ESEA finals team list completed

ESEA has announced more details about the upcoming global finals, including the complete participants' list.

The tournament will take place in Dallas from January 17th to 21st, with eight teams in contention for the top prize of $20,000, four from Europe and four from North America.

After the European league came to an end on Sunday, the North American division has now been played out, with a lot of confusion as to which team had finished fourth in the table following a three-way tie between Homeless, United5 and RELiABLE GAMiNG.

Qualification came down to head-to-head, with Homeless going through as they boasted a 3-1 record against the other two sides.

The complete participants' list and the continental seeds look as follows:

1. France VeryGames 1. United States compLexity
2. Denmark uber G33KZ 2. United States iBUYPOWER
3. Poland UniversalSoldiers 3. United States MouseSpaz
4. Sweden LGB eSports 4. United States Homeless

The final seeds will be determined by the All-Star Game that will be played on Friday night between players from both regions. The community will have the chance to vote for the players who will make up both teams.

2013-12-17 19:10
4 replies
2013-12-17 19:57
2 replies
Hate ur smiles, btch
2013-12-18 04:08
1 reply
brb, going to jump from the balcony now (;___;)
2013-12-18 04:14
no nip=not a real tournament
2013-12-18 21:46
Hope for US they need some succes!
2013-12-17 19:10
FREAKAZOID gets to show his muscles again ? this time vs pasha :D:D
2013-12-17 19:10
11 replies
Not sure what the lineup for Homeless will be. frozt, monte will attend for sure, probably steel as well, then it comes down to mosbeck, ezpk and freakazoid - one of them can't go.
2013-12-17 19:15
10 replies
I think mosbeck is yet to prove himself on lan so ezpk or freakazoid
2013-12-17 19:18
1 reply
It's kind of a running joke in invite that certain teams pick up "onliners" (not implying cheaters) to make it to the playoffs. Then they either cut that player or decide not to go with them.
2013-12-17 20:37
m0E was in that team wasn't he? It was consisting of the same players who played CSS together if I'm not mistaken?
2013-12-17 19:20
7 replies
moe left that team already
2013-12-17 19:21
4 replies
I knew it. Trying to confirm whether he played with them or not
2013-12-17 19:23
3 replies
he was with them and they were supposed to go to eswc but with no money they didn't so I think moe left after that
2013-12-17 19:24
2 replies
Thanks for info mate.
2013-12-17 19:28
1 reply
Moe got absolutely blasted when he asked for $ to go to ESWC with them (then named Frost Gaming).
2013-12-17 20:11
moe is on Reliable gaming who ended the season pretty well with more rounds than homeless and United 5. He thought he was going to LAN until this news was released as they used head to head to head rules for the 3 way tie in which homeless won. He's a bit upset as you could imagine.
2013-12-17 22:13
1 reply
Thank you GoodRiot for your answer. I think m0E is prolly more than "a bit" upset considering his reactions on stream lol
2013-12-17 22:17
I dont think any european team will attend
2013-12-17 19:11
xDxDxDxD Deller will win
2013-12-17 19:12
Nice to see mspaz to be back in the playoff picture. gj boys.
2013-12-17 19:18
Europe midi
1. Free slot | 1. compLexity 2. Free slot | 2. iBUYPOWER 3. Free slot | 3. MouseSpaz 4. Free slot | 4. Homeless
2013-12-17 19:20
6 replies
2013-12-17 19:24
5 replies
Europe midi
2013-12-17 19:33
4 replies
There is no doubt, that one of these free slots will win this.
2013-12-17 19:44
3 replies
u drunk boy?
2013-12-17 19:49
1 reply
Im not. Why did you ask?:D
2013-12-17 20:02
Europe midi
Yeah, tight final between Free slot #2 and compLexity expected.
2013-12-17 20:05
I actually like that NiP is not in this. Makes for a somewhat leveled playing field. I also don't think US can afford the trip..
2013-12-17 19:37
4 replies
HenryG | 
France swqz
maybe if they win starladder
2013-12-17 19:38
US will win if they attend, they play so sick offline.
2013-12-17 19:50
2 replies
The worst I see US doing is 3rd
2013-12-17 20:01
Indeed. They showed it on DHW loosing already won game vs Recursive :[. It was painful to watch :((
2013-12-17 22:19
lol for what homeless goes inner ? should be so fun to watch them
2013-12-17 19:45
EU >>>>> US , so sad !!!!!
2013-12-17 19:49
CoL going in dry on EU. Will be easy win for CoL without NiP in there.
2013-12-17 20:14
Always nice hosting the euros :]
2013-12-17 20:14
I have this issue where when I first start my CS:GO I play with around 100-120 FPS but then after about 15 minutes my FPS is down on 40-60.. does anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?
2013-12-17 20:16
3 replies
Probably heat-related problems. Download SpeedFan and check your temperatures, check if theres a difference between when you start the game and when youve played 15 min.
2013-12-17 20:20
1 reply
alright thanks man
2013-12-18 13:45
check your GPU temps
2013-12-17 20:22
wht happen to NiP... they win the last esea invite why they arent in those groups ?
2013-12-17 20:18
4 replies
They voluntarily withdrew.
2013-12-17 20:34
3 replies
2 low tournament
2013-12-17 20:38
2 replies
Doubtful. 1st place is $20,000 and the airfares are pretty low that time of the year.
2013-12-17 20:52
1 reply
ohh ic thx u =]
2013-12-17 21:40
wtf, i thought reliable came 4th and homeless got 5th? Thats what moe and frost talked about..
2013-12-17 20:20
1 reply
So although reliable finished 4th with the highest rounds for here: ESEA decided to pick the 4th spot first by looking at the teams record. It comes out to this: reliable vs u5 0-2 reliable vs homeless 1-1 -------------------------------- homeless vs u5 2-0 homeless vs reliable 1-1 -------------------------------- u5 vs reliable 2-0 u5 vs homeless 1-1 And from there I assume it was then decided on Rounds For between Homeless and u5, giving Homeless the slightest of advantages to go to ESEA lan.
2013-12-17 20:32
France mr_y0n
-vg :/
2013-12-17 20:23
My prediction for top4 would be: 1.VG 2.LGB 3/4.coL 3/4.US
2013-12-17 20:26
3 replies
Still not giving coL a chance after beating LGB and VG? :]
2013-12-17 20:35
1 reply
Possible but I don't think so.
2013-12-17 20:41
LGB > VG :3
2013-12-17 20:45
0 American teams in second round lel
2013-12-17 20:38
The thing I'm most excited for is the "home crowd" factor for coL. Not taking a single thing away from fnatic at DHW, they played their asses off. But if you were watching their match vs coL, fnatic had a pretty big crowd behind them motivating them every time they won a round. coL only had a few. I would really like to see the crowd get on coL's side for the big matches :]
2013-12-17 20:42
5 replies
Same but ESEA LAN also looks like a basement tourny in comparison to Dreamhack, way more people at that event.
2013-12-17 22:17
Do you even can attend this event in person? It's hosted in some hotel in DFW area.
2013-12-17 22:21
3 replies
You can attend. Quite a few NA streamers and fans show up. Goodriot is right though. ESEA lan is pretty bare bones. It cost a lot to rent out fancy venue. Maybe if they introduced a pay and BYOC area, they could afford a better event. Its Torbulls show though, if barebones is how he wants it than thats the way it is.
2013-12-17 22:41
2 replies
I don't care that it's barebone. I might be on business trip in DFW during this time period. If this happens, I'm so gonna attend this event :)
2013-12-17 22:46
1 reply
Nice. Hopefully I can fly down as well :]
2013-12-17 22:47
This is would be a great Tournament in order to determine the difference in level of EU and NA players....Now that NA have the home turf advantage...Want that NA vs EU scene back...!!
2013-12-17 20:43
1 reply
A win here for NA would be HUGE. I hate talking about things that haven't happened yet, but if NA can secure this victory, it will give us a great deal of confidence to take back across the pond :]
2013-12-17 20:45
gl lgb!
2013-12-17 20:44
So NBK&CO. didnt go outta VG yet ? They supposed to quit VG this month ...
2013-12-17 20:58
1 reply
I'd hope VG's new orgs first order of business would be sending them to ESEA finals lan. With a 1st place prize of $20,000 and CS GO's newly increased viewership, you'd figure it would be great press.
2013-12-17 21:01
All this American hate. LGB and US over coL? Really? Finals will be coL and VG.
2013-12-17 21:00
20k$.. what a crap but better than nothing..
2013-12-17 21:13
Shox, scream, nico/dev1ce/xyp, neo and dennis vs. N0thing, hiko, skadoodle, monte and ?
2013-12-17 21:29
5 replies
We talking dream teams? n0thing, hiko, swag, AZK, DaZed/anger/Skadoodle is who I would go with :]
2013-12-17 21:33
3 replies
yeah, dreamteam.. But there has to be a player from each team from the respective countries if im not mistaken
2013-12-17 21:36
2 replies
So, you're talking ESEA opening All-Star game, not HLTV DreamTeam.
2013-12-17 22:22
1 reply
y. thought that was obvious
2013-12-18 00:40
It will be Dennis or Olofm from LGB for sure , then probably SHox maybe scream or NBK and probalby Dupreeh or device from UG then Neo,Pasha or Taz from US
2013-12-17 21:49
Sooo when will we know wich euro teams isnt going to lan!!!! Hope well find out soon!
2013-12-17 21:41
we are in !!!
2013-12-17 22:01
2 replies
Good to know. gl hf during the event. Is it possible to come to the venue and watch it in person?
2013-12-17 22:23
does it still holds? Is AGAiN planning to attend?
2013-12-18 19:37
Final for first place: VeryGames vs. UniversalSoldiers.
2013-12-17 22:27
5 replies
Lay off the drugs.
2013-12-17 22:36
Universal Soldiers are horrible. All 3 EU teams are better then them as is coL. US Is going to get 5th place and below.
2013-12-17 23:47
3 replies
Horrible are they? Damn I'd hate to think what you are then :(
2013-12-17 23:50
2 replies
I suck compared to them <3 I don't mind, it's just a game for me. But they suck compared to the teams they are facing in the LAN. That is a fact, they have not proven shit since they have formed and continuously show they have no real strategy to their team. When facing Elimination in a tournament, the final 3 rounds they just decided to bum rush B on Dust 2. When facing ELIMINATION, they said fuck everything and just went from spawn directly into B 3 TIMES IN A ROW. They rely on aim way too much and when things go wrong they start doing stupid shit because they don't seem to have any real plans. They aren't finishing top 4, no way in hell.
2013-12-17 23:56
1 reply
So they're not horrible then? :) But yes, there are many teams better than them and they seem to quite inconsistent and definitely need to step up their game.
2013-12-18 00:02
gl LGB <3
2013-12-17 22:47
Greece her-1g
gooooo coL!!
2013-12-17 22:57
I want to watch All-star game already :<
2013-12-17 23:20
LGB will not go to USA like to Kiev uber g33kz like above
2013-12-17 23:23
Finally steel will have a chance at competing at this game
2013-12-17 23:25
Malta WATSKy
didnT verygames ended o.O?
2013-12-18 01:19
Homeless to crash; mSpaz to possibly surprise. I guess if VG find a sponsor between the end of the year and this event, it'll be their first event playing under said sponsor.
2013-12-18 02:03
VG coL
2013-12-18 05:12
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