Astana Dragons win TECHLABS Finals

November 17th, 2013 15:12

Astana Dragons have won TECHLABS Cup 2013 Finals in Moscow 2-1 over Universal Soldiers (11-16 de_cache, 16-5 de_inferno, 16-3 de_nuke) to win $10,000.

Astana Dragons, the favorites to win their first tournament after adding Emil "kucher" Akhundov just days ago, had a rough start in Moscow as they fell short against Natus Vincere 1-2 in their opening match.

Universal Soldiers easily defeated 3DMAX 2-0 in the other upper bracket semi-final, and went onto take down the squad of Sergey "starix" Ischuk 2-0 as well to clinch a grand final spot.

kucher wins his first event with Astana Dragons

Astana Dragons then knocked 3DMAX out in the lower bracket, and followed it up with a win over Natus Vincere in a rematch in the consolidation finals to secure a spot in the grand final.

As TECHLABS gave no advantage to the winners of upper bracket, a simple 2-1 win in the grand final was enough for Akhundov & co to top Universal Soldiers and win TECHLABS Cup 2013 Finals.

 Astana Dragons K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Ukraine Yegor 'markeloff' Markelovmarkeloff 69 - 32 +37 - 1.64
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' KarasiowANGE1 51 - 45 +6 - 1.05
Russia Mihail 'Dosia' StolyarovDosia 43 - 38 +5 - 1.04
Kazakhstan Dauren 'AdreN' KystaubayevAdreN 44 - 41 +3 - 1.03
Russia Emil 'kUcheR' AkhundovkUcheR 45 - 40 +5 - 0.99
 UniversalSoldiers K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Janusz 'Snax' PogorzelskiSnax 53 - 52 +1 - 1.01
Poland Paweł 'byali' Bielińskibyali 40 - 48 -8 - 0.85
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 35 - 51 -16 - 0.75
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 33 - 49 -16 - 0.74
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 35 - 52 -17 - 0.71

TECHLABS Cup 2013 finals final standings:

1. Ukraine Astana Dragons - $10,000 + Game Show League spot
2. Poland Universal Soldiers - $5,000
3. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $3,500 + DreamHack Winter spot
4. Germany 3DMAX - $1,500

Natus Vincere claimed the DreamHack Winter spot up for grabs as both Astana Dragons and US had already secured spots at the $250,000 tournament, set to begin in just under two weeks.

Well deserved!
2013-11-17 15:13
Not really. US technically beat them 3-2 in this tournament and they lost.
2013-11-17 16:39
Nope. Nothing technical about it neither; every tournament sets its own rules, wb advantage isn't mandatory. If US were the better team, they'd be the ones winning the bo3. AD beat them in a best out of 3, and as such are the deserving winners of the tournament. Congrats!
2013-11-17 16:50
every tournament sets its rules yes but not giving advantage to the upper bracket gives dumb results like 3-2 to the losing team at the end. I'm not saying US are the better team, not at all. You seem to be forgetting that US beat them in a bo3 beforehand too and with better results, (2-0 as oppose to 2-1). It wasn't well deserved, AD just got the better shuffle of wins in the end.
2013-11-17 17:07
US beat them beforehand? When? I think you're confusing US with Na'Vi. Regardless, your take on upper bracket advantage is just that; your take. Subjective. Personally, I feel giving a map lead in a bo3 is too decisive, and that the winner between two finalists should be decided on a face-to-face basis without any handicaps. Both teams eventually lost once, with the difference being in the fact US lost in the finals to the eventual winners. My point being: it's highly subjective. At the end of the day, you win a tournament by... winning a tournament. You don't win a tournament by winning it based on other criteria or formats. To the victor goes the spoils ;)
2013-11-17 17:28
my bad, I got mixed up with na'vi but I still propose that AD weren't as deserving with the bo3 win. It should have been a bo5 with upper bracket advantage but, hey ho like you said, subjectivity and all : )
2013-11-17 17:41
+1 US should've had 1 map advantage
2013-11-17 17:55
When I say they're deserving of the win I basically refer to the fact they've beaten the other contender. I think we both agree a map advantage in a bo3 is a bit too much, personally I'd still prefer a non handicapped bo3 over a handicapped bo5 because I feel it's more competitive, but I understand the reasoning behind granting an undefeated contender an advantage coming to the finals; I just think that if you deserve to win a tournament, you'll win it without any advantages ;)
2013-11-17 18:45
Ok then what is the point of having a winner bracket and a loser bracket? You get a second chance coz you lost once? ok then, if you haven't lost and you lose once in the final you should get that second chance now shouldn't you? :) Otherwise AD got the advantage ;D Either Bo3 with 1-0 or 2xbo3. No advantage to the winner is nonsense.
2013-11-17 19:08
You're getting a second chance facing elimination pre-finals; you don't get a second chance in the finals. Even in "classic" double elimination where you get a map advantage coming from the winner bracket, it's not like if you lose you get to replay the finals. But, again, this is a matter of subjectivity. It doesn't matter if it's chess, CS, football or basketball, every league/tournament sets its own rules according to what they see fit. There's no magic formula. You claim no advantage is nonsense, whilst I among others think it's nonsense for 2 direct contenders in a final to play with a handicap. If you're indeed the better team between the two finalists, you should win without any advantage. Again, subjectivity. ;)
2013-11-17 19:26
Could also argue that if you deserve to win a tournament, you won't lose. So either have single elimination, or double elim with advantage to the upper bracket winner.
2013-11-17 19:29
Eh, unnecessary semantics. The best team will win a Bo3. That's sufficient.
2013-11-17 19:38
The best team won't lose to a lesser team that can't even make it to the finals. Where is your logic now?
2013-11-18 00:18
You're mistaking "best" with "overall best". The best team will win a Bo3. It doesn't mean that team is the best team out of every single team in the tournament, it only means it's the best team among the two teams playing each other.
2013-11-18 02:23
the bestest is the bestest in the world.
2013-11-18 05:45
Oh and yeah, I'm not exactly against advantage either -- instead of having a knife round or a coin toss, let the team coming from the winner bracket to be the first to ban a map/pick a map/choose side.
2013-11-17 19:40
World Jeza 
imo 1 map extra from UB is good only when it is a bo5. That gives other team plenty of chances to prove they are better, while also rewarding earlier success.
2013-11-17 17:58
they must play until AD lose !!!!!
2013-11-17 18:35
"but not giving advantage to the upper bracket". some time ago i was thinking the same, but if you look at in a different way, they have some advantages. 1) you play less maps which means less tired/stressed, more time for thinking 2) you can watch consolidation match and study your opponent, thats a pretty big advantage imo 3) while youre in an upper bracket u are in a safe zone, which is a great thing (ofc this important for all the matches except for the finals)
2013-11-17 22:08
If I was playing with my team in such a tournament, Id just forfeit the first match in order to be able to play the lower bracket finals against a weaker team.
2013-11-18 00:27
fast news is so fast
2013-11-17 15:27
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
2013-11-17 15:59
Delaylabs delaynews
2013-11-17 16:35
Sweden Vaart 
Good start with kucher! Now try to defeat teams such as vg&nip
2013-11-17 15:27
Ad top 3
2013-11-17 15:34
Slovakia hed0r 
Stupid rule by techlabs cup not to give an advantage to the team comming from winner bracket -.-
2013-11-17 15:40
Portugal luxen 
2013-11-17 16:09
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
+1 beats the whole meaning of a double elim bracket.
2013-11-17 16:14
Other loudest 
just wait for giving 1 map adventage for losers bracket team...
2013-11-17 16:36
actually this advantage is so shitty ...
2013-11-17 16:39
Well, if the AD won the winners bracket, 4sho they would have 1 map advantage.. 4sho
2013-11-17 16:59
2013-11-17 17:29
No it's not, WB advantage is awful, makes games so boring. They already have the advantage of getting straight to the final while other team gets sent to the lower bracket, don't need two advantages.
2013-11-17 17:32
the rules announced BEFORE tournament start
2013-11-17 18:35
ur right, the WB advantage is bs, but it NEEDS to be a thing if you play double elimination. techlabs rules were stupid for sure, because double elimination is stupid full stop.
2013-11-17 19:10
Tell that to Valve @ The International :D
2013-11-17 20:40
2013-11-17 15:40
AD comeback kings Wtf Clawed their way back from the brink of defeat against navi
2013-11-17 15:59
How come they are winning without Edward? :O
2013-11-17 16:06
No offense but this tourney was a cakewalk and they would probably have done it even better with Edward.
2013-11-17 16:12
you obviously offended this dutch guy...
2013-11-17 16:14
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
He's indian. Fake flag :\
2013-11-17 16:20
What was that actually ?
2013-11-17 22:37
it's Luxemburg, mate.
2013-11-17 18:29
idd, ty.
2013-11-17 18:31
kucher wrong, ange1 playing cool! gj Azdona :P
2013-11-17 16:15
2013-11-17 16:16
nice work
2013-11-17 16:19
that is just wrong!! textbook racisim! 3/4 is not cool. 4/4 is fare! dem f'n rules.
2013-11-17 16:21
Lazy HLTV ;)
2013-11-17 16:25
this No coverage at all, only summary news.
2013-11-17 16:38
yeap sucks thee cant even answet to my question and now dont care about lan tournament with "big" names...
2013-11-17 20:19
slowpoke :"|
2013-11-17 16:45
is there any VOD?
2013-11-17 16:54
check vods of neogear. It should be there somewhere. You will click "Videos" on the right and browse through them to find what you want
2013-11-17 17:12
NEO | 
Poland PRAWUs 
2013-11-17 17:43
yeah. we know. gj ad
2013-11-17 17:00
Russia Sgt. 
kucher wins his first event with Astana Dragons!? no 2 events FACEIT Cup October 2013,TECHLABS
2013-11-17 17:09
noona care about FACEIT, because it's was online :)
2013-11-17 17:46
its a cup, not an event.
2013-11-17 18:32
wtf did i just read :D
2013-11-17 18:54
big lol @ neo @ nuke!
2013-11-17 18:01
3-17 :D
2013-11-17 18:31
Plz stopp saying it was unfair and undeserved .... Allthough i myself am for a BO5 with 1 map advantage Astans still had the most wins in this tournament and therefore deserved to win #1 Astana won vs 3Dmax,Navi,US lost vs Navi = 3-1 US won vs 3dmax and Navi los vs Astana 2-1 Navi won vs Astana , Lost vs US and Astana 1-2 3Dmax 0-3 So no matter the format Astana won vs all other 3 teams in a Tournament with 4 teams. How in hell is the win not deserved ?
2013-11-17 18:47
u dont get the point? the rules unfair because AD win they must play until AD lose
2013-11-17 18:53
omg what i just read... Astana had more wins cuz they played one match more then US cuz they lost ealier and us lost just in final...
2013-11-17 20:18
u still didnt get his point, AD won every team in this tourney , while US won just 2 out of 3 thats why AD deserved it
2013-11-17 21:32
exactly ! Thats my point. if u win vs every other team in tournament how could u not deserve #1 Just butthirt US fans hating
2013-11-18 09:12
2013-11-17 18:49
India h8or 
US :x
2013-11-17 18:53
Na'Vi won't do shit in DreamHack
2013-11-17 18:58
GG AD, in the end better team win. If you are better, then you just win. I hope that US win DHW but, if AD playd better then there should be no argue about that.
2013-11-17 19:03
nice from US
2013-11-17 19:06
China Specster 
Russian rules = facepalm
2013-11-17 19:16
waiting for chinese cs:go event
2013-11-17 19:23
China Specster 
like I were chinese ._.
2013-11-17 19:30
Switzerland CHEDEL 
wcg 2009 was in china, and there were no shit like that. =)
2013-11-17 19:31
chinese food = shit
2013-11-17 19:40
China Specster 
haha, go drink some vodka.
2013-11-17 19:45
2013-11-17 19:46
s1mple | 
Ukraine P0W3RRR 
den' stydenta sooqa
2013-11-17 21:54
Russia fuRy^ 
Good game, bros!
2013-11-17 19:54
Poland MJP 
gg ,well play both team
2013-11-17 21:01
BnTeT | 
Poland Freezak 
Are russians too stupid to set up some proper rules? Not saying anything as maybe their win was deserved, but still they could get some advantage by advancing from upper bracket.
2013-11-17 21:53
corruption its standard in slavic nations ))
2013-11-17 23:12
gg, wp US still needs a lot of practice, taz said that they are ready but i think they are not
2013-11-17 22:01
gz guys :))
2013-11-17 22:13
would've loved to see us won tbh
2013-11-17 22:50
Neo much better in 1.6, i dont like to see him play cs:go....makes me sad.
2013-11-18 01:18
+1 No its same; 1.6 its the best player ;)
2013-11-18 09:42
GG Astana Dragons US won 5k it is still good for them.
2013-11-18 03:19
Russia AR4ER 
wp draGGonz
2013-11-18 05:17
Mexico Moxw 
AD TOP 1 nuff said
2013-11-18 09:58
i dont understand. Was this final bo3 or bo5? if bo3 why then US didn't win? if bo5 why then they didn't play 4th map?
2013-11-18 10:44
...dont u think it's all simple and theres nothing to try to udnerstand as everythink is more than understandable? :0 The answer to your last question is obvious: if they didnt play the forth map it means it was a BO3 The answer to the 1st question is also very simple US could not overpower AD, everything US tried simply didnt seem to work and AD were just better which was not a surprise anyway, it's not the first time they beat US, so what is there to wonder about? Both teams did know its not a BO5 and noone had any issues with both AD and US realized they'd need to do the best they can to win as its not a BO5, so none of the teams complained and just plaid a normal BO3 why would it be not fair etc? so why would everyone try looking for excuses? hm... Even TaZ said that in his brief 1on1 interview right after playing the 3rd map that they just couldnt find their game after that 1st map... That short TaZ's & ANGE1's interviews + awarding ceremony of all 4 teams could be seen overhere on the 35th minute of this link hm... PS VODs of all 3 maps! 1st map cache 2nd map inferno 3rd map nuke sorry for replying to your specific post with all that said even though, its more like to all of the above ppl :D
2013-11-18 11:32
Lol, u didn't even read. You said that it was bo3, ok. It is possible to win in bo3 by winning 2 maps, when you went from lower bracket. But US had an advantage because they were on upper bracket and victory on 1 map was enough for them to win the tournament. I am not a fan of US, but something is wrong here.
2013-11-18 11:35
Controvertial rules.. no upper advantage and not another bo3 after the team coming from lower win the final
2013-11-18 11:58
ok, now it's clean
2013-11-18 12:13
no stats?
2013-11-18 14:29
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