Denmark wins European Ch'ship

December 17th, 2013 22:47

Denmark has triumphed in the European Championship 2013 by defeating France in the grand final on LAN with a 3-1 score (12-16 on de_inferno, 16-11 on de_train, 16-4 on de_dust2, 16-5 on de_nuke) to win $2,000 and another ~$2,500 worth of hardware prizes.

The final of Electronic Sports European Championship took place today in Belgrade, Serbia where France and Denmark were brought to play their best-of-five match on LAN. Hotel Crystal hosted the national teams, and the show began with the national anthems of both squads being played for the attendees and the audience.

Team France singing their national anthem

National anthems were played before the match

Match started on de_inferno after the veto process, with Denmark winning the knife round and thus the chance to start on the CT side. Despite dropping the pistol round, the Danes quickly replied, as they almost won the following eco had it not been for Fabien "KIOSHIMA" Fiey's 1-on-3.

It was a sign of things to come, as the next eco went a similar way, only this time Kenny "kennyS" Schrub was unable to clutch in the B bombsite.

Some great play by Nicolai "device" Reedtz and Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth followed, and Denmark quickly took control and went up 7-2. The half ended 11-4, as the French were never able to get into the game, seeing their economy reset after winning both of those buy rounds.

Xyp9x was a key player for Denmark in the first couple of maps 

However, they found their way back in by winning the second pistol round after two key kills by Fiey in the B bombsite, and the result was soon 11-6. France stormed over their opponents in the next few rounds, winning flawlessly and accumulating money, and soon making it 11-11.

Despite getting their lead back at 12-11, Denmark was unable to find a way into the bombsites as the Frenchmen, led by the frags of Schrub, denied everything to win the map 16-12.

As the rules said, each following map would be loser's pick, so Denmark decided de_train was the best choice for them to equalize the score.

And it turned out they were right, as they once again won the knife round and took an early lead of 3-0 on the CT side. With some help from Schrub's AWP, France made it 3-2, but they were unable to do much more by the end of the half, ending up with two more round for another 11-4 deficit.

This time though the pistol round didn't go their way and the Danes seemed to be on the verge of victory. Yet out of nowhere, France managed to win the following eco round and the match was back on.

KIOSHIMA was in good form for France 

A 4-kill by Fiey and later a 3-kill round by Dan "apEX" Madesclaire brought the French to just an 11-13 deficit. But, Denmark's star of the map, Højsleth, made 3 great AK-47 headshots in the outside bombsite in a 3-on-4 situation to turn the momentum back to his team's favor. It took them only two more rounds to close the map, with another 3K by Højsleth in the last one for 16-11.

France's pick for map three was de_dust2, and they started on the favored T side. It was Denmark though that took the lead, getting to an impressive 8-1 score thanks to solid play by the über Geekz trio of Højsleth, Reedtz and Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen.

The last six rounds of the half were exchanged, and for the third time in a row the sides changed at 11-4 for Denmark. However, this time there was no room for a comeback and Denmark closed off their opponents' map pick convincingly, 16-4.

A longer break ensued before map four, which was to be de_nuke, as two French players had problems with their mice. Fiey's 1-on-3 knife round allowed his team to start on the CT side, but Denmark continued in their form from dust2, and they won another pistol leading to a 3-0 lead for them.

It was all about Denmark from that point on, as they won the half convincingly on the T side 10-5, and brought the map and the match to a close with a 16-5 score.

Danish players with their check and trophy

 Denmark K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Denmark Andreas 'Xyp9x' HøjslethXyp9x 93 - 53 +40 - 1.49
Denmark Nicolai 'device' Reedtzdevice 87 - 56 +31 - 1.43
Denmark Jacob 'Pimp' WinnechePimp 89 - 63 +26 - 1.20
Denmark Peter 'dupreeh' Rasmussendupreeh 64 - 59 +5 - 1.02
Denmark Frederik 'LOMME' NielsenLOMME 52 - 58 -6 - 0.85
 France K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
France Kenny 'kennyS' SchrubkennyS 67 - 65 +2 - 1.00
France Fabien 'kioShiMa' FieykioShiMa 64 - 72 -8 - 0.97
France Dan 'apEX' MadesclaireapEX 65 - 75 -10 - 0.96
France Jeremy 'ioRek' VuillermetioRek 47 - 75 -28 - 0.68
France Kevin 'Uzzziii' VernelUzzziii 34 - 77 -43 - 0.49

Final standings of European Championship 2013

1. Denmark Denmark - $2,000 + hardware
2. France France - $1,000 + hardware
3-4. Sweden Sweden
3-4. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
5-8. Russia Russia
5-8. Netherlands Netherlands
5-8. Belgium Belgium
5-8. Serbia Serbia
9-16. Germany Germany
9-16. Hungary Hungary
9-16. Finland Finland
9-16. Turkey Turkey
9-16. United Kingdom United Kingdom
9-16. Poland Poland
9-16. Italy Italy
9-16. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina 

Denmark earned a cheque for $2,000 and hardware prizes from CM Storm, while France will receive one half of that amount.

You can check out some photos from the LAN final in Belgrade, Serbia in our gallery here.

Other (._.) 
amazing play Dinamarca! ^(._.)^
2013-12-17 22:48
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Vs France 2nd roster ;)
2013-12-18 10:16
Serbia dekizh =DD 
great job!
2013-12-17 22:48
gz denmark
2013-12-17 22:49
gg wp all who participated!
2013-12-17 22:50
Brazil LIPE1 
Xyp is a monster wp denmark
2013-12-17 22:51
device and xyp9x 2g.
2013-12-17 22:51
uzzzzi nice -43
2013-12-17 22:51
He suck
2013-12-18 04:15
Denmark hukoo 
I loved the song Anders played after Denmark won :D As a guy from Randers (the song is about the beer thor from Randers) i love this song :D wp devve og resten
2013-12-17 22:52
I know IF's not english but SKÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅL
2013-12-17 22:53
2013-12-17 22:54
cheers mate
2013-12-17 23:26
Europe midi 
wp france
2013-12-17 22:54
A monstrous performance from Xyp9x. Well played Denmark :)
2013-12-17 22:54
Denmark 3k2 
2013-12-17 22:55
Uzzzi nb shox nbk kenny happy smithz france win
2013-12-17 22:55
da best
2013-12-17 22:56
Good french LU but not enough huge skills for the Denmark dreamteam.
2013-12-17 22:56
2013-12-17 23:36
I agree that the danish lineup was way better than the french one, but dreamteam? i think you would have to change three players to make the best team. gla1ve, cajunb, dupreeh, device, nico. would like to see those 5 against the best french team :) - would be a exciting game.
2013-12-17 23:40
xypex>>>>>>>>glaive and nico together
2013-12-17 23:59
gla1ve is a caller and get lots of kills, nico is awp, so you can't really compare :)
2013-12-18 07:39
and xyp9x has been lately the best danish player so why wouldnt u put him in denmarks dreamteam?
2013-12-18 12:55
Cause Denmarks dreamteam would be glaive, nico, device, wantz and me ofc?
2013-12-18 14:40
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
2013-12-17 22:56
gz danmark!
2013-12-17 22:58
lol uzi...
2013-12-17 22:58
amazing play comming out of xyp9x and dupreeh
2013-12-17 22:59
+40 kills for Xyp and +31 for devve = Monsters!!
2013-12-17 23:08
awesome event and congrats to winners
2013-12-17 23:10
Germany gg-wp 
Denmmark the Baus, congrats for your national skillz. :)
2013-12-17 23:11
Uzzi no muzi
2013-12-17 23:18
Spain akproxx 
Dinamarca :D!
2013-12-17 23:26
xyp legend
2013-12-17 23:27
device and dupreeh, monsters.. based on last map since it was the only one i saw :)
2013-12-17 23:31
Denmark e1z 
Amazingly played boys! On the other hand, I really didnt expect Kazakhstan to go that far in the tournament :D
2013-12-17 23:33 Look at the brackets Kazakhstan had to go through before having to meet France, and then compare it to the brackets Denmark had to go through to meet France. Honestly, Denmark more than deserved this victory considering the route they went on.
2013-12-18 01:47
2013-12-17 23:35
Well only of Europe, but eh still counts.
2013-12-18 00:16
champions of eu also means world, atleast cs wise
2013-12-18 01:40
uzzi -43 :o, once again what the fuck did he do in this team, should've been shox or nbk tbh
2013-12-17 23:42
cl_brain 1
2013-12-18 00:06
he is right lol
2013-12-18 09:02
Yeh he's %100 right. It not like it's been explained a million times that the lineups are the way they are because those players could attend the event. zz
2013-12-18 21:41
so much interest in this match.
2013-12-17 23:43
Pieter | 
Netherlands Grifte 
gj Denmark
2013-12-17 23:54
Too weak line up for France, expected atleast 5th map.
2013-12-18 00:00
At least ?
2013-12-18 06:53
apex didnt carry?oh wait its lan
2013-12-18 00:14
Germany ayyy 
if you are serious go kill yourself if not bad joke
2013-12-18 00:20
apex was pritty good, french weaker ppoint where iorek and uzzi.
2013-12-18 00:21
lol idiot
2013-12-18 01:59
ruuit | 
Serbia Wule123 
where is Portugal on that list ^^
2013-12-18 03:07
I wish I could win a Ch' ship. The pirate in me really would like that.
2013-12-18 00:21
Gratz DK.
2013-12-18 00:27
Uzzii onliner
2013-12-18 00:41
uzzii's not even top 20 in france
2013-12-18 03:08
lol good tournament overall but wouldn't call it fair france clearly didn't have their strongest lineup i mean look at uzii and iorek.
2013-12-18 00:56
Congrats to DENMARK but not a satisfying win FOR ME because 3 VG player is not playing along side with KennyS and apEx(all-star line) just like how they defeated Sweden all star line up. But a win is still a win and WP! ;)
2013-12-18 00:57
Real final was Denmark vs Sweden.
2013-12-18 01:33
The first two maps were good But i guess the french didn't benefit from the long brake
2013-12-18 02:00
Gg Denmark, insane Xyp9x ! French LU too weak ...
2013-12-18 02:03
Jesus, 10-5 as Ts on Nuke? I was expecting a 3-2 or maybe even 3-1 French victory; really well played by the Danes.
2013-12-18 02:09
Uzzzi and iorek lol bad
2013-12-18 02:46
2013-12-18 02:58
Who uzzzi and iorek
2013-12-18 03:00
CG Denmark! :) gj
2013-12-18 05:32
India c0rvus 
This France team was weak tbh. And Xyp9X turning out to be a Very Good player in GO. Maybe the best Danish player?
2013-12-18 05:41
Who is the cute chubby Danish boy ? Please tell me
2013-12-18 06:34
2013-12-18 06:55
Lithuania beer 
Andreas 'Xyp9x' Højsleth93-53+40 awsome:D
2013-12-18 07:16
with shox easy win
2013-12-18 08:59
lomme and uzii always lows
2013-12-18 09:15
UZI pro player ? are you kidding me ? :D :D 4 maps and ONLY 34 KILLS what ? bot jerry was better yesterday
2013-12-18 10:40
2013-12-18 11:19
WP, Pimp tried his best! Well deserved! good job guys!
2013-12-18 14:42
I remember when everyone flammed Xyp for being the weak line in Wikipediots and ArcadioN told everyone already he's a big talent.. guess Arc was right and Im happy. n1 play xyp9x, obv. MVP
2013-12-18 15:21
rofl, no nbk no shoxie? not the real french dreamteam.
2013-12-18 16:18
you think nbk and shoxie can change anything lol
2013-12-18 19:00
actually yes, a lot
2013-12-18 21:53
Yes, they actually can lol
2013-12-19 09:23
Denmark > rest of the world (noobbz)
2013-12-18 19:00
Germany kim~ 
2013-12-18 19:34
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