AGAiN win SLTV StarSeries VIII

AGAiN are the winners of SLTV StarSeries VIII Finals after a tough three-map battle versus Natus Vincere (16-14 de_train, 14-16 de_mirage, 16-8 de_nuke).

As AGAiN earned their spot in the grand final from the winner bracket, they were up 1-0 in the best-of-five against Natus Vincere.

The match started off on de_train and it was Na´Vi who started off on the more favorable side of Counter-Terrorists. They stomped over the offense in the first round, but the Poles responded quickly in the following P250 buy thanks to Paweł "byali" Bieliński's three frags.

It didn't fend Na´Vi off though, who tried a force buy with a scout, an M4A4 and three pistols, and it paid off, which quickly rocketed them to 7-1. There Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev defended the A bombsite by four kills from behind of AGAiN.

It was in the tenth round when Bieliński won a one-versus-two clutch on the lower bombsite, and the round afterwards with Janusz "Snax" Pogorzelski in a one-versus-three. That helped the mood of AGAiN, who kept attacking successfully and got to only a one-round difference before they switched sides.

Edward's performances on upper were not enough

Na´Vi won the pistol again, as well as the first few gunrounds only for one of AGAiN's for a 13-8 scoreline. From there on, AGAiN started coming back and won six straight rounds, and that was when Ladislav "GuardiaN" Kovács opened up lower with two frags for 14-14.

Both following rounds were just quick stomps by AGAiN for 16-14 in their favor and the match moved on to de_mirage.

Na´Vi started as Counter-Terrorists once more, but it was the Poles who read Sergey "starix" Ischuk's push mid and won the first pistol round off of that. Na´Vi came back from that with a P250 buy and racked up two more rounds afterwards.

As Na´Vi started getting first frags, they were able to capitalize on that up until 6-2 with Danylo "Zeus" Teslenko's one-versus-one, but then AGAiN responded with four rounds of their own.

pasha and byali were the ones to take care of pistols 

Teslenko kept getting frags and he was the top fragger for Na´Vi in the first half, which helped his team get to the other side with a three-round lead.

The other side saw Jarosław "pasha" Jarząbkowski getting three quick headshots while defending B bombsite for 8-9. That was until Na´Vi continued attacking B bombsite and getting rounds off of it for 12-8. 

Two rounds by AGAiN were exchanged for another two for Na´Vi, but then Jarząbkowski stepped up a notch again and won a one-versus-one, which helped his team even the score at 14-14, but that was all that was left on the map for AGAiN as two straight A attacks from Natus Vincere ended de_mirage with another 16-14 scoreline.

The last map was de_nuke and it was the only one-sided of all, to which only contributed the fact that two players of Na´Vi earned the "Nuke map veteran" achievement during the match.

byali ended the match with great performances

Despite Kovács getting three impressive headshots with a P2000, AGAiN were still able to win the first pistol as Terrorists and kept racking up rounds for 5-0. 

Sukhariev's defense then helped Na´Vi win seven of the following eight rounds, when AGAiN evened the score again at 7-7 before Na´Vi managed to get the smallest possible lead going to the other half.

Then it was very one-sided in the sense that Bieliński kept getting more and more kills to his score, as he killed two or more opponents almost each round. He secured most of the nine rounds in a row, which helped AGAiN win their first international tournament in the new lineup.

pasha defending B, 3 headshots, 9-7,9-8
12-8 b attacks with edward fragging
13-10 after an eco from navi, 14-10
pasha winning a 1v1 for 14-11
14-12, clean sweep by again, 14-13, 14-14
two full A attacks do the trick for 16-16

22nd December 2013

 AGAiN K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Poland Paweł 'byali' Bielińskibyali 61 - 54 +7 - 1.08
Poland Jarosław 'pashaBiceps' JarząbkowskipashaBiceps 64 - 58 +6 - 1.08
Poland Filip 'NEO' KubskiNEO 57 - 52 +5 - 1.02
Poland Janusz 'Snax' PogorzelskiSnax 59 - 55 +4 - 0.97
Poland Wiktor 'TaZ' WojtasTaZ 52 - 59 -7 - 0.90
 Natus Vincere K - D +/- ADR Rating 1.0
Slovakia Ladislav 'GuardiaN' KovácsGuardiaN 61 - 59 +2 - 1.02
Russia Denis 'seized' Kostinseized 58 - 57 +1 - 1.00
Ukraine Ioann 'Edward' SukharievEdward 56 - 59 -3 - 0.97
Ukraine Sergey 'starix' Ischukstarix 48 - 57 -9 - 0.90
Ukraine Danylo 'Zeus' TeslenkoZeus 55 - 62 -7 - 0.89

SLTV StarSeries VIII final standings:

1. Poland AGAiN - $7,500
2. Ukraine Natus Vincere - $4,000
3. Serbia GamePub - $2,000
4. Ukraine Astana Dragons - $1,500

Amazing match, for a moment i felt like i'd watching old epic 1.6 battle. Big props to izak for fantastic commentary, and neo - in my opinion mvp of this tournament. Thank you guys. Merry Christmas everyone!
2013-12-22 21:53
Brazil oc^ 
GuardiaN MVP
2013-12-22 21:57
byali and pasha mvp :)
2013-12-22 22:02
He would be if they won ;)))))
2013-12-22 22:02
2013-12-24 00:28
Estonia 2026 
just remembers the old days of 1.6 :D AGAiN has always been amazing on LAN! :D Glad they won even though I'm more of a Na`Vi fanboy, they needed something right now, and that win sure was that! :)
2013-12-22 22:02
well... no vg, no nip, no fnatic, no ug, etc.
2013-12-22 22:56
who the fuck gives a shit? lmao. Until NiP gets their shit back together they are no longer the "NiP #1 team in CSGO" now they're top3 maybe.. if even that, we'll see! EMS One Katotwice will tell us who will win another $100k.
2013-12-23 08:51
They might be top3? rofl
2013-12-23 16:48
most stable team in cs go :X almost al event's in top 2..... don't see why there not number 1 in the world ? when not 1 other stable team is so consistend!!! don't mind the bad english ;)
2013-12-23 19:17
yeah, it makes no sense at all. they've won 80-90% (?) of the events they've attended. although vg have been slightly stronger in a few tourneys, they still beat them at the biggest event in cs history and finished off winning the two last tourneys they participated in post-dhw (one was domestic, but even still), showing great form. the top tier teams are very even at the moment, but nip is the only rational #1 team to pick imo.
2013-12-23 19:57
thinking the same! :D
2013-12-23 20:32
guardian should be mvp.he did great job in almost all matches,he did a lot of open kills and great clutches.i dont rly care that his team finished second. and if mvp has to be from 1. team then byali/pasha.neo was medicore,i dont understand why do you think that he should be mvp
2013-12-22 22:09
thanks dude:D
2013-12-22 22:35
i think byali played a lot better the whole tournament. neo played well only today.
2013-12-23 01:09
you didn't watch the whole tournament, did you? Cuz byali,taz,snax and pasha were FAR better than Neo in almost all matches.
2013-12-23 07:30
-Siezed + Ceh9
2013-12-22 21:53
for your english, I don't think you are from UK Kappa
2013-12-22 21:56
2013-12-22 22:46
2013-12-22 22:53
spell nickname wronk=english stronk Kappa
2013-12-23 04:34
kappa precious, what does it mean? <gollum>
2013-12-23 13:26
2013-12-22 21:57
you're drunk
2013-12-22 22:00
partysvensker: go home!
2013-12-22 22:36
I am home.
2013-12-22 23:03
worst suggestion in a while and that's saying something considering it's a forum filled with russians
2013-12-22 22:07
Netherlands jen5on 
lol, did you even watch a single game last months? seized is one of the most improving players imo
2013-12-23 07:06
You mad? Seized was on fire
2013-12-24 00:29
Europe -kg- 
2013-12-22 21:53
2013-12-22 21:53
Brazil c0mplexy 
Nice !
2013-12-22 21:53
easy peasy
2013-12-22 21:53
North America KyneS 
Nice! :) bialy MVP
2013-12-22 21:54
So nice to see them win for a change.
2013-12-22 21:53
gz Poles :)
2013-12-22 21:54
GG! byali master!
2013-12-22 21:54
Ukraine gungrave 
for 1 day play together navi play very good =) (1 day bootcamp)
2013-12-22 21:54
Did you watch seized stream on twitch? They were bootcamping from the first day when edward and guardian joined na'vi.
2013-12-22 22:10
do u even watch their inverview?
2013-12-22 22:17
Watch seized's Past Broadcast (week ago or so) at twitch, next to him was edward and guardian playing together, how can you explain that? magic teleportation?
2013-12-22 22:26
Must be magic teleportation :O
2013-12-22 22:42
blink dagger
2013-12-23 10:18
wooow. dendi comes to HLTV forums. interesting :D
2013-12-23 02:53
Ukraine gungrave 
watch edward and zeus interview
2013-12-22 22:18
Watch seized's Past Broadcast (week ago or so) at twitch, next to him was edward and guardian playing together, how can you explain that? magic teleportation?
2013-12-22 22:25
Ukraine gungrave 
and seized stream? where they can not able to run steam?
2013-12-22 22:21
Watch seized's Past Broadcast (week ago or so) at twitch, next to him was edward and guardian playing together, how can you explain that? magic teleportation?
2013-12-22 22:25
Ukraine gungrave 
guardian join last day coz miss fly. edward was ill and join last day(they even want play with standin) so plz WATCH INTERVIEW p.s.
2013-12-22 22:34
AGAiN don't even have bootcamp before this ;p but still new navi squad is really good and they have a lot of potential for future
2013-12-23 06:24
Deserved gg wp
2013-12-22 21:54
Poland Baaq 
awesome ;]]
2013-12-22 21:54
aizy | 
Poland flvcko 
AGAiN deserved win this tournament, byali "polish ScreaM" :P sick aim
2013-12-22 21:54
GG AGAiN, byali MVP! :)
2013-12-22 21:54
I am actually happy for them :)
2013-12-22 21:55
The poles really played well and deserved the 1st place. If only they could keep this level of play and the focus every time they would be a contender for the 1st place every lan....
2013-12-22 21:55
I hope so. +1
2013-12-22 22:10
Dont go ahead of yourself, they just won a lan with no top4 teams in the world attending. And please dont reply saying AD is a top4 team, thats embarassing. With that being said, i hope they can keep this up and be a force to be reckon with in this next lan events, even tho i simply cant see them winning vs NiP/VG at all
2013-12-22 22:27
They didn't even beat AD, so people can't even claim that even if they wanted to.
2013-12-22 23:33
Poland venomstw 
Actually, they did. They lost last match, but previous one they won for example :)
2013-12-22 23:52
Its that we are talking about, the logic isnt there mate.
2013-12-23 00:13
I know that, i was just saying that "IF" they keep being this focused and play this kind of cs they would be a contender. And about AD i can't say i'm surprised they failed with a team of "prima donna"s it's just a matter of time before they disband...
2013-12-23 00:22
GG! NaVi improving.
2013-12-22 21:55
2013-12-22 21:55
AGAiN 3 - 1 NaVi New G5 <3 Byali MVP :D
2013-12-22 21:55
they were called G5 because of their long-term unity, not because of won tournament or two
2013-12-23 16:07
good game
2013-12-22 21:55
gj hope you`ll find a good org byali and snax are playing very well,gj to them
2013-12-22 21:57
2013-12-22 21:55
close, navi deserved this more anyway, they will sure get to top5 soon
2013-12-22 21:56
2013-12-22 21:57
why did they deserved this more? rofl... some people here are crazy as sheeeet. WP, GG AGAiN.
2013-12-22 21:57
Poland F!go 
why navi deserved this more?
2013-12-22 21:57
because of their progress with new team, obviously rofl, just go away fanboys
2013-12-22 22:00
the only one fanboying here is you
2013-12-22 23:05
if they deserved more, they could win bro
2013-12-22 22:01
Navi deserved this more because you dont like AGAiN? nice logic you have there in India
2013-12-22 22:01
NaVi deserved it more because they lost two times against AGAiN. Indian logic
2013-12-22 22:09
NaVi deserved it more because I'm Dosia
2013-12-22 22:11
+1 i work with india ppls and they dont think rationally :D
2013-12-22 22:11
Poland xudi 
2013-12-22 22:19
so u poles can think rationally?? lol
2013-12-23 05:05
BnTeT | 
Poland Freezak 
2013-12-22 22:11
top 15 sure they can. thay cant win even at home soil. navi disband, go work mcdonalds.
2013-12-23 01:30
gg AGAiN
2013-12-22 21:56
GZ AGAiN!! Byali MVP!
2013-12-22 21:56
again will place top3 at ems katowice.
2013-12-22 21:57
Grats Poland! This will give you more motivation for future tournaments. I've seen AGAiN been practicing against NiP several times at their pracc servers so I knew that they have been improving the weeks after DHW and here they got an perfect result of this effort. They will just be better and better if they keep this going.
2013-12-22 21:57
wow again praccing against nip?they should feel so proud about praccing against such a team LOL kappa
2013-12-22 21:58
What are you talking about? It has nothing to do with being proud, it's about having an opportunity to face a better team, as NiP are better, and to learn from what they are doing and from that shape up your own form. Also practicing just days before this tournament against f0rest and get_right which are one of the best aimers, I would say that is the best practice you ever can get. I saw them facing NiP just the day before they went to SLTV and that was for sure valuable to be prepared and win this.
2013-12-22 22:12
what if i told you that they have been praccing against nip since day 1 of cs:go for esc?
2013-12-22 23:07
Poland StC 
Bialy head machine !!!!!!! also Neo 3 heads in 5 seconds wow
2013-12-22 21:57
2013-12-22 22:00
This is how I read his nickname phonetically and he basically spelt it correctly.
2013-12-23 10:50
Sweden BenneDoT 
When did neo do that? Map, score?
2013-12-23 01:15
Mirage first half
2013-12-23 06:24
so close ratings/frags throughout the 2 teams,seems like cs:go is getting equal skill based througout everyone
2013-12-22 21:58
Good match
2013-12-22 21:58
Nice. I hope they make it to ESEA lan
2013-12-22 21:58
Neo looks happy after the match, good for him.
2013-12-22 21:59
World ntgd 
well done!
2013-12-22 22:01
byali raped NaVi gg wp, awesome play by AGAiN
2013-12-22 22:02
solo | 
Switzerland CHEDEL 
AGAiN tag means the back! gogo !
2013-12-22 22:02
Poland Keruzz 
gg wp, neo stepped on train, byali was clutch player on nuke! finally poles won a tournament! gl in future
2013-12-22 22:03
this is bullshit, AG starting with 1-0 lead, skumbag tournament rules :D
2013-12-22 22:03
its like that in every double elimination tournament?
2013-12-22 22:04
and kids, this is how double elimination works. next lesson will be how to say gg after the match
2013-12-22 22:06
United Kingdom seqq 
Carn had to teach his fnatic kiddies this
2013-12-22 22:36
I know douche, but its lame.
2013-12-23 00:02
why is it? navi already got defeated and they had a second chance to reach the final, while AGAiN didn't loose any of its matchs. They surely deserve an advantage
2013-12-23 02:02
In dota2 this year almnost all tournaments refused from 1 point advantage in finals of double elemination. Don't know why. But my thought is that when you play winners path, you play less matches and you are in final. Loosers path makes you to play more matches, but you are still in finals. This is not true competition if some one have advantage in grand-final.
2013-12-23 07:38
" Loosers path makes you to play more matches, but you are still in finals. This is not true competition if some one have advantage in grand-final." This
2013-12-23 10:26
why it's lame ? giving the team with no lose on the tournament an advantage because they won al there matches! other wise single elimation because then you need 2 win al your matches is that fair then ? i think this is the system that is evolved from the beginning of the competive gaming era.....
2013-12-23 19:21
in my opinion the path the teams take to the grand final doesnt count, grand final is a thing that should be equal for both teams. just my thoughts
2013-12-24 10:30
then single elimanation is more equal because when you lose your out :X that's what you are saying.... so there is no advantage for winning al the matches.... or for example when you are top 1 team and play against 2nd rank team you can save strats for finale because there is no reduction for losing a match! the benifits for winning is no more... in your system....
2013-12-24 22:02
First of all this is fair, secondly even if it was BO3 they would won ;p
2013-12-22 22:08
Poland Pab 
NG won all matches anyway
2013-12-22 22:09
Step up your brain game son
2013-12-22 22:30
Hong Kong Sample_ 
2013-12-22 22:03
lol :D
2013-12-22 22:08
that was bets? and not some random giveaway? :D
2013-12-22 22:10
Hong Kong Sample_ 
Yeah, you bet on team and throw your ticket to team 's "can" . something liek this
2013-12-22 22:25
2013-12-23 07:06
well played and deserved win!
2013-12-22 22:06
Sweden BenneDoT 
:D gg!
2013-12-22 22:06
2013-12-22 22:08
finally, gj again
2013-12-22 22:08
Enjoyed the final, close matches, gg wp!
2013-12-22 22:09
Kazakhstan Getlive 
NAVI sasat' go home
2013-12-22 22:15
GG AgaiN,deserved.
2013-12-22 22:16
Neo and co <333
2013-12-22 22:17
Byali on nuke <3
2013-12-22 22:20
+7 +6 +5 +4 LOL
2013-12-22 22:20
Ukraine SC4R 
pasha strong!GG Again!But it`s just begining for navi`s new lineup! gl hf
2013-12-22 22:22
The level of play today is still not enough to contest nip/fnatic/vg i'm sorry. Overall good tournament but Na'Vi and AGAiN need to work more to be able to contest those 3 above. Do not even get me started on Astana Dragons , this team feels like a complete pug great skill-wise players but just not a team its like watching FFA match when they play.
2013-12-22 22:28
They are obviously trying to imitiate Nip's style but it's clearly not working for them.
2013-12-22 22:29
fnatic sucks , deal with it
2013-12-22 22:34
IQ 0, dont reply pls.
2013-12-22 23:06
huh?u base that from what?
2013-12-22 23:06
Just wait :-) They will fail in Katowice
2013-12-22 23:15
Ill write it down
2013-12-23 02:03
i really doubt that they will fail more than AGAiN which are faling hard for year and a half, fnatic are much better at lan DHW winners remember ?
2013-12-23 03:08
But why you compare them to AGAiN? I just told that fnatic isnt top3
2013-12-23 12:13
gz AGAiN! :)
2013-12-22 22:31
Awesome finally some success for the golden four/five/three etc. Hope they will be motivated to step up their play now to challenge the top !
2013-12-22 22:32
2013-12-22 22:36
poles deserved win, but navi showed very good results, i think its very promising team
2013-12-22 22:36
2013-12-22 22:47
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Hope they will qualify to IEM / EMS
2013-12-22 22:49
For sure theres polish qualification with 2 slots
2013-12-22 22:52
Poland venomstw 
2 slots not for finals, but to playoffs
2013-12-22 23:45
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Yup, There're 16 slots for the finals but only 6 to playoffs in Katowice.
2013-12-23 00:07
Dosia | 
Russia cann0n 
congratz Again
2013-12-22 22:51
seized great aim .
2013-12-22 22:51
nice navi bootcamp one day ))) ahahah
2013-12-22 22:59
2013-12-22 23:06
Na`Vi had one day bootcamp because edward was sick
2013-12-22 23:19
AGAiN didn't have bootcamp at all so I don't know what is his point.
2013-12-22 23:33
Ukraine gungrave 
again play 1st time like team? 1st time on lan?
2013-12-23 01:01
omg its so lame that again won
2013-12-23 02:00
gg :)
2013-12-22 23:03
byali mvp
2013-12-22 23:23
Good match, but nuke was terrible by Navi. So many bad peeks on CT side and T side was like, first Edward dies on silo and then we try to do something.
2013-12-22 23:24
gj dudes <3
2013-12-22 23:25
wp Again, wp :)
2013-12-22 23:31
amazing game for AGAiN nice team-play
2013-12-22 23:39
Poland venomstw 
lurppis and his predictions.. ;p
2013-12-22 23:43
Great performance by AGAiN, gg.
2013-12-22 23:51
byali owning navi on navi mouspad :D
2013-12-23 00:01
xaxaxxa exactly gg both team for great final!
2013-12-23 00:14
Good game but it's kinda ridiculous that Na'Vi don't play nuke at all.. I mean for a professional team that is apsurd. It costed them many matches..
2013-12-23 00:13
Yes boys <3
2013-12-23 00:17
OMG pasha nice job
2013-12-23 00:37
Finally a win!
2013-12-23 00:54
Serbia xfm 
GG GamePub
2013-12-23 01:09
Poland sajade 
GG gj again
2013-12-23 01:20
Poland MJP 
right on , fantastic christmas present for me - gg Polska. NAVI - nice se you back to the top :) merry christmas :)
2013-12-23 01:40
ok but must say - guardian beastest.
2013-12-23 01:51
gz Polska :)
2013-12-23 02:08
merry christmas boyz
2013-12-23 02:52
I think Na Vi didnt lost. They'r getting better
2013-12-23 02:56
Congrats AGAiN! I like this NaVi team and hope they can get back into their old 1.6 shape. Guardian is a beast.
2013-12-23 02:56
Slovakia sanjuro 
typical poles, without organization they will win everything
2013-12-23 03:14
2013-12-23 04:31
can't argue with caveman poles
2013-12-23 04:36
Russia AR4ER 
wp Astana! lan skill top 4
2013-12-23 05:09
AGAiN good job. Now just time to take ESEA!
2013-12-23 05:19
they probably won't attend if they won't find organisation before esea :/ I hope they have good offers
2013-12-23 06:21
2013-12-23 05:45
The last map was de_nuke and it was the only one-sided of all, to which only contributed the fact that two players of Na´Vi earned the "Nuke map veteran" achievement during the match. LOL :)
2013-12-23 08:13
1.6ers 4ever (y)
2013-12-23 10:10
GG... AGAiN deserved :D
2013-12-23 10:40
Grats Neo and co. Happy holidays all :)
2013-12-23 11:19
Again Played very smart , their tactics were amazing. GG
2013-12-23 13:05
So happy for them. Their road in CSGO is sooo bumpy. I hope that this will help them to secure good organization support, ESEA finals trip and focus on training for EMS One in Katowice.
2013-12-23 13:29
2013-12-23 13:35
2013-12-23 15:14
gratz, props to NaVi for making it this far!
2013-12-23 15:20
WTF,, where "Navi Disband" threads?
2013-12-23 15:39
2013-12-23 17:04
Brazil dUdUb44- 
2013-12-23 17:42
very good preformance from navi :) good team !!! go go go
2013-12-23 19:44
worst tournament ever,
2013-12-24 11:58
2013-12-24 12:58
I dont understand why so good team/players now and in the past have had so many problems with organizations.
2013-12-24 15:58
cs is less popular then in the past and organizations have less profits if they dont have more teams, like navi have dota team, etc.
2013-12-24 20:35
GL on ESEA :)
2013-12-26 13:25
2013-12-26 14:09
good job PL!!!!!!!!
2013-12-26 23:22
NEO | 
Poland camarpl 
2013-12-31 16:43
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