NiP win Fragbite Masters 2013

December 14th, 2013 01:02

After losing the DH Winter final Ninjas in Pyjamas have returned to winning ways, albeit online, by earning the title of Fragbite Masters champions thanks to defeating Clan-Mystik in the grand final 2-0 (16-3 on de_inferno & 16-9 on de_dust2).

After almost one month of play, Fragbite Masters came to its final day of play this Friday. Four teams were left in contention for the biggest share of the 140,000 SEK (~15,500€) prize purse - NiP, über G33KZ, Clan-Mystik and LGB eSports.

The first semi-final saw Ninjas in Pyjamas overrun the former Copenhagen Wolves squad 16-7 on de_inferno and 16-4 on de_nuke, with Christopher "GeT_RiGhT" Alesund putting up incredible numbers (54:22 in total).

GeT_RiGhT had an amazing game against über G33KZ in the semi-final

On the other side of the bracket, the two teams that knocked out the Ukrainian powerhouses Astana and Na`Vi in the quarter-finals, LGB and Clan-Mystik respectively, played a very close match that saw the ESWC champions come out on top 2-0 (16-14 on de_inferno & 16-13 on de_mirage).

In the grand final, NiP continued with their amazing form from earlier in the day by destroying Clan-Mystik on de_inferno 16-3, courtesy of Richard "Xizt" Landström's 27 kills.

The second map de_dust2 started in a more even fashion, as the Frenchmen, who played all day with a stand-in Kenny "kennyS" Schrub instead of their star AWPer Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian, took an early lead.

Clan-Mystik hung on until 6-6, but the Ninjas were relentless and they took over once again, eventually clinching the map 16-9 despite an amazing effort by Dan "apEX" Madesclaire who put up 30 kills.

13th December 2013

 NiP K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Sweden Richard 'Xizt' LandströmXizt 44 - 22 +22 - 1.66
Sweden Patrik 'f0rest' Lindbergf0rest 45 - 23 +22 - 1.55
Sweden Adam 'friberg' Fribergfriberg 36 - 25 +11 - 1.30
Sweden Robin 'Fifflaren' JohanssonFifflaren 32 - 21 +11 - 1.23
Sweden Christopher 'GeT_RiGhT' AlesundGeT_RiGhT 28 - 25 +3 - 0.96
 Clan-Mystik K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Dan 'apEX' MadesclaireapEX 40 - 38 +2 - 1.22
France Kenny 'kennyS' SchrubkennyS 28 - 37 -9 - 0.76
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' FieykioShiMa 25 - 35 -10 - 0.76
France Michael 'HaRts' ZanattaHaRts 10 - 36 -26 - 0.34
France Jeremy 'ioRek' VuillermetioRek 13 - 40 -27 - 0.33

Final standings of Fragbite Masters 2013

1. Sweden NiP - 70,000 SEK (~7,750€)
2. France Clan-Mystik - 30,000 SEK (~3,300€)
3-4. Denmark über G33KZ - 11,500 SEK (~1,250€)
3-4. Sweden LGB eSports - 11,500 SEK (~1,250€)
5-8. Denmark n!faculty - 4,250 SEK (~470€)
5-8. Ukraine Natus Vincere - 4,250 SEK (~470€)
5-8. France VeryGames - 4,250 SEK (~470€)
5-8. Ukraine Astana Dragons - 4,250 SEK (~470€)

Before going on their end of the year vacations, Ninjas in Pyjamas still have Svecup Grand Finals in Gothenburg, Sweden tomorrow, while Clan-Mystik will travel to Kiev, Ukraine for SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals next weekend.

Norway inexz 
2013-12-14 01:03
Switzerland texo 
GG congratulations
2013-12-14 01:04
gg NiP!
2013-12-14 01:07
Portugal doshin 
very wp NiP !!!
2013-12-14 01:08
World luiii 
harts and iorek should team up with ozstriker
2013-12-14 01:08
Peru dbie 
harts and iorek are WCG CS winners. Show some respect.
2013-12-14 01:10
He's right though, they were both shit this game.
2013-12-14 01:17
Good point: THIS game. As if f0rest or get_right haven't played poorly in the past as well. No need for anyone to leave the team. We have too many line-up changes as it is.
2013-12-14 01:31
United States mah9 
I don't think f0rest or GTR have had a single series with statistics that bad. 10-36 and 13-40 are absolutely miserable.
2013-12-14 05:09
Yeah, but they also have better teammates, so not really a fair comparison. If they are better players? Most likely. But the circumstances are different and that helps - it gives them more confidence to take chances and frag more.
2013-12-14 10:03
You must be blind because GTR AND FOrest had score of 45-23 (Forest) 28-25 (GET RIGHT) keep in mind gtr just wrecked in the previous map as well the scores you are talking about belong to Harts 10-36 and Iorek 13-40 Get ur facts right
2013-12-14 19:09
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
They dragged down msx quite some times, but also had some great games in 1.6. I have yet to see them perform anywhere near apex kioshima and kqly (or in this case kennys) but the results are great so would omly rry to get maniac and happy instead of these 2 if resilts start to falter
2013-12-14 12:56
Were they not carried by mSx or whatever his name was?
2013-12-16 16:38
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
2013-12-14 09:28
GG gratz
2013-12-14 01:09
2013-12-14 01:09
2013-12-14 01:10
wp NiP !! and fiff best xD
2013-12-14 01:11
xizt beast
2013-12-14 01:20
Poland MJP 
wp NiP still very top , all the time since start of CS GO. Them lads, are pulling only the best spots ! fantastic team
2013-12-14 01:27
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
The Fantastic 4 ;)
2013-12-14 13:00
2013-12-14 16:10
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
It was a fifflaren joke :p
2013-12-14 22:43
Y stop it.
2013-12-15 01:04
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Why? On average he isnt on par with the other 4, the truth cant be said?
2013-12-15 20:09
apEX KQLY ScreaM NBK shoxie top 1 2014
2013-12-14 01:27
need someone with a brain though.
2013-12-14 01:33
Destroy VeryGames AND Clank Mystik for this? No man, haven't we learned anything with the whole Astana Dragons/Na'Vi thing?
2013-12-14 01:42
2013-12-14 03:18
fnx | 
Portugal lovessd 
they would not win a single tournament. no good lead no win
2013-12-14 06:32
I'm pretty they could win a tournament, but this line up is worse than vg
2013-12-14 14:49
Well played. Such a good stream on this tournament.
2013-12-14 01:34
Agreed! Despite what people say, I really like Anders. He is lighthearted, passionate and funny.
2013-12-14 01:37
Absolutely! The FragBite Production is by far the best out there, and I'm happy they chose Anders and Semmler, who have done a lot for the community, especially Anders. Looking forward to the next one. :)
2013-12-14 01:40
Nothing to do with the subject at hand, but do you like Norwegian Black Metal? I have some CDs of bands from your country, such as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and Old Man's Child. Maybe some of them are even your neighbors or something :P
2013-12-14 01:44
Hahah, yes we are big in that scene, but it's not for me personally. I've listened to some and occasionally find a song I listen to for a bit, but I don't really follow it that much. I met a friend in the Marine though, who is actually playing in a black metal band called Istårn, so it'll be interesting to see how he progresses. :) I've read some stories on the band Mayhem though, if you've heard of them? They don't live too far from me, and a colleague actually know the vocalist. Crazy band, crazy history.
2013-12-14 01:47
Yeah, I know about Dead and Euronymous, the whole thing. Black Metal isn't my thing, I prefer bands like Savatage, Nevermore, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, etc. And thanks for the funny video! I thought about showing you a Brazilian one, but changed my mind. My country has a shitty fame already, no need to sink it even further hahahaha.
2013-12-14 02:00
Haha, crazy guys! Yes, I agree those bands have songs that I can really enjoy listening too, black metal is just a bit too much for my taste. :) Hahah, no worries! It's a shame people are judged by their countries, because everyone is an individual no matter where they are from, and should be judged for who they are, not where they're from. :) Thanks for a good chat.
2013-12-14 02:03
Story of Mayhem is awesome, although Euronymous is a huge dick for the stuff he did:) Visiting their Helvete shop (even though it is probably closed now) would be the first thing I'd do if I ever get the chance to visit Norway :)
2013-12-14 11:32
Also check out Immortals best music video ever ;)
2013-12-14 01:48
This is their best video, it doesn't even have to be parody to be somewhat funny :D
2013-12-14 11:32
+9999 good quality, good casters, good production.
2013-12-14 01:40
2013-12-14 03:46
gj nip
2013-12-14 01:50
Finland 6294 
Well played nip!
2013-12-14 01:56
mclaren best
2013-12-14 01:57
nice flag
2013-12-14 01:59
you forgot to mention "with ease"
2013-12-14 01:57
Lets hope that NiP doesn't start another era of complete domination over the CS GO scene.
2013-12-14 02:02
I don't think we have to worry about that just yet. As the news points out, it was on-line. It's been two months since they won their last LAN title. We can start to worry when they'll get two in a row.
2013-12-14 02:45
It was online :)
2013-12-14 03:11
NiP are worse online :)
2013-12-14 03:23
Under this logic LGB should have won :P
2013-12-14 04:46 users logic: fnatic won DHW13, biggest CS event ever: meh, NiP/VG/AD/CPHW/coL/LGB whatever still better NiP won an online tournament: OMG NIP STRONGER THAN EVER?
2013-12-14 11:22
1st think a little bit and then comment, i wont bother explaining you how does it work
2013-12-14 13:30
its clear that cm always struggles against ninjas
2013-12-14 02:16
y didnt kqly play?
2013-12-14 02:36
2013-12-14 04:04
kqly wasnt even playing :\
2013-12-14 03:42
For an online tournament the prize pool was pretty sick.
2013-12-14 04:44
Xizt stepping up fragwise lately!
2013-12-14 05:01
i was expecting more by mystik tbh
2013-12-14 05:03
No KQLY, no party.
2013-12-14 05:25
2013-12-14 05:38
Edward | 
Bulgaria Hagloff 
lol fify> gtr
2013-12-14 07:58
haha :D GeT_RiGhT didn't get that much action though he got least actions easily. he was on that site they never was going to a lot of times, and when they did they timed him very good, like came from two-three ways at the same time :D But he wasn't on fire like he was in the semi-final where he was insane!
2013-12-14 14:18
Azerbaijan Talley 
so they were saving strats in dhw for fb masters. wp NiP
2013-12-14 09:54
it was Apex vs NiP kinda unfair if you ask me ;)
2013-12-14 10:28
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
True 1v4 is never easy especially if the anchor steps up and performs decent
2013-12-14 13:09
Lithuania fRls 
such onliners I can't even tell.
2013-12-14 10:31
Romania blg- 
2013-12-14 10:47
The ESWC winners or the ones who were destroying everyone until some months ago? You weren't clear.
2013-12-14 18:50
The ones who were destroying everyone until some months ago.
2013-12-14 20:02
I think CM needs Maniac ^^
2013-12-14 11:27
gz NiP, onliners :D
2013-12-14 11:47
NiP only good @ online.
2013-12-14 11:53
You're dumb.
2013-12-14 12:17
Romania blg- 
2013-12-14 15:34
Tell me you're trolling, please.
2013-12-14 18:51
NiP onlinerZ /discuss
2013-12-14 12:20
Slovakia pgb1 
2013-12-14 12:34
wp xizt
2013-12-14 12:38
United States Bibby 
Why wasnt KQLY playing?? KennyS was filling in??
2013-12-14 13:01
hospital for kqly
2013-12-14 14:05
2013-12-14 15:38
People acting like Clan-Mystik is some huge flop because they ONLY got 2nd place in a tournament with pretty much the best teams in the world. My sides.
2013-12-14 14:36
Yeah, it's like this: two teams playing, the one that loses is automatically the worst piece of shit ever. Both being good? Nah, that doesn't feed the trolls enough.
2013-12-14 18:54
GG to my lovers! - NiP - ill support u guys fever :P
2013-12-14 14:47
NiP onliner
2013-12-14 15:38
:D you are online man because nobody knows you.
2013-12-14 16:35
That is why they won 87 maps in a row with this same line-up! I knew there was something fishy about them /sarcasm
2013-12-14 18:55
NIP gratz
2013-12-14 16:35
gg NiP
2013-12-14 18:18
its clear that cm always struggles against ninjas
2013-12-14 20:20
I have never told you that.
2013-12-14 20:39
-get_right +delpan
2013-12-15 05:02
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