Na´Vi replace LGB at SLTV Finals

LGB eSports will be unable to attend SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals on December 20th-22nd, Natus Vincere will replace them in the tournament.

A few days ago we reported that LGB eSports had secured a spot in the Finals alongside Astana Dragons, Universal Soldiers and Clan-Mystik.

Na´Vi's new lineup will debut at SLTV Finals

It turns out that the Swedes won't be able to travel to Kiev in the end, as they have different plans during Christmas time, which is more thoroughly explained by LGB's manager, Kevin "Kevz" Mikkelsen:

"It's with regret that i have to announce that LGB eSports won't be able to attend SLTV in Kiev in 8 days. The dates for the event does not fit with our players plans during christmas time." Mikkelsen told

"Some of the players already have plans with their family and we unanimously decided not to go.

We thank you all for your understanding and our fans & Sponsors for their continuous support."

Its with regret that i have to announce that LGB eSports wont be able to attend SLTV in Kiev in 8 days. The dates for the event does not fit with our players plans during christmas time. Some of the players already have plans with their family and we unanimously decided no t to go.
We thank you all for your understanding and our fans & Sponsors for their continuous support.

Natus Vincere were chosen as their replacement in SLTV StarSeries VII Finals held on December 20th-22nd, as they are the next in line thanks to placing fifth in the online group stage.

It will be their LAN debut with the new lineup, and they will meet top seeded Astana Dragons in the upper bracket semi-final.

2013-12-13 16:00
Russia vique 
2013-12-13 16:01
As I expected. :)
2013-12-13 16:02
navi win sl !!!
2013-12-13 16:03
2013-12-13 20:34
Georgia Fatal Fighter 
2013-12-13 16:04
Germany Bongskie 
Lucky once again NA'VI :P
2013-12-13 16:05
2013-12-13 16:07
navi win sl
2013-12-13 16:09
Would be like the time Denmark won the European cup. Didn't qualify for the tournament but someone dropped out and Denmark filled the spot. They did have the mighty Peter Schmeichel though, the best goal keeper to ever live.
2013-12-13 16:16
That someone was Yugoslavia with the strongest team that we (former Yugoslavia) ever had :C That was the beginnig of the war in former yu and team was banned due to sanctions.
2013-12-13 19:18
fuck yeah, I knew it! and they deserve it IMO
2013-12-13 16:10
GL Na`Vi !! time to win !
2013-12-13 16:13
Striker i know your sort of the junior author here so just for next time add a last statement to an article like this.. Na'Vi will attend SLTV finais with: Lineup here. Just for those who werent able to keep up with the latest news. I mean no disrespect to your skill as a journalist by the way
2013-12-13 16:14
I probably would have if the news wasn't on the main page anymore. But thanks anyway :)
2013-12-13 16:18
I see, well in that case sorry. Like i said i mean no disrespect :)
2013-12-13 16:21
Spain akproxx 
Family friend>>>>game
2013-12-13 16:15
NAVI to win SLTV
2013-12-13 16:16
Uhm why would you participate in a tournament if you cant attend the finals? :D
2013-12-13 16:20
Switzerland texo 
And the winner is...
2013-12-13 16:23
so expected XD thnx LGB
2013-12-13 16:31
I feel sorry for all the cs tournament organisers. Half of the teams are so unprofessional. "we cant play tonight, it's independence day" "what? The finals are 5 days before christmas? Can't make it, have to decorate the christmas tree"
2013-12-13 16:35
Family comes over... Maybe they are going away to family? Tournament organizers need to stop hosting events on or near holidays. No one wants to sit in front of a pc during the week of Christmas, not even the nerdiest of the nerds.
2013-12-13 17:56
this is their jobs....
2013-12-13 18:02
I consider them lucky... I have to work christmas night at 11 PM.... :\
2013-12-13 20:32
No?? Pretty sure most of them are students and/or work on the side
2013-12-14 00:29
Lgb knew when the finals would be held when they signed up. Should be banned for a year for wasting everyone's time
2013-12-13 23:46
Are you serious? I have to work the night shift on new year's eve, and I don't cry about it. Just like 20 of my collegaues. And I believe a lot of people elsewhere. And (can you believe?) we all have families. You gotta be dedicated to your job if you want people to take you seriously. If I were in charge of SLTV I would definitely ban LGB for at least next season.
2013-12-14 10:14
Your job is didferent than esports m8
2013-12-14 16:46
It's still a job as long as they get paid for it.
2013-12-14 18:41
I feel sorry for all the cs players. Half of the tournaments are so bad organised. "we put the final 2 days before christmas" "what? 60 hz monitors."
2013-12-14 16:51
2013-12-13 16:36
2013-12-13 16:45
2013-12-14 00:55
Switzerland texo 
2013-12-14 01:19
2013-12-14 16:50
everybody got what they wanted!!!
2013-12-13 16:39
Well SLTV is just not important enough. I would like to see a prize pool boost for the next season. gl NaVi :)
2013-12-13 16:44
why play participate in the league if you wont play finals? XD
2013-12-13 16:51
2013-12-13 17:46
2013-12-13 17:24
Iran Animal1ty 
2013-12-13 17:32
1mpala | 
Ukraine he-he  
2013-12-13 17:33
2013-12-13 17:44
1st place fosho
2013-12-13 17:50
They always have exuces to play on lan lol
2013-12-13 17:51
Yet they showed up to dreamhack and proved their worth. lgb is a great team that isnt full of nerds and pimply face geeks(jw). It's evident that lgb guys have lives and they do cs for fun and still do well.
2013-12-13 17:58
I dont go into inmature onliners,lanners discussion. yet as rove' said in #48 coomment, why do organizers let them join lan tournaments if they dont join? why do they always have to find stand-in team which doesnt deserve to attend? Doesn't this do harm to a tournaments reliability?
2013-12-13 18:30
dumb just got dumber
2013-12-14 01:19
Calling dumb a dumb wont make you less dumb. What do you think what you can achieve by thinking to insult can really harm ppl?. It is a defect of an education system I guess.
2013-12-14 11:43
You know the round difference for Na'Vi to attend over CM was 1?
2013-12-14 01:49
I wrote in general. Just wanted to point out their unprofessionalism. p.s. navi is my favorite.
2013-12-14 11:41
gl hf, navi, must win
2013-12-13 17:58
that HD595 D:
2013-12-13 17:58
GuardiaN & edward to rule them all :D
2013-12-13 18:02
It seems like Na`Vi doesn't even need to bother attending group stages and playing their day-to-day matches since they'd probay go to the LAN finals anyway going forward :) ahaha But ya, to be realistic I have to admit that seeing LGD at the final would be very cool expecially after such a solid performace they showed yesterday vs AD, even though its online, but still...
2013-12-13 18:24
Edward | 
Bulgaria Hagloff 
just navi better with guardian and edward, they maybe need some time, but im sure that they will be in top 4 soon :)
2013-12-13 18:36
hopefully, sad for LGB not to go though, since they deserved to go, but NaVi couldnt win enough matches to qualify, but still going... anyway gl NaVi
2013-12-13 18:42
2013-12-13 18:26
"very professional" is this e-sport thing...
2013-12-13 18:29
lmao , my boss comes to me "hey you have to go to kiev to do some buisness" and im like " but I had plans with my family on christmas eve"
2013-12-13 18:32
2013-12-13 18:54
Yeah, let's compare a hobby with a job : - )
2013-12-13 21:54
As long as they get paid for it it's a job.
2013-12-14 10:17
Only a few teams earn salaries. I don't think LGB does ;=)
2013-12-15 17:39
Edward | 
Bulgaria Hagloff 
yes, yes, yes waited for this news :)
2013-12-13 18:34
Hong Kong Sample_ 
expected, so much expected, i dont try to insult lgb but they missing almost all events. Looks like they are not good sponsored enough
2013-12-13 18:55
Europe midi 
Lol, told you they will never come. Better give them a one season ban.
2013-12-13 19:35
Slovakia Magic619 
2013-12-13 19:35
navi top-1 in sltv info 100%
2013-12-13 19:37
Lan Dodging - how? If i remember correctly, we participated in ESWC and DHW and SveCup this weekend? :)
2013-12-13 21:02
will you be at esea? :)
2013-12-13 21:42
wtf :D sickest call ever
2013-12-14 01:15
Switzerland texo 
lol better than Nostradamus :D
2013-12-14 01:23
Poland Keruzz 
navi is going to win that event :)
2013-12-13 20:03
Family > pixels
2013-12-13 20:19
2013-12-13 20:33
=*( LGB >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ALL
2013-12-13 20:34
Poland perM 
It was so predictable
2013-12-13 21:31
Na`'s time to win!
2013-12-14 15:06
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