mouz win EPS Germany Winter

December 14th, 2013 22:53

mousesports have been crowned EPS champions following a 2-0 victory over EnRo GRIFFINS in the Grand Final.

In what was the team's first event with Fatih "gob b" Dayik as a replacement for Tobias "Troubley" Tabbert, mousesports moved past all opposition to win the title of Germany's strongest side, without losing a single map in the process.

It all started with a 2-0 victory over the former 3DMAX, who attended the event as a mix team. Two close maps were played out here (16-10 on de_cache, 16-13 on de_dust2), and mouz have Chris "chrisJ" de Jong to thank for this victory, as the Dutch ace carried the team, pulling off a combined +37 K/D ration in the series.

A not pleased chrisJ

chrisJ in stunning form

mouz went on to tackle EnRo GRIFFINS, who had defeated Playing Ducks, in the tournament decider, and once again it was De Jong who set the tone, topping the scoring charts on both maps as his team ran out 2-0 victors (16-12 on de_cache, 16-7 on de_season)

 mousesports K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Netherlands Chris 'chrisJ' de JongchrisJ 58 - 27 +31 - 1.70
Germany Tizian 'tiziaN' FeldbuschtiziaN 40 - 26 +14 - 1.24
Germany Nikola 'LEGIJA' NinićLEGIJA 34 - 30 +4 - 1.04
Germany Christian 'crisby' Schmittcrisby 36 - 31 +5 - 1.01
Germany Fatih 'gob b' Dayikgob b 27 - 32 -5 - 0.88
 EnRo GRIFFINS K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Germany Denis 'denis' Howelldenis 32 - 41 -9 - 0.90
Germany Marcel 'globe' Sundmäkerglobe 31 - 38 -7 - 0.82
Germany Timo 'Spiidi' RichterSpiidi 28 - 40 -12 - 0.79
Germany Robin 'r0bs3n' Stephanr0bs3n 28 - 42 -14 - 0.76
Hungary Steven 'Gery' GerhardtGery 26 - 34 -8 - 0.75

EPS Germany Winter 2013 Final Standings:

1. Germany mousesports - €4,000
2. Germany EnRo GRIFFINS - €2,000
3-4. Germany Playing Ducks - €750
Germany ex-3DMAX - €750

2013-12-14 22:53
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
2013-12-14 22:53
ez money ez lyfe
2013-12-14 22:54
Brazil LIPE1 
PASHA will find you :D
2013-12-14 22:54
hoppa chris
2013-12-14 22:55
who is igl on mouz?
2013-12-14 22:55
gob b
2013-12-14 22:58
gob b
2013-12-14 22:59
It's both gob b and crisby. gob was only calling a couple of maps because he's still kinda new to the game, but I think the plan is to have only him as IGL soon.
2013-12-15 20:38
Norway ensa 
german scene so low
2013-12-14 22:56
ChrisJ won the first map on his own.. what a beast.
2013-12-14 22:58
now at a real lan .. :S
2013-12-14 22:59
Mike :D <3
2013-12-14 23:11
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
2013-12-14 23:24
2013-12-15 01:22
still onlinerz
2013-12-14 23:05
Massive butthurt
2013-12-14 23:11
rapes top teams online with scouts, lose in the BYOC of the biggest tournament against Xapso top30.
2013-12-14 23:14
Agreed. i like ChrisJ as a player. But so far (within CS:GO) he has not been anywhere near as good on Lan as on internet. Sad but true
2013-12-14 23:19
Netherlands Nieroth 
Yeah, only 37 kills against 3dmax, fcking onliner. ;(
2013-12-14 23:47
your saying it like 3dmax is an amazing team
2013-12-14 23:50
Netherlands Nieroth 
37 kills against them is pretty amazing yeah.
2013-12-14 23:53
Haha okay bro, 3dmax didnt even pracc or play prior to those finals...
2013-12-15 16:48
Don't feed him.
2013-12-15 00:17
Well. against german teams fine. But on other events he hastn put up much of a fight has he?
2013-12-15 00:56
He was sick at EMS one fall.
2013-12-15 00:33
You are talking like all the teams that participated in the byoc are shit and that he is a onliner because his TEAM diddnt manage to make it to the main event. And that is just fking stupid. I dont know where your hate towards him comes from but you are fking butthurt thats for sure. Cunt.
2013-12-15 00:27
butthurt clog wearer is butthurt xD
2013-12-15 00:42
Ahahaha im butthurt? Look whos going bananas about a team who are proven onliners and everybody knows (btw germans are well know onliners they have always been), the teams in BYOC were shit compared to the standards of mouz (who back then were awesome and were top contenders), stop defending them they are onliners its a fact they perform better online than lan get your shit right. And why would i be butthurt its not like they have beaten me in a match or anything its just a fact, what a bloody idiot
2013-12-15 00:58
agree people blind to see he is not performing well on lan... only fans saying he is same on lan
2013-12-15 03:24
Netherlands jen5on 
how can you say things like this, in THIS newspost? +68 in 4 maps on lan, climbing from place 12 or so to place 4 in stats ON lan ( ) and being mvp of the tournament, with better ratings in the lan matches. both "failed" lan tournaments were best of one, single elimination, so no room for one single mistake..
2013-12-16 10:59
2013-12-15 05:10
I agree, we (Germans) are not on top of our game when it comes to LAN play. BUT, Germans have always been known for being onliners?... How long have you been playing CS? 6 years? ... I really hope I'm not getting trolled
2013-12-15 12:05
In every single thread or news post about about chrisj you are saying he is an onliner, that proves my point. People like you should learn to appreciate some good cs instead.
2013-12-15 16:03
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Idiot :)
2013-12-15 20:13
elaborate please, i thought since i think youre pretty old you would be more mature and not deluded
2013-12-15 20:50
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Sorry about the strong wording but you should know each match is different, and you expext him to rape with scout against nip at lan aswell you are deluded he has raped 2 german eps in a row (lan) and had nummerous impressive rounds at int lans aswell, like the 2 insane awp hatrricks against nip i really dont see why some people are so intent on bashing chris
2013-12-15 21:05
First of all i wasnt bashing only chrisJ but the whole team and the germans in general, which is true just take a look at the online results compared to the lan ones, look up yourself and then we'll talk
2013-12-15 21:11
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
All exp int top players are gone cyx passed away, roman n tixo quit, gob was inactive for awhile, ninja quit, etc. What is left is talenred players with a lack of int lan experience, give them time\a chance
2013-12-15 21:21
+68 in 4 maps :O
2013-12-14 23:07
onlinerz :) und chrisJ - pasha ll find you
2013-12-14 23:08
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
This was lan brainiac gob-b was bottom, think hes onliner? Foolish boy
2013-12-15 21:06
first !
2013-12-14 23:10
chrisJ still MiGhtY! =DAAA
2013-12-14 23:13
gobb so bad at the moment.
2013-12-14 23:21
his ingame-calls aren't!
2013-12-15 10:29
my ipad crashed half way through the post, i actually said something along the lines of 'he is shaping up to be a good igl though his fragging isn't quite on par atm' i got mad at the crash :(
2013-12-15 11:19
I think that's because he didn't play nearly as much cs:go as every other player on the team. If he continues playing (which i hope) then his fragging skills will come back :)
2013-12-15 12:47
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
chrisJ LANner
2013-12-14 23:24
pasha will find him soon
2013-12-14 23:38
tizian too stronk
2013-12-14 23:39
does chrisj speak germany?
2013-12-14 23:44
2013-12-14 23:49
he understands german but speaks most of the time english ingame
2013-12-15 11:55
gg for ChrisJ this LAN with amazing scores. Ofcourse this level is not very high compared to the teams like NiP, Verygames etc but we all know ChrisJ isn't a "onliner"...he can carry his team on this level. On top level, it's a whole diffirent story. In all the top teams, they only have players like ChrisJ :-), so you will need every team member to be in topshape and not only 1.
2013-12-15 00:11
2013-12-15 00:46
u nub
2013-12-15 02:30
2013-12-15 10:29
gob b learned CSGO in two weeks and won EPS finals ...seems legit
2013-12-15 00:37
2013-12-15 00:36
2013-12-15 00:40
chrisJ offliner
2013-12-15 00:43
king of onlinerz
2013-12-15 00:44
congratulations! I hope they gonna attack the international scene now
2013-12-15 00:45
Hong Kong SHiFT^up 
They will never be able to succeed on LAN. Never have and never will.
2013-12-15 00:59
why do you think so?
2013-12-15 01:58
cause unless gob wakes up and starts fraggin like get_right and starting a new meta (strats) the team is not up to standard atm
2013-12-15 07:55
Netherlands liQuidmoTion 
Gob barely played go yet
2013-12-15 21:23
got b low again:(
2013-12-15 01:06
Onlinerz against Onlinerz, what a game. LOL
2013-12-15 01:16
denis lost both finnals, what a shame for him :(
2013-12-15 01:22
its funny but I have found the reason why german cheaters have proved themselves at german LANS and they say they lanned a lot in germany/ Well it's simple. Since all germans cheat, they are all worse at LAN and therefore a bad player can play well at a german lan since they are all low at lan . give me a medal or a nobel prize
2013-12-15 01:24
What about players from Slovakia?
2013-12-15 02:01
oh my god..
2013-12-15 20:18
you called?
2013-12-15 20:19
gj ChrisJ
2013-12-15 02:25
1 mans army gg! gratz with this amazing performance vs EG guys :)
2013-12-15 03:42
Nice Job!
2013-12-15 05:33
France cedd 
congrats mouse, gl in your international match-ups
2013-12-15 06:53
Belgium Monu 
2013-12-15 10:56
ChrisJ one man army
2013-12-15 11:38
Nice Chrissie
2013-12-15 11:55
Germany BNKd 
ye and what about IEM, ESWC which they all won? did they also fake it? :D since you all guys only play since csgo, its no wonder you didnt see a good german on lan coz there was no good german is csgo
2013-12-15 13:39
whats csgo bro I play Minecraft FPS comp mod
2013-12-15 20:20
Denmark crZy 
wp chriS - about time enro is the biggest joke of german scene :D?
2013-12-15 17:02
why should enro be the biggest joke?
2013-12-15 20:18
Denmark crZy 
16-14 vs NiP online? :D beating most teams online, and losing hard on lan. normally i guess in germany!
2013-12-17 12:09
you are the biggest joke who ever played for a german team
2013-12-15 21:47
2013-12-16 06:35
Hajah +1
2013-12-16 16:27
who ever won eps or? :i
2013-12-17 12:09
you won in a season where just all big names were gone. got carried by roman. nothing more to say. Reach something in CSGO and we can talk again. 1.6 and Source = dead games
2013-12-17 12:40
gewd job
2013-12-15 20:42
2013-12-16 14:05
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