubt.
2013-11-08 23:05
Grim | 
United States Bibby
This is Astana chance to start something good! I feel astana will take down navi then go against US with Astana dragons winning it! Lets go markeloff & Dosia!
2013-11-08 23:05
gl us
2013-11-08 23:15
3dmax beat us online so now go beat them offline haha
2013-11-08 23:31
easy for US
2013-11-08 23:40
If US will not win this, this is gonna be just a big surprise. AD after changes, NaVi not so strong in CSGO and 3dmax just onliners. But it is funny, US didnt even won single game in techlabs but still are in the Finals.. LOL
2013-11-09 00:08
what kind of visa problems? Russia is afraid of Swedes staying in the coutry and stealing jobs? :-)
2013-11-09 00:56
1 reply
hahahaha indeed. Not like anyone would wanna stay there when they've done with business...
2013-11-09 01:31
2013-11-09 01:49
2013-11-09 03:03
2013-11-09 05:47
Denmark kozality
2013-11-09 08:28
Boring as fuck wont go to the event
2013-11-09 09:54
nice! GL Polish guys!
2013-11-09 10:55
1.US 2.NAVI 3.AG 4.3DMAX
2013-11-09 11:14
1.US 2.AD 3.NAVI 4.3D
2013-11-09 11:14
Us can even win this. Im looking forward to tournament.
2013-11-09 11:26
us low
2013-11-09 11:29
4 replies
Finland kimi__
2013-11-09 13:36
not in recent matches
2013-11-09 15:28
2 replies
recent online matches ? us/esc fans are always so annoying lol
2013-11-09 15:36
1 reply
Raidcall ems one finals and 3/4 place?
2013-11-09 16:36
go TaZ!
2013-11-09 11:57
US can do sh..
2013-11-09 12:38
Great, go and gl US :)
2013-11-09 13:24
cya lgbnoobs
2013-11-09 13:58
easy US
2013-11-09 14:27
US is favorite to take this
2013-11-09 14:47
Lol at the ppl that are calling LGB onliners. they aint! they are simply overrated. srsly no clue how that LGB hypetrain got started?
2013-11-09 15:20
2 replies
The LGB Hypetrain got started when they first played 15-15 vs Nip (when nip still was #1 by far) and a few days laterz absolutely raped AstanaD on Inferno. have u seen the match vs Astana ? LGB played so absolutely sick that i am pretty sure they did cheat. Their preaim in that match was from another world. No matter what Astana did they run right into HS left and right. After that two matches it was pretty clear LGB are TOP3 in case thy could consistantly repeat the performance of those two matches. Unfortunately they couldnt... and first big Lan event they go out in group stage ...
2013-11-09 16:34
1 reply
What about they beating NaVi on NaVi's home soil (Kiev) in techlabs, sure we wernt able to see that BO3 but they won it 2-0 I belive the 2nd map were like 6 overtimes or more maybe, dont know :)
2013-11-09 16:54
Everybody is always comming up with that victory against NaVi... What has NaVi ever achievd in GO ? Nothing.... NaVi not even TOP6 rigtht now probably barely TOP8
2013-11-09 17:48
USA strong
2013-11-09 18:25
1 reply
coL aim for 3rd :P
2013-11-09 18:44
So if we get US vs AD finals, it will mean US qualifies for DHW?
2013-11-09 19:58
1 reply
they already qualifited for DHW, and I would be wondering if AD could beat Navi without Edward
2013-11-09 20:54
Time to repeat history from 1610 - poles the only nation in history that conquer moscow
2013-11-11 08:16
LBG is not onlinerz, stupid fucks :D To bad for LGB, i think they would have a great chance. Lucky for US doh! GL taz<3
2013-11-12 11:58
Bulgaria b0xeR4et0
2013-11-12 16:18
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