DreamHack Winter viewer's guide

Below you can find the full viewer's guide for DreamHack Winter 2013, which will be the biggest CS:GO tournament in history with its grand $250,000 prize purse.

DreamHack Winter 2013 will kick off on Thursday with groups A and B, the on-site BYOC qualifier and the first two quarter-finals taking place at Elmia in Jönköping, Sweden.

You can find groups for the event through our DreamHack Winter 2013 event page, which also features a list of relevant news, articles, a link to Dreamteam and much more.

Friday will feature groups C and D, as well as the quarter-finals for the remaining two groups. Saturday is reserved solely for the semi-finals and the grand final. Below is the prize distribution:

1. $100,000
2. $50,000
3-4. $22,000
5-8. $10,000
9-16. $2,000

As you can tell from the prize distribution, no third place decider will take place. All matches will be broadcasted by DreamHack TV, which will feature two different official streams in English.

The main stream will feature the crew of six people announced before, with Anders Blume anchoring a secondary stream together with Auguste "SemmlerTheRiot" Massonat.

In the group stage each team will eliminate two maps from the five map pool. In the playoffs each team will eliminate just one map, leaving three for the best-of-three series.

Thursday, November 28th:
10:00 France Clan-Mystik vs. Sweden LGB eSports
10:00 Sweden fnatic vs. Ukraine Natus Vincere
11:00 A1 winner
vs. A2 winner
11:00 A1 loser
vs. A2 loser
12:00 A3 loser
vs. A4 winner
14:30 Sweden NiP
vs. France Recursive
14:30 United States iBUYPOWER
vs. Poland Universal Soldiers
15:30 B1 winner
vs. B2 winner
15:30 B1 loser
vs. B2 loser
16:30 B3 loser
vs. B4 winner
19:00 Quarter-final #1 (A3 winner vs. B5 winner)
22:15 Quarter-final #2 (B3 winner vs. A5 winner)
Friday, November 29th:
10:00 France VeryGames
vs. Other BYOC #1
10:00 United States compLexity
vs. Denmark n!faculty C2
11:00 C1 winner vs. C2 winner C3
11:00 C1 loser vs. C2 loser C4
12:00 C3 loser vs. C4 winner C5
14:30 Ukraine Astana Dragons
vs. Other BYOC #2
14:30 Sweden SK Gaming
vs. Denmark Copenhagen Wolves
15:30 D1 winner vs. D2 winner D3
15:30 D1 loser vs. D2 loser D4
16:30 D3 loser vs. D4 winner D5
19:00 Quarter-final #3 (C3 winner vs. D5 winner)
22:15 Quarter-final #4 (D3 winner vs. C5 winner)
Saturday, November 30th
14:30 Semi-final #1 S1
18:00 Semi-final #2 S2
22:30 Grand final GF

HLTV.org will naturally be on-site in Jönköping to provide you with full coverage of the year's biggest Counter-Strike tournament, set to take place on November 28-30th.

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2013-11-26 15:24
6 replies
1. $100,000 2. $50,000 3-4. $22,000 5-8. $10,000 9-16. $2,000 sick! :D glhf all
2013-11-26 15:38
2 replies
I win this ;d
2013-11-26 16:09
1 reply
You win 1x potato Gratz
2013-11-26 17:04
Are those GMT times? Also will you get drops while watching semmler's stream or just the main one?
2013-11-26 16:15
2 replies
You get drops on both dreamhack streams ^^
2013-11-26 16:18
I think it shows different times depending on what zone you specified in your profile.
2013-11-26 16:26
Can't wait!
2013-11-26 15:24
2013-11-26 15:25
4 replies
yh check your overview Im building my dt now. Are the groups drawn yet?
2013-11-26 15:26
2 replies
ah, ty gui maker boy :*
2013-11-26 15:27
2013-11-26 15:28
Will be announced later today :)
2013-11-26 15:50
What would be the best way to find good VOD's for the 2nd semi-final and finals without spoilers ? I can't watch the games late on saturday and am going to do it early on Sunday and just want to know what is the best way for me to do that without it being spoiled.
2013-11-26 15:27
1 reply
I've added you on steam
2013-11-26 15:57
if ibuypower loses to US, I'm flying over to Jonopking and kneeing all of them in the nuts, starting with dazed
2013-11-26 15:27
5 replies
I wonder if US loses to iBuyPower, is anyone kneeing pasha in the nuts?
2013-11-26 15:30
3 replies
You dont knee pashas nuts, they knee you.
2013-11-26 15:59
2 replies
2013-11-26 16:40
2013-11-26 18:34
book your tickets
2013-11-26 15:31
dat prize pot
2013-11-26 15:29
2 replies
2013-11-26 15:31
2013-11-26 18:34
there will be a streaming for the BYOC tournament too?
2013-11-26 15:33
2 replies
2013-11-26 15:34
1 reply
2013-11-26 15:49
nice! :)
2013-11-26 15:37
There will be GOTV's right?
2013-11-26 15:37
2 replies
The matches will be played on Valve's system, so presumably everyone will be able to connect just like to a matchmaking game.
2013-11-26 15:51
1 reply
that's pretty nice!
2013-11-26 17:26
thursday, 11 o'clock, i have no free wi-fi in my class, gg i missed whole dreamhack
2013-11-26 15:39
3 replies
The internet on my work is terrible slow ;d GG 3G internet on my phone =)
2013-11-26 15:44
2 replies
GG Twitch App :D
2013-11-26 16:34
1 reply
Twitch app just used all my surf... :-(
2013-11-28 15:30
dis gon b gud trnmnt
2013-11-26 15:44
1.AstanaDragons 2.NiP 3.US :D
2013-11-26 15:45
Are semis already paired?
2013-11-26 15:47
3 replies
No, that info is not official yet
2013-11-26 15:52
my semi is paired giggity
2013-11-26 18:32
1 reply
2013-11-27 11:49
I guess VG, CW, AD, Col, CM, US, fnatic, NIP will pass to quarter-finals. And VG, AD, NIP, CM to semis.
2013-11-26 15:48
1 reply
Denmark Arize
CM will fail to DH Winter.
2013-11-26 16:28
Slovakia crushyou
cant wait!
2013-11-26 15:49
Bulgaria J4R
Oh, man.. You just keep writing and writing don't you... Good job! Can't wait for DH
2013-11-26 15:50
gl hf Natus Vincere
2013-11-26 15:55
1 Astana Dragons 100 000 $
2013-11-26 15:57
Can I sell my DreamTeam after matches of group A? About 14:00 on Thursday? Or I can sell team after first day?
2013-11-26 15:59
2 replies
Only after first day. All info about Dreamteam will be released later today
2013-11-26 16:02
1 reply
Thanks bro ;)
2013-11-26 16:08
Typo on Thursday A4 line up, it should be A1 loser vs A2 loser. Kthnx
2013-11-26 16:02
12:00 A2 loser vs. A2 loser A1 vs A2 mby?
2013-11-26 16:02
Xyp9x | 
Serbia vraca
Best of luck to all. Hope for a great tournament!
2013-11-26 16:12
Wtf so early on Thurs and friday gg low viewership
2013-11-26 16:13
The Bo1 format is fucking brutal. " Lose 2 MAPS(2 FUCKING MAPS)" and you are sent home. I completely disagree with this. They should get rid of the group format and just set up 1 big bracket with Bo3. If you lose, you will go down to the losers bracket with another Bo3. This way you will have the chance to at least play 4 maps and bigger chances for the better team to win.
2013-11-26 16:20
3 replies
the bo1 is in the BYOC right?
2013-11-26 16:57
1 reply
Main Tournament in the group stage. :(
2013-11-26 17:32
Yeah, that would make much more sense, especially given how much is at stake here. I'm pretty concerned that iBP may be a little uncomfortable given they don't have much LAN experience, and if they don't adjust quickly, they'll be out of the tournament in 2 seconds.
2013-11-26 19:41
2013-11-26 16:20
2 replies
Good question. Otherwise I can't figure who's gonna win.
2013-11-26 16:51
+1 need the info
2013-11-26 17:39
Cant fooking wait. Pumped for the BYOC tournament.
2013-11-26 16:21
Any schedule for the BYOC available?
2013-11-26 16:34
2013-11-26 16:41
OMG biggest tournament ever on week days :-/
2013-11-26 16:45
1 reply
yup, that sucks :(
2013-11-26 17:00
Bulgaria Zinnoc
A bit disappointed for not having third place decider, but.. At least everything else seems to be fine for now.
2013-11-26 16:58
1 reply
a 3rd place decider would be nice indeed. they could give 24k to 3rd placed and 20k to 4th and it would still be fair
2013-11-26 18:49
QF1: LGB v CM QF2: NiP v iBP QF3: VG v coL QF4: CHW v AD LGB, NiP, VG, CHW move forward. Nostradamus shit.
2013-11-26 16:59
Easy win for LGB.
2013-11-26 17:02
Taiwan SCVready
In the playoffs each team will eliminate just one map, leaving three for the best-of-three series. All teams will ban Mirage and Train.OK, we are going to see a big tournament with only three maps to played. Im so tired of dust2,nuke,and train.why dont just let the admin randomly pick maps for each match?
2013-11-26 17:05
Why no cache and season ? ... At least there shouldn't exist the possibility to VETO maps, we are going to see BO3 almost always (90%) Nuke, Dust2, Inferno. It won't be 100% because some teams will prefer to VETO the other teams best map or their worse map. I think it should be randomized the map for the BO1 and BO3s, even if cache and season were included on the map pool. A map pool with 7 maps or 9 maps would be perfect. (Dust2, Inferno, Mirage with fixes or _ce, Train with fixes or volcano fixed (volcano's map + valve "new" changes inside to prevent scar20 abuse), Nuke, Cache, Season, Tuscan (when done, 2022 mb), Forge or cbble). Teams would have to practice more maps but at least we would see more variety and more choice for the teams. Nothing against this map pool, but using valve's train and mirage will result in a 3 map pool.
2013-11-26 17:19
2 replies
2013-11-26 17:34
Taiwan SCVready
+1 boring map pool
2013-11-26 17:40
Sick prices :D
2013-11-26 17:22
gl hf
2013-11-26 17:22
gl all teams
2013-11-26 17:32
Final 22:30 (23:30 real^^) I guess It will be a long night of Cs ;)
2013-11-26 17:32
dreamteam ?
2013-11-26 18:02
1 reply
Works the same way as a fantasy football league...you put together your own "dreamteam", buy players etc, and the skill level and how much each player is worth continue to change, depending on how good play-rating they get in official matches :) And with this dreamteam, you can add the team to "imaginary" leagues based on real leagues...you get a good team together, and win, you get imaginary money to spend on better players etc.
2013-11-27 12:07
fu school :(
2013-11-26 18:13
It's a shame that there is no double-elimination. Especially since there is a big difference in terms of prize money between the ranks.
2013-11-26 18:38
why is there only a five map pool? this blows dude...
2013-11-26 18:44
cant wait *_*
2013-11-26 19:28
Thursday, Friday, Saturday :( looks like some people will miss a lot of matches on stream.
2013-11-26 19:33
1 reply
Yeah it sucks for some people... I am glad that I am not one of them xp The only one that I am not sure that I can watch entirely is semifinal 1, the rest of matches is piece of cake. BTW I don't know why they didn't move the entire event one day forward, Friday-Sunday, would have more viewers.
2013-11-26 19:48
Pretty late grand-final, my only real criticism.
2013-11-26 19:56
3rd/4th NaVi vs VG Finals Astana vs NiP
2013-11-26 22:07
this is fucking stupid. have the god damn event friday, saturday, sunday you dumb morons. now I'm going to miss all the matches on thursday and friday whereas I could have at least saw the matches saturday and sunday.
2013-11-27 02:04
Wonder how many of the matches I'll be able to catch Thursday, what with it being Thanksgiving in the U.S Oh well; I don't really see any big surprises happening in A or B anyway.
2013-11-27 02:45
crazy prize-pool
2013-11-27 09:41
Does anyone know what the two twitch streams will be? I mean the channel names. I have work for nearly all of Dhw but want to run streams for drops from home.
2013-11-27 10:21
get_right 254
2013-11-27 11:05
shox with 283
2013-11-27 11:10
2013-11-27 12:49
Dat group system sucks. QFs at thursday suck.
2013-11-27 12:51
2013-11-27 13:53
Nice :D Atleast now i know what to do this week ;)
2013-11-27 14:15
grand final 22:30 saturday ? fuck them noobs
2013-11-27 17:28
Shitty fucking schedule.
2013-11-27 17:30
NBK 220
2013-11-28 02:26
Update it please.
2013-11-28 14:20
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