nxl, Legends and LZ to MSI Finals

Team nxl, Legends and Team LZ have secured spots for the MSI Beat it! 2013 Global Finals at today's SEA qualifier.

Taking place at the Shijingshan Stadium in Beijing, China, the same venue where the Grand Finals will take place in the next two days, the South East Asian qualifier saw 8 teams from seven different countries compete for the three slots in the $22,000 MSI Beat it! 2013 Grand Finals.

After a full day of matches in a double elimination best-of-one bracket, the first two teams were found in form of Team nxl from Indonesia and Team LZ from Malaysia, who won their upper bracket semi-final matches.

Team nxl were the first to secure a spot

The last spot came down to a clash between Legends from Vietnam and SMACKDOWN from the Philippines, and the Vietnamese team won 16-1 on de_nuke to secure a chance to play against some of the best teams in the world tomorrow.

Even though the three Grand Finals participants were known after that match, it was still needed to determine the final placement, as well as the matter of distributing the $6,000 prize purse.

Legends continued their strong showing by taking down Team LZ with ease 16-2 on de_nuke, and they then went into the grand final needing two map wins due to coming from the lower bracket.

The first map of the final, de_inferno, went to the Vietnamese after a closely fought battle, 16-13, so it all came down to de_nuke. They didn't start well this time, and they were on the verge of defeat at 15-9, but Legends won six straight and sent the final into overtime.

However, Team nxl had more nerve in the end as they prevailed 19-16, winning the grand final and $3,000.

22nd November 2013

Final standings of MSI Beat it! 2013 SEA Qualifier

1. Indonesia Team nxl - $3,000 + spot at MSI Beat it! 2013 Grand Finals
2. Vietnam Legends - $2,000 + spot at MSI Beat it! 2013 Grand Finals
3. Malaysia Team LZ - $1,000 + spot at MSI Beat it! 2013 Grand Finals
4. Philippines SMACKDOWN - $300 Steam wallet
5-6. Singapore Flash eSports - $300 Steam wallet
5-6. Thailand NearlyGod - $300 Steam wallet
7-8. Brunei GPR - $300 Steam wallet
7-8. Philippines TNC - $300 Steam wallet

As the groups have already been drawn, the teams have been placed in the corresponding slot:

Group A Group B
France VeryGames Sweden SK Gaming
China Nface Sweden fnatic
Australia Vox Eminor China H5 Gaming
Indonesia Team nxl
China TyLoo
Hong Kong inchk1ng Vietnam Legends
United Arab Emirates Falood Jackson Malaysia Team LZ

They will be back in action at 03:00 with Team nxl opening against Falood Jackson, Legends meeting SK Gaming and Team LZ clashing with TyLoo.

awesome! good job nxl and indonesian team
2013-11-22 17:23
Nice <3
2013-11-22 17:23
Vietnam <3
2013-11-22 17:39
lz rly low
2013-11-22 17:24
i hope im awake to watch the actual grand final ceremony... this qualifier ceremony is sick (music best)
2013-11-22 17:30
easy win for VeryGames ;)
2013-11-22 17:31
2013-11-22 17:36
GG NXL> show VeryGames who is the KING!
2013-11-22 17:37
nearly spit my drink
2013-11-22 18:44
Indonesia vyee 
lol yeah, I nearly drink my spit
2013-11-22 20:05
lol they need some motivation though
2013-11-23 07:55
2013-11-22 17:45
congrats nxl
2013-11-22 18:18
yessss, awesome legends, u did us proud guys, play and gain the pride !
2013-11-22 18:30
Indonesia Fzn. 
congrats nxl! Go Indonesia
2013-11-22 19:07
Gl 3 teams :)
2013-11-22 19:09
why no koreans
2013-11-22 20:14
Team inchk1ng won them in EA qualifier.
2013-11-22 23:18
From what I saw, nxl played alright. However, in the two matches that I saw Legends play in (both on nuke), they held the same spots every time playing as CT. If they try to pull something like that against, say, SK or Fnatic, they're gonna be sorry.
2013-11-22 21:37
Gl for this three teams in really big event:)
2013-11-23 01:07
2013-11-23 02:23
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