de_tuscan ported to CS:GO

An adaptation of the competitive map de_tuscan has been created for CS:GO by Michiel "SpheXion" Vervaart and Frank "SPiNM" Brouwer, two community members.

Since CS:GO was released, everyone in the community has been waiting for de_tuscan to be ported to the game, as the map was highly popular in the 1.6 and CS:Source competitive scenes.

Colin "Brute" Volrath, the original creator of the map, has been working on a CS:GO version of the map, but the last time we heard from him goes back to June, when he said that his work was almost complete.

After growing tired of waiting, Michiel "SpheXion" Vervaart and Frank "SPiNM" Brouwer rolled up their sleeves and ported the map to CS:GO, naming it de_toscan due to copyright issues. You can download the map by going here.

What do you think about de_toscan? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

The map is AWESOME to be honest! :)
2013-12-11 15:33
2013-12-11 15:34
map is awesome, bet jw best
2013-12-11 15:53
Europe midi 
maybe best map, not the best player
2013-12-11 15:57
this +1
2013-12-11 16:01
that -1
2013-12-11 16:25
that +1
2013-12-11 16:51
that -1
2013-12-11 17:32
that +1
2013-12-11 17:35
that +1
2013-12-11 17:41
2013-12-11 17:49
2013-12-12 02:00
what happened to your right eye son?
2013-12-12 13:42
they are called TEARS (,__,)
2013-12-12 14:59
damn :D hahaha i get never disapointed in you xD
2013-12-12 18:17
these =2
2013-12-11 17:50
2013-12-11 19:45
that +1
2013-12-11 20:11
2013-12-11 21:20
that -1
2013-12-11 22:29
now pls VALVE ADD THIS in MM
2013-12-11 16:25
2013-12-11 16:58
Maybe AWESOME but not best (jw best)
2013-12-11 17:34
2013-12-11 18:15
we need this map in MM
2013-12-11 19:02
nice map...
2013-12-11 15:33
2013-12-11 15:34
2013-12-11 15:34
woooooooooh time to start playing this game again i guess, great!
2013-12-11 15:34
Good job, guys
2013-12-11 15:35
god I missed this map this version is pretty good
2013-12-11 15:35
Download link is messed up.
2013-12-11 15:35
just remove from the url
2013-12-11 15:36
Working now ;)
2013-12-11 15:37
2013-12-11 16:24
good map :)
2013-12-11 15:35
toscan good but not best (tuscan best) In all seriousness though, it's about damn time.
2013-12-11 15:36
Denmark jjh 
brute is a lazy fucker, he'll make the map probably when GO2 will come out. fucking lazy cunt brute.
2013-12-11 16:20
True. But maybe he is having some personal issues, who knows! At least it's here now :D
2013-12-11 16:27
He ain't lazy. I once contacted him with some n00b questions about maps and that kind of stuff, expecting to be ignored due to his "laziness" or even being way too busy, and he replied me in time, and with all respect. Btw. in the same message he wrote: "Sorry but I can't help you now with more than this. I'm really really busy with my work". Must be the same situation now.
2013-12-11 16:37
Denmark jjh 
yeah doing 1 map for over a year, some guys from community even made it faster (and possibly better) so i dont even know what brute is doing with the map there... is he making it of pure gold?
2013-12-11 17:08
If you consider he is working only in that map for that 1 year, yes, its a long time. But I'm pretty sure he was a > 40h/week job. This f*** with your life, you are always tired. And in your free time you have to do other kinds of stuff, like going to bank, buying stuffs you need for your home, and so on. Also, considering brute must be > 25 years old, he must have a "life" to enjoy in his weekends. So, he must have like 6h per week to work in the map. Considering it must be his "favorite work", he is going to expend like 400h in dat map. So, 400h/6h = 66 weeks = 1 year 3 months. It's on time. Those guys who created this map should have more free time in hands, and didn't expend that much time on it. I'm mad cause this map wasn't released it, mostly because I want him to work on de_russka, but, we have to be rational.
2013-12-11 17:48
Regardless, he's promised that the map is coming soon many times. He has failed to deliver.
2013-12-11 17:57
regardless he will get 16 k to make this map on operation payback . I would have done it in 1 month (iwhtout any knowledge) i would have spend my whole month dedicated to that
2013-12-11 18:34
you know, some people have jobs...
2013-12-12 14:17
Looks awesome. Na`Vi must be happy :D
2013-12-11 15:36
2013-12-11 15:36
Niceeeeeeeeee! fav map!
2013-12-11 15:37
Mid connector looks far too dark, Tuscan = bright.
2013-12-11 15:37
this one!
2013-12-11 19:31
2013-12-11 23:42
Lithuania fRls 
copyright? can you seriously patent this.. people this days.
2013-12-11 15:37
what copyright this is de_tOscan
2013-12-11 15:38
Lithuania fRls 
I figured that. Just looks funny they needed to re-name the map in the first place.
2013-12-11 15:40
ssht otherwise it would be ©
2013-12-11 15:41
greed is zeitgeist
2013-12-11 15:44
It's not because of copyrights and shit - "de_tuscan" already exists:
2013-12-12 15:45
maybe rename to de_tuskan will be better :<
2013-12-12 03:26
That's what he's saying... He's just wondering how can people patent some cs maps.
2013-12-12 12:12
most of potatoes and tomatoes sorts are patented thats creepy
2013-12-11 16:20
copyright isn't about patents, it's a protection offered automatically without any legal procedure in most countries (mainly for artistic creations). That being said, de_tuscan was an artistic creation and this new copy (with slight changes) is a counterfeit of it. But I don't expect Brute to file a complain about it, unless they make some kind of profit...
2013-12-11 18:11
tuscan is a rip-off cpl mill anyway
2013-12-12 08:43
then, Brute has no right to complain...
2013-12-12 21:46
awesome <3
2013-12-11 15:39
2013-12-11 15:39
These guys deserve credit and Brute does not if he'll release de_tuscan one day. He's been saying it for 14 months or something? It's just hilarious. :)
2013-12-11 15:40
Nice. :D Tired of brute's turtle ass with this map as well. Mill was a great map, but then they butchered it in csgo. This is a well needed map.
2013-12-11 15:40
Hopefully it will be in the next operation "whatever" mappack :)
2013-12-11 15:40
its ryl good. it just need some smaller fixes.
2013-12-11 15:40
2013-12-11 15:41
de_train_ve , de_mirage_ce and tuscan muusst be in officialy matches
2013-12-11 15:41
2013-12-11 15:55
valve mirage and train are good -.-
2013-12-11 16:00
valve mirage good? wutwutwut
2013-12-11 17:11
what's wrong with it?
2013-12-11 17:13
ugly as fuck
2013-12-11 17:58
2013-12-11 18:30
i dont think so =|
2013-12-11 20:14
A bombsight is sooo bad.
2013-12-11 23:20
i dont think so =| [2]
2013-12-11 23:23
Well, why the hell bullets can't go through boxes ? It's like this since 1.5 and I don't think this a good idea to change the gameplay of a map without even consulting the community.
2013-12-11 23:27
maybe those boxes contain stones inside? O_O
2013-12-11 23:28
2013-12-11 23:38
actually, i didnt understand what boxes are you talking about
2013-12-11 23:40
There're only boxes on bombsight A
2013-12-11 23:53
2013-12-11 23:31
Get out
2013-12-11 17:32
They are good
2013-12-11 18:24
de_inferno_Ce too
2013-12-11 21:21
+ 10000000000000000
2013-12-12 00:42
2013-12-11 16:03
+ de_inferno_ce
2013-12-11 16:49
+ 1000000000000000000
2013-12-12 00:42
- de_train_ve
2013-12-11 17:13
+1 de_mirage_ce and tuscan
2013-12-11 17:14
I prefer Valves train over the _ve version. That's not to say I wouldn't tweak the Valve version still though.
2013-12-11 18:40
2013-12-12 02:50
2013-12-12 03:15
2013-12-12 08:44
I agree on mirage and tuscan but imo the valve train is really good right now.
2013-12-12 16:15
2013-12-11 15:41
Hahahaha sick
2013-12-11 15:42
2013-12-11 15:42
Someone (esl/faceit/esea/...) host de_toscan cup that we get some wind under this map
2013-12-11 15:42
***it de_toscan due fix
2013-12-11 15:43
best map in all cs for sure
2013-12-11 15:43
2013-12-11 15:43
2013-12-11 15:43
lets hope valve will add this to mappool! Anyway i think map should be a bit brighter in few places, but its more than ok now :D
2013-12-11 15:44
2013-12-11 15:44
i still feel like something is wrong with this map. the textures, the models. it looks weird...
2013-12-11 15:45
csgo happened
2013-12-11 15:46
This map is basically well built, but the textures are weird, it looks like they put textures of like 5 different maps into 1 map. The only CSGO map that got EVERYTHING perfect is train_ve. It's so sweet. mirage_ce was good aswell but it was kinda dark. hmm..
2013-12-11 15:54
I feel like the lights are very unbalanced on most csgo maps, except for nuke imo.
2013-12-11 15:58
WP WP SPIN AND SPEX Very good job !!
2013-12-11 15:45
Looks very nice but dat name xD
2013-12-11 15:45
i love this map :D
2013-12-11 15:46
Volvo pls add this map to next operation.
2013-12-11 15:46
Fav map
2013-12-11 15:47
2013-12-11 15:47
2013-12-11 15:47
Lithuania fRls 
they could'v name it de_tsucan, sounds more familiar
2013-12-11 15:47
or de_tooscan
2013-12-12 01:26
favorite map
2013-12-11 15:48
thx a lot, valve . Love this map !
2013-12-11 15:48
nice !! :D
2013-12-11 15:48
w0w! noice map !
2013-12-11 15:48
Italy One. 
Rename the map like this de_tüscan :D
2013-12-11 15:49
haha, de_tüscan would be great indeed. xD
2013-12-11 15:57
2013-12-12 23:51
2013-12-11 16:59
great news!
2013-12-11 15:50
love it
2013-12-11 15:50
GJ dutchies
2013-12-11 15:51
hope valve will not ruine tuscan like mirage in map update..
2013-12-11 15:51
dayyyyum can't wait to try it
2013-12-11 15:51
looks good
2013-12-11 15:52
Georgia rowG 
de_toscan or de_tuscan wtf )) de_mirage style :(
2013-12-11 15:56
map name is de_toscan with "o", check workshop
2013-12-11 18:26
Me no like. To small changes!
2013-12-11 15:58
thanks colin! oh wai...
2013-12-11 15:59
played it a few times and its rly great tbh :)
2013-12-11 15:59
I think it might needs a bit of overhaul before it eventually could get picked up by esea/esl/others.. I'm also pretty sure valve would like to do their own reworks if it were to be added directly into the matchmaking map pool.. My best bet would be that the map will be introduced when a new "Operation" is introduced in the new year!
2013-12-11 16:01
I think leagues would probably be OK with it right now, but I don't think it would be chosen for an Operation map in its current state. They've exclusively chosen maps that have a very high level of polish and this has a very... plain and unimaginative design to it right now.
2013-12-11 16:48
Yea, I saw someone on ESEA say that they wanted to do a few test tournaments with the map, just to check it out. I'm sure the map isn't at all as well polished as it should be, just meerly "rushed" out because they wanted to get something out. The maps that were in the Payback and Bravo Operations were very polished so I hopefully they'll contuine to work on the map until its of an acceptable standard for valve to impliment it.
2013-12-11 16:52
2013-12-11 16:01
Dutch power!!:D
2013-12-11 16:01
great map.. make it official soon....
2013-12-11 16:02
By the way, this is proof that brute is either an absolute moron or just not cut out for this anymore. He promises release dates for over a year. Meanwhile, these guys likely picked it up in finished this in under 6 months. Some people just don't know when to give it up..
2013-12-11 16:04
2013-12-11 16:05
saw it already in workshop, VOLVO ADD THIS PLEASE! ^_^
2013-12-11 16:05
2013-12-11 16:06
Really nice map
2013-12-11 16:07
So similar to 1.6 i loke it because there's no pollution on the map. No chicken, no over shit hidding everything on the map. nice map.
2013-12-11 16:07
toscan pls
2013-12-11 16:09
2013-12-11 16:09
Lithuania beer 
2013-12-11 16:10
de_tscan everyone will know, just like de_cbble back in 1.6. we all know it's a typo
2013-12-11 16:10
sounds good
2013-12-11 17:54
Sweden usee 
Fix the skybox so its easier to throw smokes and flashes into the bombsite helping the Ts abit more.
2013-12-11 16:11
+1! toscan need to improve the skybox, its very limited now.
2013-12-11 19:01
2013-12-11 16:11
So what happens when brute comes out with his own version do we disregard what these two people have done for the community?
2013-12-11 16:12
brute will release his tuscan in July 2016
2013-12-11 16:25
considering the low level of detail they have put into it, i don't really think they mind. They should be proud of themselves and better themselves in map creation so that brute's version of it{if it will exist} or valve's version of it would be a joke compared to what they do. Even though r map creators it's hard for me to belive that they do not want a proper tuscan map
2013-12-12 01:31
Poland jMS 
Awesome!! Me like this much :) Now fix train and it's gonna be great!
2013-12-11 16:12
Denmark zyh 
2013-12-11 16:13
great map³ but why not tascan? sounds better than toscan atleast
2013-12-11 16:14
great! finally something new!
2013-12-11 16:15
looks good gj!
2013-12-11 16:15
haven't played it but it looks awesome :) gj
2013-12-11 16:15
You just need to fix out the skybox for the flashes + smokes throwing, and making it even more tactical, but great indeed, like it very much!
2013-12-11 16:18
I want to play it :) and please DH/SLTV/ESL/ESEA/Copenhagen games/ESWC/Fragbite and all others start using it. THANK YOU
2013-12-11 16:18
Looks like it's too dark in the "second hall" before long. Looks great overall, gotta try it!
2013-12-11 16:21
yeahh!! +1
2013-12-11 16:21
fap fap fap
2013-12-11 16:21
2013-12-11 16:22
de_toscan ahaha :D
2013-12-11 16:22
is this cpl_mill?
2013-12-11 16:22
2013-12-11 16:25
ic its indeed cpl_mill in my days... love the map btw! Played it a lot!
2013-12-11 16:27
yeah, what happened to mill ? it was played at some point and now no more.. ? :(
2013-12-11 17:58
Yeah I don't understand why it's not played more. de_cpl_mill was my favorite map for a long time.
2013-12-11 21:42
Wasn't very balanced, Tuscan is a much more well rounded map, the vents, and B site in CPL mill were pretty much no-go zones previously.
2013-12-12 10:19
How can we play this map with others when I can't see a single server running it in Europe? o_0
2013-12-11 16:22
looks good,gj
2013-12-11 16:27
-season +tuscan
2013-12-11 16:28
+1 definately
2013-12-11 16:28
Or keep season but also add tuscan?
2013-12-11 16:33
2013-12-11 16:39
season is awesome, + tuscan
2013-12-11 16:40
+ toscan
2013-12-11 17:21
looks greate!
2013-12-11 16:29
2013-12-11 16:30
2013-12-11 16:32
Are there still some lagspots at catwalk and the box where Edward made his famous USP-ace? 8)
2013-12-11 16:34
2013-12-11 16:35
2013-12-11 16:35
next de_cbble :D
2013-12-11 16:35
LOL @ de_tOscan
2013-12-11 16:39
Textures are bad to be honest
2013-12-11 16:43
The skybox needs a few tweaks. Another crate should be added in A storage. All in all 9/10.
2013-12-11 16:43
fucking AWESOME!! add this
2013-12-11 16:43
looks like there isn't claustro issue with this map which is more spacious than official cs go maps
2013-12-11 16:44
2013-12-11 16:46
one thing i noticed, while you're scoped in with any sniper rifle in b warehouse its hard to see anything due to the dark area+dirt on scope+colour of the walls
2013-12-11 16:47
nice nice gogo
2013-12-11 16:50
nice !~
2013-12-11 16:51
i remember saying this months ago, that someone should just make the map and make a few slight changes (like name) to avoid any issues with Brute. people said I was an idiot rofl
2013-12-11 16:51
You idiot
2013-12-12 10:20
map good but not best(jw best)
2013-12-11 16:57
awesome map pls do add
2013-12-11 16:57
now lets hope they dont fuck up this map like some of the others
2013-12-11 16:59
Good job, Now lets watch CIS teams.
2013-12-11 17:02
yeahhhhhhhhhh, great map, please add it to matchmaking and official tournaments
2013-12-11 17:08
awesome, but i wont play CS:GO anymore, no one play here
2013-12-11 17:07
hahhhh, BEST MAP! =D
2013-12-11 17:07
2013-12-11 17:08
nice i have been waiting for this moment very long time back and its finally here :) good job ;)
2013-12-11 17:11
2013-12-11 17:12
nonononono (c) de_cache's T
2013-12-11 17:14
finally :D:D:D
2013-12-11 17:14
I don't like the letter "O" in such a map's name :(
2013-12-11 17:15
de_mirage_ce best cs go map :)
2013-12-11 17:15
2013-12-11 18:06
inferno sister <3
2013-12-11 17:15
Looks good, needs some small tweaks, such as the plant in A site needs to go back further into the site so its not so easy to just get spammed to death as a T. Also the boxes that get you up onto the walkway need to be redone, they are kinda awkward to use. Aside from that the map is really quite good and already is competitively viable it seems. Lets hope some tourneys pick it up, or better yet valve add it.
2013-12-11 17:15
gj dutchies!
2013-12-11 17:17
GG guys <3
2013-12-11 17:17
Awesome. Add it to the map pool please!
2013-12-11 17:18
2013-12-11 17:20
it'll probably be voted into the ESEA map pool next season as well as being played in pugs... should give most people some time to get used to it i hope.
2013-12-11 17:20
gg :D
2013-12-11 17:20
something new,i think be good
2013-12-11 17:27
Nice. But I'm still always going to call it Tuscan. Sue me
2013-12-11 17:32
It is Toscana, didn't you see all the Italy flags?
2013-12-11 17:36
In de_dost2? or are we talking about de_noke here?
2013-12-11 17:49
You're not that smart are you?
2013-12-11 18:09
I just played a match on it and I must say it is awesome
2013-12-11 17:33
I really hope that this map will play good and also that they will tweek the bugs fast. Then we could have a good 7 map rotation. dust2 inferno nuke mirage_ce train_ve cache tuscan I hope they either use mirage_ce or fucking bite the bullet and just revamp the map they made to be just like mirage_ce but just a visual fix, I hate how Valve are trying to change thing that work perfect. I also believe train_ve is way better, we played it this season of ESEA and it's a really good map. Might not be as perfect as the 1.6 train but it's still way better then Valve train. CS has always been about community made maps that work well
2013-12-11 17:36
2013-12-11 20:35
OMG, sphexion is my best friend! i am so proud!
2013-12-11 17:37
With is and Train_ve I'm now a happy man.
2013-12-11 17:38
Brute take this !!!! Its not about being lazy its like he love to wait people to lick his balls it seems . 1 year & half to make a "remake " of his map on a friendly source engine game . (i mean he wouldnt be lost to remake it since he also made it on css.) It's not like he had to make a new map !!!! damn the whole community is waiting
2013-12-11 17:41
thx for link download
2013-12-11 17:47
how to download? :(
2013-12-11 17:48
Video with changes and so on, prease?
2013-12-11 17:53
finally something good oldlike wanna see tuscan and train_ve in bo3
2013-12-11 17:53
NIce Kurwa
2013-12-11 18:02
looking at the screenshots maybe B storage could be a bit lighter, but ofc could look better in-game. nice to have a version of tuscan anyway.
2013-12-11 18:03
was about time
2013-12-11 18:06
sweet, more maps more fun :)
2013-12-11 18:08
TY Valve, need all servers on tickrate 128 too)!
2013-12-11 18:11
TY Valve??, you mean ty SpheXion and SPiNM? =)
2013-12-11 18:18
Instead of just looking at pictures, try reading the words too.
2013-12-11 18:30
Valve really missed out on creating this map and gain a lot more credibility from csgo players Hopefully leagues pick it up and we start getting to play it properly and see it played
2013-12-11 18:12
Toscan hahaha Great job! <3 dis map, gonna try it soon.
2013-12-11 18:17
Finland id3 
awesome map! my fps is also insane in this map, in some valves map got like 100 fps but constant 300 in toscan!
2013-12-11 18:26
yeee !!!!
2013-12-11 18:21
GJ VALVE ... plz prodigy , cbble , estate
2013-12-11 18:23
... mansion
2013-12-11 18:32
2013-12-11 18:32
congrats guys, it looks really good to be honest !
2013-12-11 18:38
Atleast, nice map.
2013-12-11 18:43
This could replace season, i hate season. :|
2013-12-11 18:47
plz volvo dont fuck this up :(
2013-12-11 18:47
is there a video?
2013-12-11 18:56
Hahaa brutes lazy ass, take that!
2013-12-11 19:03
the day i'll play this map in the offical mm is going to be the next era for csgo!!!!
2013-12-11 19:03
hope this shit gets official and volvo add it to MM
2013-12-11 19:04
and go back mirage_ce (
2013-12-11 19:06
wtf is this failed to find dedicated server bullshit
2013-12-11 19:10
2013-12-11 19:14
Fuckin awesome map. de_dust2 de_inferno (needs some tweaks) de_mirage_ce de_train or _ve de_nuke de_cache de_toscan Sick map choice for tournaments imo.
2013-12-11 19:17
2013-12-12 02:09
de_inferno_ce is much better than valve's. I think with more work it should be the official. Right now the inferno is too narrow and needs a bit more space.
2013-12-12 05:51
inferno is a claustrofobic mess, _ce looks fine :)
2013-12-12 09:35
2013-12-11 19:23
bad news for GO PRo scene
2013-12-11 19:33
2013-12-11 20:32
plz volvo no destroy diz map like mirage
2013-12-11 19:37
2013-12-11 19:38
Really good job, lets just hope tourneys pick it up and they make some small but much needed tweaks such as adding some lights in mid-b connector and some other places, because tuscan has always been very bright and clear vision map!
2013-12-11 19:41
2013-12-11 19:44
i like this map
2013-12-11 19:45
It looks pretty decent! Let's see what comes up! I always loved tuscan btw!
2013-12-11 19:49
THANK YOU for posting this. This needs to be picked up!!!!!!! edit- of course a few tweaks here and there first. the guys who made this map seem cool im sure they would work with leagues
2013-12-11 19:54
Looks great!
2013-12-11 19:59
tuscan remembers me of edward usp ace :D awsome map ! epic moment !:D
2013-12-11 20:05
xek awp ace
2013-12-11 20:21
ave 1v3 deagle oneshots
2013-12-11 20:56
2013-12-11 22:17
16-0 navi vs fnatic in B&H
2013-12-11 23:16
friis epic t side with fnatic against idk
2013-12-12 04:03
This is epic HAHAHAHAHA miss tuscan so much
2013-12-12 04:32
worst map
2013-12-11 20:13
Could anyone link a video walk through if it exists!?
2013-12-11 20:14
2013-12-11 20:15
Little more light to 'lobby' area.
2013-12-11 20:18
2013-12-11 20:26
My favorite map back in 1.6 with de_train i probably never lost a single game in both
2013-12-11 20:28
i beat you noob
2013-12-11 20:50
imagine the map pool 1) de_dust2 (fog removed) 2) de_inferno (clutter chickens fog removed) 3) de_nuke (fog removed) 4) de_train_ve 5) de_mirage (exact copy of mirage_ce edition like de_cache and tuscan) 6) de_toscan this would be insanely good for the game and the community. well done fellas *some suggestions* make mid more clear from CT spawn or ct top mid
2013-12-11 20:34
good for edward´s pistols
2013-12-11 20:47
finally :))))))<3
2013-12-11 20:50
2013-12-11 21:02
sky boxes need to be raised
2013-12-11 21:14
"What do you think about de_toscan?" I thonk it's great!
2013-12-11 21:21
2013-12-11 22:22
it's a really good map
2013-12-11 21:22
+ Tuscan - Season
2013-12-11 21:23
Lets hope volvo add it to maps pool
2013-12-11 21:28
plz volvo plz
2013-12-11 21:30
good news + de_cbble PLSSSSSSSSS
2013-12-11 21:47
It is still missing something...oh i know pretty chickens and moving flowers.
2013-12-11 22:02
I wouldn't hold onto this version too long...
2013-12-11 22:09
lol. and why? because brute will release his one in...2015? Damn, guess we have to use this version till then.
2013-12-11 22:32
why ? Brute is alive ?
2013-12-11 22:36
Well...yea he is alive lol, we been in contact and quite recently at that
2013-12-11 22:38
CEVO is the real owner of de_tuscan no? ( tuscan was made for one of your mapping contest )
2013-12-11 22:56
2013-12-11 23:25
HAHA didn't you also wrote something like this 1month ago on reddit? If leagues/lans take this map nobody needs brutes map, bye
2013-12-12 00:13
It is called patience, have some and good things come in time
2013-12-12 00:16
omg ... PATIENCE?! tuscan was delayed 10000 times. What patience?! People have been patient enough.
2013-12-12 04:15
Brute is not some 19 year old living in his parents basement with all the time in the world to dump into the SDK while chugging Mountain Dew and eating Doritos. He is roughly 30 yrs old with a full time job with a very very respected company (in the gaming business I might add), a newlywed wife and in order to set all that up this past year, he literally moved cross country to begin that part of his is not hard to ask to respect him in the matter...he has given the community great works across the 3 previous CS platforms...he promised us Tuscan and I can assure you he will deliver...I will speak to him later this week and see if we can release a public update
2013-12-12 06:21
he made multiple false promises about releases. no matter of his personal life. if he didn't have the time to do it he should've said other people have the freedom to make their own ports... not keep the CSGO community waiting for 1.5 years
2013-12-12 08:09
he promised us tuscan last year will he deliver 2015? ok we wait till 2015 no problem!!!!!!!
2013-12-12 09:50
lol spangler nice troll
2013-12-12 12:01
Uh... Doesn't take 20 months to make a single map. Ever. You could work on the map for 10 minutes a week in the 20 month span and finish the map still.. Get a grip. Taking this long = he LITERALLY does not map and just makes false promises OR he just have no idea what he's doing. You have no clue about mapping if you think his life interferes THIS MUCH with a single map that has the layout all done If he has real life issues then drop the project and announce it, so the community can move on? What he's doing is plain BAD and TOXIC for the community. It stagnates the scene and it tries to create. There's a reason why he made two release dates that he couldn't deliver at all for.. Having this map up (and being played) is nothing but good for the scene. Can't possibly argue otherwise. But ultimately you're right. When he releases his version, people will flock to it because of his name
2013-12-12 16:04 exactly is this an excuse for making false promises over and over again? Yeah..right...
2013-12-12 18:21
I think the community has been more than patient with Brute. Fuck him and his map.
2013-12-12 05:15
patience . brute is retarded ! he would have 16 k$ easily by operation payback . He is waiting the whole comunnity to suck his balls ! to release the map . he dont communicate about if he is working on or not . AT least if he said some words some times we would have patience . But nothing coming after 1 year & half
2013-12-13 00:18
Great! + de_cbble
2013-12-11 22:17
Hell yeah! Now de_cbble
2013-12-11 22:22
cya brute
2013-12-11 22:40
Germany ory 
what was wrong with cpl_mill? never unstood why they took tuscan instead..
2013-12-11 23:08
Well de_mill in csgo used to be fine, but b2 (for some reason) became the predominately used version in competitive play and its terrible. Plus, Tuscan just has better balance to it and handles the retarded aspect of a sewer system in a competitive map and makes it good.
2013-12-12 03:35
Very very nice!
2013-12-11 23:20
wanna see this map in leagues :)
2013-12-11 23:27
nice map lets see it in leagues!
2013-12-11 23:51
Just a year late gg
2013-12-12 00:06
Why didn't you reproduce the map? gg
2013-12-17 11:10
Changing its name may not be sufficient. If he wants to pursue this legally, he could win (I doubt he will, though). I have read some things about copyright because of the nature of my work (I deal with domain names, blogs and stuff). Imagine a sofware company called appli. Do you think a different letter at the end would make a difference? I bet Apple would be all over it. de_Toscan is easily mistaken for de_tuscan, and the maps are very much alike (I presume) ... So, if you want to make this right, you have to get permission from the original owner and some compensation may be in order. But he may be cool about it and don't ask for it. You'll never know, until you inquire him about it. Just my 2 cents.
2013-12-12 00:49
Brute don't have the rights for the map. Valve have it because he made the map with the hammer editor
2013-12-12 12:03
So, Valve own the rights to map? In that case, they have to ask permission from Valve.
2013-12-12 16:49
But valve don't care . There were so much De_tuscan in the workshop and valve didn't care. The makers of these ports deltetd it cause brute asked them to do delete them
2013-12-13 07:52
need some de_TUSCAN!
2013-12-12 01:12
Test de_toscan on our 24/7 de_toscan Server! - - 24/7 de_toscan !
2013-12-12 01:25
I contacted brute in regard to this port and his response was "Meh" I asked for an ETA on his I'll post when\if I hear more.
2013-12-12 02:10
LOVE IT! For the MM, please fast!
2013-12-12 02:24
2013-12-12 04:20
Good but it is just retextured version of other ported tuscans. IMO this tuscan needs in original(unique) design(textures). Need to raise the ceilings height and extend the width of some corridors(like banana). And some another fixes. But I dont believe that they can do it cuz I have seen their previous works and it is just copy of original maps with lil fixes...
2013-12-12 09:09
slam said that they add tuscan on sltv =))
2013-12-12 09:28
2013-12-12 09:38
Copyright issues? What the fuck :D
2013-12-12 09:41
Pretty nice map.
2013-12-12 10:33
1) de_dust2 (cs 1.6 version) 2) de_inferno (cs 1.6 version) 3) de_nuke (cs 1.6 version) 4) de_train_ve 5) de_mirage_ce 6) de_tuscan 7) de_forge
2013-12-12 10:51
nuke_se is good nuke 1.6 too easy for CTs
2013-12-12 12:27
1.6 nuke has a better balance than the current GO version. Check the stats.
2013-12-12 18:21
Yes but in nuke.6 you can wallbang everywhere and make a good control with these wallbangs. In go you can't :D
2013-12-12 22:47
Ts can also wallbang you know. Just in case you STILL dont get it: 1.6 nuke = more balanced than GO Nuke. So how can u say it's easier for CTs in 1.6, if the statistics def. prove its easier in GO? Yeah...
2013-12-12 23:05
Statistics, always stats. 1.6 isn't more balanced.
2013-12-13 18:35
you've just reached a new level of complete stupidity. congratz.
2013-12-13 18:42
nuke csgo is by far better than 1.6 THIS ISNT THE SAME ENGINE !!! nuke ve add a slighlyt help to T wich is needed ! nuke css or ve help to make better rotation or play . whereas nuke 1.6 was just about wallbanging and getting low hp with he .then wait lower
2013-12-13 00:21
Waiting to see valve version! lawl
2013-12-12 11:59
Update: 12 Dec @ 4:02am - Lightning in the following area's: tunnels, t connector, B hall, B storage. - The ground on banana has been improved. - Raised skybox ceiling around B bombspot and banana. - some textures changes. - Fixed boost bugs.
2013-12-12 12:04 Use above link to stay in touch with the changes and patches! Change Notes for 12/11/2013 - Added 32 spawns points (16 CT / 16 T ) and DM spawns. - More Lightning in the following areas: tunnels, T connector, B hall, B storage. - The ground on banana has been improved. - The wooden plates that are placed around the spots where a lot of shooting happends show bullet impacts now. - Raised skybox ceiling around B bombspot and banana. - Few textures changes. - Fixed some boost bugs.
2013-12-12 12:29
ty and gl
2013-12-12 12:32
2013-12-12 12:36
add it to MM please!!
2013-12-12 12:55
awesome map and looks good :D
2013-12-12 14:13
Finally. Now volvo need to add it to mm.
2013-12-12 14:43
2013-12-12 15:13
like always valve will take this map and fuck it up like they did with mirage.
2013-12-12 15:23
not bad i want check it Can I check it soon?
2013-12-12 15:47
de_furge coming frank?
2013-12-12 17:44
you can play in leetway tuscan
2013-12-12 18:15
mill is better tbh
2013-12-12 19:36
tuscan is fucking best map there is ever made so dont try to talk Mill or what ever
2013-12-12 19:42
Great, should be renamed to de_toucans ;]
2013-12-12 20:38
Took like decades
2013-12-13 00:20
ive played it in altpug. this is awesome. it plays exactly like 1.6
2013-12-13 08:46
best map
2013-12-13 12:42
Best map 1.6
2013-12-13 12:57
around the middle site is awesome looking ;)
2013-12-14 14:38
We will be releasing a map update later today, stay tuned!
2013-12-17 11:00
i wanna play this map pls volvo pls
2013-12-17 11:07
important map :)
2013-12-17 11:21
valve wake the fuck up, pls
2013-12-17 11:26
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