iBUYPOWER win coL tourney

November 12th, 2013 21:41

iBUYPOWER have defeated compLexity 2-1 (6-16 de_inferno, 16-14 de_nuke, 16-13 de_cache) to win the coL 10th Anniversary tournament and $6,000.

A total of eight teams took part in the tournament hosted by the compLexity organization, four of whom were invited with another four qualifying through a 128 team bracket.

The favorites, Sean "sgares" Gares' compLexity and and former teammate Sam "DaZeD" Marine's iBUYPOWER, easily got past their competition and wound up meeting in the upper bracket finals.

sgares & co fell short against iBUYPOWER

iBUYPOWER overcame coL in the upper bracket with a 16-11 score on de_cache, followed up by a 16-13 win on de_nuke to guarantee themselves a spot in the grand finals.

Gares' team got through Shockwave in the consolidation final despite a map loss on de_nuke, but once again came out short versus iBUYPOWER, this time with a 1-2 scoreline.

12th November 2013

coL 10th Anniversary tourney final standings:

1. United States iBUYPOWER - $6,000
2. United States compLexity - $3,000
3. United States Shockwave - $1,000

Both iBUYPOWER and compLexity have secured spots at the $250,000 DreamHack Winter tournament and will be there later this month. Earlier today coL pulled out of MSI Beat it.

iBUYPOWER lineup?
2013-11-12 21:42
adren azk dazed skadoodle anger
2013-11-12 21:43
Denmark jjh 
skadoodle anger adren dazed azk
2013-11-12 21:43
DaZeD AZK adreN anger skadoodle
2013-11-12 21:45
DaZeD AZK adreN anger skadoodle
2013-11-13 17:25
Denmark jjh 
2013-11-12 21:43
coL have pulled out of MSi Beat It according to their website Lurppis. Just a side note ;)
2013-11-12 21:44
2013-11-12 21:50
2013-11-12 22:02
2013-11-13 17:01
2013-11-13 19:49
ibp could go ;)
2013-11-12 22:03
This is such bullshit.
2013-11-12 22:08
coL avarage team,only hiko and swag good players
2013-11-12 21:45
coL/QTC never beat iBP/Curse online. Ska's 2 stronk online.
2013-11-12 21:47
but they beat those players every time on LAN
2013-11-12 23:40
Except coL place 2nd at the ESEA Lan this season, with NiP in 1st?
2013-11-13 12:55
n0thing > brainless swag
2013-11-13 04:52
n0thing is overrated in csgo,all know this:D
2013-11-13 14:46
still better than swag
2013-11-13 15:53
That's awesome, they just won a tournament yesterday... wait.
2013-11-12 21:45
coL overrated
2013-11-12 21:48
United Kingdom smoggy:. 
2013-11-12 21:49
looked very easy. 4-1 in maps to iBP!
2013-11-12 21:52
the winner of the iBP vs coL match was LAG.
2013-11-12 21:53
that shockwave team looked really good, expect them to make big strides in the NA scene, even though they are only competing in ESEA-Main this season
2013-11-12 21:54
i think they cheat
2013-11-12 22:04
Germany VxO4 
they play cevo and esea main If they cheat they arent doing a good job because that event would have been their best chance to win And you think juv3nile cheats?
2013-11-12 22:19
isnt juv3nile from norway?
2013-11-13 15:23
Germany VxO4 
thats a different one i guess
2013-11-13 17:59
2013-11-13 23:00
Yeah, thanks. :P
2013-11-14 13:33
haha all the NA teams fucking sucks so who cares, it's all about da international scene.
2013-11-13 15:13
why are you talking about your own team in the third person :P UNLEASH THE CUD
2013-11-13 20:52
2013-11-12 22:10
about time we got an article
2013-11-12 22:14
2013-11-13 06:26
skadoodle best
2013-11-12 22:32
2013-11-12 22:45
Turkey huth 
iBP's teamplay is far better than coL in my opinion. They definitely put more hours than coL.
2013-11-12 23:17
they wont get the money.
2013-11-12 23:26
India h8or 
IBP, Autosniper pros.
2013-11-12 23:48
skadoodle too gud
2013-11-12 23:48
iBP gonna bootcamp EU for DH Winter like coL is gonna do?
2013-11-13 00:14
Hopefully and probably.
2013-11-13 00:37
They won, yeah, but the whole event was online. If it were on LAN it'd be a different story entirely. Oh well; nicely done iBP.
2013-11-13 01:06
2013-11-13 04:54
You might be right on this considering iBP have only been together for 3 weeks since dazed joined. That compared to complexity, who have been together for a year..I think naturally you can assume that complexity has been together long enough to have that synergy on LAN; where as iBP will have to find it.
2013-11-13 06:12
On LAN col wouldn't be so lucky taking a map from iBP
2013-11-13 09:21
You're crazy if you actually think that..look @ the past couple years... the core coL roster has dominated the core dynamic roster at ESEA lans. Also the coL roster has won maps on lan against teams like NIP, Mystik, LGB and placing top 3 at an international event. The core dynamic roster have not done the same on the international scene. Regardless, can't wait to see both teams play at dreamhack! Go USA :)
2013-11-14 01:04
what happens when/if ibp don't get a high place in dreamhack, namely dazed; will he carry on?
2013-11-13 09:23
Hope the stick together, they should. Giving up after one defeat would be kinda lame, but hell is NA after all. Who knows, he might go play tetris on the new Wii or something.
2013-11-13 15:21
Depending if they get out of group stage. If they don't make it out of group, I expect dazed to leave. I also think Dazed is not going to stick with this team in the long term. 6 months from now, he will for sure be on a new team. coL possibly.
2013-11-14 01:15
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