fnatic to final over compLexity

compLexity dissapoint in the match versus fnatic, who will now move on to the Grand Final to meet NiP after beating the North Americans 2-0 (16-7 de_inferno, 16-7 de_mirage).

Coming to the second semi-final, fnatic and compLexity started off on de_inferno with the Swedes taking the Counter-Terrorists side.

Fnatic were on the front foot after the first pistol round when they pushed up banana quickly and met with the whole team of compLexity, but managed to exchange two players and the Americans ran into a trap.

The first gunround was their first chance to get into the match, as Braxton "swag" Pierce picked up a triple kill in a three-versus-three to make it 3-1.

Things went to a complete catastrophy for the American team afterwards, as even though a lot of the rounds ended up with a two-versus-two, the agressive fnatic team always came out on top with Robin "flusha" Rönnquist putting up big numbers.

After a mistake in the form of a teamkill by Jordan "n0thing" Gilbert and two frags from Jesper "jw" Wecksell on banana in two consecutive rounds, the half ended up being 14-1.

With a won pistol round, compLexity were hoping to get back from the deficit, although never did as a B bombsite attack by fnatic worked out in a four-versus-four. The match was finished up by a perfect A bombsite attack three rounds afterwards to make the first map 16-7 in favor of the Swedes.

flusha was fnatic's best player of the series in terms of rating 

Switching over to de_mirage, it was fnatic as Terrorists who once again had a good start in spite of Corey "semphis" Friesen's opening round at mid. The Swedes then attacked the B bombsite, where they traded one player for defending two and eventually won the pistol round after an agressive defense.

The first attempt to take over the A bombsite was fended off by the Counter-Terrorists, as well as a push to short by fnatic, although another two slow A attacks eventually panned out and the score was 6-2.

Fnatic tried the same strategy for the fourth time and it was compLexity learning that time. Andreas "schneider" Lindberg picked Sean "sgares" Sgares in the following round, but Martin "hiko" Spencer and Friesen combined for four frags while defending B bombsite.

That made the score 6-5 after a scary eco, which almost caught compLexity off guard, as it ended up with a one-versus-one, which Rönnquist disappointed to win. 

Yet another A bombsite attack from fnatic ended up in a two-versus-two, finished off by the Swedes once again, and with another eco on the American side, the score was 8-5.

fnatic move on to the final versus NiP 

With Wecksell and Markus "pronax" Wallsten opening up in the following round and a bad buy from compLexity, fnatic were able to win the side 10-5 comfortably.

Pierce got four frags in their B bombsite rush through house in the second pistol round, but fnatic responded strongly with the following eco, which they were able to win with each player getting a kill in the process.

Two anti-ecos then followed, and with an insufficient galil buy, fnatic rocketed to 15-6, not leaving compLexity any space to breath.

Only a one-versus-two by Gilbert holded fnatic off in the second semi-final, as fnatic won second map and the whole series 16-7 to meet NiP in the Grand Final.

30th November 2013

 fnatic K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Robin 'flusha' Rönnquistflusha 41 - 30 +11 - 1.32
Sweden Andreas 'znajder' Lindbergznajder 42 - 28 +14 - 1.30
Sweden Jesper 'JW' WecksellJW 34 - 24 +10 - 1.18
Sweden Jonatan 'Devilwalk' LundbergDevilwalk 34 - 26 +8 - 1.11
Sweden Markus 'pronax' Wallstenpronax 31 - 25 +6 - 1.04
 Complexity K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
United States Braxton 'swag' Pierceswag 30 - 35 -5 - 0.90
Canada Kory 'SEMPHIS' FriesenSEMPHIS 32 - 35 -3 - 0.88
United States Spencer 'Hiko' MartinHiko 27 - 36 -9 - 0.77
United States Jordan 'n0thing' Gilbertn0thing 25 - 37 -12 - 0.77
United States Sean 'seang@res' Garesseang@res 19 - 40 -21 - 0.53

The Grand Final, which will start at 22:00, will now move on to the DreamArena Extreme as always with DreamHack.

2013-11-30 19:52
Brazil autismo 
try harder Kappa
2013-11-30 19:55
Finland riny 
2013-11-30 19:52
2013-11-30 19:52
Italy One. 
Can't wait to see how they play vs NiP.
2013-11-30 19:52
Sweden xp3cT 
Sweden superior, waddap now world? WOO
2013-11-30 19:53
2013-11-30 19:55
mad ruski :D i only care about ishockey btw ;)
2013-11-30 19:56
canada > sweden
2013-11-30 19:57
didn't notice that last WC
2013-11-30 19:59
2013-11-30 19:59
Nice gold medal last tournament, oh wait jk
2013-11-30 21:21
rofl n1
2013-11-30 22:18
ruski? atlas > u
2013-11-30 20:56
russki? may want to take a second look at that flag
2013-11-30 21:35
thats actually bad for the game and at the same time stupid logic :D
2013-11-30 20:07
i dont think you get the joke
2013-11-30 20:29
i do get it if its a joke. however sadly most of the community here is actually dumb
2013-12-01 10:12
americans wont watch the final now. enjoy ur 5k viewers for the final
2013-11-30 19:53
what up now murica
2013-11-30 19:54
And you enjoy that best Usa team didn't even make it too the finals, stupid murican!
2013-11-30 19:54
best usa team is actually Homeless but they werent at this lan
2013-11-30 20:03
best usa team is coL by far u tard.
2013-11-30 20:57
Homeless aren't even close. Please tell me this is a troll.
2013-11-30 22:00
dude, dont be dick. i think most people was hoping for col to win the match. would have been an awesome with an america vs sweden final again.
2013-11-30 20:01
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
Enjoy watching your team on the flight home.
2013-11-30 20:07
The fuck we won't. We'll be watching because we love the game, not because a US team didn't win. coL played well, but were outclassed by fnatic. Considering the people they got through, I'd say this was a good representation of the NA scene and shows hope once again for us. I'll be watching and cheering on NiP :). Not all US citizens are assholes, <3 EU.
2013-11-30 20:47
2013-11-30 21:12
fnatic top 2 over VG and AD ? still confuse me even after DHW
2013-11-30 19:54
Maybe you are new to esports if that confuses you so much.
2013-11-30 20:03
maybe u dumb madafakar called penidos ?!?!?
2013-11-30 20:33
Maybe u should loose some weight?
2013-11-30 21:18
sick performance by fnatic but coL also looked kind of weak compared to yesterday. same final as last time! go JW and the rest of fnatic <3
2013-11-30 19:54
exactly, score is the way it is due to col underperforming imo. yeah fnatic played great but still, would have been a different match if some rounds went the other way around. col seems like a team which when theyre behind they will play even worse
2013-11-30 20:09
Would have expected a closer match on Inferno. Great result for coL though! :)
2013-11-30 19:54
2013-11-30 19:54
gj fnatic no chance for coL
2013-11-30 19:55
jw<3 awpstarrr
2013-11-30 19:56
Genuinely think NiP vs coL would have been a more entertaining final but we'll see.
2013-11-30 19:56
Too bad for Complexity.
2013-11-30 19:56
2013-11-30 19:57
Great performance by Complexity in this tournament, I think mentally they were finished after inferno. All in all, great for a US team to finish 3/4th in what is currently the biggest CS tournament of all time. Goodluck to Fnatic in the finals.
2013-11-30 19:58
wadap now verygays
2013-11-30 19:59
2013-11-30 19:59
admin can you update the dreamteam? I don't want to get the heart attack, too much surprise upsets
2013-11-30 19:59
Just the fact that fnatic will win more prize money than VG have ever done, either they lose or win amuses me.
2013-11-30 19:59
2013-11-30 20:02
why, its only logical at a tournament which has that much more money than the other ones? and no, im not fan of VG, i cheered for nip in semis
2013-11-30 20:11
Det is min point.
2013-11-30 20:13
yeah well but thats good for the game + its only in 1 tournament, overall VG has won a lot more
2013-11-30 20:15
the tournament in question is the biggest cs tourny ever, where VG just couldn't prestige enough to reach the finals. And my point still is that it amuses me JUST BECAUSE fnatic will win more than VG have ever done, just by one single tournament.
2013-11-30 20:17
Norway puap 
Not true
2013-11-30 20:38
United States Zinnoc 
I am proud of compLexity. Taking down Astana Dragons in Bo3 and winning against VeryGames in style is more than enough. Would be glad to see them back in action in future events.
2013-11-30 20:00
2013-11-30 21:00
fnatic <3
2013-11-30 20:00
Yo Striker, it's 'catastrophe' not 'catastrophy'.
2013-11-30 20:01
Seangares needs to be cut. He's the American Fifflaren.
2013-11-30 20:02
-sgares +dazed ? might work
2013-11-30 20:29
dazed doesn't like semphis, lol
2013-11-30 20:48
nobody likes semphis
2013-11-30 20:52
Dazed is a bigger dick then semphis
2013-11-30 20:56
i dont know dazed so i wouldnt know
2013-11-30 20:57
Portugal Cyborgy 
who fucking cares about dazed seriously?fucking saucers
2013-11-30 22:20
Except Fiffy has been solid most of DHW. He's finally startin to emerge as one of the best support players in the scene. The same can't be said of sgares.
2013-11-30 21:41
Well, Gares is a caller. But he played awful today. Honestly the whole team did, they didn't show any of the confidence that they had yesterday, and just came into these matches cold. Don't get me wrong here, fnatic played amazing, but(especially on inferno) if coL had played the way they did yesterday, we likely would've seen a 3rd map.
2013-11-30 22:03
n0thing but negative ratings.
2013-11-30 20:06
ZywOo | 
Sweden Le_Dieu 
I see what you did there
2013-11-30 20:08
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
Flusha inzanee
2013-11-30 20:07
Happy | 
Brazil Kurtt 
nothing low versus fnatic : (
2013-11-30 20:08
Considering fnatic as the core 4 has attended far beyond more tournaments than coL, this result isn't surprising. However, with this result hopefully coL will be sending their go team to international tournaments more frequently; instead of 2-3 a year..
2013-11-30 20:09
not sure if complexity played horribly or fnatic amazingly
2013-11-30 20:10
Both. fnatic played absolutely lights out. coL played without the same fire or aim they had yesterday. I was telling friends before this, if coL had gotten to play this game yesterday, they might not have won, but they definitely would've taken the first map.
2013-11-30 22:05
Complexity most def played a good match, suprisingly taking down Verygames and astana in a bo3! I hope fnatic wins the final id like Jw & promax to win DHW! Expecially right after switching modii for pronax!
2013-11-30 20:10
They smoke.great right?
2013-11-30 20:15
Dont really understand what your saying...
2013-11-30 20:17
Just.kidding bro
2013-11-30 20:19
Ahh hit me up on steam though ^^
2013-11-30 20:20
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
fnatic played outstanding throughout this tourney. ALL MY MONEY ON FNATIC!
2013-11-30 20:10
fnatic best <3
2013-11-30 20:14
Singapore The_Fiend[fA] 
Beast performance from fnatic. I am very impressed. Although I don't think they'll be able to overcome the mental barrier of NiP and will just end up losing 2-0 in finals.
2013-11-30 20:21
Sad but true...if only they could reset their minds and just go crazy like in the semi
2013-11-30 20:34
Sean 'sgares' Gares 19-40 -21 0.53 Uh lol? That is beyond terrible
2013-11-30 20:22
2013-11-30 20:29
2013-11-30 20:52
Sigh... A great run from coL, but dreams have to end at some point. I'll be rooting for NiP in the finals, but I don't think there's any real need; they should win 2-0.
2013-11-30 20:54
do anyone know how the american teams pracc? i personally thinks they sits on Mc Donalds and praccs with bots because they surely cant win over european teams in big tournys anymore. they cant be better then the european teams no matter what!. take EG 1.6 team. they did good in some tournaments in USA but never on top with SK- fnatic and mtw. now 2013 complexity gaming isnt better than shit.!
2013-11-30 21:01
I realize you're trolling but the EG with n0thing, storm, gfn, lurppis, and fRoD played solid near the end of 1.6. They won at least one international tournament outside of the US. And to answer your obviously dumb trolling attempt for anyone who might read this: coL don't practice a lot in America. If America had a lot more LAN events worth attending, you'd see better teams. Just how it is.
2013-11-30 22:08
coL is pretty good but this sgares is awfull...bad player,bad person,bad mentality.He always trashtalk the other players even when they won in groupstage.
2013-11-30 21:07
Portugal Cyborgy 
congratz coL for your performance,you can walk out of DH proud of yourselves,well done!keep it up :D
2013-11-30 22:21
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