Xapso, Reason through from BYOC

Xapso and Reason Gaming have earned a spot in the main tournament's group stage after passing through the semi-finals of DreamHack Winter 2013 BYOC qualifier.

Thirty teams were split into eight groups of three to four teams, from where two teams proceeded to the play-offs. There were seven internationally known names in the BYOC qualifier, including Vox Eminor, who had to fly in from Australia.

All of those teams managed to proceed to later stages of the qualifier, although it was Reason Gaming, Nostalgie, Xapso and mousesports who eventually fought for the two spots in the main tournament.

MSL will clash with the best once again

Both of the semi-final matches were played on de_inferno. The Danes from Reason managed to take down Nostalgie in the semi-final with a 16-9 scoreline to get their place in Group D, while Xapso defeated mousesports in the first overtime 19-17 for the spot in Group C.

Both teams were just added to DreamTeam, which means you can buy their players over in the transfer market right now before the first round of matches starts.

GG by reason
2013-11-29 03:26
Really disappointing to me. I wanted to see Nostalgie, specially Edward vs Astana, and Vox Eminor.
2013-11-29 03:29
Nostalgie is a pug team while Reason very much deserved the spot after coming so close to getting in through the online qualifier too.
2013-11-29 03:36
gg mouz onliners....
2013-11-29 03:30
rip mouz
2013-11-29 03:30
Disappointing to see Vox go down :( was really rooting for those guys. I am sure Vox will take away huge positives from the tournaments they have played the last two weekends.
2013-11-29 03:34
Korea saddummy
holy shit group d....
2013-11-29 03:34
Portugal wakens
wheres mouz
2013-11-29 03:35
2013-11-29 03:36
Portugal wakens
i think the best answer for my question is "ONLINE"
2013-11-29 03:37
Huehue or (._.'), you choose.
2013-11-29 03:42
Actually "OFFLINE" would make much more sense...
2013-11-29 03:49
will dreamteam market be open tonight?
2013-11-30 01:03
See 'Notifications' ;)
2013-11-30 01:12
ty :D
2013-11-30 01:13
Would have liked to see Vox make it through.
2013-11-29 03:46
The Xapso vs mouz match, definitely a match worth watching.
2013-11-29 03:50
Agreed, that was intense to say the least! cadiaN really surprising, rising danish star!
2013-11-29 04:28
New Zealand black0ut
bl voxe, suprised that mousesports didn't make it through they been dominating online xapso were really sharp though.
2013-11-29 03:54
Denmark w0lteX
WP Cadian! MVP :-)
2013-11-29 04:01
Mousesports onliners as expected, especially chrisj
2013-11-29 04:06
Brazil dkf
Too bad for mouz, hope they don't disband, they have so much potential.
2013-11-29 04:17
Good luck, Xapso! Hope you won't suffer too much from the lack of sleep you are getting. Scheduled last match of BYOC was 23:00, we knew that wasn't going to happen. Started like 01:30! Go Xapso!
2013-11-29 05:05
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
Who are the best onliners?
2013-11-29 05:51
they are both going to get absolutely anally annihilated in both games tomorrow sucks playing all day through a tough qualifier series just to lose hard and get knocked straight back out, but thats whats gonna happen
2013-11-29 05:52
They might surprise imo.. It's not like mousesports is a bad team that they beat in the BYOC :p
2013-11-29 06:28
True, but they played matches for 9-10 hours. And due to Dreamhacks poor scheduling they are now getting a maximum of 5-6 hours of sleep, depending on when they need to show up. But, I still believe. "There was never much hope, only a fools hope."
2013-11-29 06:32
Dat quote :D Their CT-side seems really strong though, can cause som problems..
2013-11-29 06:48
Hehe :D I really hope they can pull it off. Their match vs Mouz was so intense, so fun to watch ^^
2013-11-29 06:53
Why arent you there
2013-11-29 10:00
2013-11-29 07:51
lol to1nou must be happy right now, since mouz proved that they are onliners one more time
2013-11-29 08:02
gl coloN
2013-11-29 08:11
GL to MSL, played with him on MM last week and he was a really nice guy!
2013-11-29 08:25
Troubley will give a headshot?
2013-11-29 08:31
Awesome, Denmark <3
2013-11-29 09:03
obv mouz didn't get it, it's LAN
2013-11-29 09:22
Would've liked to see the exact opposite teams to advance. but gj
2013-11-29 10:27
Where can you see the BYOC standings?
2013-11-29 12:23
2013-11-29 15:38
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