Astana Dragons edge Reason

Astana Dragons take a step closer to making it into the quarter-finals after a comfortable 16-11 win versus Reason Gaming on de_inferno.

Reason Gaming didn't have the best of starts to the match, as they lost the pistol and both ecos afterwards as Terrorists. They were able to exchange the next four rounds equally, which made the score 5-2.

Three following rounds went into the hands of Astana Dragons because of unsuccessful attacks coming from Reason. After 8-2, an early pick on Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow allowed Reason to rotate to B to meet only one defender.

Despite Yegor "markeloff" Markelov's efforts with three headshots while defending the A bombsite, Astana Dragons were unable to take over the site in an afterplant situation.

The Danish push to arch resulted in a two-versus-two, where the Danes only had nine health points combined, but that did not stop them as they won the round without losing either of the players.

Dosia was instrumental in key rounds as always

Yet another first frag helped Reason take over the B bombsite, thanks to which they were able to switch sides with a satisfying number of six rounds.

- 7-2 after a B push

- 8-2 after yet another unsuccessful A attack
- ange1 picking and entry, rotating to B instantly where only one player was waiting, 8-3
- despite markeloffs efforts with 3 frags, reason were able to defend an afterplant situation on A, 8-4
- an arch push resulted in a 2v2 with only 9 hp combined, 8-5
- dosia picked, B site clear, 8-6 after saving
- eventually 9-6
- a very slow setup from AD ended up with a B push, which allowed them to plant, but despite Adrens efforts with 3 quick headshots, werent able to take the pistol, 9-8
- AD taking things VERY slow, went right into a stack, tying at 9-9, but a save round rockets them to a lead again 10-9
- a pick on banana allowed AD to plant, but a teamkill helps dosia to win a 1v2, 12-9
- 13-9 to 14-9
- a 2 for 2 exchange, reason rotating perfectly to defend B, 14-10
- another slow default by AD, 14-11 
- dosia killing three people in an afterplant, 16-11Astana Dragons took the Terrorists side very slow, but even with Dauren "AdreN" Kystaubayev's three quick glock headshots, they couldn't take the second pistol round.

A slow strat by AD resulted in Reason defending A bombsite after stacking it with four players, which tied the game at 9-9. A following save round by the CIS team rocketed them back to a 10-9 lead.

Only one round out of the next four was close, but a teamkill from Morten "coloN" Johansen helped Mihail "Dosia" Stolyarov win a one-versus-two afterplant situation.

Reason was able to pick Astana off one by one in both of the following rounds, making it 14-11, that was all they could do though as Stolyarov was once again crucial in an afterplant defense, which made the score 16-11.

29th November 2013

 Astana Dragons K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Ukraine Yegor 'markeloff' Markelovmarkeloff 25 - 16 +9 - 1.41
Russia Mihail 'Dosia' StolyarovDosia 22 - 13 +9 - 1.30
Ukraine Kirill 'ANGE1' KarasiowANGE1 19 - 17 +2 - 1.21
Russia Emil 'kUcheR' AkhundovkUcheR 20 - 14 +6 - 1.14
Kazakhstan Dauren 'AdreN' KystaubayevAdreN 16 - 15 +1 - 1.07
 Reason K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Morten 'COLON' JohansenCOLON 22 - 20 +2 - 1.15
Denmark Frederik 'LOMME' NielsenLOMME 15 - 19 -4 - 0.92
Denmark Nikolaj 'EXR' TherkildsenEXR 16 - 20 -4 - 0.81
Denmark Mathias 'MSL' LauridsenMSL 13 - 24 -11 - 0.58
Denmark Danni 'smF' DygsmF 9 - 21 -12 - 0.46

The next round of matches should be starting soon after SK Gaming's match versus Copenhagen Wolves is over, where the Swedes are trailing 10-14.

gg :D
2013-11-29 16:08
2013-11-29 16:08
2013-11-29 16:08
2013-11-29 16:09
2013-11-29 16:10
2013-11-29 16:10
3 replies
2013-11-29 16:16
Volvo plz bring back the old maps, more rotation that way.
2013-11-29 16:17
welcome to DREANFERNO WINTER 2013
2013-11-29 16:28
colon deserves a better team...
2013-11-29 16:13
2 replies
2013-11-29 16:16
Not every team fits a player like colon, who is actually going to destroy some of the teamplay. Successful teams, however, have a very good teamplay all around. Think about that.
2013-11-29 16:38
16-11 vs AD is pretty good tbh :) Colon carrying too as usual!
2013-11-29 16:13
1 reply
And had they won the pistol round, things might have looked differently.
2013-11-29 16:16
stronk ? haha
2013-11-29 16:13
"Astana Dragon go beyond Reason" It was right there, Striker!
2013-11-29 16:16
3 replies
I'll keep that in mind. Hard to come up with new a new titles ^^
2013-11-29 16:29
Finland FRGVN
haha wouldve been funny if R won over AD and "Reason to go past Astana Dragons" xD
2013-11-29 16:33
1 reply
Reason survive the firebreaths
2013-11-29 16:34
Strong Dosia.
2013-11-29 16:17
Russia AR4ER
GG DraGonZ
2013-11-29 16:30
Is "edge out" the most common header on HLTV? Or is it "survive scare"? In any case, the writers could be less lazy and come up with something different once or twice.
2013-11-29 16:34
gg AD
2013-11-29 17:01
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