fnatic through to semis

November 29th, 2013 01:10

Fnatic are through to semi-finals after using the essential component to beat Recursive 2-1 (16-9 de_inferno, 13-16 de_dust2, 16-10 de_train).

Recursive were on the less favoured side for the fourth time in a row on de_inferno, which seemed to have been comfortable for them as they were able to go through groups, having only played de_inferno.

An agressive push from fnatic forced recursive to play passively in the first pistol round, and when they tried to get into the A bombsite, they were eliminated by Robin "flusha" Rönnquist and Jesper "jw" Wecksell.

Even after a scary, but common second round P250 vesthelm buy, which allowed Recursive to plant, fnatic came back from a three-versus-four to lead 3-0 after the following anti-eco.

Rönnquist was on point tonight as he saved yet another round for fnatic only two rounds afterwards with three kills near arch. The Swedes were using the agressive playstyle, which paid off with three picks.

 kennyS and co have to settle for 5th-8th

The score was 6-0 before the Frenchmen with a Swiss managed to return two initial entrys from fnatic, and adding two more later on to win their first round only to see fnatic sweeping the floor with Recursive in the following two rounds.

One mistake from fnatic saw Rönnquist pushing mid alone and even though he left three people with under twenty health points, his teammates weren't able to finish it off. It was only two rounds of the remaining six Recursive were able to add to their score though, as the teams switched sides at 12-3.

A quick B push almost worked out for fnatic, although the Swedes did what they do, tried to take the construction area after the plant, where most of Recursive were already waiting and fnatic gave the bombsite away.

Two more rounds ended up in clutch situations, which Wecksell and Markus "pronax" Wallsten disappointed to win, and that made the score 12-9.

Happy and Maniac were the main factor for Recursive

A third clutch situation was eventually going in the hands of fnatic, whose Rönnquist managed to win a 1v2 afterplant to make it 13-9. With Wecksell's four frags in the following round and a slow strategy for A bombsite by fnatic, fnatic were at six map points.

They only needed one though, as in the final round the world's third best clutcher, Rönnquist, won yet another 1v2 on B bombsite to win the first map 16-9.

Going over to de_dust2, fnatic took Recursive by surprise as Terrorists, winning 5-0 in the beginning before Recursive got a chance to reply with two rounds out of the following three.

Robin "GMX" Stahmer was the essential player throughout the first side, as he was able to defend long twice in five following rounds all by himself. With yet another action over at mid, he almost single-handedly won Recursive the side with a one round difference.

jw was playing super-agressively on de_train 

A quick push to B bombsite helped Recursive continue with their strong play, as fnatic was only able to take two rounds of the following five, one of which being an unexpected retake from Jonatan "Devilwak" Lundberg and Andreas "schneider" Lindberg.

It was 15-10 when fnatic finally stepped up to take three easy rounds in a row, but that was all she wrote for the Swedes on dust2, because Recursive won a surprising P250 vesthelm buy to take the game to a third map after 16-13.

The last map was de_train, which was the first of the tournament alongside NiP's second map against LGB eSports. Recursive did not find anyone on the lower bombsite, so they were able to safely plant a defend the retake and both of the anti-ecos to make it 3-0.

A one-versus-one situation by Rönnquist in the first gunround set fnatic on the front foot, as Wecksell started playing extremely agressively every single round up to the point where he was taken out in the beginning of the fourteenth round.

fnatic are one step away from a podium finish

Even that round was won by fnatic in the end without a loss of another player, although the following round was not, as Recursive got two early pick-offs, making the half-time score 10-5 in favour of fnatic.

A great defense by Recursive helped them lower the difference to only one round, thanks to two retakes, including one in a two-versus-four with Quiquerez once again on the helmet.

Only one round was left for Recursive to take, as fnatic started attacking lower bombsite again and again, which won them most of the remaining rounds to take the deciding map 16-10.

recursive didnt find anyone on the lower bombsite, 0-3

1v1 from flusha, 1-3


exchanging a round, 4-4, 6-4, 8-4, 9-4 with jw always pushing agressively
finally jw gets picked off in the beginning after peaking again, although nobody else got dropped
10-5 after two early kills by rec
a great defense by recursive, 10-9 after two retakes including one in a 2v4 with Maniac on the helmet once again
fnatic decided to go lower for once which paid off 11-9, although Happy replied with a defuse in a 1v1 against schneider. Another 3v2 and a 2v1 situation were won by fnatic on upper, 14-10
Two lower B attacks were dealt with easily by fnatic, winning the map 16-10, proceeding to semi-finals against the winner of LGB eSports/NiP


28th November 2013

 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Jesper 'JW' WecksellJW 77 - 55 +22 - 1.34
Sweden Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergznajder 66 - 53 +13 - 1.16
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquistflusha 58 - 48 +10 - 1.09
Sweden Markus 'pronax' Wallstenpronax 48 - 44 +4 - 1.00
Sweden Jonatan 'Devilwalk' LundbergDevilwalk 51 - 51 0 - 0.92
 Recursive K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Switzerland Mathieu 'Maniac' QuiquerezManiac 57 - 59 -2 - 1.04
France Vincent 'Happy' SchopenhauerHappy 56 - 59 -3 - 1.00
France Robin 'GMX' StahmerGMX 50 - 57 -7 - 0.96
France Kevin 'Uzzziii' VernelUzzziii 44 - 63 -19 - 0.76
France Kenny 'kennyS' SchrubkennyS 44 - 62 -18 - 0.73

Fnatic have earned a spot in the semi-finals and at least $22,000, as opposed to Recursive's $10,000 for a 5th-8th finish. They will learn their fate tomorrow, after the second half of quarter-finals is played.

2013-11-29 01:10
Slovakia jurrte 
:)) awesome
2013-11-29 01:11
Norway aNdzz 
2013-11-29 01:13
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Great game by Maniac but Fnatic played well. gg
2013-11-29 01:11
recursive did as well as you could expect them to do, they should be pleased that they took a map from fnatic who are probably disappointed they didn't 2-0 this
2013-11-29 01:12
what a thriller :o
2013-11-29 01:12
United Kingdom NipXe 
shit didnt even know they were playing :D
2013-11-29 01:13
so stronk
2013-11-29 01:13
Games were very intense. GJ to both teams.
2013-11-29 01:13
2013-11-29 01:13
Recursive had some great matches. I thought they would win when it was 11-10 fnatic. Thank god they didn't, though, my bets are safe :D
2013-11-29 01:14
they will still be happy with that money which is more than a lot of first prizes.
2013-11-29 01:14
why not cause an upset and win at least 50k, highly unlikely though
2013-11-29 01:17
i wouldnt call it "upset" with the performance they've showed today. they showed that they beat SK last week and AD/CPH W weren't that stable as well in the recent time
2013-11-29 01:26
well to go to the final they must beat VG, NiP or AD (im not sure about the brackets), they have the most chances to beat AD but i dont think they can really beat NiP or VG maybe win a map but a bo3 the chances are really low and its an upset
2013-11-29 01:34
definitely would be great to see though wouldn't it. ;)
2013-11-29 01:25
Gj Fnatic!
2013-11-29 01:16
Greece her-1g 
recursive much better than i expected. gg
2013-11-29 01:16
Sweden binz 
go fnatic(sweden)
2013-11-29 01:17
have a question can fnatic meet NiP or LGB on semi-final or only in grand-final??
2013-11-29 01:27
ty bor i looking for this but cant find it ;]
2013-11-29 01:30
fnatic for the finals?
2013-11-29 01:56
France rsi_rise 
Nice game, GG
2013-11-29 01:31
Portugal Cyborgy 
jw best (kennyS worstest) proof : hltv.org/?pageid=188&matchid=15827&event..
2013-11-29 01:45
gl in semis
2013-11-29 01:57
Why does JW look like a bloated fish?
2013-11-29 02:03
who is jw ???? the dummy kid ???
2013-11-29 02:08
Portugal Cyborgy 
kennyS onliner
2013-11-29 02:15
gogo fnatic (y)
2013-11-29 08:13
Ukraine rim 
jw need nick name puzan
2013-11-29 14:08
fnatic <3
2013-11-29 21:12
Is the playoffs single eliminations?
2013-11-29 21:14
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