VG say goodbye with EPS trophy

VeryGames have gone out with a bang, winning EPS France in the team's last event for the organisation.

Starting next month, the French giants will have to find a new organisation to represent after VeryGames' chiefs revealed that they no longer have the financial means to support such a demanding team, who attend international events practically every month.

Winning EPS France would be the best way for the team to say goodbye to VeryGames, who became a household name in the Counter-Strike scene, but the players knew that they would need to be at their best to best Clan-Mystik, who, however, were playing with Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez as a stand-in (Hovik "KQLY" Tovmassian was at the hospital).

In what was a rematch of the ESWC grand final, played in a best-of-five format, VG got off to a wonderful start, picking up a 16-5 victory on de_mirage. The next two maps were very close, with VG coming out on top by the skin of their teeth, but what really matters is that they walked out 3-0 victors to win the EPS title.

15th December 2013

WARMAKER forfeited the third-fourth place decider, meaning that Mistral walk away with the €1,000 cheque.

EPS France XI final standings:

1. France VeryGames - €3,000
2. France Clan-Mystik - €1,500
3. France Mistral - €1,000
4. France WARMAKER - €500

2013-12-16 00:57
next article: " pick up VG"
2013-12-16 00:59
10 replies
or SK
2013-12-16 09:31
Russian org can't handle european players, sorry brah
2013-12-16 10:35
2 replies
Iran Animal1ty
Indeed, even if such a large organization as their VG can not contain more
2013-12-16 11:42
yeah they are too racist
2013-12-18 02:56
2013-12-16 16:04
2013-12-16 16:40
imo. it will be Anexis or LDLC but who knows ?;p
2013-12-16 16:43
2 replies
LOL at LDLC... nope Anexis I could see.. honestly I bet we will see either Alliance or EG (some company basically anyways).
2013-12-16 17:45
1 reply
Alliance just took a LoL team so i guess they could go for some FPS side aswell.
2013-12-16 18:20
VP have no money and experience to handle this team.
2013-12-16 18:54
Goodbye vg
2013-12-16 00:59
VG says* ? well... hf in future =)
2013-12-16 01:00
2 replies
It has been discussed countless times. Both plural and singular can be accepted when talking about a team, since it designates either several individuals or the group as a whole.
2013-12-16 03:19
1 reply
thx =)
2013-12-16 12:36
Goodbye VG and Hello... EG.Ex6tenZ EG.NBK EG.SmithZz EG.ScreaM EG.shoxie
2013-12-16 01:00
3 replies
2013-12-16 03:41
2013-12-16 07:59
not EG but Alliance(EG`s european team)
2013-12-16 15:28
Bye vg Eg is coming
2013-12-16 01:00
2013-12-16 01:01
1 reply
Finland kimi__
2013-12-16 15:45
France rsi_rise
2013-12-16 01:02
wp VG good way to end things
2013-12-16 01:02
EG, VP, SK, what will be their next organisation?
2013-12-16 01:03
5 replies
Alliance, Millenium or maybe they start their own brand?
2013-12-16 01:08
4 replies
im really wondering haha, but yea they could actually start their oen since they do have the skill and potential to win tournaments consistently
2013-12-16 01:12
3 replies
How would they be able to secure the means to travel to all of the events coming up in 2014 if they started their own org?
2013-12-16 05:30
2 replies
Sponsors ofc?
2013-12-16 08:00
as if they wont get any sponsors, i bet razer would stick with them
2013-12-16 13:40
Denmark MrDivi
2013-12-16 01:05
i am | 
Yugoslavia bleaq
Astana Dragons pick up team VeryGames?
2013-12-16 01:06
Alliance, Millenium, ROCCAT, aAa, mTw Wonder who will it be
2013-12-16 01:06
9 replies
aAa would be just sick
2013-12-16 01:48
1 reply
They are poor
2013-12-16 14:05
Denmark jjh
yeah ROCCAT would be awesome
2013-12-16 05:16
mTw o:
2013-12-16 08:02
mTw have closed? Razer is keeping them. 100p
2013-12-16 10:24
4 replies
2013-12-17 03:39
3 replies
Shiiiiiiiiiiit lajk a sumboooooooooody
2013-12-17 08:27
2 replies
Loose his house today, its not okeeeey
2013-12-19 17:45
1 reply
2013-12-20 08:06
Bye VG
2013-12-16 01:07
VG really does deserve the best.
2013-12-16 01:08
nbk told me they are joining dignitas so now everyone be quiet.
2013-12-16 01:11
GG was fun to watch them play csgo -_-
2013-12-16 01:10
virtus pro probably not gonna pick up a non russian speaking team for sure.. maybe eg
2013-12-16 01:11
3 replies
Denmark jjh
what makes you think they don't speak russian, tovarisch?
2013-12-16 05:17
1 reply
2013-12-16 10:10
why do they have to speak russian?
2013-12-20 09:11
It will be good if they will be still French team
2013-12-16 01:14
5 replies
Denmark jjh
well, they will be, they won't change their citizenship along with the organisation H@H@H@H@ wtf u wrote, jesus....
2013-12-16 05:18
4 replies
You're a moron. He didn't mean citizenship, he meant the where the organization originates from.
2013-12-16 06:06
3 replies
Denmark jjh
i know, i was just making fun of his bad english, that's all. no need to be an insulting cunt.
2013-12-16 13:40
2 replies
Oh, the irony...
2013-12-16 14:49
1 reply
Denmark jjh
just stop raging
2013-12-16 15:40
Australia snyper
Team Razer
2013-12-16 01:15
Good one for VG but sadly KQLY was at the hospital and Maniac had to be the last the maych has been less interesting that it could have been...
2013-12-16 01:22
4 replies
sorry to interrupt you but why is he on hospital ?
2013-12-16 01:49
1 reply
appendix doing his ugly stuff
2013-12-16 06:31
well Maniac literally carried the team, we can't say he was a bad stand-in ;)
2013-12-16 10:30
1 reply
Yes it's true but Harts is a very strong IGL, I'm sure he prepared some good strats that he couldn't apply with Mani. Still, he has been very good during the whole match.
2013-12-16 11:03
"but the players knew that they would need to be at their very best to best Clan-Mystik." MIRAA...
2013-12-16 01:24
9 replies
It's called English ..
2013-12-16 02:22
3 replies
yeah.. bad English
2013-12-16 03:43
2 replies
No, that's actually perfectly fine proper English.
2013-12-16 06:10
1 reply
2013-12-16 06:33
Does 'best someone' mean 'beat someone in best of X'?
2013-12-16 03:59
4 replies
Nope, it means to beat someone.
2013-12-16 07:17
it can be used as a verb, I best He/She bests You best We best They best just meaning to beat someone
2013-12-16 13:02
2 replies
+ jw best
2013-12-16 18:46
1 reply
2013-12-20 09:13
The Frenches enjoyed great victories in CSS, however, in GO they encountered the Swedes (who earlier had their main scene in 1.6) who forced them on their knees, after which their main team VeryGames, surrendered.
2013-12-16 01:26
17 replies
No offense or any disrespect to all VG line up because i know them all . But if it was VG 's Line up 2011 on csgo , VG would have made a walk in the park and shut down NIP since the start of cs:go
2013-12-16 02:26
16 replies
haha, im sure
2013-12-16 03:29
5 replies
It wouldn't of been a walk in the park, but it would of been neck and neck for sure.
2013-12-16 05:31
4 replies
sure. and if mouz would still have the lineup from 2003 with Johnny R or the one with roman and cyx they would dominate everyone in GO since the beginning. also it's absolutely save to say that the eoLithic team would be neck on neck with NiP in GO and legendary would beat every team in GO except Navi. and don't forget about zet, element and spawn who would beat every team with ease in a 3on5. makes totally sense to write stuff like that. because it's not like it's a different time and a different game.
2013-12-16 05:44
3 replies
2003 is a bit different from 2011. Not to mention all the players VG had on their roster in 2011 still played to some degree when GO came out.
2013-12-16 06:06
sure. and if DRAGON BALL Z playing CSGO with same lineup from year 2103 with Gouko or Gouhan they would dominate everyone in GO since the beginning.
2013-12-16 06:14
sure. and if CKRAS would play as they played in 2009 they would sit on every other CSGO team
2013-12-16 12:07
No offense but they wouldn´t. Sweden has always been the foundation of competative CS and would have found a way to beat that VG lineup aswell. After all Sweden is the greatest CS and e-sport nation of all time (yes even greater than South Korea considering we have top players/teams in every game).
2013-12-16 08:17
5 replies
Korean pro gamers are at another level than swedish, same goes for chinese, the skill and game mecanics from moba/rts is very different from what is required in fps and I can tell for sure that it's harder for the first category. I won't consider Sweden to be the greatest e-sport nation, Asian are a step ahead. Even America considering the organisation and the dedication (despite not being as good as the european). About cs, yes Sweden is the greatest country for 1.6 and cs:go but was quite absent on CSS for a while, DK and French were leading the way. Now about the "top players" in other games, same goes with France, Germany and some others. The only thing that differs from France and other EU countries is that the country and the community is getting along with e-sport and is more mature about it (NiP TVshow, Dreamhack influence, etc...) Sweden must be the more important e-sport nation >IN< Europe
2013-12-16 10:48
4 replies
It's silly of you to discard what Swede's have done in various titles.. Sure, S-Koreans are better at SC2 and LoL, but worse or equal at other titles - the chinese aren't even the best in DotA anymore (both Alliance and Na'Vi grab more major tournaments than any team from China) - not sure how they're a step ahead in any way, shape or form.
2013-12-16 11:08
3 replies
I'm not discarding anything, I just believe that S-Koreans who are not very involved in fps/dota? are better in e-sport than any other countries/players. For the chinese it's only about time to see them rising in several tittles and become a "leading" country. I admit Sweden is unique and very performant when it comes to e-sport but I really believe Koreans are ahead and have something that the northern ppl doesn't have yet :D. Alliance is an exception though, I'm not so familiar with the dota scene. Be sure that with a consequent investisment koreans would also lead or be a major nation in dota 2, not so sure about fps but It might be possible.
2013-12-16 11:36
2 replies
You can't really say they're better in the grand total of things if they only excel at two games though, and they only one they're really dominant in is SC2. South Korea are getting more into DotA 2 (evident by the NEXON League etc.), but they're years behind everyone else - at this point it's enough to bring in a single non-Korean player (DeMoN in this case) to make you the best team in Korea. As for the Chinese, it's not like they haven't had plenty of time to acclimate themselves to DotA 2, and if "recent trends" has shown us anything, it's that they're losing whatever advantage they've had against all other regions. Just look at what happened to Team DK, whose lineup is somewhat similar to what Astana is in CS:GO, got beaten by a NA team with a stand-in at MLG a few weeks ago - that would never happened 2-3 years ago.
2013-12-16 12:25
Not the mention that Sweden was a nation to be reconed with in all the old big gaming-titles, for example Quake,Cod 2/4, Trackmania etc. Korea simply just have RTS and even in that genre we are a very dominant force (just check Blizzcon with 1 swede and rest koreans).
2013-12-16 22:28
Lol not. And if NiP didn't have fifflaren it would have been even easier for them
2013-12-16 10:27
2013-12-16 13:27
2013-12-16 15:49
i wouldn't agree with "a walk in the park", wtf is wrong with ppl in this forum making fucking statement like they fucking know it all ?? I DO agree that, if VG started with X6, Nbk, Smith, RPK, Shox, it'd have been much closer, and Nip probably couldn't make that 87-0 streak.
2013-12-16 17:20
They will play for EG/Alliance in 2014.
2013-12-16 01:26
11 replies
France cedd
yep that's what i'm thinking too
2013-12-16 01:31
Doubt of Alliance, but EG - yeah, most probably
2013-12-16 01:58
9 replies
alliance = eg ;)
2013-12-16 02:28
8 replies
no it isnt, its two different organisations
2013-12-16 02:42
7 replies
Owned by the same people though.
2013-12-16 03:00
not really, alliance is like the eu branch of EG.
2013-12-16 03:00
5 replies
Only thing that links both teams is the same owner, all the organisations structures, staff etc are different. Let's explain this using an example: Roman Abramovich was at some point owner of both Chelsea FC and CSKA Moscow. Does it mean that those 2 clubs were the very same thing?
2013-12-16 06:34
4 replies
Same owner, same sponsors, for me, same thing but different name. Media agency like EG/Alliance doesn't have huge structure like football clubs. It's Alex Garfield decision who will play for the team. So EG=Alliance.
2013-12-16 08:53
3 replies
Actually, not, both teams have different managment staff and they decide on how the organisation is working, the very owner makes pretty much none decisions in terms of players etc.
2013-12-16 13:09
1 reply
You are right about different managment staff, but I still think Garfield have to approve more important decision.
2013-12-16 13:36
they are the same, as garfield decides all the things in both [A] and EG, as he invited sponsors into [A] and invested some money in it
2013-12-16 15:53
mTw or Millenium
2013-12-16 01:27
Evil Geniuses 99% sure of that
2013-12-16 01:53
anyone know status of KQLY? He ok?
2013-12-16 02:32
1 reply
surgery for appendicitis (not sure of this word) they told on vakarm stream
2013-12-16 03:14
probably EG, but we will see ;d
2013-12-16 02:36
Portugal kel's
goodbay VeryGames
2013-12-16 03:14
2013-12-16 04:14
Denmark jjh
2013-12-16 05:22
2013-12-16 05:29
Verygames organisation can't even handle the situation when the game become slightly less of a niche title than sauce was. Says a lot.
2013-12-16 05:46
15 replies
The thing is verygames is a serverhost and earned alot of money hosting CSS servers. It was a very big brand. Also all the big tournaments in source was in the EU -> Copenhagen games/ESWC/DSRack which meant EU teams never spent alot of money on travelling outside EU. In GO valve has their own servers, and I don't think VG's income is close to what it was in CSS. GO doesnt have many publicservers/private servers since alot is mostly through matchmaking. Now its also required by many teams to travel outside EU(China/USA) since the scenes merged and got bigger.
2013-12-16 07:19
3 replies
"bigger" relative to what CSS was, not CS 1.6. tournaments outside of Europe were a common thing in CS 1.6, since ever.
2013-12-16 07:38
2 replies
Ye but they weren't in CSS
2013-12-16 07:50
the point is that VG hosted servers in 1.6 and CSS, in csgo it isnt profitable to host a server as casual players can stack up in matchmaking
2013-12-16 15:54
Says a lot about how they did a great job for so long. Big orgs with resources can't contain teams and be stable. VG has been stable for ~5 years.
2013-12-16 14:00
And yet a team from css was more professional than any 1.6 org can ever imagine. A team from that small game overshine every single one of those big 1.6 team names in csgo. A team which even most of 1.6 teams are lookig u to in hope to become atleast half professional as VG. Enough said. VG were just most respectable authority. They never cried about anything. Not like we see those big 1.6 names in csgo cry about everything. Never had any scandals like those 1.6 "pro" teams such as navi. They never acted like a twats. Hell even former VG players such as Apex which were kicked from VG have respect for them and admit that it was their fault. U wont find anything like that in 1.6 teams.
2013-12-16 14:28
9 replies What is that even supposed to mean? "And yet a team from css was more professional than any 1.6 org can ever imagine." Fanboy level: OVER 9000! "A team from that small game overshine every single one of those big 1.6 team names in csgo." Except for the fact that they got their asses spanked by 3 1.6 players (playing under a classic 1.6 team name) for more than a year. "A team which even most of 1.6 teams are lookig u to in hope to become atleast half professional as VG." Who told you that? The voices in your head? "They never cried about anything." mimimi new mirage sucks mimimi. "VG were just most respectable authority." Yeah, and then one of them stole a laptop. Ahaha. Oh shit, a former player of them still respects them? What a story! Absolute rarity. Thorin should write a 100 page long article about it.
2013-12-16 14:38
6 replies
Tank you proving how big retard you are. Keep em coming man Im pretty sure you will keep us entertained with more post. Stolen laptop ? U dont even know what hapened to mk do you ? Ur so stupid its starting to be funny .) He got kicked and canceled his flight to home imadiately. Its not like Nixon stole laptpop too and half of people were trying to defend him :D About mirage ? they do play it dont they ? Its not like Navi or AD refusing to play season and crying about it :D Keep em coming german please .) One more german heltzer logic one member of VG which was there for a short time = VG org Nice one mate :D:D:DD
2013-12-16 14:44
5 replies
I'm not going to fend off any of your moronic statemets, I'm just curious, why are you on this site (90% of users are 1.6 players), if you have so much hatred towards 1.6 players?
2013-12-20 09:28
4 replies
He's searching for attention. Socially isolated kid.
2013-12-20 09:31
1 reply
Yeah, he is probably our new TylerDurden or maybe even the retired legend of cs tr0mhat... But these guys quite funny, while this one is just stupid, nothing else :(
2013-12-20 09:37
The fuck does it have to do with 1.6 morons ? Im here cos of go. Not cos of 1.6 players. Same as them. They are here cos of csgo. Surely not cos of 1.6 .)
2013-12-20 09:41
1 reply
"The fuck does it have to do with 1.6 morons ?" Since 90% userbase of this site are 1.6ers, you'll always have to deal with us, whenever you leave a comment here. I can't say that I'm here because of CS:GO (I don't like to play it), I only follow the scene, but the main reason why I'm on this site is the community. I'm used to for 4 years, and I can tell you that I'm here mostly because of 1.6. You know, it's like moving to Africa, when you are a racist towards black skinned people.
2013-12-20 10:02
shutup source fagboy. your opinion sucks
2013-12-16 20:47
And yet VG was a "" And most prof. organisations in 1.6 were multigaming. I hope you do realize that the big names like fnatic,mouz,navi,SK,mym,EG,coL,m5/virtus,pro and many others, carried a lot more than a one single team thru the decade. Enought said.
2013-12-20 10:37
Goodbye my team since CSS ERA. Hope to see you playing and stream on a gaming house next year ;)
2013-12-16 06:16
I'm crying like a bitch :"(
2013-12-16 07:11
Goodbye VeryGames ;( We will miss you Hope you will return ever again ;(
2013-12-16 07:43
2013-12-16 08:09
i would like mTw pick these guys, it will be so cool to see mTw once again
2013-12-16 08:48
Good luck to Verygames.
2013-12-16 09:01
Goodbye VG we love you <3
2013-12-16 10:03
2013-12-16 10:05
1 reply
2013-12-18 15:07
good bye VG <3
2013-12-16 10:14
Finally some easy money for NiP.
2013-12-16 10:22
2 replies
always were easy money for NiP
2013-12-16 19:54
1 reply
oh please fanboy SHUT THE FUCK UP.
2013-12-16 20:38
Team Razer.
2013-12-16 10:25
Good bye VG. Hope to see you back in the future! Pick up these line up!
2013-12-16 10:32
Thank you for evrything. We will never forget. VeryGames <3
2013-12-16 10:49 ScreaM
2013-12-16 11:04
Cya VG
2013-12-16 11:26
2013-12-16 11:30
2013-12-16 11:57
2013-12-16 12:07
2013-12-16 13:06
teams who defeat nip, ll disband! :D
2013-12-16 14:05
Good luck Verygames. I hope you get an good stable organization that can support you so we can see you fighting against NiP again. It's all about financing today so they can make it possible to have it as a full time job and only focusing on the game.
2013-12-16 14:07
Finland FRGVN
hmm wondering if Thorin tries to pick em up for Team Acer?
2013-12-16 15:20
2013-12-16 16:10
SK ? EG ? aAa ? Roccat ? mTw ? ? 3DMAX ? Razer ? Hltv ? (soon...)
2013-12-16 18:28
gg VG!!! maybe next VP? :)
2013-12-16 19:10
fuck VG NiP 4 eva <3
2013-12-16 19:51
Good luck guys!
2013-12-16 19:53
I dont understand a team like VG had financial issues. They played in top3 since the begining of CS:GO which gained them enough popularity. If a team like VG is breaking up bcz of fncl issues, why the other teams are still playing? Is it inability of their organizators or just their greedy?
2013-12-16 22:55
2 replies
2013-12-17 00:39
find a org with only a counter strike team and 1 main sponsor , don't says NiP because thay win everithing in 2012 so they amount of money is very large .
2013-12-17 08:09
2013-12-17 08:21
Next Stop: 3DMAX.
2013-12-17 12:46
2013-12-17 18:39
<3VG!! Let's go to top1 again
2013-12-17 18:52 Maybe the reason of the construction of this website ?
2013-12-17 18:53
5 replies
It has been under construction for 6 months now or so, yes they knew 6 months ago that VG would be bankrupt and they could picknup the squad!
2013-12-20 08:19
4 replies
Obviously they didn't know about VG going bankrupt, but if some decent squad is free for now, why not to pick it up?
2013-12-20 09:30
3 replies
I don't know but I highly doubt it that the site is really under construction
2013-12-20 09:33
2 replies
I doubt it too :( I just want a good orga to be back
2013-12-20 09:38
1 reply
I think the same, but false hope is worse than no hope D:
2013-12-20 09:41
Plenty of org could pick them up, I think we will either see EG or Alliance.
2013-12-17 18:56
Get some french guys SK!
2013-12-18 02:21
2013-12-20 08:12
2013-12-20 08:47
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