ceh9: "Thanks to the critics"

Natus Vincere member for nearly four years Arseny "ceh9" Trynozhenko gave HLTV.org an exclusive statement about his retirement from competitive Counter-Strike.

Trynozhenko joined Natus Vincere, then known as KerchNET at their first event IEM IV European Championships, from KerchNET in January 2010 when what would become the world's best team for that year was born.

He became known as one of the world's best alley defenders on de_train and as a vocal member of the Ukrainian powerhouse, scoring multiple important clutch round wins for his team along the years.

Trynozhenko won over $220,000 in prize money in 2010 alone when Na`Vi clinched all three major events in the form of IEM IV World Championships, ESWC and World Cyber Games.

ceh9 retires from competitive Counter-Strike 

In 2011 and 2012 Na`Vi stayed as a top three team in the world, but started losing some of the big grand finals they were best known for topping, as they won a total of four majors in CS 1.6 and finished second at the last IEM.

Natus Vincere switched to CS:GO much later than others in 2012, and struggled to produce top notch results until early July in 2013, when they took two maps from NiP after besting Virtus.pro in a series.

Despite not being the difference maker he was known to be in the previous version of Counter-Strike, Trynyzhenko was a vital member of Na`Vi, who most recently failed to make it past the group stage at DreamHack Winter.

"Well, first of all I want to tell big thanks to the fans of mine and Na`Vi, I really didn't expect that so much people would appreciate what I was doing for the last 13 years of my life. However, it's time to move on and create something new", Trynozhenko told HLTV.org.

"I won't go away from cybersports completely and very soon you will be watching me in projects that are somehow related with Natus Vincere."

"P.S Special thanks to the critics of this site, your comments have made me stronger and prompted what direction I should go!"

Trynozhenko departed Na`Vi yesterday together with Anton "kibaken" Kolesnikov, and the duo were replaced by Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev and Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács.

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2013-12-10 16:24
ydachi, bratan! tvoi cluth roundi bili velikolepni, tvoi kriki bili nezabivaemi :) deistvitelno, y tebya tak mnogo fanov :D na 0.5k komentov seichas :D LLEX NINE
2013-12-11 10:06
Gl with your life :)
2013-12-10 16:24
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL
that ceh9 will miss me !
2013-12-10 16:24
Georgia otoghost
i miss his shout - "SASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT"
2013-12-10 17:57
He came, he served, he will be counted
2013-12-10 16:25
2013-12-10 16:26
2013-12-10 16:42
Argentina atriX^
2013-12-10 16:50
+1 btw I read this in your voice :D
2013-12-10 16:51
haha +1
2013-12-10 17:06
2013-12-10 16:54
2013-12-10 17:27
as a lonely number in a big pile of stats :(
2013-12-10 19:24
+1 (just because its Anders !)
2013-12-10 19:44
Sounds like he forgot the condom.
2013-12-10 20:19
badum tss
2013-12-11 19:58
2013-12-10 21:30
World owints
2013-12-11 22:22
gl in future
2013-12-10 16:26
No problem, you were holding NaVi back, gl in life anyway
2013-12-10 16:26
amen, fuken mediocre cs:go career
2013-12-10 17:06
stfu bot
2013-12-10 18:12
Good luck with everything. :))
2013-12-10 16:27
gl man
2013-12-10 16:28
great clutcher, all the best!
2013-12-10 16:28
This!! He was an insane clutcher in the beginning of NaVi's era. I still remember his clutch on inferno B-site against fnatic(carn dsn getright f0rest gux)
2013-12-10 20:18
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ
wasnt that against SK-gaming? when he clutched a sick 1on4 or something. believe it was @ DH
2013-12-10 23:52
I dont really remember, but i sure did see "dsn" getting killed by him in B plant. Maybe you're talking about another one of his clutch
2013-12-12 15:48
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ
ye could be man, the one im speaking about is the sickest one imo :D. But do u have a link or something for me?
2013-12-12 20:31
2013-12-12 20:57
Netherlands K1NGBOAZ
ah :<<<< Well i will try to find the clutchround that i meant for u ;)
2013-12-12 23:43
ceh9 was maybe not the best player aimwise in navi but still was imo the most motivated and gave everything and tried to do his best. And he appears to be a nice guy even some people dont like his shout outs. GL zeh nine
2013-12-10 16:28
"P.S Special thanks to the critics of this site, your comments have made me stronger and prompted what direction I should go!" You can tell he is talking about all the kids who complained about him. Anyways even though he wasnt a good play compared to other pros he is still a legend and should be respected. Never was really a fan of him but glhf in your life.
2013-12-10 16:29
Legend? Really? ... :rolleyes:
2013-12-10 17:16
how much do you play cs? 2 months?
2013-12-10 18:13
Probably longer than you know how to turn the computer on, pumpkin.
2013-12-10 18:16
well that makes sense...
2013-12-10 18:21
I guess he wanted to ask for how long do I play CS, then it actually does make sense :D
2013-12-10 18:29
such a badass
2013-12-10 19:19
Netherlands JUNG13
He IS a legend in CS, try not to call a man, that won 4 World Championships, 3 of them within 1 year, a legend. Even though he wasn't as much skilled, as others from Navi, his clutching ability was legendary! Maybe you just don't know the meaning of the word CS LEGEND, as Japs have none?
2013-12-11 10:50
Nah, he is not a legend. Spawn, xeqtr, Heaton, carn, element, shaguar, f0rest, Neo, markeloff, get_right and few others are. Well, yeah, JP is not a CS country afterall, it is not really that surprising we have no CS legends. But then again, neither does your country, so... I see no reason why would you compare 2 non-CS countries by the amount of legends, unless you are really really dumb.
2013-12-11 16:47
Netherlands JUNG13
I'm Ukrainian, just temporary living in Kaunas, LT. I follow straight logic - if a team is LEGENDARY, like 1.6 Na`Vi is, than every player of the team is too. No offense to your respected country, despite being non-CS, I still put noppo's ace on nuke among the best actions 1.6 ever saw:)
2013-12-11 17:30
That logic is maybe a bit too straight for my taste. I mean, f.e. fnatic is clearly one of the legendary teams out there, but I wouldn't call f.e. flusha a legend, just because he was/is a part of that for a while. To me, becoming a legend is the highest rank you can achieve in any kind of field, and for that you have to be extraordinary in every aspect, not just in one ability. And merely admitting that "he wasn't as much skilled, as others from Navi" immediately takes away his right to be called a legend. At least in my opinion.
2013-12-11 17:38
well, it would be hard for anyone to defend their place on a team from guardian. sucks :( the thing navi needs though is a shake up in their lineup, to bring in fresh faces and inspire old ones.
2013-12-10 16:30
They already done it with kibaken and seized who's best option from CIS country. But still failed. IMO, removing kibaken and ce9h retired is a good move for navi. And the addition is good. BUT still good on paper. No result first. But atleast, they are now trying to find a better solution like fnatic had ;)
2013-12-10 16:46
where is epic clutch 1vs2 vs sk on inf?
2013-12-10 16:30
wasn't it 1v3 ?
2013-12-10 16:32
ye my bad, 1vs3
2013-12-10 16:33
m.youtube.com/watch?v=z6_Ethb_4Xw disclaimer; we had been casting 14 hours straight by then, tired as fk usually i wouldnt swear on stream :$
2013-12-10 19:25
A-Spec! Totally forgot about him. Watched a lot of his CoD4 streams :)
2013-12-11 01:11
Yeah hes a baller :p he was at i40 or 50 or something recently :)
2013-12-11 14:50
where is that epic video when he is ghosting?
2013-12-10 16:34
haha polska mad cause bad
2013-12-10 16:35
russian spas
2013-12-10 16:41
u mad cuz navi > fx on that tourney ? :DDDD
2013-12-10 17:32
no I am not mad, to be honest I forgot that he was ghosting while match against FX.
2013-12-10 20:19
"while match"... he was ghosting just 10 fucking seconds and didnt even changed anything, cuz during his ghosting round he didnt spoke any word for his teammates... why are poles so fanboys ?
2013-12-10 20:27
someone was recording ceh9's behaviour, probably carn and it was not a coincidence. deal with it
2013-12-10 21:01
deal with what ? hahahahahahahaha, stop crying about a 2 year ago tourney please
2013-12-10 21:50
Finally!!! GL in real life
2013-12-10 16:32
No matter what people say, ceh9 has become some sort of a CS legend as well. He came almost out of no where a long with Edward, markeloff etc. Always been playing just outside the very top. ceh9 wasn't exactly the madfragger but he knew how to play smart cs securing a great handful of important rounds which made him a very unique player for Na'Vi over the years. He will be missed within the CS scene if he wont return.
2013-12-10 16:32
A good comment and just like facebook no one to support it, not even "+1"
2013-12-10 18:48
2013-12-10 19:49
2013-12-10 20:56
Good luck in your life ceh9 youtube.com/watch?v=oX33tFe-258 Respect!
2013-12-10 16:34
good movie
2013-12-10 18:03
good luck in the future. He has imporved and was always an important backup player
2013-12-10 16:36
Good luck ceh9!
2013-12-10 16:36
esenin > haters, gl man
2013-12-10 16:37
Gl in the future :)
2013-12-10 16:37
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd
not the best , but a strong constant player on 1.6. Navi wouldn't have existed without him.
2013-12-10 16:37
You will be missed youtube.com/watch?v=y2Cf9m0Papw (everyone should watch this at least once)
2013-12-10 16:40
song name? Do you know? :D
2013-12-10 16:53
Taproot - Fractured (Everything I Said Was True)
2013-12-10 16:59
2013-12-10 17:03
Very inspiring, thanks for the video! Wow to everyone who bashed ceh9, with this article and videos, he went out with such a huge bang. Of course he is a LEGEND, everyone will remember him.
2013-12-10 19:24
GL man
2013-12-10 16:38
India c0rvus
Thank you for all the memories. Good Luck for your future. #Respect #ceh9 #Na`Vi #CS:1.6
2013-12-10 16:39
Good guy best of luck
2013-12-10 16:39
GL in whatever ur going to do!
2013-12-10 16:39
-ceh9 oh wait ...
2013-12-10 16:41
GL senya.
2013-12-10 16:42
Taiwan SCVready
wish you all the best! living legend
2013-12-10 16:42
He became known as one of the world's best alley defenders on de_train Haha, desperately trying to find SOMETHING good about him eh
2013-12-10 16:42
Herp derp "he was a good clutcher good support good at cooking food in the naVi house" No
2013-12-10 16:55
2013-12-10 19:29
didn't watch 1.6, did you?
2013-12-10 16:58
I sure did. More than you ever did.
2013-12-10 19:28
Legends never gone !
2013-12-10 16:43
Good luck! ceheBu4
2013-12-10 16:44
Good luck Arseniy :)
2013-12-10 16:45
gl !
2013-12-10 16:48
good luck
2013-12-10 16:50
Good player. Navi wouldn't never been Navi back in the days without him. All you saying that he sucked, you know that not anyone can be the "madfragger" or "sick awp player". Player need to fit in the team with his personality and know how the style of the teamplay works in the team.
2013-12-10 16:51
you were shit anyways
2013-12-10 16:51
ggglhf in rl
2013-12-10 16:51
Will never forget his trollface after zeus kicked robbans keyboard out...
2013-12-10 16:52
2013-12-10 17:01
+99:CD DAT in game chat haha
2013-12-10 17:50
gg gl ceh9
2013-12-10 16:53
GL u were the best player and singer ofc!!!! u have done a good choice! GL in future life!!!!
2013-12-10 16:54
Slovakia kubiaxk
senja BEST <3 GL in your next job
2013-12-10 16:55
cs:go wasn't HIS version of cs he was pretty good in 1.6 but nowadays he isn't that good or motivated hope he'll show us something good as his new projects in natus vincere
2013-12-10 16:57
hf gl :) 3rr and live! :)
2013-12-10 16:57
GL in future ceh!
2013-12-10 16:58
GL ceh9
2013-12-10 16:58
2013-12-10 16:59
huge cs spirit. you will be missed in the scene :D
2013-12-10 17:01
bye legend
2013-12-10 17:01
GL, great player
2013-12-10 17:02
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
Awesome guy and player :( Sad. GL ceh9
2013-12-10 17:04
should start singing career
2013-12-10 17:05
he was very good in 1.6
2013-12-10 17:06
gl in life ceh9
2013-12-10 17:08
GL Senya :o)
2013-12-10 17:08
one of the best underpressure players ever :)
2013-12-10 17:14
2013-12-10 17:15
"Best alley defender on de_train".. well.. that's significant.
2013-12-10 17:17
gl ;s
2013-12-10 17:23
2013-12-10 17:29
GL in future :)
2013-12-10 17:29
2013-12-10 17:30
2013-12-10 17:31
GL Ceh9 boss
2013-12-10 17:33
You were an integral part of one of my favourite lineups of all time. Respect, and GL with everything else. GG
2013-12-10 17:35
Goodbye Ceh9, welcome back Edward.
2013-12-10 17:37
Guy was carried in both 1.6 and CSGO. He might be a nice guy, but he wasn't a good cs player. Still sad to see the guy go, good thing he's sticking with the eSports scene though.
2013-12-10 17:37
gl irl man! thanks for the memories!
2013-12-10 17:39
GL man!!!!!!!!!!
2013-12-10 17:41
Good luck for your future :)
2013-12-10 17:42
"[V]ery soon you will be watching me in projects that are somehow related with Natus Vincere." Might ceh9 be taking a position in Na'Vi management like cArn has in fnatic?
2013-12-10 17:44
gl ceh9!
2013-12-10 17:44
Little idiots, while you all foamed with jealousy he was busy being a world champion. Get bent, haters.
2013-12-10 17:45
too much swedish jealous kids in this topic
2013-12-10 21:21
gl ceh9
2013-12-10 17:50
good career !
2013-12-10 17:51
arch | 
Ukraine arch
ceh9 ne obrashay vnimaniya, v lyubom sluchae ti dobilsya mnogogo, molodec
2013-12-10 17:51
Good luck :D
2013-12-10 17:52
no one will be like him in 1.6 , CS:GO u can stay here and blame him, noobs.
2013-12-10 17:55
2013-12-10 17:55
soosaat naxooy ooroodyy <c> ceh9
2013-12-10 17:58
GL ceh9
2013-12-10 18:00
2013-12-10 18:02
So 0.5kd ceh9 retired, shame..
2013-12-10 18:02
trace | 
Denmark esAq
Bye bye Beaver
2013-12-10 18:05
I will miss your ghostings from lan finals :(
2013-12-10 18:06
2013-12-11 13:40
gl Ceh9 gj
2013-12-10 18:07
fuck haters ! gl ceh94ka
2013-12-10 18:08
Slovakia crushyou
good luck man fuck the haters from internet just kids without future whos needs to bash someone
2013-12-10 18:10
ReSpect :(
2013-12-10 18:10
fuck u noob. bye bye ceh9
2013-12-10 18:11
worse top player than 0zstr1k3r
2013-12-10 18:12
ceh9 great player ,team player ,gl in future
2013-12-10 18:15
Russia tumanftw
good game good luck
2013-12-10 18:17
Korea saddummy
He was such a good guy, even though he couldn't get into the form he was in 1.6 Goodluck senya!
2013-12-10 18:19
he is master!
2013-12-10 18:19
Will be missing him more than any other player. He was truly the spirit of Na`Vi. I will never forget those epic plays of him during 1.6 days.
2013-12-10 18:21
gl ceh9))
2013-12-10 18:27
Good luck ceh9 :)
2013-12-10 18:28
ceh9 is good but not best (jw best).
2013-12-10 18:31
U were my favourite player in 1.6,is not everything about kill,ur playstyle and ur timing was one of the best.I love ur Counter-Strike vision. Good luck esenin.
2013-12-10 18:33
absorb the hate bro
2013-12-10 18:33
GL in the future ceh9 :(
2013-12-10 18:34
legendary carried player, the fifflaren of navi, good bye
2013-12-10 18:36
Ukraine fifflaren =)
2013-12-11 10:20
Worst player ever.
2013-12-10 18:39
here we go a 400Ker again
2013-12-10 19:00
Good luck, i will miss you, but i think its for the best.Please stay with Na`Vi.
2013-12-10 18:42
Great player and great guy in real life. All the best, Arseniy!
2013-12-10 18:43
flip dem burgers and cheating in irl is more serious, remember that!
2013-12-10 18:54
GL in real life ceh9 :D All the best
2013-12-10 18:54
don't listen to HLTV... if everyone was Fifflaren would be on suicide watch.
2013-12-10 18:56
2013-12-10 18:57
thx for awesome times
2013-12-10 19:00
2013-12-10 19:00
underestimated player always playing in the shadow of players like markeloff and edward, good luck with your life!
2013-12-10 19:05
GG CEH9!!!
2013-12-10 19:16
Thank you ceh9 and I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours. You were amazing. :)
2013-12-10 19:17
2013-12-10 19:20
Lol how is this related? xD
2013-12-10 19:31
it is not, it's just epic photo "a must see"
2013-12-10 19:32
LOL danish prime minister... what's going on in this pic
2013-12-10 23:04
2013-12-10 19:22
gl hf with whatever you do!
2013-12-10 19:25
gL in future ceh9 you will be missed
2013-12-10 19:26
ok, bye.
2013-12-10 19:26
Luv you ceh9, hope to see you streaming these days
2013-12-10 19:35
2013-12-10 19:59
2013-12-10 20:06
GL bro :)
2013-12-10 20:06
Gl in real life =) it was fun watching you all these years :*
2013-12-10 20:07
i think cs 1.6 wp n1 / cs:go low ;/
2013-12-10 20:14
GL Ceh9, good player, good person... Ceh9 is associated to Na ' Vi for me, wish you best for your future life Cehhhh
2013-12-10 20:15
cs 1.6 sick .cs go low
2013-12-10 20:15
First I didn't like him, but he turned out to be a very nice guy, and became my favourite player in Na'Vi. GL IRL! :D
2013-12-10 20:16
Russia monte:)
gl sen'ka
2013-12-10 20:25
2013-12-10 20:26
I saw at DH Bucharest that you (pro players) read too much hltv...I don't know if it's good for you...hera are too much 14 y.o. kids...GL senia in future! I will remember you and I'm not the single!
2013-12-10 20:27
top singer gl
2013-12-10 20:27
2013-12-10 20:28
D:D:D:D why troll the scene cehna? youtube.com/watch?v=H73d4QES1hY we know what u did there.. a real pro player doesnt care about the troll comments
2013-12-10 20:29
gl m8
2013-12-10 20:36
Gl in future senia, we will miss u
2013-12-10 20:54
:( gl ceh8 ;(
2013-12-10 20:58
Great clutcher, will be missed
2013-12-10 21:04
GL ceh9 :)
2013-12-10 22:00
GL CEH9!! :P Btw what is he going to do now? Somebody knows???
2013-12-10 22:30
Denmark fyhn
I was thinking exactly of this moment when I read this article. Who's gonna do this kind of stuff now? Esenin was such an entertaining guy to watch :D
2013-12-11 01:47
in go he didnt have the same energy..i remember watching livecams in a starlader tournament and he didnt even shout at all
2013-12-11 01:48
One of my favorite players.. GL In future. I will miss your ghosting.
2013-12-10 22:55
GL You Suck!
2013-12-10 23:23
i can still remember when somebody asked him on the stream chat "do you even lift?" and he was desperately trying to figure what that means haha gl in the future ceh9!
2013-12-11 02:06
miy ceh9 :*
2013-12-11 02:30
You have done a great job mate. we will remember you :)
2013-12-11 05:31
Thanks ceh9. I am gonna miss ceh9 vs TaZ.
2013-12-11 05:38
ceh9 <3
2013-12-11 09:25
2013-12-11 13:34
true fans always support their team, gl ceh9!:)
2013-12-11 14:23
he is a fucking legend, nothing more to add. Don'y pay attention to retards
2013-12-11 20:08
Who can blame him. How the fuck do you stay motivated playing GO, if you're not even winning any money. 1.6 legends <3
2013-12-12 12:53
It's true
2013-12-12 15:45
go to hell nab
2013-12-13 18:22
2013-12-16 03:34
2013-12-16 05:13
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