EMS Katowice qualifiers announced

ESL have announced information on how to qualify for the upcoming $250,000 EMS One CS:GO tournament to be held in Katowice, Poland on March 14-16th.

A total of six teams can qualify for EMS One Katowice from Europe, while an additional two teams will be invited from Asia and America, adding up to sixteen when combined with the top eight finishers from DreamHack.

As announced yesterday, EMS One Katowice will have a Valve funded prize pot of $250,000, and therefore the top eight finishers from the last tournament they supported, DreamHack Winter, qualify directly.

CS:GO will be played on a huge stage at EMS One Katowice 

On a national level the Nordics, France, Germany and United Kingdom will have one spot each, while both CIS and Poland will have two spots. Additionally, everyone is open to compete in a European qualifier with eight more spots.

The sixteen teams will then play in the online finals, where six teams will qualify for the $250,000 EMS One Katowice tournament. Below are dates for the main rounds of the qualifiers:

10th Jan - 9th Feb France French qualifier 1 slot to online finals
10th Jan - 16th Feb Europe CIS qualifier 2 slots to online finals
10th Jan - 16th Feb Poland Polish qualifier 2 slots to online finals
10th Jan - 9th Feb Europe Nordic qualifier 1 slot to online finals
17th Jan - 16th Feb United Kingdom UK qualifier 1 slot to online finals
17th Jan - 16th Feb Germany German qualifier 1 slot to online finals
18-20th Feb Europe European cup #1 4 slots to online finals
22-23rd Feb Europe European cup #2 4 slots to online finals
25-27th Feb Europe Online finals 6 slots to EMS One Katowice

You can find all the exact dates for the national qualifiers on EMS One Katowice's website. EMS One Katowice will take place at Spodek arena on March 14-16th together with Intel Extreme Masters World Championship.

lamp | 
Russia lamp`
2013-12-20 18:53
2013-12-20 18:55
I guess Brazil will never play any International event.
2013-12-20 18:55
15 replies
Y, never.
2013-12-20 19:07
yes :(
2013-12-20 19:18
Russia jjh
pretend u r germans for example and play the qual
2013-12-20 19:26
12 replies
you mean like coming into the place and screaming "NEINNN" at random moment?
2013-12-20 22:12
4 replies
And eat schnitzels, don't forget the schnitzels.
2013-12-20 22:47
Russia jjh
2013-12-21 05:16
lol can imagine that hitler clip now where he keeps going "nein nein nein nein!!"
2013-12-21 08:03
Venezuela cubek
2013-12-30 19:49
What you mean ? I'm just saying that since CS:GO was released Brazil never had a quaify
2013-12-20 23:27
5 replies
Isn't that because most CS players still play 1.6 in Brazil? And teams don't have the ability to travel to Europe because of sponsors and stuff.
2013-12-21 03:54
3 replies
Not really... They're playing Cross Fire and others sh*t games. But has some CS:Go teams. TD Team just won an event in ARG.
2013-12-21 05:13
2 replies
Crossfire is awful :( How are TD? Are they dominating everyone or is there competition for them in Brazil?
2013-12-21 09:03
1 reply
Nope. There is no CS:GO event here.
2013-12-21 12:41
Russia jjh
i was joking man
2013-12-21 05:16
huehuehue. Oh wait we dont do that :D
2014-01-03 13:21
Freya | 
France Sheld
easy for navi, US and mystic
2013-12-20 18:58
2 slots for CIS qualifier and only 1 for Nordic? #logic
2013-12-20 18:57
39 replies
Agreed with you but... fnatic,NiP,LGB eSports ,über G33KKz already there...but the are still few teams who deserved a spot in qualification : SK,n!faculty,[R]eason.
2013-12-20 19:00
since fnatic, NiP, LGB eSports, über G33KZ are already in, what's your fck problem with that?
2013-12-20 19:01
26 replies
Why the fck are you being a dick? I have my opinion, and I think nordic teams deserve as many slots as CIS even though they have more qualified teams.
2013-12-20 19:10
25 replies
2013-12-20 20:10
24 replies
2013-12-20 20:57
Holy shit, does your dad rape you or something? You should go see someone.
2013-12-20 21:05
20 replies
Why everyone wants to be funny while replying? You can't do that so stop trying. Be yourself. Act naturally. Don't try to mimic other people. Find your insinde power and stand against this 'swag' society.
2013-12-20 21:23
19 replies
Do you really find rape funny? You're really weird.
2013-12-20 21:25
18 replies
It'a a good time to learn something about people. I know you're trying to come up with something coz you were crushed and you want to somehow defend yourself, but I have a question and expect an honest answer. Do you really find your texts funny?
2013-12-20 21:38
15 replies
Why would I find my texts funny? I'm not trying to be funny. "I know you're trying to come up with something coz you were crushed and you want to somehow defend yourself" What?
2013-12-20 22:15
14 replies
If texts about rape haven't meant to be funny that means you were serious?
2013-12-20 22:40
13 replies
Do I really have to explain everything to you? Yes, it was a question. Because you seem to have some mental issues.
2013-12-20 22:44
10 replies
So, let's sum it up. You are registred at the site which is widely known for the most trolling, retarted and funny people in the whole Internet. You pick up a name 'Hank Moody' who is also known for being funny and sarcastic. You called yourself that way becouse you are aware of light-hearted atmosphere of this site. Then, in comments section, under a topic reffering to some lan tournament you're asking other person through Internet not knowing that person about that person being raped by that person's dad. Moreover, you are all serious doing that. Am I right?
2013-12-20 23:52
9 replies
Holy shit you're taking this seriously, not even going to read your comment. Have a nice day, hope your dad is nice to you.
2013-12-20 23:56
8 replies
It's sad. You said you're not trying to be funny, so you have to do it unconsciously coz you're still doing it. I assume you have some mental problems then. Another sad thing is that there are more people like you this days who find texts longer than 5 words too long. It's just too hard for them to read. They can't handle so much information. They also consider texts with meaning and which are longer than popular internet's abbreviations to be serious. I'm not serious at all. I'm just sitting here, drinking my tea and improving my english skills by typing this. Also trying to understand what people like you have in your heads while writing 'you were raped by your dad' and then saying they weren't joking.
2013-12-21 00:08
7 replies
tl;dr, stop replying me.
2013-12-21 00:14
6 replies
You should read that. I actually predicted that you will write this.
2013-12-21 00:18
2013-12-21 11:47
4 replies
You're obviously obsessed with me, I get it, I'm cool. But will you stop replying me? Would rather have a discussion with a sane person.
2013-12-21 14:18
3 replies
I won't finish till I destroy you mentally and you will be begging me for mercy.
2013-12-21 14:37
You are not funny.
2014-01-03 13:04
1 reply
And I'm not trying to be.
2014-01-06 11:02
Denmark LasZe
You are really not that easy to trick sir :)
2013-12-20 23:40
1 reply
I'm JW of detectives.
2013-12-20 23:55
I find rape quite funny, my victim though, aren't.
2013-12-20 22:13
1 reply
Try to make them laugh. I heard it works.
2013-12-20 23:59
i yelled it out as i read it was fun
2013-12-21 04:52
2013-12-21 18:33
Considering there are already 4 Nordic teams while there's only one CIS team I don't really think there's a problem here.
2013-12-20 19:05
You already have four qualified NORDIC teams anyway, and other teams (not that many left) can qualify through european qualifiers. You have to remember that these 2 teams from CIS will have to play in European online final, so it doesn't mean that they will go to the main event.
2013-12-20 19:09
9 replies
No need for 2 UK teams, they all suck anyway.
2013-12-20 19:21
3 replies
There is only one slot for UK so wtf? And that one team will still have to play against other European teams, which means that we may not see any teams from UK at all during the main event.
2013-12-20 19:25
2 replies
You mean we will not see some :)
2013-12-20 19:42
1 reply
Well, probably - it is not like I care to be honest. I want this tournament to be twice as good as DreamHack so all the best teams need to be there - that is all I want!
2013-12-20 19:59
Theres only 1 more CIS team to even compete with the other teams, so why give them 2 more slots when AD is already qualified?
2013-12-20 19:26
4 replies
Well, I can't answer that question because I don't know - I didn't make that decision :D But I don't think there is anything we have to worry about - all of the teams from national qualifiers will still have to play in EUROPEAN qualifiers ONLINE FINAL, which means that most likely they will not go through. But yeah, I completely agree with you - apart from NAVI and AD - there are not that many good teams (maybe nostalgie, but they are not good enough for that kind of a tournament).
2013-12-20 19:29
There are two European cups, where everyone in Europe is free to participate, those cups then grant 4 slots each to the online finals. So teams get three chances, if that is not enough then they simply are not good enough.
2013-12-20 20:07
2 replies
Yes I can read, still stupid to give CIS 2 slots when they pretty much only have 1 team except AD.
2013-12-20 21:11
Gumpster back! :D <3
2013-12-20 22:13
SK, nfaculty, Clan Mystik, mouseports, NAvi,US
2013-12-20 18:59
4 replies
1 spot for Nordic. SK or n!faculty , just one.
2013-12-20 19:01
2 replies
There's also the EU qualifiers.
2013-12-20 19:02
1 reply
Oh fuck..I miss those 8 spots :D Ty.
2013-12-20 19:03
Denmark LasZe
Almost :P I think: SK n!faculty Clan Mystik Na'Vi US [R]eason :D
2013-12-20 23:46
disgusting that America will have 2 teams attending when 90% of random EU teams are better and will lose a spot because of it
2013-12-20 19:00
13 replies
I think it's fair given NA key sales will be funding a large chunk of that $250k.
2013-12-20 20:14
11 replies
fairness shouldn't be a factor when 250k is involved. The best teams should have the chance to take it. If complexity were not already in the tournament then I can agree with it, but why give the chance for iBUYPOWER to come and get fucking stomped out in the first round again and give someone an easy group?
2013-12-20 20:21
9 replies
So we shouldn't have 2 NA teams because there could be 14 EU teams? Jeez, the pedantics. There will be 13 EU teams already, hopefully iBP or whoever qualify's/gets invited from NA will learn from their mistakes.
2013-12-20 20:28
3 replies
there will be 11 EU teams, 2 asian teams and 3 teams from NA.
2013-12-20 21:18
2 replies
7 + 6 = 13 1 Asian & 2 NA teams completes the 16 team tournament.
2013-12-20 21:21
1 reply
you are right, I read two teams from both Asia and NA ^^
2013-12-20 21:35
You mad?
2013-12-20 20:30
Why do you think there is 250k involved? I don't think it's fair if NA contributes half of the 250k but only gets 1 team. Hopefully having more NA teams will get more of NA watching, who will in turn buy more keys. In terms of growing the game, it's better to have teams from all around the world, even if some EU teams miss out.
2013-12-20 20:49
2 replies
Agreed. Would Vox Eminor be allowed to qualify through asia? Obviously I know Austrilia isn't Asia, but they should be allowed to if they want, imo.
2013-12-20 21:19
1 reply
vox should be directly invited and have 1 CIS qual slot for navi if navi dont make it in there they can try their luck on the online quals
2013-12-21 04:56
that's extremely naive thinking... Based on how much they're contributing to the prize pool, be glad there are only 2
2013-12-20 22:04
2013-12-20 23:29
It's good. NA vs EU games always generate a lot of hype and viewership and I personally enjoy them a lot. Idk why people are so fucking negative towards NA CS here on HLTV.org, if it's because they aren't the top10 in the world then they must hate every single team out there.
2013-12-21 04:16
That's fair enough I think, gl all!
2013-12-20 19:02
2013-12-20 19:05
No Danish nor Swedish qualifier? Thats bs...
2013-12-20 19:05
2 replies
There are NORDIC qualifiers which include Denmark and Sweden, so what is the problem? + you already have 4 nordic countries who will get direct invite to the main event?
2013-12-20 19:12
1 reply
We want more. Yes we can! Yes we can!
2013-12-20 22:10
So much win! LanTrek'14 is at the same time when Nordic Qualifiers are! Very much love...
2013-12-20 19:05
7 replies
better go win LanTrek than stay home and lose Nordic Qualifiers
2013-12-20 19:15
3 replies
Why UK's are always so mad to finns. oh we know it already
2013-12-20 19:18
2 replies
not mad, just the wisest decision lol
2013-12-20 19:22
1 reply
You can still take part in European qualifiers later on :)
2013-12-20 19:19
1 reply
Yeah, still I'd like to participate on every qualifier... If we could.
2013-12-20 22:50
Grim | 
United States Bibby
+1 But bibbby is coming so lantrek will be fun:)
2013-12-21 10:40
baltic qualifier :/
2013-12-20 19:06
1 reply
gl in eu quali :D
2013-12-20 19:30
How does this qualifier system work? 16 Teams that fight online for 6 spots?! Then there are still 2 left to make sure the polish teams get a spot if they don't qualify? So they can invite them afterwards? :D
2013-12-20 19:06
4 replies
while an additional two teams will be invited from Asia and America
2013-12-20 19:10
1 reply
2013-12-20 19:13
National qualifiers: 1 slot for Nordic 1 slot for France 1 slot for UK 1 slot for Germany 2 slots for Poland 2 slots for CIS All of these teams who will win their national qualifiers will go through to an ONLINE EUROPEAN FINAL. Then we will have European qualifiers (for everyone: for Germany, Poland - whoever wants to play), from which again: 8 teams will go through to an ONLINE EUROPEAN FINAL where they will play the winners of national qualifiers in double elimination bracket. Only 6 teams out of these qualifiers will go through to the main event, so that means, we can see 0 polish teams during IEM, or we can see even 6 polish teams (if they are that good to go through in EUROPEAN qualifiers). It is fair enough + I am not surprised to see 2 slots given to Poland, finally they are the hosts, and it would be actually quite sad to see no polish teams at all during that event.
2013-12-20 19:18
I guess that will help (that huge picture): csgo-emsone.com/katowice-2014/
2013-12-20 19:35
Should have held an American Qualifier too...i suppose ?
2013-12-20 19:06
10 replies
two teams will be invited from Asia and America,
2013-12-20 19:19
I guess it was impossible, as ESL does not have their own CS:GO ESL section in America (I think) and that is why they decided to invite teams.
2013-12-20 19:23
2 replies
I hope they dont invite iBUYPOWER on the seed basis, they should rather let ESEA decide with a qualifier or else a lot of the NA teams will be dissapointed.
2013-12-20 19:26
1 reply
I have no idea how this will work, but yeah - hopefully the right team will go to the final event.
2013-12-20 19:31
no one else except coL and iBUYPOWER has the funds to go to Europe. Since coL already has been invited to EMS One finals, there is only iBUYPOWER who has the money to go.
2013-12-20 19:37
4 replies
Perhaps, but i was watching the NA Streams and a lot of them were very excited and were willing to play 20hrs/day to get a chance to go there....but yeah you're probably right!
2013-12-20 19:39
iBUYPOWER should not be the only NA team up for consideration. Mousespaz, Reliable, Homeless, United5, and Exertus have all improved and deserve a shot. If the event organizers are concerned about attendance then they can set a [very early] travel deadline... if it's not met then they next best team should take their place.
2013-12-20 19:47
2 replies
The only 3 teams i could see going to Dreamhack for NA are coL. (who is already going), iBUYPOWER and MouseSpaz. I think these are the only teams that have a chance of going far against EU teams (if iBP stop being downies lol). I dont think teams like U5 or Reliable could beat an EU team. And Exertus is just an awful team in general. They will not be considered going to any big tournies. Edit: Plus I think the only other team other than coL that could afford this travel is iBP. Unless the other teams do some kind of fund raiser (which would probably be a far shot).
2013-12-21 01:01
deserving a slot and being able to pay the travel costs are very different things if someone other than col/ibp get invited id rather know sooner than later if they can afford to go so esl can find a replacement instead of waiting til the week before hoping to find sponsorship
2013-12-21 05:00
The ESEA finals are one month away, I suppose that the best N/A team there will be invited. :)
2013-12-20 20:08
United Kingdom smoggy:.
sweeeet a uk qualifier, gl chaps!
2013-12-20 19:10
VOXE the Asia invite?
2013-12-20 19:11
most probably it's gonna be IBP from the invited teams , not sure about asian one
2013-12-20 19:14
2 replies
I hope the top placing NA team at the ESEA lan finals (other than coL obviously) gets the invite.
2013-12-20 19:38
1 reply
2013-12-20 19:40
I would love to see vox eminor at an event like this
2013-12-20 19:21
12 replies
Why? They got eliminated by Xapso (16-11) in the BYOC at Dreamhack Winter.
2013-12-20 19:33
10 replies
Because they're the best Asian/Oceania team...
2013-12-20 23:16
3 replies
Asia includes Australia?
2013-12-20 23:23
2 replies
2013-12-20 23:53
2013-12-22 02:40
it would be better to have the better team from asia/oceania wouldn't it? the more international experience they get, the better they will be as a team and as individual players at the end of the day. there are obviously better teams out there of course (europe et cetera) but in terms of an asian invite, voxe is superior to the other asian teams. (voxe may not be recognised as an asian invite anyway haha)
2013-12-20 23:25
5 replies
I love seeing teams from all over the world play on lan, but these competitions with massive prizepots should only feature [the] top teams. I honestly don't even think ibp from NA [deserves] an invite.
2013-12-20 23:33
4 replies
i do agree with you, if anything there should be a large qualifier lan a couple of weeks beforehand with a smaller prizepot and the possibility of a position in the bigger tournament where teams can show their worth et cetera. at the end of the day, i still don't see this sort of thing ever working out unless a team from brazil, australia and such other places around the world planned to stay in europe for an extended period of time for practice and online/offline events - for that to work they would need to uproot their lives temporarily haha. anyway, for the asia invite it would still be better to see voxe instead of tyloo et cetera, at least from my perspective. ;)
2013-12-20 23:41
2 replies
who knows, esl might call up solo & co. those guys would eat voxe alive with enough go hours.
2013-12-21 10:09
1 reply
where are these guys hiding though. ~.~
2013-12-21 11:15
ibp actually need to put some work in, i think moe made a comment about ibp being the only team to go on bootcamp for a couple of weeks and end up worse. :p
2013-12-20 23:42
Austria db42
asia=prolly oceanic
2013-12-20 20:13
2013-12-20 19:22
2013-12-20 19:24
1 reply
Russia jjh
more like n!faculty
2013-12-20 20:37
For everyone who is a little bit confused about the tournament structure, I suggest you visit the tournaments website and look at the picture: csgo-emsone.com/katowice-2014/
2013-12-20 19:34
So sik
2013-12-20 19:34
+ GamePub would be great
2013-12-20 19:49
2 replies
interested to see how they do over the next couple of days, they played very well against astana.
2013-12-20 23:27
1 reply
Yes. This team have a potential. I hope they will grow in a good team.
2013-12-20 23:36
same amount of teams for nordic qualifier as for UK qualifier... #logic
2013-12-20 19:57
1 reply
You simply don't have the ability to read do you? There are two European qualifiers which grants 4 slots each. Jeez.
2013-12-20 19:59
Good to see :)
2013-12-20 19:58
Again and mym easy
2013-12-20 20:12
2 polish and no Dutch qualifier!?
2013-12-20 20:13
2 replies
2013-12-20 20:22
Poland are hosts so yea, that is quite normal I guess :)
2013-12-20 22:53
good shit
2013-12-20 20:21
Slovakia crushyou
UK qual? XDDD biggest joke ever
2013-12-20 20:34
7 replies
Like Israel is any good at anything. ;/
2013-12-20 20:44
5 replies
Slovakia crushyou
what does the israel with it?
2013-12-20 20:52
2 replies
1 reply
Slovakia crushyou
2013-12-20 21:01
They are good at being our bitches.
2013-12-21 11:03
1 reply
reversed roles
2013-12-21 18:31
yeah I agree. Any good teams from UK? Better split up Denmark and Sweden in Nordic Quali.
2013-12-20 20:54
No danish or swedish qual GG WP
2013-12-20 21:12
Na'Vi, AGAiN, SK, n!faculty, mousesports and Clan-Mystik I hope the American and Asian teams step up. coL too.
2013-12-20 21:17
1 reply
I'd love to see some asian team <3 miss WeMadeFox guyz and TyLoo of course
2013-12-20 21:18
Slovakia kubiaxk
Online finals .. wtf -_- ?
2013-12-20 21:20
Two Polish slots but only one Nordic? I understand it's a Polish event, but come on...
2013-12-20 21:29
wtf...srsly, no North American Qualifier?
2013-12-20 21:42
2 replies
8 teams with direct invites, 6 teams to qualify in europe so theres two spots left. Bet theyll either handout direct invites to top tier teams who didnt make it or announce more qualifiers, my bet is a NA qualifier :D unless i read it all wrong :D
2013-12-20 22:19
"while an additional two teams will be invited from Asia and America". Complexity already invited in the top 8 and another to be invited soon. There shouldn't really be more than two US teams at the event anyway.
2013-12-21 04:05
2 Polish Qualifiers? Wow, where is the Macedonian Qualifier anyways huh?
2013-12-20 21:46
3 replies
tournament is in Katowice, btw. I never seen macedonian team ;d they can play in EU qualifier bro
2013-12-20 21:47
2 replies
i know bro i was making fun of all those "where are the nordic qualifiers, we have quaility teams why do we get 1 qualifier just like the UK." comments :D
2013-12-20 22:59
You should follow more the scene ;) They have Entity.
2014-01-03 13:36
I hope AGAiN will play in EU Qualifiers to give MYM a chance <3 AGAIN pls :D
2013-12-20 21:46
1 reply
2 slots in polish qual, so both can qual~ over there, pretty sure that AGAiN will, and if MYM want they have to show that they are better then the rest in poland
2013-12-21 00:05
2013-12-20 21:47
nice one
2013-12-20 22:36
Will be de_toscan in the mappool?
2013-12-21 00:29
1 reply
if the map makers fix all the bugs first maybe
2013-12-21 05:04
2 slots for Polish qualifier and 1 for nordic. They really need AGAiN in there it seems.
2013-12-21 00:48
5 replies
It's a qualifier for the main qualifier, so the win in their local qualifier won't mean shit.
2013-12-21 01:08
You already have 3 best swe teams in and ex CPHW, what you got left is SK that is as random as AGAIN and after that you have teams like navi and mousesports. Each of these team have easy chance to get slot witchout fighting each other.
2013-12-21 01:58
tourney is hosted in poland, makes sense they want to promote the local scene complaining about it is like having a tourney in USA and complaining that NA teams get to go
2013-12-21 05:05
DHW had three Swedish teams and I didn't see anyone complaining. It only makes sense that host country gets an extra slot.
2013-12-21 06:13
lmao @ mad finlandia
2013-12-21 13:51
Come on, no USA qualifiers?
2013-12-21 06:10
2 replies
coL already got invited. There's no point in qualifiers, the other teams suck.
2013-12-21 06:16
1 reply
I would love too watch ibuypower
2013-12-21 06:32
We go a pretty growing CSGO (40 teams"10 stronk" 30 decent.)scene in South Africa, its a pitty we dont get qualifiers for any events or any other , plox help us!!! :)
2013-12-21 16:17
Online finals LGB wins
2013-12-21 17:13
Why no Balkan qualifications? Valve is racist
2013-12-21 17:26
2 replies
define racism.
2013-12-24 16:52
1 reply
Favoritism of other regions
2013-12-30 00:51
2013-12-21 22:36
I'll be amazed if there are even enough active UK teams to form the UK quals.
2013-12-23 09:52
1 reply
EAS Second Season has got 40 + teams atm.
2013-12-30 19:51
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