Video: shox vs. n!faculty

November 29th, 2013 15:38

Without a doubt the best highlight from DreamHack Winter 2013 so far is the ace with a 1-on-3 by Richard "shox" Papillon against n!faculty.

After their loss to coL, VeryGames desperately needed a win against n!faculty in order to advance to playoffs.

A poor start saw them fall behind 3-1, with the next round being particularly important since losing it could have reset their money and put the Danes far ahead economy-wise.

Richard "shox" Papillon, however, didn't let that happen, as he recorded an incredible all-headshots ace with a 1-on-3 clutch to save his team from the early troubles.

VG went on to win nine rounds in a row, and eventually the match with a 16-9 score to advance as second placed from Group C.

Highlight info

Player: France Richard "shox" Papillon
Match: France VeryGames vs. Denmark n!faculty
Final result: 16:9  (11:4; 5:5)
Match date: 29.11.2013
Map: de_inferno
Event: DreamHack Winter 2013
Stage: Group Stage
Weapon: AK47 | Case Hardened
Action situation: VeryGames losing 3-1

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insane, best player atm
2013-11-29 15:39
plastE | 
Serbia Wule123 
2013-11-29 15:51
Serbia -DzEv- 
2013-11-29 16:18
no doubt about that!
2013-11-29 16:22
2013-11-29 16:28
2013-11-29 15:39
Norway aNdzz 
perfectly average round. of a fucking monster
2013-11-29 15:41
this is sAucer
2013-11-29 15:41
F0rest would of aced faster than this casual saucer
2013-11-29 15:49
2013-11-29 15:52
would have*
2013-11-29 16:02
"would of" Great, the American/UK retardation is spreading.
2013-11-29 16:23
Brazil oc^ 
holy shit
2013-11-29 15:42
Portugal ac1dd 
2013-11-29 15:43
I got goosebumps from this Simply the best player atm
2013-11-29 15:43
2013-11-29 15:45
World niko~ 
2013-11-29 15:48
Definitely the best player atm
2013-11-29 15:49
crouch noob
2013-11-29 15:49
Sweden EGM 
2013-11-29 15:50
He's just so good, haha.
2013-11-29 15:50
Highlight of the whole tournament so far if you ask me.
2013-11-29 15:58
The best action in CSGO by far. SICK
2013-11-29 16:16
bestest player
2013-11-29 16:21
shox is good, but ... (you know whats coming :D) nah he's best playing at the moment just as he was in css
2013-11-29 16:23
2013-11-29 16:24
Da beast
2013-11-29 16:28
shox just never stops to impress, insane round by him
2013-11-29 16:29
best player
2013-11-29 16:37
United Kingdom Alth 
Holy shit
2013-11-29 17:13
Australia TotalEclipse 
I'm glad to see him performing as good as he did in CS:S.
2013-11-29 17:49
Spain fd` 
2013-11-29 18:46
rain | 
Portugal Cyborgy 
resolution? and btw whats up with all the crouching when shooting in cs:go?
2013-11-29 19:48
in video resolution 1280x720
2013-11-29 19:55
holy shit indeed
2013-11-30 00:51
just wow... holy crap on the last 3 O_o
2013-11-30 01:03
Norway Crush<3 
2013-11-30 09:29
Denmark heff 
What is with this guy BBoy's choice of music lol, its so unfitting to a CS clip nuts action by shoxie tho, I've been talking so well about him to some of my friends from 1.6 and finally he shows what hes capable of
2013-11-30 11:02
Estonia dabz 
I'm sorry, I quited cs some years ago but I really like following GO scene, but I have a silly question, do these "case hardened" etc things matter in shooting or are these just some decorations in names? :D sick frag
2013-11-30 14:30
Holy shit, especially that last dude got dumpstered.
2013-11-30 20:15
cArn | 
Vietnam milandini 
Great frags!
2013-11-30 22:20
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